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Chapter 285: Fighting For A Spot

After that person sat on the first praying mat, the giant arena descended into silence. From the way the crowd’s eyes were glimmering, evidently many people were thinking of the same thing.

Lin Dong sat on a tiger’s back as he looked down on that somewhat darkened arena. However, he did not immediately take charge. At this juncture, it was better to be patient.

This quiet atmosphere lasted for several minutes, before Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly glimmered as he turned to look at the spot where the Wang Clan was located. At that spot, Wang Yan suddenly stood up before his figure flashed as he tried to approach the praying mats.

“Pfft, Wang Yan, based on your strength alone, do you really think you deserve a spot? Your big brother Wang Zhong is probably the deserving one!” Wang Yan’s actions immediately drew much attention, before some people involuntarily shouted out. It seems like in comparison to someone like Lin Langtian, Wang Yan still had quite a gap. Furthermore, before he entered the Ancient Wastelands Spiritual Tablet, he was defeated by Lin Dong in front of the crowds. Therefore, this undoubtedly caused his reputation to plummet!

When he heard their questioning remarks, Wang Yan’s face turned steely green. He had always prided himself a legendary genius in his clan. Therefore, even though there was still quite a distance between him and Lin Langtian, he was still considered as a pride of the Heavens. Now that he had been questioned and slighted, for some as egoistical as him, it was practically a major insult.

“If anyone questions him, feel free to step forth. My Wang Clan will tell you why Wang Yan has the qualifications to sit there!” Just as Wang Yan’s face turned steely green, that Wang Tong slowly stood up before his cold eyes swept across that noisy crowd, while he echoed his words deeply.


After Wang Tong spoke, potent Yuan Power vibrations immediately erupted from within several elite Wang Clan practitioners. Their formation was truly quite formidable.

As they stared at that impressive formation from the Wang Clan, the unrest began to die down unwillingly. If Wang Yan wanted to obtain a seat based on his own strength, it would definitely cause several people to feel unjustified. However, what Wang Yan depended upon was obviously not his own strength alone, but the strength of his Wang Clan a well.

As they stared at that menacing elite Wang Clan practitioners, though several people felt disgruntled, they could only swallow their own grievances


When he saw that those obstructing fellows have all backed off, Wang Yan coldly snorted. However, he felt extremely displeased inside his heart. Lin Langtian was able to sit there without any obstruction based on his own strength. However, he had to rely on the strength of his clan. Therefore, this instantly revealed the gap between the two of them.

As he suppressed the unhappiness in his heart, Wang Yan’s figure flashed before he sat on top of a praying mat.

After Wang Yan took his place, the next scene was well expected. Qin Shi from Qin Clan as well as Huangpu Jing from Huangpu Clan respectively took a seat thanks to support from their own clans.

As such, out of these ten spots, four of them were expectedly taken by the Four Great Clans.

After the Four Great Clans took their spots, Mu Qianqian, Teng Lei and Wu Ci from the top three factions in Great Desolate Province, Great Devil Sect, Ghastly Puppet Cult as well as Martial Alliance, respectively took up three spots as well.

In merely minutes, there were only three spots left out of ten!

As they stared at the three remaining spots, suddenly the atmosphere in this arena turned increasingly tense. That sensation was charged just like gun-powder. After all, everyone knew that no dared to lightly approach the three remaining seats.

That seven of them ahead all had powerful factions supporting them that was enough to intimidate everyone else. However, for the remaining factions and elite practitioners, they did not possess such awe-inspiring might. Therefore… it was not going to be an easy task to secure a spot.

This eerie atmosphere enshrouded the arena for ten full minutes, while no one actually dared to step forth. However, this strange atmosphere could obviously not be sustained. Therefore, barely past the ten minute mark, a commotion finally occurred.

“Haha, since everyone is so polite, then let me Green Wood Sect take the eight spot!”

A hearty laughter suddenly echoed out, before Lin Dong’s eyes turned to look at a distance away. At that spot, a group of men emerged and walked towards a spot near the Manifestation Martial Tablet.

“It’s Green Wood Sect. They are reputed to be a faction from Great Qing Dynasty. Turns out that they also came to the Great Desolate Province.”

“The Green Wood Sect is a pretty respectable faction in Great Qing Dynasty. For this trip, they brought along three Qi Creation stage practitioners. Though they are not as powerful as the Four Great Clans and and the three major factions like the Great Devil Sect, they are fairly powerful as well.


As he listened in on the whisperings amidst the crowd, a tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He never expected that these fellows were actually from the Great Qing Dynasty. Based on their formation, though they was a gap between them and the Four Great Clans and the three major factions, they were fairly formidable. Nonetheless, it seems like they were still not powerful enough to deter the crowds.

“Pfft, our Great Yan Dynasty’s treasures are not meant for Great Qing Dynasty’s citizens to enjoy!”

Just as Lin Dong predicted, after the Green Wood Sect members emerged, a cold shout suddenly echoed out. Then, a splitting wind emerged before dozens of figure dashed out from behind and landed near the Manifestation Martial Tablet.

“It is the Lion Fist Sect from the Great Desolate Province. Heh, they have actually came as well. We will have a good show to watch now!” As they stared at the men who have dashed forth, a commotion immediately erupted in the arena.

“Lion Fist Sect.” Lin Dong stared at the man leading the pack. At that spot, were three middle-aged man with backs like tigers, and waists like bears. The three of them were exceptionally muscular and their hands were extremely huge. Their bodies gave off a savage aura just like a lion. In fact, out of the three of them, two of them were actually at initial Qi Creation stage, while the one in the middle was even more powerful. He was actually at advanced Qi Creation stage.

“There are indeed many dragons and tigers hidden in Great Desolate Province. This Lion Fist Sect can actually match up to the Ancient Sword Sect.” Lin Dong swallowed his tongue. In the Tiandu Province, they would definitely be considered as an elite faction. However, in Great Desolate Province, they were unable to touch the ranks of the elite.

“So it’s actually the Lion Fist Sect. Since you object, then let’s cut the crap. Please make your move!” When they saw that the Lion Fist Sect had provoked them, the elite practitioners from Green Wood Sect were fairly amiable, as they chuckled, before they cupped their fist and said.

At this juncture, words were meaningless. Only by demonstrating that one’s fist was stronger, was one able to secure a spot.


When they saw this situation, the three elite practitioners from Lion Fist Sect coldly snorted. They, they took a step forward simultaneously, before potent Yuan Power violently gushed out. Then, without further ado, they immediately punched forth.


Potent Yuan Power gushed out before it directly transformed into a several meters tall giant Yuan Power lion. Meanwhile, an exceedingly formidable and violent fist wind, swept forth just like a hurricane!

When they saw this powerful attack, several people’s facial expression changed. The Lion Fist Sect was truly direct. For their first attack, they had already used their signature move and they did not bother wasting any time exchanging blows with them.

“Haha, that’s fine as well. Today, my Green Wood Sect will witness just how powerful your Great Roar Lion Fist is!”

As they stared at that giant Yuan Power lion that was charging towards them with a formidable fist wind, the elite Qing Mu practitioners laughed. Then, three elite practitioners dressed in green clothes stepped forth, before green Yuan Power howled forth and directly transformed into a giant Yuan Power tree. Furthermore, beneath that giant wood, it was being held down by numerous rhizomes. Then, after it howled forth, under the stares from the crowd, it viciously collided against that giant Yuan Power lion.


Savage Yuan Power shockwaves swept forth, while Lin Dong’s eyes remained locked at the spot where they had collided. Then, a tinge of shock flashed across his eyes. That was because he realized that at the instant where they collided, the numerous rhizomes beneath that green wood had actually directly wrapped themselves around that giant Yuan Power lion. Furthermore, those rhizomes seemed to possess a peculiar ability to disseminate Yuan Power. Therefore, after it was wrapped, that giant Yuan Power lion that was filled with a powerful aura began to crumble. In mere seconds, that powerful attack from Lion Fist Sect had been completely countered by Green Wood Sect.

“Deng deng!”

After their attack was countered, the three elite Lion Fist Sect practitioners were forced to retreat two steps. Their facial expression were dark. After all, they had clearly lost in this exchange.

“Thank you!” After they defeated the three elite Lion Fist Sect practitioners, that Green Wood Sect cupped his hands and smiled.

In the arena, after the crowds saw that the Lion Fist Sect was defeated, everyone was silent for a moment. Though it was not as overwhelming as the Four Great Clans, the strength that Green Wood Sect had displayed caused the crowd to understand that there were no pushovers. It seems they had to be truly skilled in order to dare fight for a spot!

“If no one else objects, then this eighth spot shall belong to my Green Wood Sect!”

When he saw that no one else had stepped forth to challenge them, that middle-aged man dressed in green clothes gently smiled. Then, he cupped his fist and bowed to his surroundings, before his figure flashed as he took that eighth spot.

Henceforth, they were only two empty seats left on the stone arena!

As they stared at the two empty spots, several people’s eyes began to glimmer in desperation. It seems like their chances were growing slimmer…

“It’s about time for that fellow to make a move…” Just as the atmosphere turned increasingly tense, seated on the stone arena, Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes gently glimmered as she muttered to herself.

Just as Mu Qianqian muttered to herself, over at the Lin Clan faction, Lin Ke-er’s lovely eyes also locked on to Lin Dong, who was hovering in mid-air. Based on what she knew about the latter, Lin Dong would definitely not give up on this opportunity to improve himself. However, currently, Lin Dong had offended several elite practitioners. Therefore, if he wanted to obtain a spot, the resistance that he would face was far surpass that of Green Wood Sect!


Amidst the stealthily stares from the crowd, Lin Dong, who was seated on a tiger’s back gently huffed a breath of white smoke. Then, he suddenly stood up, before his figure flashed and appeared in front of the Manifestation Martial Tablet. As he gripped his palm, his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd immediately appeared. Then, he banged his ancient halberd, while an exceedingly sharp and formidable aura immediately erupted forth!

“I, Lin Dong, want this ninth seat. If anyone objects, feel free to make a move!”

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