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Chapter 279: Black Eyed Elder

“What is it?” When it saw that Lin Dong had locked on his eyes onto that black pillar, Little Marten was somewhat intrigued as it opened its mouth and asked.

“The interior of this pillar seems somewhat peculiar.” Lin Dong softly said. Promptly, he quickly walked forward, before a potent Yuan Power undulated on his fist. Then, he solemnly punched that stone pillar.


After Lin Dong’s fist landed on that stone pillar, the pillar did not break apart as he had expected. In fact, that stone pillar barely budged at all. When he saw this situation, Lin Dong involuntarily felt a little embarrassed. It seems like this stone pillar was so terrifying solid and durable.

“Pfft, kid, you must be out of your mind. If an ancient altar left by these ancient sects could be so easily destroyed, how can they withstand the corrosion of time?” Standing behind, Little Marten chuckled.

“So what should we do then?” Lin Dong somewhat helpless waved his hands. That vibration stemmed from within the pillar. Hence, if he could not break that pillar, how could be discover what was hidden within?

“Calm your mind and use your heart to sense it. For these ancient sects, many matters depends on one’s fate and affinity. Therefore, regardless of how hard you try, you may not be able to succeed.” Little Marten casually said.

With regards to Little Marten’s vague and deep words, Lin Dong was held speechless. Therefore, he could only nod his head, before he took in a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. Then, he directly sat down in front of that black pillar, and placed both his palms on its icy cold surface, before traces of Mental Energy flowed from his palm and gradually swivelled around that black pillar and tried to penetrate it.

That black pillar was icy cold beyond comparison. Though Lin Dong’s Mental Energy swivelled around its surface, it was just like he had encountered a tortoise shell. Hence, even after trying for several minutes, he was unable to achieve much progress. This caused him to involuntarily furrow his eyebrows.

“Since I could detect the vibration within, why can’t I penetrate through…”

Lin Dong’s eyebrows were furrowed, as he continuously contemplated this problem. Half a moment later,, just when he was about to give up, his fingers, who were rubbing his forehand, suddenly halted. Then, his eyes swiftly glimmered, before he suddenly gripped his palm. Immediately, five Destiny Soul Symbols hovered above his palm.

Since his Destiny Soul Symbols could detect the vibration within that pillar, the two of them must be somewhat related…

These five Destiny Soul Symbols hovered above Lin Dong’s palm while they slowly swirled. Then, without hesitation, Lin Dong extended his palm before he pressed all of his five Destiny Soul Symbols onto that stone pillar.

“Buzz buzz!”

The instant his Destiny Soul Symbols touched that stone pillar, that stone pillar began to vibrate immediately. Then, streaks of glowing light waves emerged and swiftly swept forth, while Lin Dong stared in delight, before it extended to the entire stone pillar.

“Something is happening!” When he saw this sight, delight gushed into Lin Dong’s eyes. Standing aside, a tinge of shock flashed across Little Marten’s eyes.

That glowing light wave grew brighter in intensity, until eventually it began to squirm and transform into a dark swirl. Within that dark swirl, a faint suction force emerged.

As he stared at this black swirl, which had suddenly materialized, Lin Dong’s expression began to change slightly. Promptly, he silently contemplated for a moment, before he viciously gritted his teeth and directly stepped in. After all, everything here was possibly related to the Devouring Ancient Symbol, and he did not want to miss out on even the slightest possibility of obtaining the Devouring Ancient Symbol!

When Lin Dong stepped into that black swirl, Little Marten swiftly followed behind. One man and one marten were directly sucked into that swirl before they immediately disappeared.

The darkness in front of their eyes lasted for a mere moment, before a glowing light appeared in front of Lin Dong’s eyes. Then, the sight that greeted him was that of a vast and desolate plains. Meanwhile, that vast plains was filled with an extremely ancient scent

Furthermore, at the tip of Lin Dong’s vision, stood a gigantic black stone pillar. As he approached it, Lin Dong realized that there seems to be a person seated above that stone pillar.

“Is that…”

Lin Dong stared solemnly at that figure, who was seated above the stone pillar. Standing at a distance away, he could see that it was a white-haired elder, who was dressed in black robes. His black robes together with his white hair, gave him a mysterious sensation.

On the vast plains, a gentle breeze stealthily emerged, before it caused that mysterious elder’s white hair to sway in the wind. Promptly, his tightly shut eyes slowly opened up.


The instant that elder’s guys opened up, the entire domain was promptly silent. That were no whites in that elder’s eyes. Instead, there was only a deep darkness that seemed just like a black hole. A pair of dark eyes seemed capable to forcefully devouring all the light between Heaven and Earth. In fact, while Lin Dong stared at him, he began to realize that the Mental Energy inside his Niwan palace were slowly drifting off. Promptly, he hastily retreated before he stared in awe at that mysterious old man.

“After all these years, finally someone has arrived…”

That old man’s black eyes stared right at Lin Dong. Promptly, an ancient voice slowly sounded out in this vast plains.

“Greetings senior, my name is Lin Dong. I had no intention to barge into this place. If I have disturbed this senior, please forgive me!” Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered, before he cupped his fist and said respectfully.

“You must be after the Devouring Ancient Symbol.” A light smile emerged on that black eyed elder’s face, before he said: “You Destiny Soul Symbols gives off a familiar scent. I am guessing it should have been derived from the Devouring Ancient Symbol.”

“May I ask how should I address you?” Lin Dong respectfully asked.

“He should have been the previous owner of the Devouring Ancient Symbol.” Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulders, as it stared right at that black eyed elder and said.

“He is still alive?” When he heard its words, Lin Dong’s face changed dramatically. If such a old demon is still alive, then who would dare to hanker after the Devouring Ancient Symbol?

“Haha, this old man has departed from this world for thousands of years. What you see now is a mere fragment of my memory. You must be the famed Heavenly Demonic Marten? Haha, they are the overlords of all land-based Demonic Beasts.” That black eyed elder stared somewhat in shock at Little Marten, before it laughed and said.

“Heh.” Little Marten released a weird laugh. However, it did not speak any further. Lin Dong could tell that this typically fearless Little Marten was actually extremely wary of this mysterious black eyed elder.

“This old man can sense that the Devouring Ancient Symbol has already been taken by someone…” That black eyed elder laughed before he looked at Lin Dong and said: “However, in this world, even if one could obtain the Devouring Ancient Tablet, if one is unable to enter this domain, then one would never be able to refine it.”

When he heard those words, Lin Dong’s heart was involuntarily touched. Promptly, he cupped his heads and said: “Please enlighten men, elder.”

“Haha, before his old man left this world, I placed a seal within the Devouring Ancient Tablet. Hence, if one is unable to decode this seal, then one would never be able to refine the “Devouring Ancient Tablet”. Furthermore, the only way to break the seal lies with me.” That black eyed elder gently laughed. The way he stared at Lin Dong, was as if he could look right into the latter’s soul and spirit. Under his glance, all of Lin Dong’s secrets were revealed in front of this mysterious figure.


Then, just as that black eyed elder’s eyes were about to look at Lin Dong’s arms, a gentle glow suddenly emerged from his palm. Due to this light, even that elder’s vision was being blocked. Immediately, that mysterious black eyed elder exclaimed in shock.

Lin Dong gripped his palm. That mysterious light was likely emitted by that Mysterious Stone Talisman. This caused Lin Dong to be slightly taken aback. The Stone Talisman was actually this terrifying, and even a millennium old demon could not understand it.

“Haha, I never expected that there would be so many secrets on your body. However, your temperament is acceptable. Also, the fact that you are here today indicates that you are fated with the Devouring Ancient Tablet. This heavenly treasure has been hidden for too long. Perhaps, it will soon see the light of the day” A tinge of shock was contained within that black eyed elder’s voice. It was likely due to that Mysterious Stone Talisman.

After that black eyed elder finished speaking, tiny cracks suddenly appeared on that giant black stone pillar that he was seated upon, until finally it exploded with a bang. Then, thousands of black light shot out, before they criss crossed in mid-air and formed into a solid palm-sized black symbol.

When that black symbol appeared, it began to gradually float towards Lin Dong. When Lin Dong saw this sight, he hurriedly extended his hands and steadily received that black symbol.

That black symbol gave Lin Dong an exceedingly icy cold sensation. However, the black glow flowing on its surface seemed just like it was alive. It was a fairly peculiar sight.

“If you can find the Devouring Ancient Symbol, you can use this to break the seal. As to whether the Devouring Ancient Symbol would acknowledge you as its owner, that would depend on your fate. Always remember, Ancient Symbols are Heavenly treasures and they possess the power to protect the universe. When you obtain its power, you will bear its responsibilities as well. In the future, perhaps you will better understand this matter…”

That black eyed elder hovered in mid-air, while his words gradually sounded out. Then, his figure actually began to dim.

“Thank you elder!”

Lin Dong solemnly bowed at that black eyed elder. He knew that this black eyed elder’s remaining fragment had been waiting for thousands of years. Now that it had accomplished its goal, it would surely disappear from the world.

With regards to the responsibilities that the elder mentioned, Lin Dong was somewhat confused. Does that mean that if he obtained the Ancient Symbol, he would have to become the world’s saviour? However, right now… he could not even save himself. Therefore, with regards to this noble task, he would have to take it one step at a time…

“Wow kid, you are truly a lucky dog. You can actually venture into this area and obtain the permission from the previous Devouring Ancient Symbol owner…” Little Marten, who was standing beside him, smiled as it said.

Lin Dong also smiled. He knew that if it were not for his Destiny Soul Symbols, he would probably be unable to venture into this domain and obtain the method to break the seal, left behind by the elder.

“Alright, it’s time to go. Since we have obtained the way to break the seal, this was not a wasted trip!”

Lin Dong turned around before he quickly walked towards that black swirl, which was at a distance away. Standing behind him, Little Marten tilted its head and stared at the spot where the black eyed elder had disappeared, before he swiftly followed behind.

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