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Chapter 267: Wiseass

A resplendent golden glow erupted in mid-air, causing the whole horizon to instantly transform into a golden ocean. In fact, even the sunlight pouring down were immediately dyed with a bright golden color.

Countless pairs of eyes were gathered at the spot where fist and spear had collided. That spot was the source of the massive golden glow and it was also the birthplace of a tyrannical shockwave.

One punch, one spear!

That resplendent golden glow suddenly compressed, before it exploded with an maniacal force. Then, a terrifying Yuan Power hurricane immediately swept forth!


A Yuan Power hurricane swept forth, before two figures were almost simultaneously blown away in mid-air. However, one of them seemed exceptionally hideous, as he directly dropped from mid-air before he finally slammed against the ground and tore a several hundred meters ditch on the ground.


Countless pairs of eyes instantly turned to look, before they stared right at that figure which was buried deep inside a ditch. When they saw that bloody and hideous figure, who was holding onto a golden spear, several of them immediately exhaled in shock.

Wang Yan!

The man that had been blown away by one punch, was actually the genius from Wang Clan, Wang Yan!

Right now, the whole place seemed to have quietened down. In particular, the elite practitioners from Wang Clan were also stunned as they witnessed this sight. They were clearly aware of Wang Yan’s strength. Furthermore, with assistance from his Great Luo Golden Spear and upper-tier Martial Arts, his ability was definitely top-tier amongst initial Qi Creation stage practitioners. However… despite possessing such overwhelming strength, he was reduced to such a sorry state?

“How…. how is this possible?”

Lin Ke-er’s jade-like hands stealthily covered her red lips, as her beautiful eyes turned to look at that bloody and hideous-looking Wang Yan. Then, she turned to look at Lin Dong, whose body was covered with a golden glow, and was now standing upright on his blade shadow while he hovered in mid-air. Immediately, a storm raged in her heart. One year ago, when she first met Lin Dong, the latter was only at Perfect Yuan Dan stage. At that time, the distance between him and geniuses like Wang Yan was truly an enormous gulf. However, in this one year’s time, he had actually managed to directly overcome the gap between them and in fact even surpassed it!

His talent and progress caused anyone to involuntarily marvel!

Standing in front of Lin Ke-er, Lin Langtian’s face slightly twitched as he gently squeezed his hands, which were placed behind his back. It seems like the battle strength that Lin Dong had displayed similarly exceeded his expectations.

Even though Wang Yan’s strength was much weaker than his, regardless, he was amongst the elite younger generation practitioners in Wang Clan. However, right now, Lin Dong could easily dispatch him. Obviously, this implies that the latter’s talent did not lose out to the former at all.

Usually, if another genius like this showed up within his clan, perhaps Lin Langtian would show a little appreciation. However, right now, Lin Dong’s actions left a weird taste on his mouth. Hence, when his eyes slowly turned to look at Lin Dong, a cold glint actually flowed within the deepest regions of his eyes.

“He actually defeated Wang Yan.” Huang Pujing was similarly shocked by this scene. At first, she thought that if Lin Dong could match up against Wang Yan, it would be a pretty good achievement. After all, the latter was famed amongst the younger generation members in Great Yan Dynasty, while Lin Dong was just an obscure figure. However, she never expected that he could actually thrash Wang Yan…

“It’s no wonder Sister Qingzhu speaks so highly of him. It turns out he is quite talented. However, even for someone as talented as Lin Langtian, I have never heard Sister Qingzhu praise them before. Though Lin Dong is quite powerful, he doesn’t seem worthy of her attention…”

Under the awed stares of countless individuals, Lin Dong, who was hovering in mid-air stared coldly at that hideous-looking Wang Yan. Right now, fresh blood continuously dripped off his fist. It seems like in their previous exchange, he had suffered some injuries as well. However, compared to Wang Yan, he was undoubtedly in a much better state.


On the ground, Wang Yan’s whole body was filled with blood and dirt, while he hideously crawled out of the giant ditch. Then, he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood, before he turned to look at his Great Luo Golden Spear, which had now dimmed. Immediately, a look of disbelief surfaced in his eyes. He had never foreseen this outcome. After all, even in his wildest dreams, he could not believe that a fellow, which he had easily thrashed one year ago, could actually return one year later and defeat him in such a spectacular manner!

Though their previous fight seemed like a close match, Wang Yan was keenly aware that he was totally dominated by his opponent. Moreover, the fact that the latter could directly use his fist alone to counter his Great Luo Golden Spear, clearly indicates that it was a complete smackdown!

“How is this possible. How can I lose to a useless bastard like him!” Wang Yan’s face was steely green while he tried to suppress the turmoil inside his heart. He simply could not accept this fact. After all, he was a genius from Wang Clan, while Lin Dong was only a lowly Lin Clan branch family member. How could an lower-class ant like him defeat him!

“If you are not convinced, lets fight again!”

As he stared at an enraged and venomous-looking Wang Yan, Lin Dong remained expressionless. Then, he once again clenched his bloodied fist, before his figure flashed and directly dashed forth. As he executed his punch, the formless air surrounding him, seemed to curve under the pressure of his fist.

When he saw Lin Dong dashing towards him, Wang Yan’s expression changed dramatically. Although he was loath to admit it, logically, he knew that Lin Dong far outclassed him. Immediately, he somewhat hideously tried to retreat. Lin Dong’s attack were filled with a thick killing intent. After all, Wang Yan knew that should an opportunity present itself, the latter would surely not forgo it. Furthermore, with regards to how vicious Lin Dong can be, Wang Yan had already encountered it previously.

However, right now, an injured Wang Yan was evidently slower than Lin Dong. The latter’s figure flashed before he immediately appeared above him. Then, a formidable fist wind packed with a thick killing intent, was viciously directed towards Wang Yan.

“Little Bastard, you have gone too far!”

However, just as Lin Dong was about to punch forth, an angry and hoarse shout erupted in mid-air. Promptly, a figure lightning-quick emerged in front of Wang Yan, before a old eagle claw-like palm solidly slammed against Lin Dong’s fist.


Fist and claw collided, before a terrifying shockwave instantly swept forth. In fact, even the soil on the ground were forcefully uprooted.

That shockwave ripped through the horizons, while Lin Dong’s figure was forced to retreat several steps. However, at the same time, that old man was also forced back several steps, before he finally stabilized himself.

Lin Dong did a somersault, before he finally stabilized himself. Then, he looked ahead only to see that in front of Wang Yan, stood an elder with grey hair. That elder’s face was dark, while a formidable aura, that was able to match up to Hua Gu, slowly emerged from his body.

“Advanced Qi Creation stage.”

As he sensed that formidable aura emerging from that grey hair elder’s body, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk. Previously, he did not realize that there was actually such a powerful practitioner among the Wang Clan members. It seems like the former must have purposefully concealed his aura.

“Uncle Tong!”

When he saw that grey haired elder which had suddenly intervened, Wang Yan was delighted. Promptly, he viciously said: “Uncle Tong, this kid has humiliated our Wang Clan. We cannot let him off easily!”

That elder that Wang Yan called Uncle Tong, slowly clenched his old hands, before he stared coldly at Lin Dong: “Kid, don’t burn one’s bridges. Based on your arrogant attitude, do you really believe that our Wang Clan is so incompetent?”

“If others respect me, I shall respect them! I don’t care which clan you are from!” Lin Dong coldly chuckled. Even though he had a grudge with Wang Yan, if that Wang Pan had not insulted him today, he naturally would not have made a scene in public.

“What an arrogant brat!” The grey hair elder’s face turned cold, while a cold glint flashed across his eyes. After Lin Dong thrashed Wang Yan in front of so many people, it was akin to slapping their entire Wang Clan. If he did not find an opportunity to salvage this situation, in the future, people may think that their Wang Clan are just a bunch of cowards.

“Lin Langtian, this man is a member of Lin Clan. This conduct will threaten the relationship between our two families! Are you just going to stand by and ignore this matter?” However, that grey haired elder was evidently a calculating man. Immediately, with a cold glint flowing in his eyes, he turned to look at Lin Langtian, who was hovering in mid-air, before he shouted.

“Haha, Elder Wang Tong, what are you talking about? How can our Wang and Lin Clan’s relationship be threatened by a mere branch family member.” When he heard his words, Lin Langtian softly chuckled. Promptly, he turned to look at Lin Dong, before he said: “For today’s matter, you have crossed the line. If you still care about our Lin Clan, then apologize immediately. On account of our Lin Clan, perhaps Elder Wang Tong may forgive you.”

When he heard Lin Langtian’s words, standing beside him, Lin Ke-er’s heart immediately sunk. She knew that based on Lin Dong’s character, he would hardly give a shit about Lin Langtian.

Indeed, after he heard Lin Langtian’s words, a weird smile emerged on Lin Dong’s face, before he tilted his head and stared coldly at the former. Then, he slowly said: “Who do you think you are?”

Lin Dong disrespectful tone caused the crowds to be stunned again. Evidently, they had never expected that the former was so vicious that he did not even care about Lin Langtian.

“Care to repeat yourself?”

At the same time, Lin Langtian’s eyes slowly darkened, while rage burned in the deepest regions of his eyes. That was a rage caused when one’s position and pride was threatened.

In the Lin Clan, he held an extremely high status. Disregarding a branch family member, even some elders in the clan did not dare to speak so disrespectfully to him. However, right now… in front of this huge crowd, Lin Dong did not respect him at all, as he disrespectfully challenged him.

“As a Lin Clan member, you constantly suck up to the Wang Clan. Furthermore, you choose to bully your own clan member in public. Such behaviour will show the world that our Lin Clan is weak and cowardly. If news got out, it would surely cause our Lin Clan to become a joke. Lin Langtian, right now, you are a criminal to Lin Clan! You will surely be judged and punished by our ancestors!”

When he saw Lin Langtian’s venomous expression, Lin Dong lifted his head and shouted out angrily. Using his potent Yuan Power, his words shook the heavens. Meanwhile, contained within his voice was a stinging tone, which was just like a sharp blade and caused every Lin Clan member’s facial expression to change drastically. In particular, Lin Langtian’s expression was just like the eve of a storm as Lin Dong’s words were so sharp that it caused him to be shocked!

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