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Chapter 266: Tyrannical

“Have you prepared your Qiankun bag this time?”

When Lin Dong’s mocking words left his mouth, Wang Yan’s expression practically turned extremely dark in an instant. In his eyes, the fact that he had allowed Lin Dong to snatch away his Qiankun bag due to carelessness had constantly been viewed as his greatest humiliation. Having it once again mentioned by Lin Dong was akin to ruthlessly tearing open the bloody scar in his heart.

“Trash that relies on women, let me see who else can save you today!” Wang Yan’s expression was dark, as golden Yuan Power slowly unfurled from within his body. His golden Yuan Power clearly showed that the Secret Art he practised was not weak at all. A Yuan Power filled with a wild and tyrannical aura.

Gazing at the golden Yuan Power that burst out from within Wang Yan’s body, Lin Dong sneered. His hand grasped as the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd appeared, and with a heavy stamp, the aura of an advanced Form Creation stage exploded forth, without the least bit of restrain. Dark golden Great Sun Thunder Yuan curled around his body, emitting a low rumble of thunder.

“Advanced Form Creation stage, is this why you are so arrogant?” As he sensed Lin Dong’s aura, Wang Yan’s expression turned a little colder. Although he was extremely astonished that the former was able to rise from the Yuan Dan stage to the advanced Form Creation stage in a year, while Lin Dong was improving, Wang Yan did not stop in place. The current him was already a genuine Qi Creation stage practitioner, enough to once again look down on the former!

“Today I will clearly let you see the indisputable gap between us!”

Wang Yan grasped the Great Luo Golden Spear, as golden light burst out. Soon after, he directly swept forth, the golden spear in his hand dancing, as an exceptionally formidable spear shadow stabbed Lin Dong’s throat at an extremely vicious and tricky angle.


In response to Wang Yan’s attack, Lin Dong coldly laughed. With a flick of his mind, vigorous Mental Energy formed into a Mental Energy barrier before him, and when Wang Yan’s attack landed on it, the attack was unable to penetrate the Mental Energy barrier.

“The strength of a woman, what a joke.”

“Great Luo Spear Dance!”

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s mocking tone, Wang Yan’s expression turned increasingly dark. His arm jolted as resplendent golden light erupted from the Great Luo Golden Spear in his hand, transforming into dozens of spear images with substance. These spear images brought with them an incomparably formidable wind, as if they were real objects.


The spear images slammed into the Mental Energy barrier at an astonishing frequency. Golden light gushed about, directly breaking the barrier to pieces, as numerous formidable forces instantly thrust towards Lin Dong.

“Ding ding ding!”

However, under Wang Yan’s exceptionally ferocious offense, Lin Dong did not seem to concentrate too much. Wrapped by dark golden Yuan Power, the ancient halberd in his hand occasionally transformed into lightning and burst forth, easily withstanding the attacks hidden within the numerous spear images.

As they stared at the fight in the sky, the expressions on the members of the four great clans gradually changed a little. Anyone could see that ever since they started, Wang Yan was actually unable to push Lin Dong even half a step back!

“This guy…how could he be so strong…” Lin Ke-er was also somewhat astonished as she gazed at a Lin Dong, who even Wang Yan was unable to push back. She clearly did not expect that Lin Dong would actually truly be able to contend against Wang Yan.

Lin Langtian’s gaze was calm as he watched the battle, though a ripple formed deep in his eyes. Lin Dong’s progress caused him to be a little surprised, but, that was all…

“Wang Yan, if your strength is only so, then go back and train properly. Don’t come out again and embarrass yourself!”

The battle in the sky lasted for a moment. Lin Dong’s ancient halberd ferociously thrust forward, the powerful force within the ancient halberd directly jolting Wang Yan’s Great Luo Golden Spear back, as the former gazed at the ugly expression on the latter and sneered.

“How is this possible!”

While gazing at Lin Dong, who stood proudly and majestically in the sky while holding the ancient halberd, Wang Yan’s complexion turned exceptionally green, as huge waves started to rise in his heart. In the previous exchange, not only was he unable to achieve an overwhelming victory as expected, instead, every time Lin Dong’s ancient halberd slammed into his spear, the huge resulting force caused his hand to feel numb. If Wang Yan’s Yuan Power was not at a higher tier than Lin Dong’s, Wang Yan would have fallen into a disadvantageous position.

“I don’t believe that trash like you will be able to surpass me in a year!” Wang Yan’s eyes were a little scarlet, as he let out a low snarl. Quickly, resplendent golden light burst forth, instantly taking the shape of a golden platform that was almost ten meters large.

“Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm!”

Once the golden platform that seemed as if it was made from real gold was formed, it whizzed forward, filling the sky with sonic booms, as it ruthlessly smashed towards Lin Dong.


As he stared at the incomparably familiar golden platform, Lin Dong merely snorted, and actually did not evade. Under numerous astonished gazes, he dashed forward as his fists furiously smashed into the golden platform.


A deafening clanging sound rang out in the sky. At this moment, a jade lustre colored Lin Dong’s arms, as a terrifying force exploded from his fists, before completely pouring onto the humongous golden platform.

In the face of Lin Dong’s monstrous power, the golden platform suddenly froze, as tiny cracks swiftly covered it under Wang Yan’s and the rest’s astonished gazes.


As the cracks spread, a split second later, the golden platform directly exploded in mid-air, transforming into golden specks of light which filled the sky. While the golden specks of light sprinkled down, a figure stood atop a sword like a war god, as a ferocious beast-like barbaric power rippled outwards.

“How is this possible?!”

When the Wang Clan practitioners saw that Lin Dong was actually able to destroy the golden platform with just the raw power of his body, all of them could not help but gasp in shock. No one understood better than them about the might of this famous upper tier martial arts in the Wang Clan. Given Wang Yan’s strength, when he used it, even a same level initial Qi Creation stage expert would only be able to avoid the attack, how could anyone possibly do what Lin Dong did and smash it to pieces with a single punch?

“Your proficiency in the Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm is really too lacking, let me teach you what a true Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm is like!” Jade colored light moved on Lin Dong’s body like colored glass. As the Great Sun Thunder Yuan rumbled, it lit up the colored glass like a war god, mighty beyond compare.

Lin Dong lifted his head and heartily laughed towards the sky. Dark golden Yuan Power whizzed forth and in the blink of an eye, it condensed into an enormous golden platform that was twice the size of the one Wang Yan had displayed before.

When the golden platform formed, Lin Dong straightaway firmly grabbed it, as his foot stamped on the air, and under numerous shocked gazes, he swung the enormous golden platform in an extremely exciting posture, and ferociously flung it towards Wang Yan.

“Bang bang!”

The golden platform screamed through the air, even causing the air itself to be compressed, emitting waves of deafening sonic booms. With Lin Dong’s practically monstrous raw power amplification, this golden platform had transformed into the most terrifying weapon. As it smashed downwards, even a mountain would be pounded to half its size.

A frightening force assaulted Wang Yan’s senses like a blade, as an intense horror appeared in Wang Yan’s eyes. He never expected that Lin Dong would not only successfully master the Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm, but even be able to directly use it as a weapon against an enemy!

“Hundred Heaven Splitting Spears!”

In the face of such a terrifying attack, even Wang Yan did not dare to be the slightest bit slow. The Yuan Power within his body screamed out like a flood, as resplendent golden light exploded from the Great Luo Golden Spear. Soon after, the golden spear trembled, transforming into a hundred humongous golden spear images, which swiftly flew forth.

The humongous golden spear images gave off extremely formidable undulations. Every spear image contained enough power to defeat an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner. Wang Yan had clearly used an extremely powerful martial art this time.

“Ding ding ding!”

Under the attention of countless gazes, the hundred golden spear images heavily slammed into the golden platform, as a deafening metal sound instantly sounded out. Waves of terrifying force immediately unfurled like a storm, causing tiny distortions to appear in the sky!

The hundred golden spear images ruptured one by one, however, Wang Yan’s counter attack was evidently exceptionally formidable. As the spear images ruptured, cracks also appeared one by one on the enormous golden platform!

The two’s attacks were so fierce that they caused one to lick one’s lips, and many people’s blood started to boil as they watched the clash.


Golden spear images broke apart one by one, but the golden platform was also on the verge of breaking apart. Upon seeing this, Wang Yan’s expression hardened, as another portion of vigorous Yuan Power gushed forth, and the remaining spear images ferociously thrust at the golden platform, while a violent Yuan Power undulation suddenly erupted outwards.


Golden light rushed forth, as the cracks on the golden platform finally reached its limit. With a loud bang, it was finally broken apart by Wang Yan.

The golden platform exploded, however, before Wang Yan could heave a sigh of relief, a figure swiftly flew out from within the golden light!


Upon seeing the figure approach, a cold light shimmered in Wang Yan’s eyes. The Great Luo Golden Spear instantly swelled, before bringing with it vigorous Yuan Power as it viciously stabbed at the figure.


Lin Dong’s figure was entire covered in golden light. Under this golden light, his body was already completely covered in a jade lustre. Moreover, a golden dragon horn had actually faintly appeared on Lin Dong’s right fist this time!

The dragon horn that should have originally appeared on the Ancient Dragon Ape’s head had now been shifted by Lin Dong to his right fist!

Great Sun Thunder Yuan frantically gathered on Lin Dong’s right fist. Under countless shocked gazes, Lin Dong punched out and directly clashed against Wang Yan’s Great Luo Golden Spear with his bare fist!


A fist ferociously slammed into the Great Luo Golden Spear, while Lin Dong’s eyes were filled with coldness and mockery. Laughter followed the astonishing explosion as it spread out in the sky!

“In my eyes, the current you is unable to withstand even a single blow!”

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