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Chapter 262: Great Desolate Ancient Origin

The youth in black stood atop a giant eagle. When he was about a hundred meters away from Lin Dong, that youth slowly stopped and slightly tilted his head, while his eyes slowly swept across Lin Dong’s body, before thick shock filled his eyes. He was able to sense that Lin Dong’s aura was at advanced Form Creation stage. Perhaps, this cultivation level was nothing much to him. However, though he could not put a finger on it, based on his extremely abundant battle experience, he could sense a hint of danger emerging from the latter.

“Heh heh, I never expected that I would actually meet an opponent that can make me feel endangered…” The youth in black carried a black metal rod on his shoulder, as he grinned at Lin Dong and said.

“Friend, I am known as Wu Ci, would you have a bout with me?”

Upon hearing the black clothed youth’s slightly silly tone, the corners of Lin Dong’s eyes could not help but twitch. When he first saw the former, he knew that this was a person who was addicted to fighting, yet he did not expect that after exchanging a few words, the former would immediately ask for a fight…

“Not interested.”

Lin Dong shook his head. He could tell from Wu Ci’s aura that he should be at the initial Qi Creation stage. Being able to reach this stage at such an age very clearly indicated that the latter should be rather famous in the Great Desolate Province. However, Lin Dong was not too knowledgable about these matters, and hence was unable to guess the other party’s identity.

After speaking, Lin Dong was lazy to linger any further. He leapt onto the tiger’s back, intending to leave immediately.

“You… should be the one that injured old man Hua Gu of the Ghastly Puppet Cult, Lin Dong right?” Just as Lin Dong was about to leave, the black clothed youth suddenly tilted his head a little, looking at Lin Dong as he smiled.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong’s expression could not help but slightly darken. He turned his head, his gaze somewhat icy as he watched Wu Ci and replied: “Are you sent by the Ghastly Puppet Cult?”

“Haha, those guys who carry dead people with them are unable to hire me.” Wu Ci heartily laughed, from his tone, he had no fear of the Ghastly Puppet Cult.

Lin Dong’s expression slightly relaxed, but he did not plan to chat any further. Gently patting Little Flame, the latter let out a low roar, before its lightning wings fluttered.

“Hey friend, since you and the Ghastly Puppet Cult do not have a good relationship, let me give you some advice. It is said for the sake of catching you, Ghastly Puppet Cult have deployed quite a number of powerful practitioners. Besides, you should be wary of a particular pervert from Ghastly Puppet Cult. It is reputed that is on the hunt as well, and he seems quite interested in you. Haha.” Just as Lin Dong was about to depart, that Wu Ci suddenly laughed as he said.

Lin Dong expression turned somewhat solemn, before he nodded his head. He had already anticipated that the Ghastly Puppet Cult would deploy several elite practitioners to the Great Desolate Ancient Tablet in order to ambush him. However, this would not deter him from entering the Great Desolate Ancient Tablet.


Lin Dong looked at Wu Ci, before he cupped his hands. Then, Little Flame’s lightning wings fluttered, before it transformed into a lightning spark amidst a thunder roar, and dashed across the horizons…

“Heh, that kid will make a pretty good opponent. If I have the opportunity, I would definitely love to have a good fight with him. However, it seems like that pervert from Ghastly Puppet Cult is on the hunt as well, I wonder if this Lin Dong will be able to survive…” As he stared at Lin Dong’s departing figure, Wu Ci involuntarily scratched his chin while he muttered to himself.

“Haha, however this kid is truly courageous. Despite knowing that there are several elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners at the Great Ancient Wastelands Tablet, he still dares to venture forth. Haha, I must hurry there as well, else I may miss out on a good show…”

After he spoke, Wu Ci released a hearty laugh, before the giant eagle beneath his feet released a loud cry, and fluttered its giant eagle wings. Then, it hastily dashed off.

Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was the most ancient existence in the entire Great Desolate Province. With regards to this relic left behind by an ancient sect, most people regard it almost akin to a legend. After all, most of them were unable to imagine just how powerful that ancient sect was.

Though the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet had existed for countless of years, no one was able to break its seal. Even a Nirvana stage practitioner was powerless against that formidable seal. That was ultimately the reason why that Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet could continue to remain in Great Desolate Province. It was because no one could break that seal…

Furthermore, due to the existence of Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, the Great Desolate Ancient Source, was undoubtedly Great Desolate Province and even Great Yan Dynasty most famous landmark. Each time the Great Wasteland Ancient Tablet seal weakens, it will draw countless elite practitioners from all over the world!

“This was a real gathering of heroes!”

With regards to the repute of Great Desolate Ancient Source, when Lin Dong barely arrived at its borders and stared at the countless figures swarming through that vast plains, just like an army of ants, he finally realized just terrifying the allure of Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was…

In the air above, from time to time, figures would flash by. These people were riding on various flying mounts and Soul Treasures. As they passed by, rainbow flashes would emerge across the horizons, before it sliced the allure blue sky into tiny beautiful pieces.

“It is truly crowded…”

As he stared at this terrifying crowd, Lin Dong involuntarily gulped. Then, he proceed to look ahead as he turned to look at the inner regions of Great Desolate Ancient Source. At that area, he could faintly sense an extremely obscure yet terrifying aura, that could not be described by words. Under that peculiar aura, even an powerful existence such as the Ancient Dragon Ape, pales in comparison. Evidently, that was the spot where the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was located.

“It is indeed a relic left by an ancient sect. Even after so many years, its aura is still so domineering…” As he sensed that aura, Lin Dong’s face turned exceedingly solemn.

“That ancient sect is pretty decent. They can actually give off such an aura…” Little Marten’s words emerged at this moment. Lin Dong could detect a hint of shock contained within its words.

“That aura has the ability to seal off the skies. Therefore, one is unable to fly once one enters the deeper regions of Great Desolate Ancient Source. However, this will not affect us. After all, I am able to conceal us from that aura.”


When he heard those words, Lin Dong was somewhat taken aback. When he sensed that aura, he had experienced a pressure that was attempting to push him towards the ground. Though this pressure seemed faint, even after he utilized all of his Yuan Power, he was unable to resist it. However, he had never expected that Little Marten was able to evade against it. If that was the case, he had another means to protect himself.

Right now, he was in a tough spot. If the Ghastly Puppet Cult members discovered him, he would probably be in for another tough fight. Therefore, if Little Marten was able to counter against that pressure, then, even if he could not defeat him, he could safely retreat.

“Haha, the heavens are truly in our favour.” Lin Dong gently smiled, before he patted Little Flame. Then, the latter flapped its lightning wings, before they dashed towards the inner region of Great Desolate Ancient Source.

However, even though Little Marten was able to help them evade the no-flying restriction, Lin Dong did not brazenly fly in. Instead, when he saw that the figures in the skies were decreasing, he began to urge Little Flame to descend as well, in order to prevent themselves from drawing the attention of Ghastly Puppet Cult members.

After they descended, Little Flame transformed into a cat, before it jumped into Lin Dong’s arms. Then, Lin Dong directly mixed into that vast crowd and followed them as they headed for the deeper regions of Great Desolate Ancient Source.

Along the way, Lin Dong spotted a few Ghastly Puppet Cult members. However, that old fart Hua Gu had evidently underestimated the crowd that were drawn by the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Therefore, as they faced that overwhelming crowd, those Ghastly Puppet Cult members were fairly frustrated. After all, the ones who dared to venture here, were mostly skilled individuals. Therefore, several of them had quite a bad attitude. Even though the Ghastly Puppet Cult was quite reputable, they were unable to handle the crowd’s rage. Hence, in the end, they could only stealthily remove some of the barricades that they had set up…

When Lin Dong, who had mixed into the crowd, saw this sight, he stealthily chuckled. It seems like that Hua Gu is truly persistent…

There was still a few days before that Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal weakens. Hence, Lin Dong was in no hurry. During evening time, he finally reached the deeper regions of Great Desolate Ancient Source…

When Lin Dong arrived, the vast plains were already filled with swarms of people. Located at the tip of the crowd, were several elite factions from Great Desolate Province and Great Yan Dynasty. They had taken the best spots in the area, while they maintained a friendly border divide between them.

However, evidently, not every major faction had arrived. Even up till now, there were still several of them travelling towards this area at full speed.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across his surroundings, before his eyes stopped at a distant spot. A look of awe slowly emerged in his eyes, before they spread across his face.

A nearly one thousand meter long ancient stone tablet was reflected in Lin Dong’s pupils, as it silently stood at the deepest region of that vast plain. An boundless and vicissitude ancient aura emerged from it, allowing one to feel just how powerful that ancient sect was.

There were a few ancient and large symbols carved onto that ancient tablet, that were faintly discernible. A terrifying vibration, that seemed powerful enough to rip apart the heavens emerged from them. That vibration caused to understand just how tiny one was…

That ancient tablet stood right in the vast plains and it looked just like the stairways to heavens. It was harsh yet majestic, ancient yet vicissitude.

“Is that the Great Desolate Ancient Tablet…”

As he stared at that magnificent awe-inspiring ancient stone tablet, Lin Dong involuntarily sucked in a deep breath, while awe overwhelmed his eyes. After all, this was the first time he had witnessed such a magnificent sight.

Just as Lin Dong was in awe over that Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, suddenly, there was a commotion at a distance away. Then, the surrounding air was slowly torn apart, before figures slowly emerged. Meanwhile, Lin Dong could detect a familiar icy-cold Mental Energy vibrations emerging from their bodies.

“Ghastly Puppet Cult!’

When he detected these vibrations, Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered. Those fellows have finally arrived.

Under Lin Dong’s glare, those Ghastly Puppet Cult members directly walked through the crowds. However, he did not see Hua Gu’s figure. Just as he was troubled by this fact, his eyes suddenly stopped at the central area of the Ghastly Puppet Cult members. At that spot, there was a man, with a cold and boney face, dressed in blood-red clothes..

“Such a savage Mental Energy!”

When Lin Dong saw that man dressed in blood-red clothes, his heart shuddered immediately. That was because he could detect that the latter’s Mental Energy was extremely dangerous and savage…

“That person must be the so called Ghastly Puppet Cult “pervert” that Wu Ci mentioned…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were slightly downtrodden. It seems like there were several powerful practitioners in Ghastly Puppet Cult. Right now, though this man ahead of him did not have an aura as powerful as Hua Gu, he gave off a dangerous scent that was just as potent as Hua Gu’s!

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