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Chapter 261: Black-clothed Teenager

On top of the tower, the atmosphere there had turned slightly quiet. Meanwhile, owing to her own prediction, awe was now plastered across Mu Qianqian’s exquisite face.

“How is that possible? That Lin Dong is only at initial Form Creation stage. How could he wound Hua Gu to such an extent!” After she regained her senses, Mu Qianqian furrowed her eyebrows while she muttered to herself.

“Go and investigate this matter. Now that Hua Gu has been wounded so severely, this will definitely cause a commotion in Ghastly Puppet Cult. I want to know who wounded him so severely!” Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes glimmered before she suddenly said crisply.


When he heard her words, the figure standing behind her respectfully answered, before he quickly dashed off.

While that figure dashed off, Mu Qianqian’s teeth gently bit her red lips. Even though she knew that logically speaking, it was impossible for Lin Dong to wound Hua Gu, who was at advanced Qi Creation stage, to such an extent. However, faintly, she felt that her prediction should be correct…

Furthermore, if her prediction was correct, then she had evidently vastly underestimated Lin Dong’s strength. Advanced Qi Creation stage, even in the whole Great Desolate Province, practitioners at this cultivation stage were considered as the elite. In fact, even if she battled against Hua Gu, she doubt that she could wound the latter to such an extent.

Among the younger generation members in Great Desolate Province, there was hardly anyone who could accomplish such a feat. Yet, evidently, Lin Dong was one of the rarified ones…

“Right now, though he has managed to injure Hua Gu, based on the latter’s personality, he will not let him go so easily. For their next encounter, he would probably summon all the elite practitioners from Ghastly Puppet Cult to ambush him. At that time, he would be in real danger…” Mu Qianqian muttered to herself with a somewhat regretful expression. No matter how strong an individual was, it was still difficult for one to fight against an entire sect. However, if Lin Dong was truly this talented, then perhaps, she could render him some assistance. After all, the Great Devil Sect and Ghastly Puppet Cult were not on close terms, and it would be beneficial for them if they had an additional powerful enemy.

“Lin Dong… Right now, I am somewhat interested in you. The day where the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal weakens is approaching, and I believe that you would not miss out on this opportunity. I am curious to find out just how impressive you would be on that massive battlefield…” Mu Qianqian smiled coyly. The angle where her lips curled made her seem extremely beautiful and bewitching.

“However, this time around, that pervert from Ghastly Puppet Cult and the martial arts idiot from Martial Alliance should show up as well. If those two fellows clashed with Lin Dong, I wonder how exciting it would be…”

As she imagined this sight, a look of anticipation fleeted across Mu Qianqian’s eyes.

In the large hall of Ghastly Puppet Cult, several elite members stared at that haggard-looking Hua Gu, whose face was so dark that he seemed hideous, while shock gushed into their eyes. They had never expected that based on the latter’s strength, he would actually be reduced to such a sorry state.

“Send my commands, continue to track Lin Dong. I will report this matter to headquarters and instruct them to send out more elite practitioners in order to ambush that little bastard!”

When they heard Hua Gu’s voice, which was extremely cold, everyone’s hearts shuddered. A mere initial Form Creation stage kid, yet they had to alert headquarters…

“It seems like… it was indeed that kid that reduced elder Hua to such a sorry state.”

A few them stealthily glanced at each other, before they saw the awe filled in their respective eyes. Advanced Qi Creation stage. Even in their Ghastly Puppet Cult, such a practitioner was considered as the elite. However, right now, he had actually lost out to a mere twenty year old kid.

“The day where the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal weakens is approaching. At that time, that kid will surely be there. This time, I will make sure that he has nowhere to hide!”

Inside the great hall, Hua Gu’s facial expression was ghastly, while a thick killing intent and rage filled his venomous words. This time, Lin Dong had caused him to lose his reputation. Hence, he must avenge against him!

Just as the whole Great Puppet City was shocked by Hua Gu’s injuries, the man responsible for it, Lin Dong, had already fled away quickly. However, since he had erased the mark within the Symbol Puppet, he was no longer afraid that Hua Gu could track him down. Therefore, his speed somewhat slowed down.

Inside the vast woodlands within the mountain range, Lin Dong was seated on top of a mountain peak, while he stared towards the north-west direction. That was the area where the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was located.

Notwithstanding Great Desolate Province, Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet could be considered as one of the most famous landmarks in the entire Great Yan Dynasty. Therefore, each time the seal weakens, it would doubtedly create the most massive event in Great Desolate Province. Countless elite practitioners from Great Yan Dynasty and even its neighbouring dynasties will flock over. The reason is because there are countless treasures inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Furthermore, the strength of these ancient sects far exceeds the imaginations of most ordinary individuals. Therefore, if one was even able to obtain just a little bit of treasure, perhaps, one could ascend to become a dragon!

The treasures within the old tomb, that Lin Dong previously ventured into, could hardly be compared to the treasures within Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet!

“There are ten more days before the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal weakens. Right now, there should be countless people heading towards Great Desolate Ancient Source. Heh, that is a real crowd.”

A smile hung on Lin Dong’s face. That was a real gathering. If one wanted to obtain treasures from Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, unless one was truly powerful, one might not even obtain any leftovers.

“Oh, the four Great Clans of Great Yan Dynasty would likely send out some members as well. Perhaps, I might see some familiar faces…” A smile emerged on Lin Dong’s face, before it turned into a grin. Though it has only been one year, right now, he was no longer that Perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner that could barely withstand Lin Langtian’s aura!

Right now, Lin Dong had every bit of confidence that even if he could not defeat Lin Langtian, the latter could not force him to stay as well!

As he recalled Wang Yan, Lin Dong gently gripped his fist. Right now, Lin Dong was confident that he would utterly defeat that fellow, which had troubled him previously!

“A battle between heroes. Heh, I am curious to find out just how powerful the elite younger generation members of Great Yan Dynasty are!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were feverish. Though he came from a humble background, he had managed to obtain all his abilities through perseverance and hardwork. Therefore, he no longer feared any genius!

Nonetheless, inside Lin Dong’s heart, he did not dare to underestimate them. Even when a lion battles with a rabbit, it must utilize its full strength. Else, if it underestimated its foe, it may perhaps let its foe escape, or it may even lose its life. Therefore, after strategizing carefully, Lin Dong flipped his palm, before a dark yellow vest appeared in his hand. That was precisely the high-grade Soul Treasure that he had obtained from Hua Zong, Mysterious Earth Armour.

Lin Dong had personally experienced the defensive properties of this item. Hence, if he was able to repair it, it would prove to be a good insurance policy. For his previous fight against Hua Gu, if he had already repaired this Mysterious Earth Armour, then Lin Dong would not have suffered such injuries after he got pushed back.

“Though there are many opportunities inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, danger lurks abound as well. Therefore, it is best if one has more means to protect oneself. Hence, I should definitely make use of this Mysterious Earth Armour, else I would be wasting this precious gift.”

Right now, since Lin Dong was a low-tier Soul Symbol Master, he was unable to refine high-grade Soul Treasures. However, he was still able to repair them.

Once he retrieved his Mysterious Earth Armour, with a flick of his mind, thick Mental Energy gathered in front of him. Then, with a buzz, they turned into pure Mental Energy flames. Faintly, a peculiar vibration began to emerge.

As he carefully controlled that Mental Energy flame and placed it on the Mysterious Earth Armour, a loud buzzing noise immediately erupted from the latter…

It was not a quick matter to repair the Mysterious Earth Armour. However, Lin Dong understood that slow and steady won the race. Furthermore, now that he had gotten rid of Hua Gu, he had quite a bit of leisure time. Therefore, he took his time as he slowly repaired his Mysterious Earth Armour.

As he slowly repaired, two days unknowingly passed. For these two days, Lin Dong spent all his time on repairing that armour. However, through this experience, Lin Dong had gained several benefits. Not only did he increase his mastery over Mental Energy fire, he had also managed to completely repair his Mysterious Earth Armour!

On top of the mountain peak, Lin Dong stared at his Mysteriou Earth Armour, that was encircled by peculiar glowing halos, before a satisfied smile emerged on his face. After dreaming about it for so long, he finally possessed a defensive-style Soul Treasure. Even though he snatched it from someone else…

“Everything is ready!”

Lin Dong heartily laughed, before he immediately wore that Mysterious Earth Armour. Instantly, he could feel a glowing film emerge from within the Mysterious Earth Armour, before it surrounded his entire body. Though that glowing film seemed flimsy, it possessed the ability to block most Form Creation stage practitioner’s attacks!

After he repaired that Mysterious Earth Armour, Lin Dong stood up before he stared at his north-west direction. Right now, it was time for him to head to Great Desolate Ancient Source. Currently, that area should be extremely crowded…

“Little Flame!”

Lin Dong waved his hand, before a tiger roar echoed out inside the woodlands. Then, lightning sparks flashed, before Little Flame dashed forth.

Once he saw Little Flame emerge, Lin Dong was just about to ride it, before his pupils suddenly shrunk. Then, he violently turned his head, before he turned to look towards his south. At that area, there was a violent splitting wind sound. Immediately, Lin Dong saw a black-clothed teenager who was hovering on a giant eagle. There was an extremely solid black steel bar on his shoulders, while a maniacal fighting intent faintly emerged from his body…

“Such a potent fighting intent, such a powerful aura!”

As he stared at that black-clothed teenager, who was hovering on a giant eagle with a metal bar on his shoulders, awe flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He had never expected that there would be such a capable individual among the younger generation members of Great Desolate Province!

As Lin Dong stared at that figure, the latter also detected his gaze, as his eyes immediately shifted. Promptly, awe flashed across that black-clothed youth’s face, before he gasped and slowed down…

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