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Chapter 260: Blown Back

The astonishing clash erupted in the sky, as the entire mountain valley shook maniacally. Large cracks swiftly spread out, while huge rocks crazily fell from the cliffs, crashing into the lake with a huge rumbling noise, causing huge waves which were hundreds of meters tall.


Waves swept across the lake, as a shockingly loud noise thundered. The entire mountain valley had been completely destroyed due to this terrifying clash.

Little Marten floated in the air, while it concentrated on the golden glow. This attack could be considered as Lin Dong’s ultimate attack. With the power of Devil Ape Transformation and Jade Thunder Body, combined with the Heavenly Scale Halberd technique and the might of the ‘Yuan Essence Energy, this blow could even completely decimate a Qi Creation practitioner!‘

However, Hua Gu was evidently not easy to deal with. This old guy had not only cultivated his Yuan Power to the advanced Qi Creation stage, but even his Mental Energy cultivation was rather high. Hence, it was no simple matter to kill him.


Under Little Marten’s attentive gaze, a figure suddenly shout out from within the golden glow, before fiercely shooting into the lake below like a meteor from the sky, causing huge waves to emerge.

As the figure fell into lake, he somewhat sorrily swept out, and could not help but spit out a mouthful of fresh blood from his mouth. Looking at his appearance, it was Lin Dong!

When it saw Lin Dong vomit blood and retreat, Little Marten was taken aback. Soon after, it looked towards the nearby sky. At that area, the golden glow quickly began to dissipate. While that golden light faded, a humongous white bone armor once again quietly appeared in front of Little Marten’s eyes.

“To think that he had actually resisted it?”

Staring at the unmoving white bone armor, disbelief flitted across Little Marten’s eyes. The offensive power of Lin Dong’s previous strike was extremely overwhelming, and even an advanced Qi Creation stage Hua Gu could not possibly so easily withstand such an attack!

Above the lake, Lin Dong’s expression did not change due to this fact. He wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, as he firmly stared at the white bone armor which silently floated in the air.


Under the unblinking gazes of one man and one marten, a tiny sound suddenly stealthily sounded out in the sky. After which, tiny cracks started to appear on the white bone armor at an alarming rate!

In a short time that did not exceed a few blinks, the enormous white bone armor was already covered in numerous cracks!


The final crack stealthily appeared. Then, just like the last straw that broke the camel’s back, the entire white bone armour was immediately blown apart before it turned into countless glowing dots that filled the horizons…

When that white bone armour blew apart, Hua Gu, who was hidden within, was instantly revealed. There were no emotions on his face, while his body maintained an upright posture, with both palms stretched forth. However, in the next instance, a series of explosive noises sounded out just like a firecracker, before streams of blood continuously spurt out from his body!

“Bang bang bang!”

While Lin Dong and Little Marten watched on, Hua Gu’s body was violently blown back. Furthermore, each time he took a step back, a bloody mist would erupt on his body, while his aura became increasingly weak.

“Buzz buzz!”

Hua Gu violently retreated for nearly a hundred steps, before he stabilized himself. Immediately, he vomited another mouthful of fresh blood. Right now, his old and wrinkled face was extremely pale, and he seemed extremely hideous.

However, just as he vomited out that last mouthful of blood, Hua Gu regained some of his senses, before a rich awe gushed into his eyes. He had never expected that he would suffer such a heavy injury due to Lin Dong’s attack!

With regards to Lin Dong’s previous attack, if he had not executed his most powerful defensive maneuver at a critical juncture, right now, his whole body would have likely been ruptured into bloody pulps by that terrifying force!

“How can that little bastard execute such a terrifying attack!” As he detected the severity of injuries that he suffered, Hua Gu was almost overwhelmed with rage. In his opinion, since he was at advanced Qi Creation stage, it should be a walk in the park for him to kill Lin Dong. However, the current reality showed him the folly of his thinking. Not only did he fail to kill Lin Dong easily, he had nearly died at his hands.

However, though he was overwhelmed with rage, that Hua Gu was no fool. Though he knew that Lin Dong would not be able to pull off such a powerful attack consecutively, owing to his own severe injuries, he no longer possessed absolute confidence that he could kill Lin Dong. Furthermore, if the latter had other tricks up his sleeves, then he may even possibly lose his life.

Several minutes ago, Hua Gu would have definitely scoffed at this thought. However, after experiencing that intense battle, he had grown wary of Lin Dong and he did not bother to doubt if that latter had other tricks remaining.

“Heh, old dog. You are truly hardy!”

Just as this thought flashed across Hua Gu’s mind, Lin Dong’s eyes gently twinkled before he chuckled. However, while he chuckled, his heart began to turn increasingly vigilant. That previous attack had took a huge toll on him. Furthermore, there was a time limit to Demonic Ape Transformation and Jade Thunder Body. Now that he had failed to kill Hua Gu, if the latter continued to battle on, he would likely begin to gradually lose out.

When he thought of this point, Lin Dong’s eyes slightly darkened. Then, a savage expression fleeted across his eyes, before he tightly gripped onto his ancient halberd and activated the remaining Yuan Power inside his body.


However, just as Lin Dong activated his Yuan Power and prepared for a fight, when Hua Gu, who was in mid-air, saw this situation, his facial expression changed drastically. Then, his body was just like a alarmed chicken before he quickly retreated. Then, to Lin Dong’s bewilderment, he began to flee.

“Little bastard, just you wait. After you killed my son, we cannot exist in the same world. I will not let you go easily!”

While Hua Gu quickly fled, his enraged roars swiftly spread out and echoed inside the mountain valley.


Lin Dong was somewhat flabbergasted as he stared at Hua Gu, who was fleeing faster than a rabbit. For a moment, he was unable to regain his senses. Though he knew that Hua Gu had definitely suffered after receiving his previous attack, it had also taken a huge toll on him. Therefore, if they continued to battle on, the final outcome would still be uncertain. However, this old fellow… actually was such a wimp.

“Heh, it seems like that old fellow was scared off by your previous attack…” Little Marten was similarly shocked by this scene, before it paused for a moment and chuckled.

Lin Dong helplessly shook his hand, before he waved his sleeve. Then, a Symbol Puppet appeared ahead of him. That was precisely the Symbol Puppet that was obtained from Hua Zong.

“That old fellow should have used the mark inside this Symbol Puppet to trace us. Once I erase this mark, that old fellow should not be able to track us down.” With a flick of his mind, a powerful Mental Energy forcefully entered into the Symbol Puppet. Now that he was a full-fledged Soul Symbol Master, it was a simple feat for him to erase Hua Zong’s Mental Energy mark. Hence, in a few minutes time, he opened his eyes after he successfully erased the mark inside the Symbol Puppet.

“Let’s leave this area now. This old fellow is truly out for blood this time. Previously, he chased after you alone. Later, when he brings along several elite practitioners from Ghastly Puppet Cult, the situation would be totally different. Therefore, it would be best for us to leave this area as soon as possible!” After he resolved this threat, Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he waved towards Little Flame, who was nearby, before the latter immediately pounced over and transformed into a little kitten and jumped into Lin Dong’s arms.

“That old fart. One day, I will make you pay for this!”

As he stared at Little Flame’s injures, rage filled Lin Dong’s eyes. This time, if he had not awakened in time, then Little Flame and Little Marten would have probably been killed by that old dog.

“Let’s leave now. If that old fellow returns for revenge, it would be another tough battle. Right now, you are still unable to completely deal with him.” Little Marten was evidently hurt as well. Therefore, after it spoke quickly, it immediately turned into a light beam and dashed into the stone talisman inside Lin Dong’s hand.

“Don’t worry, the next time I encounter him, I will beat that old dog till he becomes a dead one!”

Lin Dong viciously gritted his teeth, before he took a moment to readjust himself. Then, while he grabbed onto Little Flame, his feet stepped on a blade shadow before his figure transformed into a rainbow flash and viciously flew towards the opposite direction as Hua Gu.

Just as Lin Dong swiftly retreated, that Hua Gu was like an alarmed chicken as he upped his speed to his maximum, and hideously fled towards Great Puppet City. Previously, that close shave with death had evidently terrified him. Therefore, contrary to Lin Dong’s expectations, he definitely lacked the guts to turn around and battle them again.

As he fled manically, in several hours time, the Great Puppet City’s contour appeared in front of his eyes. Then, he suddenly upped his speed, before he hideously leapt into the city, while his body was dripping with blood.

Usually, for a place like Great Puppet City, it was prohibited for anyone to enter via air. Hence, when Hua Gu appeared, it immediately lead to a commotion. However, once they recognized that he was a powerful elite of Ghastly Puppet Cult, all of them turned silent immediately…

However, in Great Puppet City, there were several powerful individuals with keen eyesight. Therefore, once they saw Hua Gu, they immediately knew that the latter was severely injured…

In the Great Devil Sect, on top of a tower, Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes stared in bewilderment at that hideous figure in mid-air, before she muttered to herself: “Since that old fellow is at advanced Qi Creation stage, who could have wounded him so badly?”

“Miss, according to our sources, for this trip, Hua Gu seemed to have discovered Lin Dong’s location…” Standing behind Mu Qianqian, a man softly spoke.

“Lin Dong?”

When she heard these words, Mu Qianqian was slightly taken aback. In the next instance, awe filled her bewitching and beautiful eyes, before her elegant jade-like hands involuntarily covered her lips. Then, an extremely soft voice, filled with a trace of disbelief, emerged from her lips.

“Could it be… him? How is that possible?!”

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