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WDQK Chapter 26: The Hunt

Ever since the Family Competition ended, it became much more lively on the small hill where Lin Dong lived. Since noon, a constant stream of visitors had arrived to congratulate them. Everyone knew that based on Lin Dong and Lin Xiao’s performance, they would definitely rejoin the Lin Family’s inner circle, a pretty respectable position.

Faced with so many visitors, Lin Xiao instructed Liu Yan to treat them all hospitably before sending them off.

In the room, four figures gathered for a family dinner. This time, a bright smile was ever present on Liu Yan’s face. She did not care much for wealth or power, instead what mattered to her was the wellbeing of Lin Xiao and Lin Dong. For the sake of the two of them, she would gladly sacrifice everything.

“Dong-er, Tempered Body 7th Layer, Penetrating Fist Ninth Echo and a mastery of Eight Desolations Palm that is not inferior to Lin Hong’s. The progress you have made is indeed terrifying…” Lin Xiao commented as he laid down his chopsticks onto his bowl.

Upon hearing Lin Xiao’s comment, Lin Dong’s hand, which was placed under the table, involuntarily trembled. It seems that his insane training speed had aroused a little of Lin Xiao’s suspicion.

“I only just advanced to Tempered Body 7th Layer last night before I went to bed. With regards to Penetrating Fist and Eight Desolations Palm, I have been practising them regularly. I don’t really understand why but I seem to learn and master those skills really quickly.” Lin Dong replied in a soft voice as he scratched his head humbly while frowning.


Lin Xiao was perplexed. His eyebrows furrowed as he stared at Lin Dong’s earnest expression. Some people can indeed master martial arts extremely quickly. In fact, it was reputed that these gifted geniuses can rapidly learn any forms of martial arts taught to them.

Therefore, Lin Xiao could still accept that fact. However, Lin Dong’s Tempered Body training still seemed too speedy. After all, he was only at Tempered Body 2nd Layer half a year ago.

Successively advancing 5 Layers in half a year: This kind of speed was extremely remarkable in Qingyang Town, and even the whole Lin Clan.

“Are you sure you did not take anything in the past half a year?” Lin Xiao asked. Previously, he had suspected that Lin Dong’s body was able to absorb the medicinal properties from elixirs to a much higher degree than most people. However, due to their circumstances, Lin Dong did not have access to high quality elixirs during the last six months.

Therefore, without a ready supply of elixirs, even if he was blessed with the ability to fully utilize them, what use would it be?

“I seem to recall…. Two months ago, when I was training in the woods, I found a golden fruit and ate it. At that time, it did not seem to have any effect… Maybe, it could be due to that…?” Lin Dong replied with a straight face. He constantly blinked his eyes as he acted as if he was trying hard to recall something.

Lin Xiao was at a loss for words while he tried to figure out what exactly the golden fruit was. Soon after, he shook his head helplessly and muttered uncertainly: “Perhaps so… Nevermind. Maybe you really did have the good fortune to eat some elixir-like fruit…”

Based on his expression, it was evident that Lin Xiao knew that something was off with his explanation. However, he decided to stop pursuing the matter. After all, it was good news that Lin Dong’s strength continued to grow.

Seeing that Lin Xiao had stopped pursuing the matter, Lin Dong’s heart secretly heaved a sigh of relief. When the time was right, he had planned to personally tell Lin Xiao about the stone talisman. However, right now he did not want to reveal its existence just yet.

“I was completely stunned when you won first place in today’s Family Competition. However, you must stay humble and remember to persist in your training. It will be the end of the year soon, and the Qingyang Town Hunt will commence. The younger generation of Qingyang Town’s other factions will also be participating. Thus, you must ensure that you do not embarrass the Lin Family.” Lin Xiao seriously remarked.

Lin Dong naturally knew about the upcoming event. The Qingyang Town Hunt was held once every three years and was arguably the time when Qingyang Town was at its most crowded. Even many from outside the town would join in and witness the festivities.

Of course, whenever one mentions about the Qingyang Town Hunt they will naturally talk about the three major factions in Qingyang Town, the Lei Family, Xie Family and the Raging Blade Dojo.

The Lei Family and Xie Family could be considered as the original Families of Qingyang Town. Therefore, after several generations, they had laid down deep roots within the town and they could be considered as the most well-established factions. With regards to the Raging Blade Dojo, even thought they were only established for slightly longer than a decade, they have rapidly caught up in terms of power. In fact, even the Lei and Xie Families knew that the Raging Blade Dojo’s current strength was not to be trifled with.

Moreover, this Raging Blade Dojo had a reputation that preceded them. If merchants chose to hire them as bodyguards, it was said that most bandits would definitely opt to steer clear of them.

Below these three major factions, the Lin Family could be considered as the next most powerful faction. In fact, ever since Lin Xiao had recovered his strength, the Lin Family now had the qualifications to stand toe to toe with these three major factions. After all, even the Lei Family, which was one of the most well established faction, only possessed five Heavenly Yuan practitioners.

As for the Qingyang Town Hunt, it was an event jointly held by these three major factions. However, its was not really a “hunt”, but rather a test for the younger generation in each faction.

Of course, this was also a way for each faction to secretly compete with each other.

Naturally, whoever rose above the others in this hunt would bring much glory to their family. The results were determined based on individual comparisons, and whoever could suppress the rest would emerge as the unofficial victor.

Therefore, every faction in the Qingyang Town placed great emphasis on the “hunt”, and in order to secure a good result, they would send their most elite younger generation members to take part. Hence, the intensity of the competition definitely exceed that of the Family Competition today…

And those opponents, would definitely be stronger than Lin Hong.

The ‘hunt’ was the real deal!

“I understand, Father. I will not rest on my laurels.”

In the house, Lin Dong collected his thoughts as he lifted his head and smiled. He recalled that the Lin Family had performed dismally in the past few “hunts”, and they were thus constantly ridiculed for it. Therefore, Grandpa had placed an exceptional emphasis on the upcoming hunt.


Lin Xiao nodded his head in contentment and said: “The Lei and Xie Family are both pioneers in this town. Therefore, they often discriminate against the Raging Blade Dojo and us, the Lin Family. All these years, they have been constantly undermining us as they seek to demonstrate their dominance in this town and force us to submit to them.”

At this point, Lin Xiao involuntarily snorted before continuing: “All these years, our Lin Family has been waiting in the wings. Now that my power has been restored, we no longer need to fear them. Therefore, you must work hard and secure a decent result for this hunt and restore our Lin Family’s reputation.”

Lin Dong once again nodded his head.

Upon witnessing this sight, Lin Xiao gently smiled. He then proceeded to hand over an embroidered box to Lin Dong and said: “This was a reward from Grandpa. There are two Grade 3 Elixirs contained within. Besides, you have also gained the qualifications to enter the Martial Arts Library. In the future, if you want to learn any martial arts, you can enter by yourself to take a look around.”

“Two Grade 3 Elixirs?”

As these words entered his ears, Lin Dong’s eyes immediately sparkled. Ever since he had fortunately stumbled across a Crystal Vermillion Fruit, he had yet to encounter another Grade 3 Elixir. Therefore, he could not bear to use the two pills that were refined from the Stone Talisman. Now that he had two more Grade 3 Elixirs, he could finally afford to try those pills and experience their effects.

“Alright, it’s getting late. Go and get some rest. During this period of time, I will be busy with the Blazing Manor. Therefore, you will have to train hard on your own.” As he saw Lin Dong take the silk box, Lin Xiao waved his hands and instructed.


Lin Dong nodded his head as he left the room with the embroidered box in hand. He was extremely eager to find out, just how potent the pills refined from Grade 3 Elixirs would be…

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