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WDQK Chapter 25: Accepting a Position

The training chambers were deadly silent. One by one, stupefied gazes came to rest upon the youngster on the stone platform, paralyzed in their seats with astonishment and unable to utter a single word.

“To think that he actually won……”

Lin Xiao was also stumped at this outcome. A split second later, his body started to tremble violently as an ecstatic look surfaced on his face.

The delightful surprises that Lin Dong had delivered today was simply overwhelming.

Below the stone platform, Lin Xia lightly patted her chest as if to ease the shock in her heart, her eyes nailed onto Lin Dong. Previously, her bout with Lin Hong had only ended in a draw, yet Lin Dong had just triumphed over Lin Hong. Indirectly, this implied that even she, could not defeat Lin Dong.

In fact, the true victor of this competition could be said to be the dark horse, Lin Dong!

“He’s truly his father’s son……” Beside Lin Xia, Lin Ken also slowly murmured.

On the ground just at the fringe of the stone platform, Lin Hong sat with a pale face. His vacant daze evidently showed that he was still unable to come to terms with this abrupt reversal. Never in his wildest dreams, did he imagine that he would actually lose to Lin Dong, who he had always treated as mere dirt beneath his feet.

He simply could not accept this end result.


The surrounding gazes caused Lin Hong to feel as if his back was pricked by countless needles. His face twitched erratically, as the expression on his face rapidly fluctuated. Suddenly, he let out a roar of anger as the sole of his foot stamped off the ground, and he dashed back onto the platform and prepared to attack Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s brows knitted together. Although the competition has ended, Lin Hong still stubbornly refused to accept the outcome. Instantly, he took one step forwards, and like a pair of metal pincers, both of his palms readied themselves to stop Lin Hong’s in his tracks. Just as he planned to push Lin Hong off the platform again, a sudden shout abruptly sounded out.

“Get lost!”

A figure descended from the skies, his hands like an eagle’s claws as they grabbed at Lin Dong. Alarmed, the latter hastily withdrew his arms, yet the other party refused to let him off as the ‘claws’ went directly for Lin Dong’s shoulders.

“Lin Mang!”

This sudden turn of events greatly alarmed the audience. And when he saw the identity of the aggressor, Lin Ken immediately roared out in anger.

“You get lost! Don’t touch my son!”

Before Lin Ken’s roar could fade away, another figure flashed onto the platform and appeared in front of Lin Dong. This figure was Lin Xiao.

“Lin Xiao, do you really think that you can match up to me?” Seeing that Lin Xiao had appeared to protect his son, Lin Mang could not help but sneer. Yuan Power violently flickered at the hollow of his palm as it furiously swatted at Lin Xiao, slicing apart the air and leaving a thunderous sound in its wake.

“Get lost!”

Faced with Lin Mang’s attack, Lin Xiao’s expression slightly darkened. Surprisingly, he neither dodged nor ducked, instead he directly countered Lin Mang’s attack with his fist.


A strong wave erupted with the clash at its epicentre, as every speck of dust was cleanly blown off the stone arena. The entire crowd was unexpectedly stunned once again, as they saw Lin Mang being forcibly pushed back!

Lin Mang, who was at Heavenly Yuan level, was unexpectedly pushed back!

At this moment, Lin Ken, who was just about to intervene, froze in his steps. On his seat, the anger and agitation that was just about to explode from Lin Zhentian also likewise came to a screeching halt.

“Your strength?!”

Lin Mang stumbled as he tried to steady his body. Yet, at this moment, the surface of his heart was like a raging storm churning the seas. A terrified look on his face as he stared at Lin Xiao.

“When injuries have healed, strength will naturally follow and recover. You dare to cause such a scene at the Family Competition for the younger generation? Do you really think that us father and son are so easily bullied?” Lin Xiao said icily.

“Third-brother, you’ve regained your strength?”

At the bottom of the platform, delight lit up on Lin Ken’s face. A Heavenly Yuan level practitioner was an exceedingly important factor that determined a faction’s power. Currently, in the entire Lin Family, including himself, there were only three people who had reached the Heavenly Yuan stage. However, even such a small number allowed the Lin Family to command a rather substantial power in Qingyang Town. Now that Lin Xiao had made a complete recovery and his strength had returned, their Lin Family would have one more Heavenly Yuan practitioner.

Hence, the guests in the training chambers also were also greatly shaken by this news. After all, they understood that from today onwards, the power of the Lin Family will rise dramatically.

On his seat, Lin Zhentian finally regained his wits and hastily leaped onto the platform. He grabbed Lin Xiao’s arm, and after sensing the surging Yuan Power in the latter’s body, a hearty laughter burst forth.

“Good, in the end, you did not let me down!”

Lin Zhentian heavily patted Lin Xiao’s shoulders. To one side, Lin Dong could see that the old man’s eyes were somewhat red. It looks like Lin Zhentian was exceptional moved by this.

“Lin Mang, even in such a public place, you actually dare to intervene because of your personal feelings? Do you really want to utterly disgrace the Lin Family?” Lin Zhentian’s tearful state did not last for long as he suddenly turned and sternly glanced at Lin Mang, a red hot anger in his voice.

Hearing Lin Zhentian raise his voice, Lin Mang’s expression slightly changed. In the Lin Family, Lin Zhentian’s authority was absolute and he was a respectable person who always kept his word. Even though Lin Mang had advanced to Heavenly Yuan level, he still did not dare to refute Lin Zhentian and could only bow his head in silence.

“Father, please let this matter go for now. After all, there are many guests here.” Lin Xiao hurriedly approached and softly muttered.

Lin Zhentian took in a deep breath as he suppressed the rage in heart. Then, with a swipe of his sleeve, he commanded: “I will leave you to settle this situation. Then, all of you will meet me at the backyard!”

As he finished, he immediately turned and left, the heavy thuds of his footsteps betraying the fact that he had yet to simmer down.

Upon witnessing this situation, Lin Ken let out a pained smile as he glanced at Lin Xiao and Lin Mang. After all these years, the two of them were still at constant loggerheads, and they had even involved their children in their dispute…

The Lin Family backyard was considered as an important area in the Lin Family. Under normal circumstances, no outsiders would be allowed to enter.

In a large hall at the backyard, sat several figures. The man sitting right in the center, was a slightly enraged Lin Zhentian. Beside him, were Lin Ken, Lin Xiao, Lin Mang and other key members of the Lin Family.

Lin Dong and Qing Tan, who were sitting beside Lin Xiao, did not dare to breathe a word in this uneasy atmosphere.

“Lin Mang, you have really outdone yourself. As an elder, you actually attacked one of the younger generation members. Do you want to humiliate our whole Lin Family?” As he glanced at the crowd, Lin Zhentian fiercely barked before he slammed his palm on the table.

“Father, I was impulsive.”

Lin Mang softly apologized as he took in a deep breath. He had been truly traumatized after witnessing Lin Hong’s utter humiliation by Lin Dong. After all, since young he had always been competing with Lin Xiao, and now, this competition had extended to their sons as well.

“Father, second-brother was indeed impulsive. However, please do not be too angry.” Lin Ken sighed, as he was forced to intervene as the oldest brother.

“Third-brother’s injuries have finally healed, and he has returned to the Heavenly Yuan level. This is truly a joyous occasion. You should not be angry.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian’s expression softened. As he turned to face Lin Xiao, he suddenly let out a disgruntled snort: “ You should have recovered from your injuries long ago, yet you chose to let your pride stand in the way.”

(TN: Probably in reference to the fact Lin Xiao had rejected all aid from the Lin Family)

Lin Xiao nodded his head, forcing a smile.

“Nonetheless, its great news that you have finally recovered. Our Lin Family’s businesses have been greatly expanding, and we lack manpower now. From now on, you should come back and help us out. After all, we are family.” Lin Zhentian remarked.

“Yes.” Lin Xiao nodded his head, after a moment of hesitation. Now that he has recovered his strength, he knew that he ought to return and help the family.

Seeing that Lin Xiao did not decline, Lin Zhentian nodded his head in satisfaction. He hesitated for a moment before saying: “Recently, we have been exceedingly busy at the Blazing Manor. Head over there and help manage that place. If you require assistance, Lin Ken will be there to help.”

Just as these words left Lin Zhentian’s mouth, Lin Mang’s cheek could not help but twitch. The Lin Family owned several businesses in the vicinity of of Qingyang Town. However, Blazing Manor was the most crucial one. In fact, every year, the profits from Blazing Manor made up almost 50-60% of the Lin Family’s entire income. Furthermore, this Blazing Manor used to be under his domain…

Though Lin Mang was extremely unhappy, he did not have the guts to oppose Lin Zhentian. Especially since he had only just angered Lin Zhentian.

When he heard that he would be put in charge of Blazing Manor, Lin Xiao was slightly dazed. Evidently, he knew the importance of this manor to the Lin Family. Nonetheless, after a moment of hesitation, he eventually nodded in agreement.

After finishing his instructions, Lin Zhentian turned to kindly gaze at Lin Dong, Lin Xia and the still somewhat unsightly Lin Hong. With a gentle smile, he said: “Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s performance today was the most outstanding. Truthfully, he should be crowned as number one in this Family Competition. As for the competition prizes, I will assign someone to bring all of you to the Martial Arts Library later on. Do feel free to use all the resources there. If there’s anything else you three need, do not hesitate to tell grandfather. After all, I hope that the three of you can rapidly grow before the Qingyang Town Hunt and achieve a good result to boost the reputation of our Lin Family.”

Upon discovering that they were now permitted into the family’s Martial Arts Library, Lin Dong’s eyes immediately started to shine…

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