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Chapter 241: Great Puppet City

Lightning arced across the horizon at an astonishing rate, as the deep roar of thunder faintly sounded out in the skies…

Lin Dong was seated on the tiger’s back as he faced the incoming gale. On his slightly bruised face was a satisfied smile. Less than a year had passed from the time he left Yan City, however, his strength had truly soared since then. Looks like this training expedition was indeed extremely beneficial for him.

Thinking back to that time in Yan City, Wang Yan, who was merely at the advanced Form Creation stage, was able to drive him to such a sorry state. However, right now, Lin Dong was confident that if he met the former again, he would be able to face him head on!

Furthermore, Lin Dong was very curious to find out what Wang Yan’s reaction would be, when he realized that Lin Dong, whom he previously thought that he could easily squash under his feet like an ant, had stealthily caught up to him, the famed genius of Wang Clan.

“I have already caught up to Wang Yan. Lin Langtian, the distance between us is closing!”

Lin Dong slightly lifted his head as he pursed his lips. His eyes were ice-cold, like the edge of a blade, when he recalled the figure that was a cut above the rest. In the eyes of that fellow, members from the branch family were probably akin to ants.

With regards to this individual that was deemed as the Lin Clan’s most dazzling genius, he had likely forgotten how he had once severely maimed a member of the branch family. However, Lin Dong did not dare to forget about this incident. That was because, that fellow had casually destroyed his beautiful and peaceful childhood.

“There is still one year. Lin Langtian, just wait and see!” Lin Dong slightly tightened his fist, as a cold glint flashed across his eyes. At the next clan gathering, he would avenge his father!

This was a goal that he had since he was of age. Furthermore, in order to accomplish this goal, he had slogged for over ten years!

“Heh, it seems like the Devil Ape Transformation cultivated from the Dragon Ape’s essence blood is indeed formidable. It actually allowed you to match up with an initial Qi Creation stage practitioner…” Little Marten casually appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder, before it looked, somewhat astonished, at Lin Dong and chuckled.

When he heard these words, Lin Dong grinned. When the time limit of the Devil Ape Transformation was reached, his body gradually began to revert back. Therefore, at this juncture, all of the previous waves of intense pain from the intense battle before gradually began to emerge from within his body, causing him to involuntarily suck in a breath of cold air.

“Well, I can only match up against him for a while. Once the time limit for Devil Ape Transformation is reached, I will need to retreat…” Lin Dong somewhat regretfully said. After all, he was only at the initial Form Creation stage, and it was a full level away from the initial Qi Creation stage. Therefore, even with Devil Ape Transformation and Bronze Thunder Body, he could not easily bridge the gap between these two cultivation levels.

However, Lin Dong was confident that if he could advance one more step and reach the advanced Form Creation stage. At that time, he would be able to truly defeat an initial Qi Creation stage practitioner!

“If Wang Yan is still at the same level as before, if we meet, I will be able rob him once again…” Lin Dong gently smiled. Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm was truly formidable and he had taken a liking to it. It seems like these large clans truly possessed strong foundations.

“What are your plans after this?” Little Marten lazily asked.

“I want to check out the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.” Lin Dong was silent for a moment before he spoke. The Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was a relic left by an ancient sect. Therefore, the treasures contained within definitely surpassed those in the old tomb at Sky Flame mountain range. Hence, if he could obtain some treasures from there, it would undoubtedly be a major boost to his strength. Furthermore, he wanted to see if he could obtain some information regarding the Ancient Talisman inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.

“Heh, we can go to that place. However, before that, I feel that it would be better for you to upgrade your Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to a high-grade Soul Treasure.” When it heard his words, Little Marten nodded its head before it promptly said.

“High grade Soul Treasure.”

Lin Dong gently furrowed his eyebrows. He also understood that upgrading his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to a high-grade Soul Treasure would provide a major boost to his strength. The Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was not only famed throughout the Great Desolate Province. Even considering the entire Great Yan Empire, it was a treasure land that was bound to attract much attention. Compared to the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, the old tomb at the Sky Fire Mountain Range was merely an appetizer. Similarly, the elite practitioners drawn to the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet would definitely surpass those of the old tomb.

In fact, the four Great Clans would likely be tempted as well. Hence, should they intervene, fellows like Wang Yan and Lin Langtian would surely appear.

When his thoughts reached this point, a cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He clearly remembered his previous ordeal at the old tomb. Therefore, should he be given the opportunity, he would definitely deal out some payback.

Furthermore, in the face of these formidable opponents, if he did not improve himself, he would likely be devoured by them. Previously, because Lin Dong’s strength was truly lacking, the treasures that he gained were largely those that Lin Langtian and the rest could not be bothered with. Of course, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd was an exception.

Armed with the experience from his previous ordeal, this time, Lin Dong was no longer content to pick up the treasures that others could not be bothered with. Therefore, his best option was to strengthen himself.

“In order to upgrade the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, we require assistance from a Soul Symbol Master. However, right now, I am still quite a distance away from reaching that stage.” Lin Dong somewhat helplessly said.

“Head to one of the larger cities in the Great Desolate Province. There is bound to be a Soul Symbol Master there. As long as you provide them with sufficient compensation and the right ingredients, they will surely help you to upgrade.” Little Marten casually said.

When he heard those words, Lin Dong was taken aback. After he contemplated for a moment, he finally nodded his head. The Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet only opened once every three years. Hence, if he missed this opportunity, he would have to wait another three years. However, owing to the Lin Clan gathering, he did not have the luxury of time. Therefore, in order to play safe, it was best for him to quickly upgrade his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to a high class Soul Treasure.

“The Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet is situated the middle of Great Desolate Province. That area is the most crowded area of the Great Desolate Province and there are several powerful great cities there. It should not be difficult to find a Soul Symbol Master in that area. As for the ingredients that I lack, I can look for them at the various auction houses. As long as I have the money, it should not be a difficult task to collect them.” Lin Dong retrieved a map from his Qiankun bag, before he inspected it and said.

With regards to this point, Little Marten did not have any objections. Hence, it nodded its head immediately.

“Alright, in that case, let’s head out. Right now, it is almost time for the seal on that Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet to weaken. Therefore, we must finish upgrading before the seal reaches its weakest point.” Lin Dong smiled as he said.


After he spoke, Lin Dong gently patted Little Flame. The latter immediately released a loud tiger roar, before it flapped its lightning-wings, turning into a flash of lightning, as it swiftly swept across the horizon.

After it gained this pair of lightning-wings, even Lin Dong could not catch up with Little Flame’s speed. Furthermore, this speed would clearly saved him considerable time.

The entire Great Desolate Province was named after the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. From this fact alone, one could see just how famous this treasure land was.

The remnants of ancient sects. It was said that during that era, the power of a sect was able to rival that of an entire empire. Hence, a sect leader was akin to a king. The strength and power that they held, was undoubtedly several times more than sects like the Ancient Sword Sect…

Moreover, this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was a treasure left by an ancient sect. Therefore, just thinking about the various treasures contained within, would cause anyone’s heart to flutter. Under the temptations of these treasures, even in the entire Great Yan Empire, Lin Dong could not name any faction or practitioner that would choose to ignore it. Therefore, once the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet opens, every powerful practitioner in the Great Yan Empire would probably flock there and attempt to find a martial art or treasure inside the relic that would allow them to transform themselves…

To stand out amongst the countless treasure hunters, if one was not skilled, then he would surely be eaten alive.

The Great Desolate Province was extremely large and spacious. Based on Lin Dong’s estimate, even if you combined five Tiandu Provinces together, it would not match up to half of its size. The largest and most dangerous province in the Great Yan Empire truly deserved its reputation.

Lin Dong current destination was a major city located deep inside the Great Desolate Province, known as Great Puppet City. This Great Puppet City was definitely within the top five cities in the Great Desolate Province. Its size was so incredibly large that it would exceed most people’s imagination. Furthermore, the journey from that city to the Great Wasteland Ancient Tablet would only take two days and this was considered a fairly short distance. Of course, the most important fact was that Lin Dong had received news that in the following few days, there would be a massive auction occurring in Great Puppet City. That was his main goal.

It was no mean feat to upgrade his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to a high class Soul Treasure. In order to do so, he required several rare and expensive ingredients. Furthermore, these types of ingredients could only obtained from these large scale auctions.

Moreover, Lin Dong had stolen a Thousand Beast Fruit from the Ancient Dragon Ape. If he were to consume and refine it, it would likely provide a major boost to his strength. However, this Thousand Beast Fruit contained the essence blood from various Demonic Beast, hence the savageness within it had reached a terrifying stage. Therefore, if Lin Dong wanted to successfully refine it, he would require some Elixirs that could temper the savageness. Else, he could only stare blankly at it.

Hence, the main reason why he chose to go to Great Puppet City, was due to the auction.

Great Puppet City was located quite a distance away from the Ancient Wastelands. Even with Little Flame, it took nearly seven days of non-stop flying before they gradually entered into the deeper regions of the Great Desolate Province. After another day of travelling, the massive infrastructure on the plains, that was akin to an ancient beast, finally faintly appeared before Lin Dongs eyes.

Seated on Little Flame’s back, Lin Dong stared at that contour of that massive city, that was several dozen times the size of Yan City, as awe filled his eyes. Compared to this city, Yan City, which he previously thought was pretty decent, now seemed rather rural and poor…

This was, Great Puppet City!

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