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Chapter 240: Physical Battle

Atop the hill, the Ancient Sword Sect elder known as Gu Yan wore a dark expression. Traces of malevolence in his eyes as he stared at Lin Dong, while waves of exceptionally powerful Yuan Power undulations spread out from his body like a tide, causing ripples in the surrounding Yuan Power of heaven and earth.

“Daring to challenge the Qi Creation stage at the Form Creation stage, kid, even if you die at this old man’s hands today, you will still be considered to have some guts!” Gu Yan’s hands were curled like an eagle’s claws. A tiny light flickered at his fingertips, as if they were as sharp as blades.

The scattered Ancient Sword Sect disciples looked towards Lin Dong with astonished and pitying gazes. From their point of view, although Lin Dong was able to reach the Form Creation stage at such an age, and could already be considered a talent, it did not mean that he had the qualifications to challenge a powerful practitioner like Gu Yan.

In their eyes, Lin Dong’s talent was not bad, however, due to his arrogance, a talent like him would die prematurely.

Lin Dong seemed not to notice these gazes. His expression was calm and was not disturbed in the slightest by the powerful aura emitting from within Gu Yan’s body.

If he met someone with this level of strength before he learnt the Devil Ape Transformation, perhaps, he could only make a strategic withdrawal. Yet, with his current total battle power, even in the face of an initial Qi Creation stage practitioner, he had the power to fight!

Moreover, the current him also wanted to try how far he could go against such a practitioner!

An intense battle lust gushed forth in Lin Dong’s eyes, as his massive hands slowly clenched. Abundant power, that would cause one’s heart to surge, gathered at the center of his palm. This kind of power was truly enchanting.

His hand grasp, as the sinister-looking Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd appeared, giving off an oppressive aura. Golden light faintly flickered on the ancient halberd, as an aura that was not as powerful as Gu Yan’s, but was still exceptionally tough spread out from it, crashing against the former like the huge sea, yet he was akin to statue and did not budge a single inch!

“A rather decent Soul Treasure. After you die, this old man will help you keep it!”

Gazing at the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in Lin Dong’s hands, Gu Yan’s eyes flashed. Evidently, he had somewhat sensed the fearsomeness of this item, as he sneered and said.


Just as Gu Yan spoke, a sneer suddenly emerged on Lin Dong’s face. Without further ado, he took two steps forwards, before he lightning-quick thrust the ancient halberd in his hands towards Gu Yan. The air surrounding the halberd took shape near the tip, transforming into an ellipsoid.


When he saw that Lin Dong actually dared to seize the initiative and attack, Gu Yan coldly snorted. One of his hands curled and reached out, as thick Yuan Power swiftly gathered, before transforming into two giant Yuan Power eagles, which firmly wrapped themselves around his hands. A claw swept forth, like an eagle claw. It was extremely precise and vicious.

“Ding ding!”

Gu Yan’s formidable claw attack directly slammed against the ancient halberd. Evidently, he had also trained his body, as there was a light golden glow on his skin. Furthermore, his claw attack was not only vicious, but it was extremely heavy as well. When it slammed against the ancient halberd, it caused several sparks to erupt.

The powerful force on his ancient halberd caused Lin Dong’s pupils to shrink. Evidently, he had never expected that Gu Yan’s body was actually this strong as well. If Lin Dong had not enhanced his body by executing the Devil Ape Transformation, after this short exchange, the ancient halberd in his hands would have likely been forcefully taken away.

Halberd and claw manically exchanged blows. The two of them were evidently fighting based on their physical strength, as shockwaves continuously emerged and tore up the ground.


Gu Yan viciously unleashed his claw attack, while the surging strength behind his fist directly blew Lin Dong back several steps. He coldly snorted: “Kid, just now, I was merely careless. If you want to accomplish the same result, it will no longer be so easy!”

“Haha, we will see!”

A blade shadow flashed below Lin Dong’s feet, before it directly hovered in mid-air. With a hearty laugh, he directly kept the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, before a golden glow violently gushed out from his palm, transforming into a resplendent golden platform, that seemed to be forged from real gold.

After the golden platform took shape, this time, Lin Dong did not directly manipulate it. Instead, his figure flashed, before he appeared below that golden platform. As he extended his enlarged palms, he directly used his formidable physical strength to lift up that golden platform, that was as heavy as a mountain.

“Eat my attack!”

Veins were popping out on Lin Dong’s arm, while the battle intent in his eyes grew increasingly heated. Promptly, he directly lifted up that golden platform, before he dashed forth. Then, under the astonished glance of the surrounding Ancient Sword Sect’s disciplines, he viciously smashed it towards Gu Yan.

“Brilliant brat!”

When he sensed the incoming wind pressure, that nearly caused his eardrums to explode, Gu Yan’s facial expression slightly changed. Promptly, rich Yuan Power violently gushed out from his hands, as he stretched them forward, while his Yuan Power directly turned into two giant beast claws on his arms. Then, he viciously attacked the incoming golden platform.


Golden platform and giant beast fists viciously collided, as the soil in the surrounding ten meter radius were directly uprooted by the resulting vicious wind.

As soil filled the sky, several Ancient Sword Sect’s disciples were shocked as they saw Gu Yan being forced to retreat several steps. Furthermore, each time he retreated, he would leave behind a knee-deep footprint!


Of course, while Gu Yan was being forced back, Lin Dong similarly took a few steps back while he carried the golden platform. Promptly, he smiled cheekily before his figure dashed forth just like a cannonball. With both of his hands holding carrying that golden platform, using it like a sledgehammer, he manically hammered at Gu Yan.

This was no brilliant technique, only an extremely violent physical strength. With the golden platform and his terrifying strength, Lin Dong was confident that even if he faced a mountain, he could smash it into bits!

A glint flashed across his eyes as Gu Yan’s face turned grim. After all, he felt slightly embarrassed that he had been reduced to such a sorry state in front of so many Ancient Sword Sect disciplines.


With a grim face, Gu Yan’s body suddenly jerked violently, as a golden glow emerged from beneath his skin. At that instance, his entire body seemed to shine resplendently. It seems like this fellow had also cultivated in a body enhancing martial arts that was similar to the Great Sun Thunder Body.

“Clang clang!”

With his body wrapped in golden light, Gu Yan once again raised his fist, before his punches, which were hard as steel, solidly slammed against the golden platform. Immediately, a deafening clanking sound emerged in the surrounding area. At the same time, a terrifying shock wave also spread out.

The surrounding Ancient Sword Sect’s disciples stared at this purely physical battle between Lin Dong’s golden platform and Gu Yan’s golden fist, before their faces began to twitch. Their battle was not fancy at all, however it caused one’s heart to turn cold. Thankfully, both of them had cultivated their physical bodies. Else, the sensation that they were experiencing now would surely be terrible.

“Haha, wonderful, wonderful!”

A golden light flowed, as Lin Dong heartily laughed. On his body, were several purplish green bruises that were caused by Gu Yan. Thankfully, he had executed Devil Ape Transformation, else these would not be wounds but rather skull-sized wounds.

Even though Lin Dong’s body was injured, that Gu Yan was not very well off either. His hair was disheveled, and there were even some traces of blood flowing down from his head. These were just caused by Lin Dong’s vicious golden platform attack…

“Bronze Thunder Body!”

Lin Dong’s breathing was somewhat ragged. With a flick of his mind, the skin of his body rapidly turned bronze-green. Promptly, he felt his physical strength began to surge again. Immediately, he smirked at Gu Yan, before the golden platform in his hands was ferociously flung towards the latter with a loud bang.


The golden platform contained a terrifying force as it viciously slammed into Gu Yan’s body. The formidable power directly caused the latter’s body to be blown away like a cannonball, his body breaking through dozens of large trees along the way…

“I shall smash you to death!”

As his strength surged, Lin Dong’s eyes turned increasingly heated. He viciously stomped against the ground, causing a giant crater emerged, before his body immediately flew forward. The golden platform in his hand, was just like a windmill as it swirled maniacally. Finally, with a loud bang, it ripped through the air and transformed into a golden glowing ball, before it slammed towards Gu Yan below with an extremely devastating force.

“Mountain Subduing Golden Fist!”

As he faced this extremely terrifying attack from Lin Dong, even Gu Yan’s facial expression turned extremely solemn. A resplendent golden glow exploded from his fist, before it directly turned into a several meters wide golden fist. As it howled forth, it viciously slammed against the golden platform.


Extremely blinding golden light exploded in the sky, while a formidable air shockwave erupted, and directly blew Lin Dong and Gu Yan away, causing them to hideously slam against the mountain wall. Instantly, due to that forceful impact, cracks began to emerge on the mountain wall behind them.

When the golden light gradually dimmed down, the Ancient Sword Sect disciples stared at those acres of forest that had been levelled by the two, as they involuntarily swallowed their spit. When they turned to look at Lin Dong, it was almost as if they had seen a ghost. This was the first time that they had witnessed such a formidable destructive force stemming from a Form Creation stage practitioner…

“Heh heh.”

Lin Dong slid off the mountain wall before he crushed a giant boulder below. Promptly, he picked himself up, as he wiped off the blood trail on his lips. Stared at the hideous Gu Yan, who was also slowly picking himself up, Lin Dong involuntarily releasing a weird laugh.

“Hey old fart, we had a good fight. I shall take my leave first. Next time, if we meet each other again, pray that you won’t end up a dead dog!”

Lin Dong chuckled, before his body dashed away in retreat. He had already accomplished what he set out to do and proved that he was able to battle against an initial Qi Creation stage practitioner. However, just as Gu Yan said, there was a time limit to Devil Ape Transformation. Therefore, if he was unable to finish off his opponent before time ran out, he would have to retreat.

Very evidently, even though Lin Dong was able to battle against a Qi Creation stage elite practitioner, he did not possess the power to kill his opponent.

“Stop him!”

When he saw that Lin Dong was planning to leave, Gu Yan also knew that the latter’s body enhancing martial arts was about to run out of time. Promptly, he furiously shouted out.

When they heard his roar, the Ancient Sword Sect’s disciples hurriedly rushed forth. However, before they had time to surround him, lightning suddenly emerged from the mountain cave, supporting Lin Dong, as it flapped its lightning wings, quickly escaping from the encirclement at a lightning-quick pace, and flying off into the horizon…

“Useless rubbish!”

When he saw that those useless fellow did not even manage to halt him for a second, the hideous-looking Gu Yan was instantly enraged. Immediately, his furious roars began to spread out in the woods.

“Little bastard, the next time that I meet you, I shall skin you alive!”

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