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WDQK Chapter 24: Complete Victory

The sudden voice caused the training chamber to lapse into silence and one by one, astonished gazes turned to rest upon Lin Dong.

“Dong-er, what are you doing?”

Lin Xiao hastily asked, also shocked by Lin Dong’s actions. Though Lin Dong’s performance today had exceeded his expectations by far, when all is said and done, his son still had a while to go before reaching Lin Hong’s level. Armed with only Tempered Body 6th Layer and nine echo Penetrating Punch, it was not possible for Lin Dong to beat the Lin Hong who had already reached Tempered Body 7th Layer!

“Lin Dong-ge, don’t go!”

Quickly regaining her wits, anxiety replaced the shock on Qing Tan’s tiny face. She knew that Lin Dong’s sudden actions were likely all for her sake.

“Don’t worry father, I only want to exchange some pointers with Lin Hong-biao-ge. Even if I lose, you will not lose face……” Lin Dong grinned as he said.

These words knocked Lin Xiao out of his daze. He hesitated for a while before grudgingly nodding his head, cautioning his son: “Be careful.”

Lin Dong nodded in reply. He patted Qing Tan’s tiny head before turning to walk into the arena under the numerous gazes of the crowd. As he was turning, a sneer flitted across his eyes. If Lin Hong had just been satisfied with obtaining first place, the Lin Dong would not even bother to excessively expose his strength. It’s a pity that even with first place, Lin Hong was still greedy for the only thing he would never have! Really, give someone an inch and he’ll want a mile…

“Since things have played out this way, don’t blame me for thrashing you till you lose the face to mention the engagement ever again……”

Lin Dong’s footsteps stopped at the perimeter of the stone platform as he turned to look at Lin Zhentian, smiling as he inquired: “Grandfather, would it be alright for me to issue a challenge?”

Regaining his wits, Lin Zhentian inspected Lin Dong with an astonished look. Even after Lin Hong’s strength had been clearly displayed to Lin Dong, he still dared to issue a challenge. Either Lin Dong was asking for trouble or he had some kind of assurance in himself.

“Looks like he seems to have found some weak point……”

Suddenly, a faint sense of anticipation appeared in the depths of Lin Zhentian’s eyes. In the same competition many years before, Lin Xiao had also distinguished himself in a similar way, causing Lin Zhentian to finally find hope in returning to the clan……but no one knew if Lin Dong was able to be like the Lin Xiao from the past and once again give this old man the greatest surprise.

“Normal rules, request for challenge accepted.”

Seeing Lin Zhentian’s approval, Lin Dong finally smiled.

“You brat, to think that you would come knocking on trouble’s door. Even I had a hard time dealing with the current Lin Hong.” Lin Xia’s angry voice sounded out as she stomped towards Lin Dong.

“Now is not the time to show off and act brave.”

Lin Xia was unhappy that she had failed to meet her own expectations and Lin Dong could only chuckle in response. Without a word, his figure leaped up onto the stone platform where Lin Hong was already standing, arms crossed and staring at Lin Dong while sneering.

“Lin Dong, looks like your self confidence has swelled after reaching the top three?” With a forced smile on his face, Lin Hong looked at Lin Dong who now stood before him

“Thus I would like to invite Lin Hong-biao-ge to help me sober up.” Acting as if he did not hear the mockery in Lin Hong’s words, Lin Dong replied with a smile.

“It’s my duty.” Lin Hong lazily said.

“1st uncle, can we start?” After one last glance towards Lin Hong, Lin Dong turned to ask Lin Ken who was at the bottom of the platform.

“You……” Lin Ken opened his mouth as if he had something to say before finally sighing in helplessness. He waved a hand: “Begin.”

As Lin Ken’s voice faded, Lin Hong’s originally lazy expression turned ice-cold. A weak glow bathed his body. He was clearly not going to pull any punches……

“Lin Dong, I will now show you how huge of a gap there is between us!”

Yuan Power rolled about in his channels as ripples of power spread across Lin Hong’s body. He sneered at Lin Dong before quickly taking two steps forward and appearing before the latter. A cold force on the palm that was heavily thrusting towards Lin Dong.

In the face of Lin Hong’s extremely powerful blow, to everyone’s horror, Lin Dong did not show even the slightest signs of dodging. At this sight, many in the crowd secretly shook their heads, looks like the winner of this match would be decided very soon……

“Heh heh, to actually initiate a challenge, he is only finding trouble for himself.”

In the training chamber, Lin Shan smiled, delighted at this turn of events. By his side, Lin Mang was also grinning as he leisurely leaned against the back of his seat and sipped on the tea in his cup.


Just as the blow was about to make contact with Lin Dong’s chest, Lin Dong finally made his move. He extended his right palm and thrust at Lin Hong’s palm.

To everyone’s surprise, this collision did not end in Lin Hong’s victory. Rather, like an iron tower, Lin Dong’s body unexpectedly endured the blow without budging an inch. It was as if Lin Hong’s blow was completely unable to affect Lin Dong’s in the slightest.

“How can this be?”

This unimaginable scene caused many in the crowd to be flabberghasted. How could the power of Lin Hong’s Tempered Body 7th Layer be unable to force back Lin Dong’s Tempered Body 6th Layer?

Even Lin Hong’s complexion changed at that moment. From what he could feel, Lin Dong’s palm was akin to a thick wall that he could not break through.

And at this instance, he finally felt a sense of unease.

“You are not the only one who is at Tempered Body 7th Layer!”

Lin Dong stared at Lin Hong who was wearing a completely different expression from before, making sure to pronounce each word clearly. As Lin Dong spat out each word, a weak glow emerged from his body; this was due to the undulating Yuan Power! And, this kind of undulation was much stronger than Lin Hong’s!

The 7th Layer of Tempered Body!


Gazing at the Yuan Power that flickered on Lin Dong’s body, gasps suddenly sounded out in the training chambers. As it turns out, Lin Dong’s true strength was not at the 6th Layer but the 7th Layer!

No wonder he dared to challenge Lin Hong!

“This repulsive brat……”

Lin Xiao foolishly gazed at the figure on the stone platform, the expression on his face slowly changing to an extremely excited one. He had yet to digest the amazement Lin Dong had forcefully fed him from before and now, his son had given him yet another heavy blow……

Below the stage, Lin Xia’s jade-like hands also subconsciously moved to cover her tiny mouth, her eyes colored with astonishment.

“7th Layer? So what!”

Lin Hong’s constantly changing complexion eventually formed into a sneer. With a shake of his arms, both palms abruptly extended, following which a fierce gale shot forward like a knife, ready to shred a person to pieces.

“Eight Desolations Palm?”

Lin Dong laughed in response to Lin Hong’s incoming palm attack. He brandished his own palms and from a tricky angle, Lin Dong bypassed Lin Hong’s thrust, quickly slapping down on the latter’s arm. Just as this casual looking tap made contact, the power of Lin Hong’s ferocious Eight Desolations Palm was suddenly scattered, causing it to weaken.

“That’s not the way to use Eight Desolations Palm!”

Having scattered Lin Hong’s palm thrust, a small smile danced on Lin Dong’s lips. The latter suddenly stretched both palms forward as they cut through the air like a knife through hot butter. Compared to Lin Hong, the force behind was much stronger and ferocious.

“You actually know Eight Desolations Palm too?!”

Lin Hong cried out involuntarily at the familiarity of Lin Dong’s palm technique. Just as his voice faded, he became aware of some subtle differences, the might of Lin Dong’s Eight Desolations Palm was much more tyrannical than the one he had displayed previously.

“How is this possible?!”

This discovery caused Lin Hong’s complexion to turn somewhat pale. He had practised Eight Desolations Palm for half a year, how could there be such a disparity from Lin Dong’s?

“I refuse to believe it!”

With a face as white as sheet, a wild fury flashed in Lin Hong’s eyes. He once again executed Eight Desolations Palm, but this time, to the best of his abilities. The Yuan Power in his body madly gushed out of his palm as he hacked at Lin Dong in anger!

The palm hummed with raw energy, causing the crowd to be emotionally moved.

Faced with Lin Hong’s final desperate counter-attack, Lin Dong maintained his calm as his palm strike suddenly evolved to incorporate a slight trace of gentleness before meeting Lin Hong’s blow in mid-air.

In the moment they contacted, Lin Dong’s arm strangely jolted as an exceedingly violent strength rushed forth like a tsunami.


The crowd watched as Lin Hong’s body was unexpectedly blown away like a kite which had been cut loose and with a final stagger, Lin Hong’s sorry figure tumbled off the stone platform……

An absolute silence dominated the training chambers, no one could have imagined that the originally first placed Lin Hong had been so cleanly dispatched by Lin Dong’s hands……


Lin Zhentian gazed blankly at the youngster on the stone platform. A split second later, he slowly sat down, mumbling to himself as an uncontrollable ecstasy and emotion sprang up in his eyes.

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