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Chapter 239: Successful Refining

Inside the mountain cave, Lin Dong suddenly opened his eyes, as an immense delight filled his eyes.

“Have you succeeded?” Little Marten, which had been waiting outside, was slightly taken aback when it saw his appearance, as it somewhat asked disbelievingly.

“Seems like I have managed to cleanse all the savage aura contained within…” Lin Dong humbly scratched his head. It seems like this refining process was not as difficult as he imagined.

“It is probably due to the Great Sun Thunder Yuan…” Little Marten sunk into a deep thought, before it spoke moments later. It had never expected that the lightning power contained within the Great Sun Thunder Yuan, actually had such a potent restraining effect on these type of negative emotions. Based on its original estimate, it would take several days in order for Lin Dong to get rid of the savage emotions contained within the Dragon Ape’s essence blood. However, right now, he had shortened the duration by almost ten times.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Previously, when he was refining the essence blood, he clearly sensed that Great Sun Thunder Yuan had a potent restraining effect on these type of negative emotions. If it were not for this effect, it would probably not be so easy for him to accomplish this step.

“Now that the Dragon Ape’s essence blood has been refined, we can proceed with the next phase, blood absorption….”

This so-called blood absorption,was the final step to cultivating Demonic Ape Transformation, and it aims to let one’s blood fuse with the Dragon Ape’s essence blood and form a bond. After that, one will be able to utilize the power from Dragon Ape’s essence blood, and strengthen one’s body tremendously from within!

When he thought of this point, Lin Dong smiled before he once again closed his eyes. Right now, on top of his Dan Tian and above his Yuan Dan, there was a blob of glowing fresh blood hovering above. As it slowly squirmed, it seemed like it was sentient.

Right now, this blob of Dragon Ape’s essence blood no longer resisted Lin Dong’s commands. Hence, with a flick of his mind, that Dragon Ape’s essence blood immediately floated out of his Dan Tian and turned into countless blood threads, before they flew toward every blood vessel in Lin Dong’s body.

“Buzz buzz!”

That Dragon Ape’s essence blood covered his blood vessels, before they slowly permeated through. Immediately, they began to mix with the fresh blood contained within.

“Gush gush!”

The instance these two blood streams interacted, Lin Dong clearly felt like his whole body had been injected with a large amount of testosterone, as it suddenly became extremely muscular. Beneath his skin, a formidable strength, that even he would find fearsome, was just like a dragon as it frantically rumbled around and tried to pierce through his body and demonstrate its terrifying destructive prowess.

At the same time, traces of a blood-like redness gushed up into Lin Dong’s eyes. However, unlike Luo Jiu, Lin Dong did not lose his mind when he executed Demonic Ape Transformation. Instead, a calm expression was contained within his blood-red eyes.

Lin Dong’s body suddenly stood up. Beneath his skin, streams of a dark glow emerged from below. From a distance, he seemed like a jagged shura that crawled out of hell, filled with an extremely savage power.

“Such a terrifying strength…”

As he sensed that enormous maniacal energy coursing through his body, a bright smile emerged on Lin Dong’s face. He could clearly feel that right now, just using his physical body alone, he could match up to a initial Form Creation stage expert. Furthermore, if he used his Yuan Power and Thunder Bronze Body, even if he faced an elite Qi Creation stage practitioner, he had every confidence that he could fight against him!


Lin Dong’s body turned as his foot jutted out. Promptly, a giant boulder behind him exploded into dust. Then, he proceeded to execute a set of fist moves. Immediately, the air inside the mountain cave began to explode, as countless air cannons formed due to Lin Dong’s punches and began to explode on the surrounding mountain cave walls, causing giant craters to emerge.


Lin Dong threw a punch, before the giant boulder blocking the mountain cave immediately exploded just like a piece of tofu. Then, his figure flashed before he dashed out of the mountain cave and allowed the sun’s rays to pour down on his body. Then, when he was satisfied, he finally released a loud roar towards the heavens. His voice was just like waves of sonic booms, as they caused cracks to emerge on the surroundings boulders.

As a small mountain col near Lin Dong’s cave, there were several figures hidden there. One of them seemed fairly familiar. On closer inspection, one realizes that he was actually the elder with grey hair, who had snatched away a Thousand Beast Fruit from Lin Dong.

Right now, this Ancient Sword Sect elder’s face was extremely dark. Originally, he was not allowed to leave the sect premises. However, since their sect was truly short-handed, in the end, the Ancient Sword Sect leader had no choice but to send him into the wastelands again and inspect that Ancient Dragon Beast’s every move, in order to prevent another attack from that beast.

That elder with grey hair was seated on a boulder. His dark facial expression caused most Ancient Sword Sect’s disciples to keep their distance away from him. After all, they had just previously witnessed one disciple, who was sent flying with a single slap from him. Hence, they knew that it would be an extremely foolish move to disturb him right now.


That elder with grey hair sat quietly. Suddenly, his facial expression changed, as he heard a faint roar. However, what intrigued him was that this voice sounded vaguely familiar.

“All of you stay here and monitor the Ancient Dragon Ape!”

A glint flashed across his eyes, as that elder with grey hair sternly commanded. Then, his body turned into a grey flash before he dashed off and left behind his Ancient Sword Sect disciplines.

That elder with grey hair, lightning-quick travelled through the forest. In merely half a minute time, he finally saw that figure who was roaring towards the heavens.

When he first saw that figure, that elder with grey hair froze. Then, all the pent-up anger in his heart immediately erupted forth just like dynamite!

“It’s actually you, this bastard!”

A furious roar suddenly erupted in this area. This sudden enraged roar caused Lin Dong to be slightly taken aback. Turning his head, he then saw that elder with grey hair, who was filled with a menacing killing aura. Immediately, his eyes began to twinkle. Evidently, he had not expected that he would once again meet this old fellow.

Just as Lin Dong was thinking, that elder with grey hair, filled with a menacing killing aura had already approached Lin Dong. His eyes were slightly blood red as he stared at Lin Dong. Based on the hatred contained within his eyes, it seems like he was itching to skin the latter alive.

If it were not for Lin Dong, he would not have brought the Thousand Beast Fruit back. Then, he would not have brought such a catastrophe to his Ancient Sword Sect and he would definitely not be scolded so terribly by his Sect leader…

Hence, the perpetrator of all these events was this bastard standing in front of him!

“Little Bastard, it took me a while to find you. If I do not rip you to shreds today, then I am not fit to be an Ancient Sword Sect elder!” That elder with grey hair angrily shouted.

Lin Dong casually cast him a glance, before his eyes swept across his surroundings. A initial Qi Creation stage… Right now, he did not need to fear him unlike before…

“Little Bastard, you shall die for me!”

When that elder with grey hair saw Lin Dong’s expression, he was instantly overwhelmed by rage. With a hideous expression in his eyes, his figure flashed before a vicious claw attack immediately ripped towards Lin Dong’s head.


When he saw that this old fellow immediately attacked after he spoke, Lin Dong involuntarily snorted. Without any intention to retreat, Lin Dong instead took a step forward. Then, a black and golden glow flashed on his now enlarged palm, before he lightly quick slammed against that elder’s vicious claw attack.


When claw and fist collided, an exceedingly formidable shock wind erupted forth, as all the rocks and boulders within a surrounding ten meter radius was immediately erupted into dust by that shock wind.

Even though there was a large gap between their cultivation levels, the final outcome took most people by surprise. As he faced a formidable attack from an initial Qi Creation stage expert, Lin Dong did not retreat at at all. Instead, the terrifying force that gushed forth from his fist caused that elder with grey hair to be blown back by half a step!

“How is that possible?!”

Even though he stabilized himself after taking half a step, waves undoubtedly emerged inside that elder’s heart. He never expected that an initial Form Creation stage kid was actually able to blow back a Qi Creation stage practitioner like himself!


In contrast to the shock experienced by that elder, Lin Dong involuntarily released a hearty laugh. The former’s claw attack was truly extremely formidable. If it were not for the fact that he had executed Demonic Ape Transformation and strengthened his physical body tremendously, his palm was have likely been disabled. However, right now, he only incurred five tiny blood wounds!

“Old bastard, if you want to kill me, I am afraid that you lack the qualifications!”

Lin Dong laughed heartily. Right now, even when he faced a Qi Creation stage expert, he had no reason to fear anymore. The strength that he gained from his Demonic Ape Transformation, that was based on Dragon Ape’s essence blood, was sufficient for him to bridge the enormous gap between Form and Qi Creation stage!

“Ancient Ruo Elder!”

Behind that elder with grey hair, several dozen figures flashed forth. They were Ancient Sword Sect disciples that have been attracted by the commotion. However, their strength poses little threat to Lin Dong.

That elder’s facial expression was dark and he did not bother to look at his reinforcement. As he stared at Lin Dong, waves containing an exceedingly powerful Yuan Power vibrations slowly emerged from within his body.

“Little bastard, this is nothing to be proud of. There is bound to be a time limit to these type of body enhancing martial arts. Once your time runs out, this old man shall slaughter you easily!” That grey hair elder cautiously said. Contained within his voice was a thick killing intent.

“All of you surround this area, make sure this little bastard does not escape. Today, I will rip him apart with my bare hands!”

That elder with grey hair’s facial expression was extremely hideous. Evidently, he hated Lin Dong to his bones. Now that he had finally ran into him, he would not allow the latter to leave easily.


When they heard that elder with grey hair’s command, the Ancient Sword Sect disciples hurriedly responded before they swiftly spread out and surrounded this area.

As he stared at this elder with grey hair, whose body was now releasing a Yuan Power vibrations that far exceeds any Form Creation stage practitioner, Lin Dong licked his lips. There was not a single trace of fear on his face, rather a maniacal battle intent emerged.

At that time, Lin Langtian should be at Qi Creation stage. However, this stage, that previously seemed insurmountable to Lin Dong, now no longer seemed so invincible…

Today, he shall find out just how powerful a Qi Creation stage expert is!

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