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Chapter 238: Refining the Dragon Ape Essence Blood

Lin Dong’s figure was like a spectre in the darkness, quick as lightning as it swept through the forest. The current him had already increased his speed to the limit, because he could hear the furious roars from the Ancient Dragon Ape behind him.

The Ancient Dragon Ape’s rage this time was clearly not weaker than before. Having some essence blood taken from it while it was in recovery mode was practically an extraordinary shame and humiliation for it. Even losing the Thousand Beast Fruit had not caused it to become so crazy.

The continuous blows he had suffered today also caused the Ancient Dragon Ape to explode like an erupting volcano. Large areas of primitive forests were flattened, bringing great misfortune to the many Demonic Beasts within. No matter your strength, when the Ancient Dragon Ape’s foot stamped down, you would be blown away like artillery in an instant, and whether you lived or died in the end would be a mystery.

The terrifying sounds of destructions behind him also caused Lin Dong’s heart to grow goose pimples, as his fleeing speed grew increasingly faster. After escaping in such a state for about ten minutes, his figure finally tunneled into a mountain as he had planned before. At the middle portion of that mountain were several beast caves, which were the best place to hide.

Lin Dong’s figure dashed into a beast cave, before immediately moving a huge rock to block the cave entrance. Feeling the still trembling mountain, horror flashed across his eyes. To think that this bastard was so ferocious, now that it had gone crazy again, he wondered how many Demonic Beasts and humans would be out of luck…

As he retrieved some Night Light Pearls from his Qiankun bag, soft light spread out in the dark mountain cave. Only then did Lin Dong sigh in relief as if a burden had been lifted off his shoulders, as he fell to the ground on his butt, before putting down Little Flame to one side.

For the sake of obtaining this essence blood, he had expanded a lot of effort. Fortunately, he had obtained it in the end.

“I should really thank that Ancient Sword Sect…”

Lin Dong chuckled. Without the Ancient Sword Sect, the Ancient Dragon Ape would not be injured, and without any injuries, even with the efforts of Little Marten and him, they would likely be unable to successfully obtain the essence blood.

“Let me first adjust my current state.”

While hidden in the mountain cave, Lin Dong did not immediately use the essence blood. Although it was very unlikely for them to be sensed by the Ancient Dragon Ape with Little Marten around, there was nothing wrong to be a little more cautious. Now that the Ancient Dragon Ape had practically gone crazy, once it picked up even the slightest disturbance, it would frantically rush over with the intent to kill.

Hence, it would be better for them to first silently wait for that huge fellow to vent its anger before starting to use the essence blood.

With this decision, Lin Dong was neither anxious nor relaxed, as he slowly closed his eyes and quietly fine-tuned the state of his body.

While Lin Dong was silently resting, the wastelands outside was once again turned upside down by the raging Ancient Dragon Ape, and quite a few places were reduced to a complete mess. Many people were speechless by the Ancient Dragon Ape, which had gone crazy twice today. After being peaceful for so many years, why did this brute suddenly become so irritable…

No matter how bewildered they were, perhaps they would never expect that in a single day, not only had an extremely daring guy stolen the Ancient Dragon Ape’s Thousand Beast Fruit, he had also taken some of the essence blood in its body while it was in a recovery state.

The Ancient Dragon Ape was the undisputed overlord of this wastelands. Even a faction as strong as the Ancient Sword Sect was turned into a scattered mess by it in the end. If it was not for the might of their great formation, their sect mountain would have been destroyed. Who would dare to have designs on such a frightening existence?

Of course, Lin Dong dared…however, only a man, a marten and a tiger knew about this matter…

The disturbance in the wastelands lasted for an entire night, and the Ancient Dragon Ape had struck down god knows how many unfortunate Demonic Beasts. Yet, what made it increasingly furious was that it was actually unable to sense even the slightest bit of undulations after that thief stole its essence blood. The wastelands was extremely vast, and even if it was the overlord here, it was too difficult for it comb it bit by bit. Thus, after going crazy and venting its anger for one night, the Ancient Dragon Ape could only very unwillingly stomp back to its mountain valley under numerous horrified Demonic Beast gazes.

Only then did this affair come to an end.

When the Ancient Dragon Ape finally retired, within the mountain cave, Lin Dong slowly opened his eyes, as a smile formed from the corners of his mouth.

“Little Marten, we should be able to start trying to practise the Devil Ape Transformation right?” Lin Dong stretched his body as he smiled and asked.

Little Marten appeared before Lin Dong and nodded its head. Its mouth opened, as a line of blood swept out, before transforming into a ball of extremely dark red blood. The ball squirmed in front of Lin Dong, as it faintly emitted an extremely savage aura.

“Brat, the Ancient Dragon Ape’s essence blood is extremely savage, and the Devil Ape Transformation using it is incomparable to Luo Jiu’s, who had only absorbed an ordinary strong ape. If you are able to successfully refine it, and activate the Devil Ape Transformation, its power would naturally be extremely overwhelming. However, if you fail in refining it, it is very likely that your mind will be corroded by that savageness, leaving behind some very serious repercussions.” Little Marten’s eyes were solemn, as it looked towards Lin Dong and explained.

Upon seeing Little Marten’s rare serious look, Lin Dong nodded his head in response. Soon after, he softly chuckled as he said: “Don’t worry, I know…”

When he decided to steal the Ancient Dragon Ape’s essence blood, he had already made his resolution, and there was no point in thinking about it any more today. It was not easy to finally obtain the essence blood, how could he so easily give up. Although this essence blood was savage, it was after all a foreign matter, as long as he guarded his mind, he would naturally not be corroded by it!

After seeing that Lin Dong did not back down, Little Marten nodded its head and said: “If you are ready, allow it to enter your body and refine it…”


Lin Dong deeply breathed in, his eyes tightly fixed on the seemingly life-like and slowly squirming Dragon Ape essence blood before him. Moments later, he fiercely clenched his teeth, before opening his mouth and directly sucking in the Dragon Ape essence blood.


The essence blood practically entered his body in an instant, as a berserk and savage mood spread out from Lin Dong’s heart, while his eyes turned blood red in a flash.

“Such a frightening essence blood!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were blood red, be he clearly still possess his rationality. He tightly clenched his teeth as a sentence slipped out from between his teeth. Soon after, with a flick of his mind, waves of golden and dazzling Great Sun Thunder Yuan gushed out from the Yuan Dan inside his Dantian, before pouring like a tide towards the Dragon Ape essence blood and wrapping around it.


The Great Sun Thunder Yuan whizzed forward like a tidal wave, washing away at the Dragon Ape essence blood, with the intent of cleansing away the savageness within.

“Ch ch!”

When the Great Sun Thunder Yuan and Dragon Ape essence blood made contact, waves of white mist erupted. Yuan Power was directly evaporated in a split second, yet the savageness within the Dragon Ape essence blood still did not weaken in the slightest.

“It is indeed very tough to deal with.” Upon seeing how stubborn the savageness within the essence blood was, Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed. Soon after, he urged wave after wave of Great Sun Thunder Yuan, to continuously ram into the Dragon Ape essence blood.

Every time the Yuan Power touched the Dragon Ape essence blood, it was as if snow had encountered lava and was swiftly melted. Fortunately, there was ample support, as wave after wave crashed down in a seemingly endless manner.

Faced with the frantic refining of the Great Sun Thunder Yuan, some disturbances finally appeared in the Dragon Ape essence blood. The traces of savage aura contained within it quietly weakened as wave after wave of Great Sun Thunder Yuan dissipated. Though the rate at which this happened was very slow, at least it allowed Lin Dong to see some hope.

However, while Lin Dong was happy over this, he did not discover that the savageness that had been cleansed from the Dragon Ape essence blood had slowly spread out in his body. At a certain moment, when a twitchy feeling gradually rose up in his heart, did he suddenly realise that the savageness was actually corroding his mind.

“As expected of the Dragon Ape essence blood!” When he sensed this situation, Lin Dong’s expression slightly changed, however, he did not panic. As long as his mind was like a boulder, the corrosion of an external force would be useless.

Lin Dong’s mind spun, as the four Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan Palace emitted a strange light, which spread out inside Lin Dong’s body.

That light was made from Lin Dong’s consciousness, and with the Destiny Soul Symbol’s protection, no foreign matter would be able to shake his core!

“No matter how tyrannical the Dragon Ape essence blood is, it is now masterless. Let me see how long you can endure!”

Protecting his core, Lin Dong’s mind flicked, as more waves of Great Sun Thunder Yuan gushed out from the Yuan Dan inside his Dantian. This time, there seemed to be tiny sparks at the edges of the golden Yuan Power.

“Ch ch!”

Golden Yuan Power suffused with sparks once again charged into the Dragon Ape essence blood. This time, some changed that caused Lin Dong to be rather astonished appeared. In the face of the pulsing lightning, the savageness within the Dragon Ape essence blood seemed to have met its bane, and the rate at which it dissipated increased several times.

“The power of lightning is able to restrict the stubborn and strong, the best match against such a negative matter!”

Upon seeing this scene, Lin Dong was delighted. Now that this had happened, the chances of successfully refining had increased by quite a bit!

With these thoughts in mind, the Yuan Dan within his Dantian also quickly trembled. Waves of Great Sun Thunder Yuan infused with sparks swiftly poured out, like a stream as it endlessly charged at the Dragon Ape essence blood.

In the face of such an intense cleansing, the originally scarlet red Dragon Ape essence blood actually started to turn somewhat pure, as the savage aura within rapidly weakened…

Refining was unexpectedly smooth with the Great Sun Thunder Yuan’s peculiar characteristic. However, Lin Dong also gradually felt an dried up feeling from his Yuan Dan, and just as he planned to quickly consume a Pure Yuan pill to support the refining process, the ball of Dragon Ape essence blood within his body suddenly trembled a little. Faintly, fluorescent threads of light were emitted from within…

Staring at the warm light emitted from the Dragon Ape essence blood, Lin Dong was first taken aback, but soon after, an uncontainable joy bubbled up in his heart. He had finally thoroughly refined the savage aura contained within the Dragon Ape essence blood!

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