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Chapter 237: Essence Blood Obtained

As they stared at that departing Ancient Dragon Ape, whose footsteps caused mountains to shake, several members of the Ancient Sword Sect began to collapse due to fatigue. Heavily panting, they seemed quite grateful to be alive.

The Ancient Sword Sect leader’s face was grim, as he manipulated the giant stone sword back to its original location. Staring at the sect mountain, which was now in a mess, his eyelids began to twitch as anger filled his heart.

He clearly understood that this time, if it were not for the concerted efforts of the entire sect, their Ancient Sword Sect would have been wiped out by the Ancient Dragon Ape. Even though the Qi Creation stage and Manifestation stage only differed by one level, the difference between them was akin to heaven and earth. Furthermore, the battle ability of that Ancient Dragon Ape was truly alarming.

Gazing at the Ancient Sword Sect leader’s grim expression, the elder with grey hair did not dare to mutter a single word. After all, the catastrophe that he had drawn here had nearly destroyed the Ancient Sword Sect.

“It’s all because of that little bastard!”

As he lowered his head in shame, the elder with grey hair gnashed his teeth and cursed in his heart. However, even until till now, he had yet to realize that this was a trap purposely laid by Lin Dong. After all, it still seemed too far fetched that a mere twenty years old youngster could actually be this cunning, and use their entire Ancient Sword Sect as free labour…

“Tidy up the sect mountain and take care of the injured. During this period of time, you had better behave yourself. If you cause any more trouble, don’t blame me for being heartless!” The Ancient Sword Sect leader’s words were harsh. Evidently, he was extremely pissed off. If it were not for the fact that a Qi Creation stage expert was extremely crucial to the Ancient Sword sect, he would have likely killed the latter with one palm.


When he heard those words, the elder with grey hair hurriedly nodded his head, before turning around as if he was fleeing for his life, and proceed to clean up the mess.

“Sect leader senior, there are still several fellows eyeing around the Ancient Sword Sect…” The elder with red hair softly said.

“Don’t worry, they are just a bunch of cowards. I doubt that they will ever have the courage to make a move on our Ancient Sword Sect!” The Ancient Sword Sect leader coldly snorted as he said.

“Also, send more men to keep any eye on the Ancient Dragon Ape. I feel that something is amiss…”

“What sect leader senior is trying to imply is that someone has designs on us?” The elder with red hair’s facial expression changed as he asked.

“Our Ancient Sword Sect has been established here for many years and we have made many enemies. Therefore, we cannot exclude the possibility that they may have utilized some means in order to pit us against the Ancient Dragon Ape. After we both sides suffered, they would swoop in and reap the benefits.” The Ancient Sword Sect leader explained in an icy voice.

“During this period of time, keep an eye on the factions around us. If any of them behaves strangely, they will be treated as our Ancient Sword Sect’s enemies!”


As he stared at the Ancient Sword Sect leader’s eerie expression, the elder with red hair hurriedly replied.

While the Ancient Sword Sect was cleaning up the aftermath, Lin Dong was stalking the Ancient Dragon Ape’s massive body from a distance. This huge fellow gave off a savage aura. Therefore, wherever it passed, regardless of human or Demonic Beasts, they would all flee immediately. No one dared to leisurely follow behind it like Lin Dong.

Of course, the only reason why Lin Dong dared to do so, was because he had Little Marten’s help in covering up his presence. Else, he would definitely not have the guts to follow behind an enraged Manifestation stage Demonic Beast.

“That Ancient Sword Sect is pretty skilled. They could actually reduce the Manifestation stage Ancient Dragon Ape to this state…” While he was tailing, Lin Dong suddenly remembered the Ancient Sword Sect’s formidable counter attack, as his heart shivered. This was the strength of an entire sect. Even though they did not have any Manifestation stage experts, when they acted together, even a beast as powerful as the Ancient Dragon Ape had no choice but to give up.

“Hmm, that Ancient Sword Sect is fairly skilled. Of course, this was largely thanks to their exquisite great formation. Else, with just those three Qi Creation stage fellows, they could not even survive one slap from the Ancient Dragon Ape.” Little Marten suddenly appeared as it said.

“Now that this fellow has expended much of his energy and is even injured, do you think we will succeed?” Staring at Little Marten, Lin Dong cautiously asked. Even though the Ancient Dragon Ape’s savage aura seemed to have weakened a little, if it wanted to kill him, it was still as easy as a slap.

“As long as it is injured, we will have a chance…” Little Marten nodded its head, as it stared at that massive figure a distance away. Then, it smiled as it said: “The injuries left by the Ancient Sword Sect have actually exceeded my expectations. It seems like we may have a better chance than I expected.”

“What are our odds?” Lin Dong cautiously asked.

“Around fifty percent.”

Little Marten licked its lips. Soon after, when it saw Lin Dong’s twitching lips, it immediately flew into a rage and said: “Kid, you are oversimplifying this matter. If I was at my peak, don’t bother talking about extracting a pint of essence blood. Even if I wanted to drain all of it’s essence blood, it would simply be a walk in the park. However, now that we have a fifty percent chance of success, it is already great news. Else, go look for another Manifestation stage expert and see if he has the ability to obtain its essence blood!”

When he saw Little Marten behaving like a cat, which had its tail stepped upon, Lin Dong helpless spread out his hand, as he stroked Little Flame in his arms, before laughing: “Alright, alright. It’s already very good, you are the most invincible…”

When it saw Lin Dong apologize, Little Marten finally snorted haughtily before it sat down on Lin Dong’s shoulders.

When he saw this fellow finally calm down, Lin Dong gently heaved sigh of relief. As he stared at the Ancient Dragon Ape, which had already entered into the Ancient Wastelands, he increased his pace and hurriedly followed.

Lin Dong carefully tailed it for approximately an hour, before he once again returned to outside that mountain valley, which was situated deep within. Thanks to Little Marten’s assistance, he did not have to worry that he would be discovered by the neighbouring Demonic Beasts. Else, it would not so easy for him to travel here.

Lin Dong hid behind a giant boulder, as he stared at the Dragon Ape in the valley and softly asked: “So, when should we make a move?”

“Let’s wait. This Ancient Dragon Ape is already injured. Hence, it will gradually enter into recovery mode. At that time, its vigilance will reach the lowest point, and we will be able to approach it.” Little Marten observed the Dragon Ape, as it slowly said.

When he heard these words, Lin Dong silently nodded his head. Then, he straightaway sat down and began to wait patiently.

The waiting time was slightly long, and he waited from dawn till nightfall enshrouded the entire mountain valley, before Lin Dong finally sensed the savage aura inside the mountain valley quietly begin to calm down.

However, when this savage aura dimmed down, another savage and pressurizing aura began to emerge from the Ancient Dragon Ape’s body. This was its self-defence mechanism. Whenever it released this aura, regardless of human or Demonic Beast, they would not dare to approach it. After all, they understood that if they disturbed the Ancient Dragon Ape, they would surely face a deadly retaliation.

However, as he sensed this overwhelming pressure, Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief instead. With Little Marten around, he was not afraid of being detected by the Ancient Dragon Ape, which had entered into recovery mode. Immediately, he turned to look at Little Marten, before the latter gripped its claws and violently nodded its head.

“Let’s head down.”

When he heard these words, the smile on Lin Dong face turned a little rigid. However, he had waited a long time in preparation for this moment. Therefore, he naturally would not chicken out at this critical juncture. Immediately, a blade shadow flashed beneath his feet, before he carefully floated into the mountain valley at an extremely slow pace.

The spot where Lin Dong landed was quite near the Ancient Dragon Ape. After he descended, he could immediately smell the intense and bloody scent from the latter’s body.

“Badump! Badump!”

Amidst the silence of the night, Lin Dong could hear the sound of his own heart rapidly pounding. If this Ancient Dragon Ape were to suddenly awaken, his outcome would probably be the same as the owner of the corpses inside the valley.

“Little Marten, it’s your turn…”

When Lin Dong was a dozen meters away from the Ancient Dragon Ape, he suddenly stopped and refused to advance. He looked at Little Marten and released a dry smile.

Little Marten evidently felt disgusted by Lin Dong’s actions. However, it could only helplessly sigh as it floated towards the Ancient Dragon Ape. In comparison to the latter’s size, it’s tiny body seemed just like an ant.

“Be careful.”

When he saw Little Marten floating forth, Lin Dong somewhat worriedly reminded it.

Little Marten waved its claws at him. Then, with a solemn expression, it stared at that Ancient Dragon Ape, which had entered into recovery mode, before it opened its mouth, spitting out a mouthful of dark purple gas mist, which stealthily wrapped itself around the Ancient Dragon Ape. Finally, as that gas mist began to dissipate, Lin Dong sensed that the Ancient Dragon Ape’s tensed and wounded body seemed to soften substantially.

After it slightly hypnotized that Ancient Dragon Ape, Little Marten stared at the hideous wound near its shoulder. Its claws danced, before a dark purple glow immediately turned into a human head-sized glowing halo. As that glowing halo floated forth, it hovered near the former’s wound, before it started to swirl, as a suction force emerged.

Due to this suction force, the flesh near the Ancient Dragon Ape’s wound clearly began to squirm. Traces of blood filled with a savage aura stealthily leaked out, before it was sucked into the glowing halo.

Nearby, when Lin Dong saw this sight, he tightly gripped his fist, which was already drenched in sweat, while his heart rate began to rise.


Little Marten’s suction technique evidently caused some physical pain, as the Ancient Dragon Ape’s body suddenly rolled over and pulverized a giant boulder below it. The commotion caused a blade shadow to immediately appear below a startled Lin Dong. At this moment, if another accident occurred, he would undoubtedly ask Little Marten to escape immediately.

Thankfully, seemingly on account of all the hard work that Lin Dong had put in, the worst case scenario did not materialize. When the last traces of blood flowed into the glowing halo, Little Marten opened its mouth before it swallowed it into its body. Then, its body flashed, as it darted into Lin Dong’s palm.

“Leave now, my bewitching technique is going to wear off soon. The residual pain will cause that fellow to awaken immediately…”

When it heard Little Marten’s words, Lin Dong’s scalp seemed to have exploded. Instantaneously, the blade shadow beneath his feet glowed manically, before he made a mad dash out of the mountain valley…

Just as Lin Dong left the mountain valley, an earth-shattering roar filled with viciousness once again rang out amidst this quiet night…

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