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Chapter 231: Ancient Wastelands

The Ancient Wastelands was located at the northern area of Great Desolate Province and it took roughly five days to reach there from Great Eagle City. All in all, it was not considered as a border area of Great Desolate Province, but rather located near its central region.

Along the way, Lin Dong was not delayed by other matters. Therefore, he travelled directly towards the area where the Ancient Wastelands were located.

As he travelled at full-speed, in merely four day’s time, he had arrived at the Ancient Wastelands.

Standing atop of a high mountain peak, Lin Dong looked at that giant ancient mountain range ahead of him, as a thick awe emerged in his eyes. Even though he had yet to venture deep within the woods, even from his current location, he could faintly sense a few formidable aura hidden within the Ancient Wastelands.

These aura were extremely malicious and fearsome, while faintly, they had an ancient feel as well. They most likely originate from powerful Demonic Beasts who possess a trace of ancient bloodlines.

“Within the deepest region, there is an extremely fearsome aura…”

Lin Dong’s expression was solemn as he looked at the deepest region of that mountain range. At that area, he could faintly sense an aura that caused one’s scalp to turn numb. That aura was filled with a savageness that caused even the heavens to tremble. Hence, one could just imagine how fearsome that creature must be.

“That aura. That should be our target this time…” Little Marten also cast its glance towards the deepest region of that mountain range with it’s usual nonchalant look.

“Just a beast with a touch of dragon blood. There is nothing to fear.”

Lin Dong rolled his eyes. Right now, he understood that this fellow was usually a loudmouth, however during a critical juncture, it would become totally unreliable.

“Kid, you don’t believe my words? Don’t mention these type of beasts, in the past, I have even eaten a real dragon…” As if it could detect the mockery in Lin Dong’s eyes, Little Marten instantly retorted.

Lin Dong could not be bothered to deal with it. As he whistled out, Little Flame, whose body had been shrunk into a cat-like figure, immediately darted into his arms. Then, a blade shadow flashed beneath his feet, before it directly flew towards the entrance of the Ancient Wastelands, that was located below.

After spending time together for a long period of time, Lin Dong gained a good understanding of Little Marten. Even though this fellow constantly liked to address himself as Grandpa Marten, based on Lin Dong’s estimates, amongst his clan, that fellow is probably considered as a teenager. Else, when it spoke, it would not sound so immature.

While this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, his body directly descended from mid-air and landed into the woods below. As this was still the outskirts of Ancient Wasteland, there were several figures present nearby. These figures, either formed into groups or entered inside individually. Most of their aura’s were pretty strong. It seems like most people who dared to venture here to hunt for treasures were pretty skilled. After all, the Demonic Beasts in Ancient Wastelands were famed for their ferocity and viciousness. If one was negligent, one could easily end up as dinner for these Demonic Beasts.

When Lin Dong arrived in the woods, he stirred up some attention as well. However, they quickly turned away. Most of them did not voluntarily engage in friendly small talk with the others. Rather, their eyes were mostly filled with cautiousness.

With regards to this fact, Lin Dong did not mind it at all. As he lifted his legs and quickly walked towards the deepest regions, along his way, he actually saw various Demonic Beasts.

However, the most powerful one that he encountered was merely at perfect Yuan Dan stage.

This situation caused Lin Dong to gently furrow his eyebrow, as he felt that something was amiss. It seems like this entire area had been practically swept by someone.

“Dammit, those bastards from Ancient Sword Sect are too arrogant. They actually directly bulldozed through the entrance to Ancient Wastelands…”

Just as Lin Dong was fretting, suddenly, three figures walked past from his opposite direction. One of their faces were steely-green as he angrily cursed.

“Stop cursing, the Ancient Sword Sect is truly powerful. There is nothing we can do about it. The Ancient Sword Sect will always act in this manner once or twice a year. Just count ourselves unlucky this time.” The companion of that enraged man who was swearing, opened his mouth and consoled him.

“After they finished, they would probably have taken several treasures again. Those bastards…” That man was still somewhat disgruntled, as he continuously cursed.

“Alright, be quiet. What if someone from Ancient Sword Sect heard us. Then, we would be in for big trouble.” One of them softly scolded him, before their eyes immediately turned to look cautiously at Lin Dong. Promptly, he shut his mouth, before he quickly walked by.

“Has it already been ransacked?” As he stared at the trio’s departing figure, Lin Dong’s tightly furrowed his eyebrows. He did not expect to run into such a situation.

“That Ancient Sword Sect does things on a large scale. They actually directly…”

Lin Dong was silent. That Ancient Sword Sect’s strength was simply too strong and they far surpass that of Bloody Vulture Martial Sect. However, right now, he must enter this Ancient Wastelands. Else, he would definitely fail to meet an Ancient Dragon Ape. Therefore, he must come up with a strategy to deal with them.

With a glint in his eyes, Lin Dong suddenly darted up onto a giant tree. As his body swiftly traversed through the woods, several moments later, he finally stopped atop of a giant busy tree before he turned to look at the road ahead. Standing right there, were a dozen of armed men, who were now blocking the entrance. Based on their attire, they were evidently from the same faction. If Lin Dong had guessed correctly, they should be members of Ancient Sword Sect.

Lin Dong stared at this blocked entrance, as he silently formulated his plan. Then, he headed towards a different direction. This Ancient Wastelands was so broad and it was impossible for the Ancient Sword Sect to seal off every exit. Therefore, there must surely be another way.

Indeed, just as Lin Dong expected, even though the Ancient Sword Sect was truly powerful, they could not seal off every entrance of Ancient Wastelands. Therefore, after Lin Dong hopped around for a while, he finally found an opening before he dashed into the inner sanctum of Ancient Wastelands.

When he reached the inner sanctum, Lin Dong immediately saw several Ancient Sword Sect’s member. These people were extremely well-organized and they divided themselves into several different parties before heading off to hunt for Elixirs and other hidden treasures. Furthermore, they used their large numbers to trap several ferocious Demonic Beasts, before killing them and taking their Demonic Crystals.

Lin Dong carefully travelled within this inner sanctum, as he tried his best to suppress his breathing and prevent the elite Ancient Sword Sect’s members from discovering his presence. Even though he was quite powerful, if he wanted to fight with an entire sect on his own, it was akin to a mantis trying to stop a car. Furthermore, his only goal was to enter into the deepest regions of Ancient Wasteland and look for the Ancient Dragon Ape. Hence, he wanted to avoid any conflicts with Ancient Sword Sect.

As Lin Dong carefully travelled, even though he encountered several Ancient Sword Sect’s members along the way, he was not discovered by them. Therefore, his journey was relatively smooth as he gradually travelled deeper into the Ancient Wastelands.


Lin Dong’s figure gently floated on top of a tree branch. However, this time, he did not immediately set off. Instead, his eyes turned to look at an area ahead of him. At that area, there was a tiny stream, and at edge of that stream, there was a deep purple flower that was blooming inside the crack of a rock. Just as this flower bloomed, instantly, a thumb-sized, purple pearl-like tiny round pearl appeared near its petals. Faintly, an extremely rich aroma spread out. Upon sniffing it, it caused one’s spirits to be rejuvenated immediately.

“Purple Cloud Fruit.”

As he stared at this purple fruit that was extremely well-hidden among this peculiar purple flower, delight flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This so-called Purple Cloud Fruit was a wonderful medicine that could match up to a Grade 7 Elixir, and it had terrific therapeutic properties. It is reputed that an Elixir refined from this Purple Cloud Fruit was able to fetch nearly ten thousand pure Yuan Pills on the market. After all, as long as one possessed one such Elixir Pill, it was akin to having a type of life insurance. Therefore, this explains why this Purple Cloud Fruit could fetch such an exorbitant price.

In the past, Lin Dong had only heard of these types of treasures. However, he never expected that he was actually able to encounter one today.

Lin Dong stared somewhat excitedly at that purple flower. Half a moment later, his eyes turned to look at that little stream. These types of Elixir were typically guarded by Demonic beasts. Even though this little stream ahead of him seemed calm on the surface, Lin Dong could sense an extremely formidable aura faintly hidden inside this little stream.

“A Form Creation stage Demonic Python…”

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy swept across that little stream, before he promptly smiled casually. As he gently tapped on Little Flame, who was seated in his laps, the latter immediately turned into a red flash before it dashed off. As its body moved, it quickly transformed into battle mode and released a roar towards that little stream.

“Bang bang!”

When that tiger roar sounded out, water column immediately exploded forth within that little stream. Promptly, a gigantic blue python dashed out, before it unceremoniously attacked Little Flame.

However, as it faced this Demonic Python’s attack, Little Flame did not panic at all. As it swiped the python tail at it;s back, a resplendent lightning glow sparkled forth, before it viciously collided against that Demonic Python.

As he stared at that fearsome battle occurring near the little stream, Lin Dong did not panic at all. Right now, Little Flame’s strength was able to counter an initial Form Creation stage practitioner. Furthermore, since it had devoured the Thunder Crystal Beast’s flesh, it possess the power of lightning. This type of strength was evidently useful to counter against certain types of Demonic Beasts. Therefore, after one python and one tiger fought for a while, that Demonic Python began to emerge on the losing end.

At the final moment, Lin Dong stealthily made his move, as a golden platform directly descended and knocked that Demonic Python unconscious. Then, Little Flame instantly seized that opportunity. Waving its razor-sharp tiger claws, with a lightning flash, it directly ripped agapart that Demonic Python…

When he saw Little Flame extracting that Demonic Crystal within that Demonic Python, Lin Dong gently smiled. Then, his figure flashed before it floated towards the edge of that little stream. Finally, he gently excavated that stalk of purple flower.

As that purple flower left the ground, its petals began to rot immediately, before they finally turned into dust and floated off. Then, a purple pearl-like fruit silently emerged on Lin Dong’s hands.

As he stared at that purple fruit in his hand, the smile on Lin Dong’s face intensified. It seems like he was pretty fortunate this time. He had merely stepped foot into this Ancient Wastelands and he had already stumbled upon such a treasure…

“Little Flame.”

After he obtained his treasure, Lin Dong did not plan to linger on as he shouted out. Then, his facial expression slightly changed, as he tilted his head to look at a large tree nearby the little stream. Unknowingly, several figures had appeared in that area. Furthermore, right now, those people were staring hungrily at the purple fruit in Lin Dong’s hands.

“Haha, I never expected that we could find Purple Cloud Fruit in here. It seems like we are truly fortunate…”

When he heard that one of them had practically regarded that Purple Cloud Fruit as his own possession, Lin Dong’s eyes began to twinkle. Contained within his eyes, were a dangerous glint…

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