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Chapter 230: Ancient Dragon Ape

“It is possible!”

When he heard these three words emerge from Little Marten’s mouth, Lin Dong’s heart clenched tightly, as his breathing stealthily turned ragged. A Manifestation stage Demonic Beast… at this level, a Demonic Beast like this would be an elite existence even in the entire Great Yan Dynasty. In fact. even some of the great factions would not would not dare to provoke one so easily. If ordinary people knew that Lin Dong, who was merely at Form Creation stage, wanted to provoke a Manifestation stage Demonic Beast, their gazes would probably turn strange.

That was because everyone knew that this was a suicidal move.

Manifestation stage, even in this Great Desolate Province, there were only a few humans who had reached this stage. Even these elite practitioners would likely choose to strategically retreat if they encounter such fearsome Demonic Beasts…

“How will we do it?”

Even though the current Lin Dong truly believed that Little Marten had an extraordinary background, he did not blindly trust it. After his eyes burned passionately for a moment, he finally regained his senses and asked.

In the past, Little Marten might have been extremely powerful. However, right now, it was at most as powerful as Lin Dong. Based on their current combined strength, if they chose to provoke a Manifestation stage Demonic Beast, there was only one outcome: They would be directly smashed to a pulp with one slap without any chance of resisting.

“Errr…” When it heard his words, Little Marten hesitated for a moment, before it let out a dry laugh: “Yes, we can do it. However, we will need to prepare first.”

Lin Dong was at a loss for words. It seems like this fellow always became unreliable at the critical moment.

“Amongst the two demonic apes, which one should we make a move on?” Lin Dong’s eyes turned towards that piece of kraft paper in his hand, staring intensely at the two blood red dots as he asked.

Based on their names alone, the Heaven Shaking Demonic Ape and the Ancient Dragon Ape seems to be quite extraordinary. Furthermore, both of them were at the Manifestation stage. Therefore, he did not know which one would be easier to make a move on.

“In the long run, it would be better to choose the Ancient Dragon Ape. However, that fellow will be more difficult to deal with.” Little Marten said in a solemn tone.

“Why?” Lin Dong was taken aback, as he asked.

“The Ancient Dragon Ape is a Demonic Beast that possesses an ancient bloodline, and a small trace of dragon blood exists within their bodies. This allows them to be considered as quite formidable amongst Demonic Beasts. A matured Ancient Dragon Ape can match up to a Nirvana stage practitioner. From what I can see, this Ancient Dragon Ape should still be at a young age.” Little Marten slowly explained.

“Even though the Ancient Dragon Ape and Heaven Shaking Demonic Ape belong to the same stage, in terms of potential, the former is much stronger than the latter. If you use its essence blood to cultivate Demonic Ape Transformation, the results will be much better.”

“Of course, this Ancient Dragon Ape is exceedingly formidable and is much more difficult to deal with than the Heaven Shaking Demonic Ape. Although it is still young, a single punch from it can easily destroy an entire mountain…”

“Ancient Dragon Ape…” Lin Dong licked his lips. Truth be told, he understood that right now, be it the Heaven Shaking Demonic Ape or Ancient Dragon Ape, both were enemies that they could not faced head-on. If he wanted to obtain their essence blood, he would have to use his wits and not brute strength. Else, even if he used every ace up his sleeve, he would still be thwarted.

“Alright, let’s go for the Ancient Dragon Ape then. Let’s rest in Great Eagle City for two more days before we directly head for the Ancient Wastelands. Once we reach our destination, we shall figure out how to obtain the essence blood.”

Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered, before fiercely gritting his teeth. Since he had made his decision, it was time give this crazy idea a go!


In the next two days, Lin Dong remained in Great Eagle City. However, most of his time was spent gathering various information about the Ancient Wastelands and Ancient Dragon Ape. Even though it was expensive to obtain this information, in order to increase his chances of success, Lin Dong was naturally willing to spend.

As he relentlessly gathered information, Lin Dong gained a deep understanding of the Ancient Wastelands and Ancient Dragon Ape.

The Great Desolate Province was extremely vast and there were several ruins left by numerous ancient civilizations. The Great Wastelands Ancient Table was one example, while this Ancient Wastelands was another. However, the latter was not as famous as the former.

Of course, even if they were not famous, these types of objects left behind from ancient times would naturally attract several treasure hunters. In fact, some lucky fellows had managed to obtain several decent treasures there as well. Even though they were not as extraordinary as the treasures in the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, this still caused the Ancient Wastelands to become a paradise for quite a few treasure hunters. After all, unlike the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, there was no seal there…

Inside the Ancient Wastelands were numerous ferocious Demonic Beasts. Some of them, similar to the Ancient Dragon Ape, had traces of ancient bloodlines. Hence, they were evidently more powerful than ordinary Demonic Beasts. Some powerful factions regularly organize hunting parties in order to hunt these type of Demonic Beasts. After all, those ancient bloodlines would easily fetch a hefty sum.

Moreover, Lin Dong’s target this time was the most famous figure in the Ancient Wastelands, the Ancient Dragon Ape. It was said that several powerful factions had tried to make a move on it, however, they were ultimately thwarted and suffered heavy losses. Therefore, this Ancient Dragon Ape could be considered as the true overlord of Ancient Wastelands.

Also, Lin Dong discovered several major factions surrounding that Ancient Wastelands. The most powerful amongst these factions was a faction known as the “Ancient Sword Sect”. It was said that this “Ancient Sword Sect” had quite a respectable reputation even in the entire Great Desolate Province. This was due to the fact that they possessed three Qi Creation stage practitioners, an exceptionally powerful lineup.

Besides the “Ancient Sword Sect”, were quite a number of large and small factions. However, their strength paled in comparison to the Ancient Sword Sect.

All in all, it seemed like this Ancient Wastelands was a fairly bustling place. At the very least, it was much more chaotic than Great Eagle City…

While Lin Dong was gathering information about the Ancient Wastelands, the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo in Great Eagle City began to collapse as he had predicted. In a single night, most of the members of the originally formidable martial dojo had deserted while Luo Jiu was nursing his wounds. Furthermore, the martial dojo badge on their chests had been unceremoniously discarded.

Evidently, after Luo Jiu’s defeat, the morale of the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo had plummeted…

While the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo faced this situation, they began to pay the price for their haughty behaviour in the past. Some fellows, who had been bitterly oppressed in the past, now began to exact their revenge. To strike a man when he is down was a common occurrence in the Great Desolate Province.

Furthermore, as their bitter rivals, the Eagle Martial Dojo would naturally not waste this opportunity. After some stealthy manipulation, they reduced the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo to a more sorry state. As the number of martial dojo members decreased, in the end, even some of the loyal members had no choice but to flee.

Right now, everyone understood that the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo was completely ruined.

On the third day, the heavily wounded Luo Jiu finally regained consciousness. Though he was extremely outraged about this situation, there was little he could do. In the end, he could only lead some loyal subjects and flee Great Eagle City in the middle of the night.

Based on his current condition, it would likely be difficult for him to accomplish anything in this fiercely competitive Great Desolate Province…

After Luo Jiu fled, the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo, which towered over Great Eagle City for a time, was finally thoroughly ruined. Meanwhile, the Eagle Martial Dojo’s reputation surged as it became the undisputed overlord of Great Eagle City.

When he saw that Eagle Martial Dojo had secured its place in Great Eagle City, Lin Dong began to relax. It was always good to make more friends. Besides Jiang Xue, the reason why he had helped the Eagle Martial Dojo this time was because he wanted to make some allies. Perhaps, this would be useful to him in the future.

After he put down his worries, Lin Dong understood that it was time to depart. The reason why he came to the Great Desolate Province was to increase his strength and he was evidently unable to make much progress in Great Eagle City. Therefore, even though this was a good place, he could not linger for long.

Hence, three days after the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo was chased out of Great Eagle City, Lin Dong officially informed Jiang Lei of his plans to depart. With regards to his request, Jiang Lei was undoubtedly reluctant, however, he also understood that based on Lin Dong’s character, there was no way he would stay in such a tiny Eagle Martial Dojo…

Of course, the ones that were the most reluctant were naturally Jiang Xue and little Yinyin. The former had some feelings for him, while the latter was largely upset that Little Flame would likely leave together with Lin Dong.

Outside the Great Eagle City entrance, Lin Dong stared at Jiang Xue, who bit her rosy red lips to stop the tears from rolling off her beautiful misty eyes, as he softly sighed inside his heart.

“Take care, young master.”

When he heard Jiang Xue’s gentle voice, Lin Dong silently nodded his head. Then, he cupped his fist towards Jiang Lei and the rest: “Everyone, we will meet in the future!”

After he spoke, he did not hesitate any longer. As he patted Little Flame’s back, the latter released a powerful roar, before it turned into a fiery red shadow and dashed off.

As she stared at Lin Dong’s departing figure, the mist surrounding Jiang Xue’s beautiful eyes involuntarily gathered together, before they trickled off her beautiful face.

“Hai, Lin Dong is no ordinary man. Notwithstanding this Great Eagle City, perhaps the Great Desolate Province or even the entire Great Yan Dynasty cannot tie him down…” As he stared at Jiang Xue’s crestfallen expression, Jiang Lei sighed.

He knew that in the future, this somewhat immature looking young man was surely destined for greatness. This type of man could not be tied down by any ordinary woman…

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