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Chapter 229: Devil Ape Essence Blood

Devil Ape Transformation!

These three somewhat strange words seemed to faintly give off a ferocious aura under the illumination of the lights. They looked like a devil ape’s sinister shiver inducing smile.

Of course, this ferocious aura naturally did not terrify Lin Dong. As he fiddled with that icy-cold bone with his hands, a strong curiosity emerged within his eyes.

The thing that surprised Lin Dong the most during his intense battle with Luo Jiu, was this so-called “Devil Ape Transformation” that fellow had executed. After all, it was the first time Lin Dong saw this kind of peculiar martial arts that could alter one’s physical body!

Furthermore, Lin Dong had personally experienced the might of this “Devil Ape Transformation”. After Luo Jiu executed it, not only did his strength surge, but his speed and counter attack abilities etc increased as well. If he did not rely on “Heavenly Dragon Halberd” today to deliver a deadly attack, this fight may have been quite a tough one.

“I wonder where Luo Jiu managed to obtain this kind of martial arts…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. Though he did not know how much this item was worth exactly, based on his estimates, he knew that this “Devil Ape Transformation” was no ordinary martial arts.

“This is a type of martial arts that mirrors how a Demonic Beasts utilizes its strength. For a short period of time, it allows one to obtain beast-like abilities. Technically, it is somewhat similar to Great Sun Thunder Body. However, this type of martial arts is evidently more complicated and dangerous.” Little Marten suddenly appeared on Lin DOng’s shoulder, before it took a look at the bone plate in his hand and said.

“However, cultivating in these types of martial arts seems to cause one’s intellectual ability to regress….” Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. Today, after Luo Jiu executed “Devil Ape Transformation”, he seemed to have transformed into a wild beast. If this was the price to pay to obtain such strength, then in Lin Dong’s opinion, it seems like an unfair bargain. The most important distinction between human and beast, was a human’s intellect. Only when one remains in control of his intellectual abilities, could he control his power and prevent it from controlling himself instead.

“That fellow totally messed up his cultivation. That’s how he reduced himself to such a sorry state. If he was truly able to master this martial arts, then he could freely control this power. In that case, perhaps the outcome of today’s battle would be completely different.” Little Marten pursed its lips as it casually said.

“Pour your Yuan Power into that bone plate and you will be able to learn how to cultivate “Devil Ape Transformation. Make the decision for yourself. This martial arts could be quite beneficial for you.”

When he heard these words, Lin Dong also nodded his head. A stream of golden Yuan Power gushed inside that bone plate, before a resplendent glow immediately exploded forth from that originally dark bone plate. Then, several tiny glowing letters emerged ahead of him.

“When demonic blood enters one body, emulate its shape, seize its strength, control its mind…”

These obscure and complicated glowing letters entered Lin Dong’s mind one at a time, causing him to slowly furrow his eyebrows.

These glowing letter that hovered in mid-air lingered for quite a while, before they gradually disappeared. Then, that bone plate once again dimmed down and became just like an ordinary object.

When that bone plate returned to it’s original form, Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows even more intensely. That was because he realized that this “Devil Ape Transformation” was not going to be as easy to cultivate as he expected.

“In order to cultivate this “Devil Ape Transformation”… you actually need the essence blood from various ape-like demonic beast?” Lin Dong turned to look at Little Marten, who was seated on his shoulders, and asked.

“Yes. Furthermore, you will need to absorb those essence blood into your body and refine it. Then, in the future, when you execute “Devil Ape Transformation”, a temporary change will occur within the bloodstream of your body and allow you to possess the strength of that demonic beast.” Little Marten nodded it’s head as it said.

“Is this going to be dangerous?” Lin Dong hesitated for a moment.

“Duh, what venture in this world doesn’t carry any risk? If you are unable to completely refine the demonic essence blood after you absorb it into your body, your appearance would become similar to that fellow today. In fact, if you are truly unfortunate, that item will cause you to turn totally ghastly, just like a monster.” Little Marten rolled its eyes as it said.

Lin Dong gripped his palm. He did not want to turn into a monster.

“Also, how much your strength increases after you cultivate this type of martial arts, depends on how potent the demonic essence blood is… In my opinion, based on the surge in strength that fellow experienced after he executed this martial arts, he should have merely used an ordinary Form Creation stage Devil Ape essence blood.”

When he heard these words, Lin Dong was slightly taken aback. That fellow had only used the most ordinary Devil Ape essence blood. If he could obtain a more potent Devil Ape essence blood, then how terrifying would he become?

“Of course, the more powerful the demonic essence blood is, the more difficult it is to refine it. Hence, the odds of backfiring increases as well.” Just as Lin Dong was moved, Little Marten’s casual words emerged and woke him up. Evidently, an ounce of strength came with an ounce of risk. Anyone would desire to refine potent demonic essence blood to obtain greater strength. However, if one lacks the ability to do so, it would be a suicidal move.

“If you can obtain a potent Devil Ape essence blood and refine it, combined with “Devil Ape Transformation”, even if you encounter Wang Yan again, you can fight against him!”

When he heard these words, Lin Dong tightened his grip on that bone plate. Even though it was risky to cultivate this Devil Ape Transformation, the strength that he could potentially obtain was truly tempting.

Amongst Form Creation stage practitioners, Wang Yan was likely unparalleled. Furthermore, thanks to his top-tier Soul Treasure Great Luo Golden Spear, even if he met a initial Qi Creation stage practitioner, he could likely matchup against him. Previously, Lin Dong was fortunate enough to reduce him to such a sorry state. However, if he encountered him again, he may not have the same good fortune.”

Inside his room, it was somewhat quiet, while Lin Dong’s eyes were gleaming. Moments later, he finally deeply exhaled, as he tightly gripped onto that bone plate in his hand. There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. If he wanted to obtain strength, then he naturally had to take risks. This Devil Ape Transformation was practically a gift delivered from the heavens to his footstep, if he decided to give up on it, it would certainly be a waste.

“Heh, have you decided to cultivate in it?” As if he knew that Lin Dong would come to this conclusion, Little Marten was not surprised as it asked with a smile.


Lin Dong solemnly nodded his head, as a smile emerged on his lips: “Since I have decided to cultivate in it, then I shall refine the most potent one. Therefore, I shall look for the most potent Devil Ape essence blood!”

Even though the more potent the Devil Ape essence blood was, the more difficult it was to refine it, Lin Dong was not afraid at all. Since he decided to cultivate in it, then he would not settle for any less! In terms of courage, he was never in short supply!

“Ha, kid, that is the spirit. This Great Desolate Province is extremely wide and inside its ancient forests, who knows how many formidable Demonic Beasts there are. I bet that some of them will certainly satisfy your requirement. Of course, it all depends if you have the ability…” Little Marten twinked its eyes as it said.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. Even though it was going to be a slightly taxing search, regardless, he did not want to follow Luo Jiu’s stead and casually draw any Devil Ape essence blood into his body. He felt that if he did so, he would be wasting this type of martial arts.

After he made his decision, Lin Dong flipped his palm before he kept that bone plate. Then, he once again ransacked through Luo Jiu’s Qiankun bag. Luo Jiu did not possess much lavish treasures, however it was still alright. At the very least, there were around twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills inside his Qiankun bag. Even though it was not a large sum to Lin Dong, who possess over two hundred thousand pure Yuan Pills, it was still alright.

Mental Energy ransacked that Qiankun bag. Just as Lin Dong was about to give up, an ordinary kraft drew his attention. With a flick of his hand, that piece of kraft immediately appeared in Lin Dong’s hands.

As he carefully unwrapped that piece of kraft, Lin Dong realized that this was a map. On this map, there were approximately a dozen red dots. Meanwhile, all of these red dots were located in different mountain ranges.

“Is this…”

Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows, as his eyes turned to look at the lowest corner of that kraft. At that area, it explained every red dot in detail.

“Heavenly Bull mountain range, Herculean Ape, Form Creation stage.”

“Demonic Cloud Peak, Mountain Shaking Golden Ape, initial Qi Creation stage.”


Lin Dong stared at the detailed explanations regarding each red dot. Suddenly, delight surged in his eyes. These red dots were detailing the locations of certain Devil Apes!

“So Luo Jiu was already prepared…” Lin Dong was excited. Thanks to this map, it would greatly reduce the amount of effort he needed to search for these Devil Apes. As long as he follow the locations on this map, he should be able to locate these Devil Apes.

“The Devil Ape essence blood that Luo Jiu obtained should be from a Herculean Devil Ape from Heavenly Bull mountain range.” Lin Dong looked at that Heavenly Bull mountain range, before he immediately turned to look at the two most scarlet dots on that map.

These two red dots were exceedingly scarlet and they seemed just like fresh blood. When one glanced at it, it caused one’s hair to stand.

“Heaven Shaking Mountain, Heaven Shaking Devil Ape, initial Manifestation stage.”

“Ancient Wasteland, Ancient Dragon Ape, initial Manifestation stage.”


As he stared at those three blood-red words that caused one’s scalp to turn numb, Lin Dong felt cold sweat emerging on his forehead. It seems like his whole body had turned cold instantly.

“Manifestation stage Devil Ape…”

Lin Dong palm was gently trembling. Moments later, he finally gradually calmed himself down while a thick awe was contained in his eyes. Dammit, this was simply too hard?

Just as a thick awe gushed through his eyes, a maniacal feeling emerged from within the deepest regions of Lin Dong’s heart. A glint flashed across his eyes, if… if he could obtain a trace of essence blood from this Heaven Shaking Devil Ape or Ancient Dragon Ape and use it to cultivate Devil Ape Transformation, then he was certain that if he met Wang Yan again, he could thrash him like a dog…”

The allure of this type of strength caused Lin Dong’s breathing to turn ragged.

“Can I do it?”

Even though it was extremely alluring, Lin Dong had not lost his mind. As he turned to look at Little Marten, his eyes were burning as he asked. He knew that if he wanted to succeed, he must secure Little Marten’s assistance!

Under Lin Dong’s fervent glance, Little Marten’s originally tiny eyes winked into a tiny slit as it’s eyes stared intently at that two blood-red dots. Half a moment later, under Lin Dong’s nervous stare, it finally nodded it’s head gradually.

“Yes we can!”

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