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Chapter 222: Beauty Offering Her Body

In the room, Lin Dong was seated on the bed with his eyebrows slightly furrowed. Beating Luo Shan to such a state felt a little invorigating, but also caused the situation to become irreconcilable. Based on how domineering and flashy the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo’s methods were, Lin Dong’s actions were undoubtedly provoking them. Hence, no matter what, they would not swallow this down.

“Advanced Form Creation stage…”

Lin Dong’s hand lightly rubbed his chin. His current strength was at the initial Form Creation stage, but together with his fourth seal Symbol Master identity and Bronze Thunder Body, he should had the ability to battle against even an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner.

“Wang Yan should also have been at this level…” Lin Dong recalled his initial exchange with Wang Yan. At that time, if had not been lucky, he would have been ruined at his opponent’s hands. At that point in time, advanced Form Creation stage was way too powerful in his eyes, yet, that level was now within his reach.

Of course, if one wanted to talk about battle power, Lin Dong did not believe that the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo master could compare to Wang Yan. The Secret Art, martials arts and Soul Treasures that guy possessed were all top tier. If some martial dojo master was able to compare to the chosen son of the Wang Clan, the geniuses of the Wang Clan would seem too shabby.

“If the current me once again meets Wang Yan, I will definitely not end up in such a sorry state like before.” Lin Dong’s fist slightly clenched. Although it had only been a little over half a year, his current strength had grown significantly.

“Thud thud!”

While this thought turned in Lin Dong’s mind, suddenly he heard a knock on his room door. Soon after, Jiang Xue’s gentle voice echoed forth.

“Please enter.” Upon realizing that Jiang Xue had come to find him so late at night, Lin Dong was evidently somewhat stunned, before he hastily replied.


The room door was pushed open as moonlight sprinkled in from the door crack. Soon after, an exquisite figure took small quick steps in, stepping on the moonlight as she walked into the room.

Lin Dong stared at Jiang Xue who had entered, and was evidently somewhat dazed, as a slightly stunned look flitted across his eyes.

The current Jiang Xue had clearly intentionally dolled herself up. She was donning a green dress covered in a purple garment, with a face that looked like a painting. Her skin was white like snow while her soft hair hung down about her slender waist. Furthermore, as she stood blushing under the moon’s light, she seemed exceptionally beautiful and moving.

While she was being stared at by Lin Dong in such a manner, the redness on Jiang Xue’s pretty face stealthily intensified a little. She pushed the room door tightly shut, while a stack of neat and clean clothes were on her lily-white hands.

“Miss Jiang Xue…” Lin Dong coughed gently, feeling a little awkward. A man and woman together in a room so late at night… it was somewhat inappropriate.

“These are clean clothes for you to change into…” Jiang Xue placed the neat and clean clothes on the table. Her voice was gentle and her head was slightly bent downwards. Light shone on the pretty face that seemed as hot as fire.

“Just let a servant girl send over these things. How can I trouble miss Jiang Xue.” Lin Dong let out a forced laugh. Soon after, he gazed at Jiang Xue and said: “If miss Jiang Xue has anything to say, feel free to speak.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xue’s exquisite figure turned a little stiff. Her pretty face drooped a little, and she was silent for some time, before her soft voice rang out: “The Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo has issued a challenge to our Eagle Martial Dojo. According to the martial dojo rules, we cannot reject this type of challenges because if we do so, our reputation would be ruined. Hence, two days later, father will duel with the master of the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo, Luo Jiu, in front of everyone in the Great Eagle City’s martial arts arena. This duel will determine the fates of both martial dojos. If father loses, the Eagle Martial Dojo will face the crisis of being disbanded…”

A delicate fragrance flowed in the quiet room, bringing with it a faint intention.

“Mother passed away very early, therefore, over all these years, father was the one who brought me and Yinyin up. Later on, we came to Great Eagle City and established the Eagle Martial Dojo here. This is fruits of father’s blood and sweat over all these years. If the martial dojo is disbanded, father will definitely be unable to withstand this blow. I do not want to see my own father become a ruined man…”

Jiang Xue’s teeth gently bit her rosy lips, as mist gathered in her eyes. Her gentle voice appeared very helpless and sad.

“Thus, I hope that you can help us. I know that this request is very overbearing and it will even you in the extreme danger. However… I truly have no other option. Right now, father is not Luo Jiu’s match, and he will definitely lose if he enters the martial arts arena.”

Lin Dong’s expression was not overly shocked. Evidently, he had long anticipated Jiang Xue’s request.

“Young master Lin Dong, if you are able to the prevent the disbanding of the Eagle Martial Dojo, Xue-er is willing to be your slave or maid!” Jiang Xue gazed at Lin Dong’s calm expression before she suddenly took in a deep breath. Then, her lily-white hand gently undid the binding on her waist, before her dress slipped off. In a flash, a naked figure, that was as exquisite as white jade appeared in the tightly shut room.

This sudden change straightaway caused the calmness on Lin Dong’s face to be broken. He was somewhat dumbstruck as he stared at that perfect snow-white naked body before him.

Jiang Xue’s figure was tall and well developed. Her slim waist was alluring and her skin was like snow or jade. Smooth, delicate and enchanting. Truly a top notch beauty.

“Could you… not use such a cliche…”

From a man’s point of view, Lin Dong could not help but admit that this little lamb before his eyes possessed an allure that all men could hardly resist. However, he was not a person who would let lust control his mind so easily. Hence, he deeply breathed out, before he reluctantly turning his gaze away. Then, his somewhat hoarse voice sounded out.

When Lin Dong’s voice rang out, he heard an extremely soft sobbing noise. Immediately, he was slightly taken aback as he turned to look at Jiang Xue’s face, only to find that the latter’s long eyelashes were trembling while teardrops streaked down her pretty face before tumbling down.

“I know that this is awfully despicable of me… however, I have no other way. If… if I am truly able to protect the martial dojo, even if I have to become someone’s slave or maid, I am willing to do it. This is my home. When I was young, we drifted about homeless and miserably before. I do not want Yinyin to go through that same suffering.”

Jiang Xue’s voice was extremely helpless. Her character was a little stubborn, but when faced with reality, she could only opt for the most cruel choice.

As he gazed at Jiang Xue’s crying face, which appeared lovely and moving, Lin Dong softly sighed. He understood Jiang Xue’s feelings because he had experienced them before. After his once spirited father fell into despair, it had caused his entire family to fall under a shadow.

His hand grabbed the thin quilt and with one swift motion, he covered the perfect naked body, that would cause so many men’s eyes to turn scarlet. Lin Dong stared at Jiang Xue, forcing a smile as he said: “Such a pretty beauty sending herself to the doorstep to be taken, I’m afraid any man will be moved. Though I am not a saint with no worldly desires, if I truly do as you wish, what difference would there be between me and Luo Shan?”

“Moreover, after I beat up Luo Shan today, you only need to quietly pull strings to manipulate me opposing the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo as well. Hence, why would you even need to do this?” Lin Dong chuckled and said.

“If I truly use that kind of method, I’m afraid that you would have left immediately.” Jiang Xue’s lily-white hand gently wiped her face, as she softly replied. She was intelligent and quick-witted. Although they had not known each other for long, she roughly understood Lin Dong’s character. She knew that this youngster before her was definitely not one that could be coerced. The more you forced him, the less you would accomplish.

Lin Dong was a little astonished as he looked at Jiang Xue. This woman was rather sharp indeed.

“Don’t over think things, you guided me out of the Mist Forest and were both open and honest to me. Since you treat me as a friend, I, Lin Dong is naturally not a cold-blooded person. The fact that I’ve made a move against Luo Shan today means that I naturally don’t intend to stand aside and do nothing…”

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s words, Jiang Xue slightly misty eyes widened a little. Her lily-white hands clung onto the thin quilt on her body, before she seated herself on a wide chair to one side. Though the quilt was large, it still revealed her alluring curves. When he thought about the exquisite figure beneath the quilt, even Lin Dong’s expression slightly twitched for a moment. It was truly a torment of sorts to converse under this kind of environment.

“Then what young master Lin Dong implies… is that he is willing to aid our Eagle Martial Dojo?” Jiang Xue gently bit her red lips. Her voice was a little hopeful and timid, as if she was afraid that Lin Dong would deny her request.

“Sigh, you’re already at such a state, if I don’t declare where I stand, there will be no way for me to walk out of the Eagle Martial Dojo alive. If those student find out that I’ve sullied the respected senior sister in their hearts, I wonder how badly I will be hunted down.” Lin Dong somewhat helplessly said.


When she heard this, Jiang Xue could not help but let out a stifled laugh. At this moment, the smile on her beautiful face was pure and enchanting just like a blooming flower.

“Put on your clothes first, else someone might barge in…” Lin Dong softly coughed as he said.

“Could young master Lin Dong close his eyes first?” Jiang Xue’s pretty face was blushed and her voice was so soft that it was barely discernible.

“Didn’t I just see everything…” Lin Dong blurted out on reflex, before he quickly shut his mouth. When he saw Jiang Xue’s face, which had practically turned as red as volcanic ash, he let out a hollow laugh and hastily closed his eyes.

As Lin Dong closed his eyes, a palpitating swishing of someone putting on their clothes sounded out in the room. Moments later, a delicate fragrance washed over him, and before Lin Dong could respond, he felt his lips being gently covered by a soft and hot lips.

“Young master Lin Dong, if you truly feel that my request is too burdensome, I will not blame you. I only hope that you will bring Yinyin and leave when that time comes. Thank you.”

That soft sensation disappeared in a flash, as Jiang Xue’s soft voice rang in Lin Dong’s ears. Quickly turning around, the door creaked, leaving behind a delicate fragrance as she swiftly disappeared under the moonlight.

As the fragrance that lingered about his nose gradually dissipated, Lin Dong slowly opened his eyes and stared at the empty door while he softly sighed. It looked like he will have to intervene this time…

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