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Chapter 202: Swallowing the Thunderbolt

The sky was filled with storm clouds as thunderous roars seemed to shroud the entire forest. Amidst these thunderous roars, numerous Demonic Beasts were shaking in fear, as they did not dare to make a single sound.

Just as every beasts in the world was silenced by the might of thunder, on top of a mountain peak, a light beam exploded forth from time to time and drew the thunderbolt down before an exceeding bright glow exploded forth.

That glowing figure, that was shimmering amidst the lightning storm, was naturally Lin Dong. In total, he had sat under these storm clouds for nearly ten hours. During this period of time, he had absorbed the strength of eight lightning bolts. Furthermore, using the strength of these eight lightning bolts, he had continuously enhanced his body and even managed to unlock four inner channels. Overall, out of the forty four inner channels needed to master Great Sun Thunder Body, he had already unlocked twenty four of them!

Unblocking four inner channels in ten hour’s time, this pace was quite considerable. After all, under normal circumstances, even with help from pure Yuan Pills, it would require several days time before he could accomplish such a feat.

The power of thunderbolts is indeed extraordinary.


On top of the mountain peak, Lin Dong deeply exhaled a puff of white smoke. Amidst that white smoke, one could faintly detect some lightning sparks; it was truly an amazing sight.

Opening his eyes, Lin Dong looked at the storm clouds in the sky. Right now, they have begun to exhibit signs of thinning out and these dark clouds seemed like they were about to dissipate. When he saw this situation, he involuntarily pursed his lips. After he discovered the benefits of drawing lightning bolts, he realized that he quite enjoyed the sensation…

Lin Dong’s palm stroked his arm. The skin there was now light green in color and it seemed like bronze. This was because his body had been gradually enhanced. Once his skin color turned bronze, it would indicate that he had mastered Bronze Thunder Body.

Of course, his skin’s color will only turn bronze during a battle after he activated Bronze Thunder Body. Else, his appearance will be simply too weird. After all, Lin Dong did not want to be seen as a green monster.

Lin Dong extended out his palm, as a golden Great Body Thunder Yuan ball floated in his palm. Hidden within that golden ball, one could detect some lightning sparks shimmering inside. That was because the lighting energy inside his body had not yet fully fused with his Yuan Power.


Lin Dong sensed the remnants of lightning energy coursing through his body, just as he was about to activate Great Day Thunder Body to fuse the remaining energy, suddenly the Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace begun to emit a weird buzzing sound.

This sudden change caused Lin Dong to be slightly taken aback. Before he had time to recover his senses, the three Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace began to distort, before they turned into three Soul Symbol Swirls while a suction force emerged from within.

Due to this suction force, to Lin Dong’s bewilderment, the remaining lightning energy inside his body dashed across his body, before they flew into his Niwan palace and was completely absorbed by those three Soul Symbol Swirls…

When the remaining lightning energy was absorbed by these Soul Symbol Swirls, Lin Dong could clearly feel a trace of electricity swirling around his Destiny Soul Symbols.

Furthermore, when these electrical sparks appeared, Lin Dong realized that his Mental Energy had stealthily became more solidified. That transformation was just as if his Mental Energy had been cleansed by that lightning energy.


When he witnessed this sight, Lin Dong was slightly distraught as this was the first time that he heard that Mental Energy could actually absorb the power from lightning! After all, the Great Sun Thunder Yuan in his body could only fuse with that electrical power. However, right now, his Destiny Soul Symbols directly consumed that electrical power…

The difference between these two was not a trivial one!

Lin Dong was stunned for a while before he finally recovered his sense. With a glint in his eyes, a stream of Mental Energy shot forth from his eyes. Right now, that originally formless Mental Energy had a trace of electric spark faintly hidden within. As it howled forth, it’s destructive potential was much stronger than before. Evidently, after his Destiny Soul Symbols absorbed the electrical power, it had enhanced his Mental Energy.

“Is this due to the Destiny Soul Symbols…”

Lin Dong’s eyes sparkled. He knew that the reason was likely due to the Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace. These things have always been exceedingly magical and not only could they absorb other’s Mental Energy for his own use, but now, they could even absorb the power from lightning!

“Such a formidable Destiny Symbol!”

When he realized this situation, a tinge of delight surged inside Lin Dong’s heart. The magical abilities of his Soul Symbols are truly too formidable. Furthermore, according to Little Marten, these Soul Symbols were merely imitations of “Ancestral Symbols”. Therefore, one can only imagine just how powerful these real “Ancestral Symbols” would be.

“In that case… I could make use of this to temper my Mental Energy…” Lin Dong lifted his head as he stared at the rapidly dissipating clouds. Suddenly, he laughed as he pointed his fingers towards the sky and released a Yuan Power light beam. This time, he directly chose a lightning bolt that was as thick as his thigh.


As it faced Lin Dong’s provocation, that lightning bolt released an enraged roar, before it turned into a lightning beam and dashed down.

Lin Dong lifted his head. Staring at that incoming lightning beam, he gently smiled. With a flick of his mind, the three Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace emerged, before they turned into three Soul Symbol Swirls above his head…

“This fellow, what is he trying to do…” Standing far away, when Little Marten saw this sight, he was instantly shocked.


That lightning beam viciously slammed against his three palm-sized Soul Symbol Swirls. However, the destruction of these symbols did not materialize. Rather, as these three Soul Symbol Swirls started swirling viciously, a formidable suction force emerged and continuously consumed that violent electrical power.

As he saw that lightning beam that was swiftly dissipating, a thick look of awe flashed across Little Marten’s eyes. Moments later, he muttered to himself: “This fellow is truly daring. He actually dares to consume the power of lightning. Nonetheless, it must be said that his Destiny Soul Symbols are truly formidable. Just a mere imitation, yet they actually possess the suction powers of “Ancestral Symbol”. Perhaps due to that reason, he might actually be able to obtain that legendary “Ancestral Symbol”.”

“Buzz buzz!”

After that lighting beam was completely consumed by these three Soul Symbol Swirls, these swirls gradually became more resplendent as lightning sparks continuously shimmered within.

“Hua hua!”

When that lightning beam completely dissipated, within his three Soul Symbol Swirls, a water gushing sound echoed out. Due to this noise, Lin Dong felt his mind gradually becoming sharper. Meanwhile, the Mental Energy inside his Soul Symbols was also growing stronger and turning more solidified at an astounding rate.


The lightning glow sparkled for nearly ten minutes before it gradually dissipated. Then, the three Soul Symbol Swirls, with traces of electrical power, dashed back inside Lin Dong’s Niwan palace before they turned silent again.

After consuming that lightning bolt, Lin Dong could feel that his Mental Energy was at least two times stronger than before. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before he advanced to fourth seal Symbol Master. Furthermore, this rapid progress did not come at the expense of his health. That was because this lightning power possess the ability to temper one’s body, hence he had not have to worry about any side-effects…

“Such a wonderful object!”

Lin Dong’s eyes sparkled. In his eyes, this lightning bolt that most people would die to avoid, was a perfect nourishment. Not only could it temper his body, unlock his inner channels, it could even boost his Mental Energy!

“It’s such a pity that the storm clouds have begun to dissipate…” Lin Dong lifted his head as he stared at the storm clouds, that were scattering off just like a tidal wave, with a tinge of regret. If he could continue his training, then his progress would be quite substantial.

Of course, this regretful state only lasted for a while. After all, Lin Dong was prepared to traverse through the mountainous range and therefore he would naturally encounter much stormy weather. In the future, he would definitely make good use of such opportunities. After all, this was a “short-cut” to boost his cultivation rate and Lin Dong would naturally never give up on such an opportunity.


After he gently exhaled, Lin Dong stood up and kept his ancient halberd. Then, turning to look at Little Flame and Little Marten, who were standing afar, he instantly grumbled out: “What are you looking at, let’s go!”


When it heard Lin Dong’s voice, Little Flame instantly growled before it leapt over. Using its head to fawn on Lin Dong, it seemingly ignored the fact that there were still Demonic Beast remnants sticking on its head.

“Kid, are you alright?” Little Marten floated forth, before he landed on his shoulders and asked with a twinkly smile.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes. Staring at the disappearing storm clouds, a smile surfaced on his lips before he said: “It was a pleasant sensation. In the future, I shall train like this…”

Little Marten was stunned as he was somewhat taken aback. Evidently, he never expected that Lin Dong had actually become addicted to this sensation. Instantly, he shook his head as he muttered: “What a sicko.”

With regards to his muttering, Lin Dong could not be bothered with it. The power of lightning was extremely important to him. Even though it was painful at first, the pain he experienced was nothing compared to the benefits that he gained.

“Let’s go. For the remaining journey, I will try to unlock all my inner channels as soon as possible. After all, without sufficient strength, I cannot hope to obtain that so-called “Ancestral Symbol”…”

Lin Dong smiled as he stretched his back. Then, leaping onto Little Flame’s back, his lips released a soft whistle. Instantly, the latter roared and turned into a fiery-red shadow and dashed forth.

“That fellow is truly addicted to training… Heh, however his tenacity is pretty remarkable. At this rate, it would be possible for him to catch up with Lin Langtian.”

As he stared at Lin Dong’s back, small marten smiled. With his claws behind his back, he gently floated behind him.

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