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WDQK Chapter 20: The Family Competition Begins

Just as the first rays of dawn broke through the clouds and shone onto Earth, a hubbub buzzed in the Lin Family as a rowdy atmosphere enveloped their manor.

When Lin Xiao brought Lin Dong and Qing Tan to the training chambers of the Family Competition, it was already a lively place, packed full with people.

Even though the Lin Family could not be considered as a first-rate faction in Qingyang Town, they still held considerable sway. Therefore, there were several VIPs who had come specially to witness this Family Competition in order to use this occasion to  build relationships with the Lin Family. Also, this competition also gave them an opportunity to assess the capabilities of the younger generation in the Lin Family. After all, the abilities of the next generation is vital for the continued prosperity of any family.

If the younger generation in the Lin Family prove themselves to be incompetent, then the Lin Family will fall sooner or later.

Even though this was not his first time witnessing a Family Competition, Lin Dong could not help but feel slightly tensed. After all, this time, he would be the one in the spotlight.

Lin Xiao patted Lin Dong’s shoulders reassuringly, trying to ease the latter’s nerves. Soon after, he brought the two of them and approached the VIP section of the training chambers.

Currently, there were already many people already seated at the VIP section, happily conversing among themselves.

Seated in the middle of the VIP section, was a somewhat lean middle-aged man who was cheerfully conversing with the other guests. Suddenly, his caught a glimpse of Lin Xiao and his children, causing him to freeze up on the spot. Though he quickly recovered as a frowned formed on his face.

In the past competitions, Lin Xiao would normally never appear. Even on the rare occasions when he turned up, he would stand in a discreet corner where no one would notice him. This was the first time in many years, that he directly approached the VIP section.

On the left side of the lean middle aged man were two youngsters, the brothers Lin Hong and Lin Shan. Tellingly, the man seated next to them was likely their Father, Lin Mang, who had bad blood with Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao paid no heed towards Lin Mang’s stare. Without missing a beat, just as he was about to walk past the latter, Lin Mang suddenly smiled. A teacup in his hand, he casually asked: “Third-brother, what finally brought you out of your house?”

Lin Xiao stopped and glanced at his half-brother, whom which he had a terrible relationship with ever since young. A smile surfaced on his face as he replied: “Is it a problem?”

As he witnessed Lin Xiao’s smile, Lin Mang was shocked as he noticed that he could not find any traces of the usual despondency in that smile. This discovery made him feel uncomfortable, yet he remarked in an indifferent manner: “There is no problem. Its just that today is an important occasion for my Lin Family. Since you have appeared, I just hope that you don’t embarrass us.”

Lin Xiao lightly chuckled. Ignoring the insult hidden in Lin Mang’s words, he immediately brushed past him before seating himself in a nearby seat.


Lin Xiao’s actions caused Lin Mang’s face to distorted slightly as he coldly snorted.

“Ahh, Lin Mang-xiong. Is this the man that once had the best chance among the Lin Family members to advance to Yuan Dan stage, Lin Xiao?” A man seated by Lin Mang’s side casually asked with a smile.

“Those are just rumours. How can you believe them?”. Lin Mang replied in derision.

“Ahh, of course. Right now, Lin Mang-brother is the prime candidate among the Lin Family to advance to Yuan Dan stage. In the future, let’s look for more opportunities to collaborate.” The man cheerfully replied, a tone of subservience in his voice. Two years ago, Lin Mang successfully advanced to Heavenly Yuan level and became the third Heavenly Yuan practitioner in the Lin Family. Over these two years, he was heavily favoured by the family and he now controls the finances of the entire Lin Family. In comparison, Lin Xiao, had almost been forgotten after being an invalid for many years.

Even though Lin Mang knew those words were merely flattery, the corners of his mouth still formed into a smile.

“Father rest assured. Later when Lin Dong is thrashed publicly, third-uncle’s expression will definitely worsen.” Sensing his father’s unhappiness, Lin Hong, who was sitting behind Lin Mang, reassuringly told his father.


Upon hearing these words, Lin Mang smiled again as he slowly nodded his head.

“That guy is so irksome.”

Qing Tan, who was sitting beside Lin Xiao, unhappily complained after she saw Lin Mang’s deliberate provocations.

“They are on the winning side, for now.”

Lin Xiao shook his head, undisturbed by Lin Mang. Just as he was about to continue, he suddenly turned towards the main entrance. There was a large crowd currently streaming in. Leading the pack, was an old man with headful of white hair and dressed in embroidered robes. He had an impressively robust aura and at this moment he was scanning the training chambers.

This man, was the current head of the Lin Family, and also Lin Xiao’s father plus Lin Dong’s grandfather, Lin Zhentian.

Following closely behind Lin Zhentian, was a middle-aged man. At his side, stood Lin Xia, whose slim and elegant figure naturally drew the gazes of several young men.

As Lin Zhentian appeared, the commotion in the training chambers intensified as everyone hurriedly rose to pay their respects. After all, Lin Zhentian was considered as a legend in Qingyang Town. After he arrived here, he single handedly built the Lin Family. Therefore, his methods and capabilities have left a strong impression on many people.

Lin Zhentian cheerfully greeted the VIPs before coming to a halt in the middle of the VIP area. However, just as he stopped, he spotted Lin Xiao a short distance away, causing the former to be startled for a moment. Lin Zhentian quickly recovered and swiftly walked over


As he saw Lin Zhentian approaching, Lin Xiao’s fists involuntarily tightened, as he stood up and respectfully greeted his father.

“You are finally willing to come and visit me?”

As he looked at Lin Xiao, who was in front of him, Lin Zhentian offhandedly asked, a complicated emotion in his eyes.

In the past, Lin Xiao was the son that Lin Zhentian had dedicated the most effort to. Even though the former’s eventual defeat had disappointed him, the most disappointing fact was Lin Xiao’s descent into despondency after the defeat.

The old man was as stubborn as his son. After Lin Xiao’s descent into despondency, the downhearted Lin Zhentian never initiated a meetup as well regardless of how much he missed his son in his heart.

“Father, I am sorry.” Lin Xiao softly muttered. He knew that Lin Zhentian was extremely disappointed by his years of despondency.


Qing Tan and Lin Dong, who were standing at one side, also hurriedly greeted their grandfather.

“Ahh, its Dong-er and Qing Tan. You kids have really grown…” Upon hearing their voices, a smile resurfaced on Lin Zhentian’s face. As he gently stroked their heads, he gave the image of a rather kindly and doting grandfather.

“Its good that you have now finally come out. At least, you bothered to visit me before I have to enter my coffin.” Lin Zhentian said, as he turned his gaze back towards Lin Xiao. As he spoke, Lin Dong could feel a slight tremble from the old man’s hand. It seems like in that aged heart, he was not as calm as he appeared to be.

“Haha, Father. Now that Third-Brother has finally decided to appear, let’s spare him the nagging. After all, there are still many guests around.” The middle-aged man who was following behind Lin Zhentian remarked with a smile.

Lin Zhentian sighed, taking one more glance at Lin Xiao, the former finally went to seat himself.

“Da-ge (Big brother).” Lin Xiao gratefully thanked the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man smiled as he nodded his head, before proceeding to pat Lin Dong’s shoulder and said: “Dong-er, make sure you do not embarrass your father in today’s competition.”

“Yes, 1st uncle.”

Lin Dong nodded in response. This man was his oldest uncle and his name was Lin Ken. Besides that, he was also Lin Xia’s father.

As he recalled Lin Xia, Lin Dong immediately turned to see the young lady standing behind the middle-aged man waving her tiny fists at him in a show of support.

After Lin Ken and Lin Xiao exchanged pleasantries, Lin Ken brought Lin Xia back to their respective seats. Soon after, the crowd finally settled back into their respective seats and the noise in the training chambers gradually began to die down.

Everyone was intently staring at the Clan Head, Lin Zhentian.

Lin Family Competition had officially begun!

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