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Chapter 180: Trouble

A green light containing killing intent violently shot towards Lin Dong. Slightly astonished, the tip of his foot pushed off the ground, as his figure once again rapidly retreated. Meanwhile, with a flick of his mind, Mental Energy gathered before him to form a defensive layer.


The Mental Energy defence did not achieve any significant effect, as the green light practically tore it apart in an instant, before charging at Lin Dong’s throat without losing any speed.

However, though it did not achieve much, in that short period, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd was once again summoned in Lin Dong’s hand. Yuan Power gushed forth, and the halberd viciously whizzed through the air to heavily clash against the green light.


An energy shockwave erupted from the collision, as a strong gale swept outwards. Lin Dong’s body was also jolted back dozens of steps, as he jabbed his ancient halberd onto the ground, before slowly stabilizing his body.

“Perfect Yuan Dan stage?”

Having stabilized himself, amazement suddenly flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This was because, he had discovered that his current strength had unknowingly rose dramatically. Based on his guess, the current him had mysteriously made a breakthrough to the perfect Yuan Dan level.

Furthermore, he was faintly able to sense that his body had also grown much stronger. Or else, given his previous level of strength, he would have at least spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot after receiving Ling Qingzhu’s attack.

Of course, Lin Dong also understood that this did not mean he possessed the power to face off against Ling Qingzhu. The latter’s strength was still too frightening, if he faced her head on, he would definitely not be her match. After all, the gap between the Yuan Dan stage and the Creation stage was not so easily overcome!

With his body stabilized, Lin Dong’s eyes looked towards the huge bronze door. There, a green lotus hovered, and atop the green lotus, Ling Qingzhu’s entire being was emitting a cold murderous aura, while extreme rage and coldness gushed out from her clear eyes.

“Lecher, I will definitely take your life today!” Ling Qingzhu stared at Lin Dong, her melodious voice was so cold that it cut into the bone.

“It’s not my fault, everything was done by that guy!” As he gazed at Ling Qingzhu, who was like a piece of black ice, Lin Dong’s scalp began to turn a little numb. His gaze swept across the stone hall, but did not find even the slightest trace of that scholarly man. Immediately, he could not help but curse out in his heart.

“You have to pay the price for disgracing my purity.” Ling Qingzhu’s eyes were ice-cold. She admittedly knew who the ringleader of this affair was, but this was no reason for her to so easily let Lin Dong go!

She was just and proud by nature, over the years, she had seen countless young and outstanding talents, and there were no geniuses or monsters she had not seen before. Yet, even these people were unable to draw even the slightest bit of her attention. However, she had actually lost her purity in such a rundown place today!

Moreover, her partner, was an ordinary and unremarkable guy!

In the past, this kind of person would perhaps be unable to draw even a glance from her. Yet, such a person had now directly taken away her purity!

At this thought, even with Ling Qingzhu’s temperament, an uncontainable humiliation and murderous intent rose up in her heart.

“I will erect a grave for you after I killed you.”

Green lights slowly blossomed from the green lotus below Ling Qingzhu’s feet. Soon after, the lights flashed, and her body strangely disappeared.


Upon seeing that Ling Qingzhu had strangely disappeared, Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk. Powerful Mental Energy immediately swept forth, and in the next moment, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand seemed to bring a scarlet wind with it, tearing apart the air, as it fiercely flicked upwards.

The ancient halberd struck, but only managed to pierce an after image. After seeing that Ling Qingzhu’s strength was actually so frightening, Lin Dong’s expression drastically changed. He grasped tightly onto the shaft of the halberd with both hands, as his body abruptly started to spin. Like a storm, a formidable gale enshrouded his body.

“Wuu wuu!”

The halberd flashed, as powerful winds left rows of deep gashes on the ground.


Images of halberds danced in the skies, suddenly, a slender and white jade-like hand directly reached into the storm. The lily-white hand clenched as the halberds which filled the skies instantly dissipated, while the shaft of the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd was directly grabbed by Ling Qingzhu. No matter how much strength Lin Dong exerted, he was unable to budge it at all.

With a lily-white hand restraining the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, Ling Qingzhu’s exquisite figure flickered, as her body gracefully approached Lin Dong. Her other hand was as light as a feather as it swept towards Lin Dong’s chest, the green light encircling it giving off a deadly killing intent.

As he felt the extremely formidable green light on Ling Qingzhu’s palm, Lin Dong’s heart skipped a beat. However, just as he was about to use all his power to fight back, the tightly shut huge bronze door behind them suddenly burst open with a bang, transforming into countless fragments which shot outwards, causing several deep holes in the ground.

While the huge bronze door burst apart, a few figures also swept out as quick as lightning. After which, they quickly took in the scene before their eyes.

Because Lin Dong’s back was facing the huge bronze door, the few people who entered seemed to see Ling Qingzhu closely snuggling against Lin Dong. This scene directly caused the three originally extremely calm and collected individuals to be dumbstruck.

Ling Qingzhu also sensed the huge bronze door being blown apart, immediately, the terrifying green light on her lily-white hand weakened substantially, before landing on Lin Dong’s chest.


A huge force hit his chest, as Lin Dong’s body was directly blown backwards. However, due to the huge increase in his strength, his body once flipped in mid-air, before healthily landing on the ground. He swiftly retreated several steps, as he tightly grasped the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand, while vigilantly staring at Ling Qingzhu.

“Miss Qingzhu, this is?”

Gazing at the scene, the trio who had entered were a little taken aback. Soon after, one of them slightly smiled as he asked.

“Nothing much, I was only having a brief exchange with this young master.” Currently, the murderous aura and coldness in Ling Qingzhu’s eyes had practically disappeared in an instant, as she regained the seemingly gentle demeanor from before, while her tone was tinged with a deep feeling of repelling one a thousand miles.

The trio which had entered was naturally Ling Langtian, Wang Yan and Qin Shi, who were all previously stuck within the great formation. After they heard Ling Qingzhu’s words, their gazes turned towards Lin Dong, as their eyebrows slightly furrowed. Naturally, they could tell that Lin Dong was only at the perfect Yuan Dan stage. Compared to Ling Qingzhu, the difference between them was huge, why the need to exchange blows with him?

The trio’s gazes were tinged with an interrogatory flavour as they looked at Lin Dong, before they withdrew their gazes. The latter’s looks and strength were unable to make them feel even the slightest bit threatened.

“Miss Qingzhu, from the looks of it, I’m afraid the Nirvana Heart already has an owner right?” Ling Langtian took a look at the empty stone hall, as he gently chuckled and said.

“The three of you were a step too late.” Ling Qingzhu winked as she softly replied.

“Unfortunate. It’s all because of that formation.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Yan felt helpless, soon after, he acted magnanimous as he let out a hearty laughter: “However, the fact that miss Qingzhu was able to obtain it also means that she is capable. Although this Nirvana Heart has a chance to give one the potential to reach the Nirvana stage, the three of us do not mind. Even without it, advancing to the Nirvana stage is merely a matter of time.”

“Then many thanks to young master Wang Yan.” Ling Qingzhu softly chuckled. Though the veil covered her face, its beautiful contours were still astonishing, causing the fire in Wang Yan’s eyes to burn even brighter.

“Hai, since the Nirvana Heart already has an owner, I will take my leave first.” Upon seeing Ling Qingzhu and the top members of the Great Yan Empire’s younger generation chatting cheerfully together. Lin Dong did not know why but he felt a little unwell in his heart, immediately, he spoke out and planned to leave.

Lin Langtian, Wang Yan and Qin Shi did not take much notice of Lin Dong. A mere perfect Yuan Dan stage was not enough to draw their attention.


However, though the trio ignored him, Ling Qingzhu bit her teeth as she shouted out.


Upon seeing this normally elegant and calm Ling Qingzhu unexpectedly forget herself in this manner, Lin Langtian and the other two were stunned. Soon after, their eyebrows once again furrowed, as they gazes shifted towards Lin Dong. They were not fools, Ling Qingzhu’s reaction was somewhat different from usual.

“Miss Qingzhu, is there anything else?” Upon seeing that this woman still refused to let him go, Lin Dong could only halt in his step as he somewhat helplessly asked.

Upon hearing this, Ling Qingzhu paused. At this time, she could not possibly speak like before right? However, this woman was intelligent, she only paused a little before her indifferent voice sounded out: “The young master’s martial art is exquisite, previously, we have yet to decide the victor. Qingzhu will follow you out and find a place to continue our duel, how does that sound?”

“Young master Ling Langtian, Qingzhu will first bid her farewells. If I have time, I will come and visit again.” After saying these words, Ling Qingzhu bowed towards Ling Langtian and the other two, before she slowly walked towards Lin Dong under the trio’s astonished gazes.

As they stared at Ling Qingzhu’s elegant figure, Ling Langtian’s and ther other two’s eyebrows knitted together even more tightly. At this time, even an idiot could tell that something must have happened between Lin Dong and the former. Exquisite martial art, how exquisite could a brat at the Yuan Dan stage be? How could he possibly compare to the three of them, who were the elite among the Great Yan Empire’s younger generation?

Among the trio, the most prideful Wang Yan’s eyes could not help but slightly narrow. He stared at Lin Dong’s back, as he adjusted the jade ring on his thumb.

“I admit defeat.” Upon seeing Ling Qingzhu gracefully approaching, Lin Dong hastily said.

However, Ling Qingzhu’s eyes were ice-cold, ignoring him as she walked to Lin Dong’s side and coldly said: “Go.”

Lin Dong bitterly laughed, his gaze slightly flickered, as thoughts of how to escape swiftly spun in his mind.

While Lin Dong’s gaze was flickering, another group of figures rushed in from the opened bronze door. At the head of the group, was Wang Pan, Lin Ke-er and the rest.

When Wang Pan and the rest entered, they quickly spotted Lin Dong. A sneer flashed across the former’s face as they quickly swarmed towards Wang Yan, before softly speaking into his ear.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Dong’s expression slightly sunk. He knew that these guys were definitely talking about him.


While Lin Dong’s expression turned gloomy, beside him, Ling Qingzhu’s indifferent voice once again sounded out.

“Wait a moment.”

However, just as Lin Dong planned to leave this place first, a calm voice suddenly rang out behind him as expected.

“It’s here…”

After hearing this voice, Lin Dong slowly exhaled in his heart. In the end, he was unable to avoid these troubles.

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