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WDQK Chapter 18: Yuan Power Seed

From the depths of his bone marrow, a bizarre energy slowly flowed as an incredulous force gradually spread out from his bone marrow and started coursing through his body, eventually encompassing every part of his body.

“Is this the Yuan Power Seed?”

A look of joy sprung up in Lin Dong’s eyes. All of a sudden, it was as if the whole world had brightened up. He could even feel a mystical force flowing through the surrounding air which greatly resembled the Yuan Power Seed hidden in his bones.

“Yuan Power…”

Lin Dong stood up and could not help but release a hearty laughter. After such a long period of hard training plus the aid from the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid, he had finally refined a Yuan Power Seed in his body today! Right now, he had officially stepped into the realm of a true practitioner!


As Lin Dong laughed, the Scorpion Tiger nearby continued to stare at Lin Dong with its scarlet eyes. This time, it could faintly sense a familiar scent coming from the latter. However, this was not enough to deter it. With a low growl, it opened its bloody mouth and charged towards Lin Dong.

Sensing the incoming murderous intent, Lin Dong lifted his head. However, in his eyes, the movements of the Scorpion Tiger felt much slower than before, allowing him to instantly grasp the attack trajectory of the creature.

“Is this the power of Tempered Body 6th Layer…?”

Lin Dong’s eyes lit up as he gently stepped to the side and avoided the creature’s pounce. Lightly extending his right palm, a weak light flashed as his palm chopped heavily towards the Scorpion Tiger’s head.


A deep and low sound rang out and scalding fresh blood sprayed into the air. Lin Dong’s palm had directly chopped through the Scorpion Tiger’s thick hide and decapitated it!

The Scorpion Tiger’s body stiffened before it landed on the ground with a thud. Fresh blood splattered onto the ground, dyeing it crimson red.

“Yuan Power…  so strong…”

As Lin Dong stared at the corpse of the Scorpion Tiger he had killed in one blow, he involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air. Is this the strength of Yuan Power? No wonder people often say that the 5th and 6th Layers are worlds apart.

“Thankfully, I did not fight it out with Lin Hong previously. Or else, I would definitely suffer.” Lin Dong carefully examined his palm and picked up some leaves to clean off the bloodstains. His heart was still filled with trepidation as this was his first time witnessing the formidable Yuan Power.

Lin Dong kicked the corpse to one side and arrived at place where the Crystal Vermillion Fruit was in two strides. As he stared at the sparkling exterior of the fruit, an envious glint surfaced in his eyes. The price of this Grade 3 Elixir was rather high. Normally, one would only find them within the ancient deep forests. To be able to discover a stalk here today, he must really be blessed by Lady Luck.

After Lin Dong carefully examined the fruit, he then stretched forward to grab it. However, just as he touched the Crystal Vermillion Fruit, a faint warm sensation suddenly emitted from the Stone Talisman at his chest.

In response to the sudden change in the Stone Talisman, Lin Dong fell into a daze. Soon after, he decided to remove the Stone Talisman and hold it on his palm. Ever since he advanced to Tempered Body 6th Layer, his senses had sharpened considerably. Hence, he could indistinctly feel that the Stone Talisman was currently releasing a weak suction force. Thanks to this suction force, faint streams of energy were pouring into the Stone Talisman.

“The Stone Talisman Ling Liquid is perhaps crystallized from the energy that the Stone Talisman absorbs!”

As this concept formed in his head, Lin Dong thought for a while before gazing at the Crystal Vermillion Fruit in his other palm. He suspected that the sudden change in the Stone Talisman was likely caused by this Crystal Vermillion Fruit.

Holding onto the Crystal Vermillion Fruit, Lin Dong hesitated for a moment before he gently brought the Crystal Vermillion Fruit near to the Stone Talisman. However, just as the Crystal Vermillion Fruit was inches away from the Stone Talisman, a powerful suction force abruptly emerged from the Stone Talisman. Instantly, the Crystal Vermillion Fruit flew towards the Stone Talisman and mysteriously disappeared on contact.

Lin Dong was stunned by this sight. Did the Stone Talisman just swallow the Crystal Vermillion Fruit?

Can the Stone Talisman eat?

Just as Lin Dong regained his wits, he suddenly noticed the crevice on the Stone Talisman flicker with a vermillion glow. Soon after, the glow intensified until eventually, it condensed into two bean-sized vermillion pills. As they tumbled down, Lin Dong quickly swiped them up.

Catching the lukewarm pills in his hand, Lin Dong could faintly feel that these pills contained a pure and highly-concentrated energy. In fact, this energy was even more potent than that of the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid.

“These pills should have been condensed from the Crystal Vermillion Fruit…” From the pills, Lin Dong could smell the same fragrance he had smelt from the Crystal Vermillion Fruit. In addition to the scene that had just played before his eyes, it was not difficult to guess how the pills were produced.

“It looks like Stone Talisman is not only able to assimilate the energy from Heaven and Earth, but it can also absorb Elixirs and refine them into pills or liquid medicine of a greater purity…”

Excitement surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes as he contemplated this new discovery. One Crystal Vermillion Fruit was refined into two pills. Furthermore, the medicinal properties of each pill seemed to be more potent than an individual Crystal Vermillion Fruit. It was as if the Stone Talisman had the ability to upgrade the effects of elixirs to its peak.

“I must obtain more elixirs. The energy in these pills seem to be even stronger than the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid. If I utilized these pills, I can definitely accelerate my training progress!”

As he imagined the potential it held, Lin Dong’s could not help but tighten his fists. He kept the Stone Talisman properly before he sped away.

After discovering this miraculous property of the Stone Talisman, Lin Dong was extremely excited for a few days. However, his excitement gradually subsided, as he realized that things were not as rosy as he had imagined.

Firstly, he did not have enough elixirs for the Stone Talisman to refine. Even though Lin Xiao had recovered from his condition, he still refused any resources from the Lin Family. Therefore, Lin Dong could only rely upon himself to look for elixirs.

Furthermore, when Lin Dong tried to feed two Grade 1 elixirs to the Stone Talisman, to his surprise, only two flimsy beans were produced. After a few more experiments, he understood that if he wanted to produce pills like before, he needed to use a Grade 3 elixir or better. However, just where was he going to find these rare Grade 3 Elixirs?

He got extremely lucky the last time. It was almost impossible for lightning to strike the same spot twice…

Faced with these huge obstacles, Lin Dong was forced to temporarily suppress the greed in his heart. Right now, he could only hope to excel at the upcoming Family Competition so that he could finally utilize the vast resources of the Lin Family, and all his previous troubles would be swept away.

As he suppressed the extravagant greed in his heart, Lin Dong decided to refocus his energy back to his training. Even though he had advanced to Tempered Body 6th Layer, he knew that consuming the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid directly still held significant benefits for him. Therefore, as time passed, Lin Dong could clearly feel that that the Yuan Power Seed coursing through his bone marrow was gradually seeping out from his bones.

And when the Yuan Power finally breaks out of his bones and flows into the channels within his body, he would have reached the first step of Tempered Body 7th Layer: Refining Yuan into the Channels!

Of course, even with the help of the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid, it would still take some time before he could reach that step…

As Lin Dong’s strength continued to grow by leaps and bounds, the hot summer period gradually ended, heralding the most important upcoming Family Competition…

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