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Chapter 178: Forcefully Seizing Yang Energy

This so-called Yin and Yang energy naturally did not refer to the Yin and Yang energy from heaven and earth, but rather the male Yang and the female Yin. Put nicely, it would be called Yin and Yang energy, while bluntly put, it would be called twin training energy. A more pleasant name for the people who utilized this method, would be joyful grandmasters, while an uglier term would be corrupt practitioners, and an uglier term would be… pervert.

Hence, when Lin Dong discovered that the owner of this old tomb had actually relied on this method to advance to the Nirvana stage, his face turned immensely exciting. Then, he turned to look at Ling Qingzhu, who was sitting in mid-air on her green lotus.

From these small carvings, Lin Dong knew that this old tomb’s owner had done it on purpose. After all, who would bother to find these insignificant scribblings on the corner of the coffin. Furthermore, if most people did not understand the mystery hidden within these words and started refining the Nirvana Heart, then the final outcome would be as written on that coffin’s wall; they would be destroyed.

Even in death, the owner of this old tomb wanted to torment others, this truly made one speechless.

Under Lin Dong’s gaze, Ling Qingzhu, who was seated on the green lotus, still seemed fairly calm and the so-called destruction of her body did not occur. This caused Lin Dong to somewhat doubt the authenticity of the words in the coffin.

“Don’t tell me these words are purposely left as a joke?” Lin Dong was somewhat disappointed as he mumbled.


However, just as Lin Dong finished mumbling, the sound of an energy shockwave suddenly echoed out in the air. He hurriedly lifted his head to look, only to find that a violent energy shockwave had suddenly appeared from the middle of the green lotus, and, the origin of that shockwave was Ling Qingzhu’s body.

“As expected!”

When he saw this sight, Lin Dong’s heart jumped.

Inside the green lotus, Ling Qingzhu exposed snow-white skin instantly became slightly reddish. Meanwhile, an extremely pure Yin energy continuously gushed forth from her body, causing ripples to form on the screen of light from the green lotus.

Right now, Ling Qingzhu evidently realized that there was something amiss, as a cold look flowed in her eyes. Lifting her thin hands, an extremely strong Yuan Power exploded forth from her body, as she tried to forcefully suppress the devastating pure Yin Energy.

The green lotus flickered, as waves of violent energy unendingly gushed out from Ling Qingzhu’s body. One could tell that her body had descended into a fierce internal battle.

Below, when Lin Dong saw that this Ling Qingzhu actually managed to temporarily suppress the power of even the Nirvana Heart, he involuntarily licked his lips. This woman’s strength was truly terrifying indeed.

However, even though they were in a stalemate, it was only temporary. After all, the Nirvana Heart was the essence of a Nirvana stage practitioner. Thus, regardless of how amazing Ling Qingzhu was, there was still a wide gap between them. Hence, the battle between these two forces only lasted for several minutes, before the light screen of the green lotus was forcefully broken apart, and Ling Qingzhu’s body was shrouded by a layer of an extremely pure Yin energy.

Normally, this would be extremely beneficial to Ling Qingzhu. However, if one absorbs too much of this kind of thing, it would become a lethal poison. If one was unable to dispel this pure Yin energy and allow it to accumulate too long in one’s body, it would transform into pure Yin fire and burn one’s body from within.

“Shameless one!”

Atop the green lotus, Ling Qingzhu’s body suddenly stood up. Her voice was icy, and she waved her lily-white hand, as an extremely formidable Yuan Power shot out and turned into a giant palm, which ruthlessly smashed the stone coffin of the Nirvana stage practitioner.


A loud sound rang out, as the stone coffin and the skeleton within were directly reduced to dust by Ling Qingzhu. When he saw this sight, the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth began to twitch. This woman was indeed no virtuous soul. More moments after she had obtained his Nirvana Heart, she flipped and destroyed his remains.

Lin Dong very cautiously backed off. Right now, this woman seemed to have become a little crazy. If he went forward now, he would probably be smashed to death.

Right now, both of them did not realize that there was a faintly flickering red light hidden within the debris of the stone coffin.

After she levelled the stone coffin with her palm, Ling Qingzhu’s wondrous figure once again began to shudder. She could feel a ball of fire gradually forming inside her body. This flame was not scorching hot, but instead was filled with an endless icy chilling cold. In response to that flame, the vigorous Yuan Power inside her body began to show signs of freezing.

Based on her current strength, it was still quite difficult for her to match up to the remnants of a Nirvana stage practitioner.

A desperate glint flashed across Ling Qingzhu’s eyes. Moments later, she gritted her silver-like teeth, as she turned towards the only other person around.

When he saw Ling Qingzhu’s gaze, Lin Dong’s face slightly trembled. As he slowly stepped back, he forced a smile and said: “Miss Qingzhu, I believe that I should not linger here any longer. Let me make a move first. Goodbye.” After he spoke, he directly escaped towards the huge bronze door.

When she saw Lin Dong so swiftly running away, Ling Qingzhu was so enraged that she let out a laugh. Why didn’t you be more tactful and leave previously?

Unfortunately, Lin Dong’s wish to escape was not granted. Before he could leap out through that huge bronze door, an extremely powerful force gushed forth from behind him and heavily slammed against that huge bronze door, causing it to shut tightly.

When he saw the tightly shut bronze door, Lin Dong could only turn around. He stared at Ling Qingzhu who was floating nearby on her green lotus, as his eyebrows furrowed: “What do you want? It’s not my fault you got duped.”

“Do you know what’s wrong with the Nirvana Heart?” Upon hearing these words, a cold glint flashed across Ling Qingzhu’s eyes, as her beautiful voice suddenly turned ice- cold.

“It was written in the coffin. However, I only discovered it after you ate the Nirvana Heart. Did you not notice it?” Lin Dong hurriedly clarified. Right now, this woman was not as friendly as before. If he said the wrong thing, perhaps she might directly launch a palm attack at him.

Ling Qingzhu face was in flux, evidently extremely enraged. She naturally did not bother to check for any messages on the coffin. If she had bothered to do so, she would not be in such a sorry state.

“Young master Lin Dong.”

As Ling Qingzhu’s facial expression was in flux, the pure Yin energy surrounding her intensified. Staring at Lin Dong, her originally cold voice suddenly turned much gentler.

“What is it?” If anyone received such luxurious treatment from this fairy-like beauty, their bones would probably turn to jelly. However, Lin Dong felt something was amiss, as he cautiously replied.

“Ling Qingzhu wishes to borrow the Yang energy inside your body. After this issue is resolved, I shall give you a fair compensation.” Ling Qingzhu softly said.

“That’s no good. My master told me that before I reached the Nirvana stage, I must remain a virgin!” Lin Dong released a hollow laugh as he said.

Lin Dong was obviously bullshitting. He did not have any mentors, nor was he instructed to remain a virgin before he reached the Nirvana stage. Therefore, his actual intention was to reject her.

“Young master does not need to worry. We do not require intercourse to obtain Yang energy. Qingzhu has other means.” When she heard Lin Dong’s words, Ling Qingzhu’s lily-white hands slightly clenched. Soon after, she chuckled in an indifferent manner as she said.

“Lin Dong, be careful. This woman plans to forcefully seize the Yang energy from your body. If she is successful, this will hurt your body’s foundations and leave severe repercussions.” The small marten’s solemn voice suddenly rang out inside Lin Dong’s mind.

“Heh heh, if this was done through the usual means, both parties will benefit. However, this lady is obviously too virtuous, as even young geniuses like Lin Langtian would find it difficult to enter her eyes. Therefore, she would naturally not utilise such means with you. Don’t dream that she would give you her pure body…”

“Dammit, this woman is truly vicious!”

When he heard the small marten’s words, Lin Dong’s scalp turned numb as he replied without the slightest bit of hesitation: “Miss Ling Qingzhu, please look for someone else. I believe that I am unsuitable. After all, there is still Lin Langtian and the rest outside…”


When she heard these words, Ling Qingzhu’s expression turned furious. Lin Dong’s words were too much…

“Young master Lin Dong, Qingzhu has promised. Regardless of how great your loss, I will compensate you several fold.” Even though she was angry, Ling Qingzhu was obviously cultured. Even at this juncture, she still gently inhaled as she tried her best to soften her tone.

“Not interested, goodbye!”

Lin Dong ignored her words. He cupped his fist before immediately dashing backwards. At the same time, a Mysterious Ice Sword appeared below his feet, while the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd appeared in his hand.


While Lin Dong retreated, Little Flame dashed forth and heavily slammed against that large bronze door. It’s powerful force directly and slowly pushed open the tightly shut bronze door.

When she saw this sight, Ling Qingzhu’s eyes turned ice-cold. Based on her current condition, she could not afford to wait any longer. Immediately, she waved her lily-white hand, as several green lights of rope were fired from the green lotus below her feet. Just like a heavenly net, they flew towards Lin Dong.

“Since young master Lin Dong does not wish to cooperate, please excuse Qingzhu.”

When he saw Ling Qingzhu finally make her move, Lin Dong’s facial expression slightly sunk. The Yuan Power inside his body gushed forth, as a dark red glow erupted from the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. The halberd flashed, and heavily thrust at the incoming green ropes.

“Ding ding!”

Sparks erupted in mid-air each time he collided against the green ropes, while Lin Dong could feel an extremely powerful resulting force violently gushing forth. Even though it was mostly absorbed by the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, the remaining impact still jolted Lin Dong backwards, causing a sweet sensation to gush up in his throat. It seemed like the gap between him and Ling Qingzhu was too large after all.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

In mid-air, the green shadow danced across the sky. Unknowingly, it had turned into green flashes and completely surrounded Lin Dong, restricting his range of movements.


As his movements were restricted, Lin Dong was unable to completely utilize his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. Due to a slip in his concentration, these green ropes dashed forward and directly tied Lin Dong up.

After she subdued Lin Dong, Ling Qingzhu slowly approached him atop her green lotus. As she stared at Lin Dong’s enraged expression, she did not speak. Extending her jade-like finger, she gently tapped on the latter’s forehead. Then, Lin Dong immediately felt that something important within his body was about to be forcefully taken away.

“Small marten, let’s join hands against her!”

With a maniacal glint in his eyes, Lin Dong roared in his mind. At the same time, he was prepared to use the mid-tier Symbol Puppet that he had obtained earlier. Even if he had to use a huge chunk of his Pure Yuan pills, he could not let this woman steal his Yang energy…


With regards to Lin Dong’s roar, the small marten suddenly replied.

“How can I wait. If I wait any longer, I will be sucked dry!” When he heard this reply, Lin Dong was so angry that he nearly vomited blood.

“Oh, I did not want to witness such a scene…”

Just as the small marten’s words fell, a slightly playful voice suddenly echoed out in the empty stone hall, causing Lin Dong and Ling Qingzhu to both be taken aback. As they hurriedly turned to look, they saw that above that stone coffin debris, a small red dot was hovering in mid-air, before it finally transformed into an illusory figure and smiled at the two of them.

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