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Chapter 175: Middle Ranked Symbol Puppet

Over a hundred Symbol Puppets with strengths comparable to the perfect Yuan Dan stage, what kind of concept was this? If all of them were to rush over, even a Form Creation stage practitioner would be forced to temporarily flee right?

Thus, when Lin Dong heard the little marten’s words, he immediately showed signs of trying to escape. Although he was confident in himself, he was not blindly arrogant. With his current strength, it might be difficult for him to defeat a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner, but, to defeat over a hundred…that would only happen in his dreams.

“What are you afraid of? Though these Symbol Puppets have a strength comparable to the perfect Yuan Dan stage, they are all broken products.” While Lin Dong was being anxious, the small marten could not help but chuckle at his antics.

“Broken products?” Lin Dong was taken aback, only then did he take a closer look at these Symbol Puppets. Sure enough, he found that there was not even the slightest bit of energy undulations in their bodies. They did not move at all and seemed like metal pillars.

“The symbol inscriptions inside these Symbol Puppets have already faded, they are basically useless. Though they look terrifying, they are actually just a bunch of metal eyesores. Let’s go.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong quietly sighed in relief, as he slowly walked into the drilling field that was filled with Symbol Puppets. However, even though the marten had said so, he was still extremely cautious. His palm gripped onto the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, which once again appeared in his hands, as it flickered with a dark red light. Once the ancient halberd was in his hands, Lin Dong’s heart felt a little more at ease.

There was no other noise in this quiet field, only Lin Dong’s soft footsteps sounded out, while he walked through the numerous Symbol Puppets. As he gazed at the ice-cold metal lumps around him, he felt a little dread in his heart. If these metal lumps suddenly came to life, it would truly be a tragedy for him.

Fortunately, the most tragic scenario did not occur. Although the little marten loved to discourage him, its words still held some credibility.

The ferocious looking Symbol Puppet army did not move in the end, and Lin Dong also successfully passed through. Only when he arrived at the other end of the training field did finally let out a soft sigh of relief. He lifted his head and looked forward, as a potent medicine smell drifted towards him.

What appeared before Lin Dong was a lake with water so clear that you could see the bottom. At the center of the lake, was a tiny pond that was built using jade. Quite a few elixirs were growing within the tiny pond and from the looks of it, they were not low quality products.

Upon seeing this scene, delight surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes. He swept forward to the edge of the pond while his eyes scanned the area, before concentrating on a black elixir inside the medicine pond. That elixir looked very much like a curled up tiny snake, and gave out an extremely potent Yin energy, resulting in a layer of cold Qi covering the surrounding water. A rather peculiar sight.

“Extreme Yin Dragon Saliva!”

As he stared at this black elixir, excitement finally rose up in Lin Dong’s heart. He had searched high and low for it and had at last finally found it.

A sliver of Lin Dong’s Mental Energy reached out and gently cut off that ‘Extreme Yin Dragon Saliva’. After which, it was very carefully placed into a jade box that had been prepared in advance.

After obtaining the ‘Extreme Yin Dragon Saliva’, Lin Dong felt like a burden was lifted off his shoulders. Only now did he have the mood to inspect the other elixirs. The grades of the elixirs within this medicine pond were not low. Lin Dong had spent a tremendous amount of effort before he was barely able to obtain a grade six elixir in Yan City, yet, there were at least ten of such elixirs here. Furthermore, there seemed to be some lingering traces of an extremely potent energy at the center of the medicine pond, however, after discovering the stem which had been cut, it was clear that it had already been taken away by someone.

Upon seeing that the best elixir had already been taken, Lin Dong could only helplessly shake his head. This was likely done by Lin Langtian and the rest. An elixir that could cause them to stop and collect it was definitely no ordinary item. Fortunately, the Extreme Yin Dragon Saliva was not taken too…

“Grade six elixirs are also not bad.”

Lin Dong consoled himself in his heart before taking action, collecting every single elixir inside the pond no matter what grade they were at. Thus, a short few minutes later, the originally lush medicine pond had become rather empty. Only the faintly green pond water seemed to emit a faint medicine fragrance.

One could not blame Lin Dong for being greedy, after all, he did not have the vast resources that Lin Langtian, Wang Yan and the others had. He completely depended on himself to obtain his strength, and though the rest would not give a second look to these elixirs, for Lin Dong, they were still rather precious.


After collecting the last elixir, Lin Dong let out a long sigh. He lifted his head and looked at the stone door which had already been shattered, he could sense that perhaps Lin Langtian and the rest were already not that far ahead. This place was after all considered as the inner part of the old tomb.

“I really want to find out exactly what kind of treasures are inside!”

Lin Dong’s gaze slightly flickered, but he did not immediately leave. Perhaps he may be unable to contest over the treasures with experts like Lin Langtian and the rest, but, he truly wanted to know what they managed to obtain.

“Wait a moment!”

However, just as Lin Dong was planning to progress onwards, the little marten suddenly appeared in a flash. Its gaze was not pointed towards the front, but instead staring at the now empty medicine pond.

“What is it?” Lin Dong was also taken aback by its actions. He looked at the green medicine pond, but did not discover anything, hence, he was puzzled as he asked.

“There seems to be something underneath this medicine pond.” The little marten looked at the medicine pond as its claws suddenly waved. The pond water started to swirl, as if streams of water were being sucked out.

As the pond water in the medicine pond was being sucked out, the bottom of the pond was revealed, and Lin Dong found that there was actually a copper head within the ooze at the bottom of the pond. It was a Symbol Puppet.

“Another Symbol Puppet…” Upon seeing this, Lin Dong shook his head in disappointment.

“Heh, brat, this Symbol Puppet is no ordinary one, I think that it should be a middle ranked Symbol Puppet, and its battle power is comparable to that of a Form Creation stage practitioner.” The small marten said.

“Middle ranked Symbol Puppet?” Lin Dong was stunned, soon after, he once again shook his head: “Whether it’s middle ranked or lower ranked, it is still scrap metal.”

“You’re wrong, this Symbol Puppet is not scrap metal, it can still be used!” The small marten let out a strange laughter: “Stop being so flustered, most of the symbol inscriptions in this Symbol Puppet are complete, it only lacks the energy to move.”

“Then, can I take it away?” Lin Dong’s gaze flashed as he asked.

The little marten’s claws waved, as the Symbol Puppet flew out from the mid. After dipping it into the lake water to clean it for a while, it was placed in front of Lin Dong.

This Symbol Puppet was about two meters tall and it held a bronze lance in its hand, making it look exceedingly tall and sturdy. Its entire body was faintly green, as if it was built with a special material. There were also lines of extremely complicated patterns on its body, however, the markings near its eyes were black and did not glow.

Just from its appearance alone, this Symbol Puppet looked several times stronger than the ones Lin Dong had seen earlier.

The small marten’s claws touched the forehead of the Symbol Puppet, as a vortex quickly surfaced there. The inside of the vortex was empty and did not contain anything at all.

“The brand has already faded, and it can still be used. Use your Mental Energy to inscribe a brand here.” The small marten instructed.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong was delighted. A trace of Mental Energy was swiftly cast into that vortex, as he started to inscribe a brand there. And as the brand was successfully inscribed, a faint imprint appeared on that bronze Symbol Puppets forehead.

“Good, now this Symbol Puppet belongs to you.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were filled with joy. Was it so simple to obtain a Symbol Puppet with power comparable to Form Creation stage practitioner?

While he celebrated, Lin Dong also sent out some commands in his mind, however, the Symbol Puppet before him did not move.

“What is going on?” Upon seeing this scene, Lin Dong could not help but cry out in astonishment.

“Didn’t I say it before, this Symbol Puppet does not have the energy to move.” The small marten rolled its eyes and said.

Lin Dong blinked, and suddenly sensed that something was amiss. Immediately, he very carefully asked: “How can I give it energy? Also, if I want it to fight with a Form Creation stage practitioner, how much energy would it need?”

“With regards to energy, you can directly inject Pure Yuan pills into the Symbol Puppet’s body. As for the amount needed to utilise an attack comparable to a Form Creation stage practitioner, you should need about two thousand Pure Yuan pills. Remember, this is only the amount needed to release one attack. After the attack is released, if you want to continue, you need to use more Pure Yuan pills.” The small marten spread out its claws and answered.

“Two thousand Pure Yuan pills for a single attack?! God damnit, why don’t we go rob a bank!”

The connection was finally made in his mind, Lin Dong’s face was flushed red as he howled in exasperation. Two thousand Pure Yuan pills for one attack, god damnit, wouldn’t this mean that he could only make this Symbol Puppet let loose ten attacks after using everything he had?

This useless thing, who could afford such an expenditure!

“Kid, do you think a strike from a Form Creation stage practitioner is weak? Others people would painstakingly train for dozens or even over a hundred years to reach this level, and now, you only need to use two thousand Pure Yuan pills to launch an attack that is equally strong, and you’re still not content?” The small marten sneered, however, no matter how one listened to it, its voice sounded as if it was delighted at this misfortune that had befallen Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was speechless, as he gazed in extreme grief at the tall and sturdy Symbol Puppet which stood before him. Originally, he was under the impression that it would be a great assistant, only now did he realise that it was actually a money burning object…

If a rich person obtained this Symbol Puppet, he would likely be crazy with delight, but, to Lin Dong, who did not have a huge capital, if it was not for the twenty thousand Pure Yuan pills he had obtained in the old tomb this time, he would perhaps be unable to take out the Pure Yuan pills needed to unleash a single attack…

This thing was practically useless for someone who did not have the capital!

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