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Chapter 168: Breaking the Seal

The woman wore a light-colored silk dress, with eyebrows like jade feathers and flesh as white as snow. Her waist was gorgeously small while a veil covered her face, only revealing her clear eyes which seemed to flow like water as the world seemed to lose color before her beauty.

A woman like this, and with such a demeanor, was rarely seen in this world.

The noisy foot of the mountain lapsed into silence at this moment. Although the woman’s face was covered with a veil, the faintly discernable silhouette of her face appeared almost perfectly proportioned, causing one to wish that he could rip off that veil, and see the beauty that would make a hundred flowers look dull.

“Such a beautiful woman!”

Lin Dong stared at the woman dressed in light colors, her bare lily-white feet stepping on the green lotus, and could not help but softly gasp in his heart. Among all the woman he had seen, Xuansu was considered the most graceful, but before this mysterious woman, even she fell short.

However, though this woman’s voice was melodious and lively, Lin Dong did not see even the slightest bit of gentleness in those limpid crystal-like eyes. Instead, contained within was a deep cold that could repel someone a thousand miles.

This woman was evidently one that was hot on the outside but cold on the inside!

This kind of woman was even more difficult to deal with than those woman with ice-cold exteriors.

“Who is this woman? Someone from the Huangpu Clan?” Lin Dong tilted his head and looked towards Lin Ke-er as he softly asked.


Lin Ke-er’s umber-black eyebrows slightly knitted together as she heard these words, a little suspicion in her eyes. Even she could not help but feel a sliver of jealousy in her heart at this woman’s looks and demeanor.

“This woman does not appear to have an ordinary background, as it was the Huangpu Clan which invited her this time. Her name seems to be Ling Qingzhu, and as for exactly where she hails from, it is not something someone of my position is able to know.” To one side, old man Tao interrupted and said.

“To be able to cause a figure like Lin Langtian to be so courteous, this woman definitely does not have an ordinary identity.” Lin Dong lightly nodded his head as he muttered in his heart.

“Hehe, so it turns out to be miss Qingzhu, Qin Shi greets you.” In the skies, Qin Shi also gave faint smile to the woman whose lily-white feet stepped atop the green lotus. From the looks of it, he seemed to know a little of the latter’s identity.

“Heh heh, I did not expect that you would also be interested in things from my Great Yan Empire.” Wang Yan looked towards the mysterious woman, an undisguised passion in his gaze. In front of such a beautiful woman, any man would be moved, and he merely decided not to conceal it.

“It’s nothing more than coincidence.”

Ling Qingzhi gently smiled as she said. Soon after, her eyes turned towards Lin Langtian as she softly said: “Since everyone is already here, shall we start to break the seal?”

“Haha, sure.” Lin Langtian gently nodded his head. The gaze he looked at Ling Qingzhu with was likewise a little different, however, it was not totally unrestrained like Wang Yan’s.

“The seal was set up by a Nirvana stage practitioner, although many years have passed since then, its might is still considerable, but, as long as all of us attack a single point, destroying it would not be difficult.”

Upon hearing Lin Langtian’s words, Wang Yan and the other two nodded their heads.

“Less useless talk, let’s do it!” Wang Yan was the quickest to move, the sole of his foot stamped on the huge golden spear below him as the spear started to tremble violently. Resplendent golden rays swiftly gathered at the tip of the spear, before it finally transformed directly into an enormous golden spear made of light, that was dozens of meters long, as it violently swept forth.

“Boom boom!”

The spear flashed forward, while emitting a series of low explosion sounds. Its power was astonishing.

“Hua hua!”

While Wang Yan made his move, Qin Shi, who stood atop the mystical wind bird, also lightly smiled as he gently waved the deep blue fan in his hand. Immediately, a blue wave rapidly formed before him, as Yuan Power surged within it.


Qin Shi waved his fan as the blue wave crashed forward like a huge wave that seemed to stretch across the skies.

“Buzz buzz!”

Both hands behind his back, Lin Langtian did not seem to move as a huge vortex appeared in the skies above his head. Terrifying Yuan Power seemed to rush out from the heavens and in the blink of an eye, it transformed into a huge fiery-red broadsword. Red light flashed, as it tore apart the skies and screamed forth like a meteor.

Compared the Lin Langtian and the other two’s attacks, Ling Qingzhu’s attack seemed rather serene. She waved her hand as a petal dropped off from the green lotus below her feet. Soon after, the petal was bundled up in a rich green light as it noiselessly swept towards the mountain top covered by the seal in a distance.

When the four made their move, the Yuan Power in the area violently undulated, while the faces of several people in the camp was filled with admiration. Only those that had reached the Creation stage would be able to utilise Yuan Power to such a godly extent.

“Will one be able to utilise Yuan Power to this level after advancing to the Creation stage…”

Lin Dong deeply sucked in a breath of air. The power to gather Yuan Power give it any shape with a gesture was truly mind-blowing.

In the face of this kind of power, even Lin Dong was held in rapt attention. Although the current him was already able to defeat a perfect Yuan Dan stage expert, towards a practitioner at the Creation stage, his power was still rather insignificant. To overtake these top tier younger generation members of the Great Yan Empire, he still had some ways to go.

However, he believed that the day would come when he would definitely surpass these people at the top!

While Lin Dong’s eyes were flickering, the majestic attacks in the sky had already heavily slammed into the mountain top under numerous watchful gazes.

As these attacks neared, the sky seemed to distort. Almost instantaneously, a screen of light slowly appeared, numerous lines and patterns were drawn on the light screen, as if they were a bunch of bizarre symbols.

“Boom boom!”

The first to reach was Wang Yan’s golden spear of light, which gave off a proud aura. The exceptionally wild and formidable spear of light heavily slammed into a point on the light screen, causing circles to ripple outwards…


The wave formed by valiant Yuan Power also quickly followed. Everything poured down onto that same point and immediately, the ripples on the light screen spread increasingly quicker, while the glow of the light screen also grew much dimmer.


In the next moment, the scarlet red broadsword arrived in a blaze. It ruthlessly pierced the light screen, and then, at an extremely slow speed, it slowly buried itself into the light screen.


In the skies, Lin Langtian’s mouth slightly moved as a soft voice sounded out.


As Lin Langtian’s voice sounded out, the tip of the scarlet red broadsword, which had already pierced into the light screen, immediately let out a huge noise as it transformed into an exceptionally berserk Yuan Power. The Yuan Power frantically swept forward, completely wiping away the symbols on the light screen.

As the Yuan Power gradually scattered, the glow of the light screen also became exceptionally dim. However, it still firmly stood, a scene which caused quite a few people to inwardly smack their lips. They did not expect that after experiencing the ferocious attacks of three Creation stage practitioners, the seal would still remain so strong.


While everyone was in admiration over the strength of the seal, the final and seemingly weakest green glow was as light as a feather as it drifted over. Soon after, lotus flower petal landed on the light screen.

The moment the lotus flower petal touched the light screen, it instantly transformed into a thick green light and spread outwards, as it enshrouded the entire light screen.

“Ka cha ka cha!”

The green light trembled as a series of soft but clear breaking sounds echoed out. The crowd watched as cracks unexpectedly appeared on the light screen.

“The seal is about to be broken!”

Upon seeing this scene, many people were delighted. Some of them looked towards the mysterious woman in astonishment, clearly unable to believe that she actually possessed this kind of method, and unsure of which holy land she came from.

“Hehe, miss Qingzhu’s Heavenly Jade Lotus is indeed not ordinary…” Lin Langtian, Wang Yan and Qin Shi were similarly rather surprised, as they chuckled and remarked. Their gazes all looked towards the green lotus below Ling Qingzhu’s white feet.

“I was just lucky that it had a little subduing effect on the seal.” Ling Qingzhu gently said as she smiled.


Just as Ling Qingzhu’s voice faded, the light screen, that was already covered all over in cracks, finally exploded with a ‘bang’ sound. An extremely powerful storm unfurled in the skies like a hurricane.


The hurricane did not manage to blow away the four figures in the sky. They watched and at the moment the light screen shattered, their figures simultaneously transformed into rainbow flashes that swept forth. In the blink of an eye, they were almost at the mountain top.

“The seal is open, quick, charge in!”

Upon seeing the four charge towards the old tomb, the crowd below were also madly delighted. Quickly, Yuan Power whistled in the air as figures filled with power transformed into glowing shadows and swiftly rushed towards the mountain top. For a time, sounds of wind rang out across the mountains.

“We should go too!”

As they saw this scene, Lin Ke-er and the rest also planned to leap into action. They glanced at the Wang Clan members, who were already charging towards the mountain top, before hastily trying to catch up.

“Little Flame, go!”

Lin Dong leapt onto Little Flame’s back, as a smiling expression also surfaced in his eyes. Since he was already here, he could not possibly return empty handed. He was indeed interested to find out, exactly what kind of treasures were in this old tomb, that would cause even practitioners like Ling Langtian to be so impatient!


Little Flame let out an intimidating roar towards the skies, which shocked the surrounding forests. Immediately, it transformed into a fiery-red shadow and swiftly dashed towards the mountain top, as if it were chasing the stars and the moon.

The battle for the old tomb had finally begun!

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