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Chapter 161: Song Dao

The next day, when morning arrived, Sky Flame Mountain Range became extremely noisy. Several groups packed up their tents, before they successively proceeded deeper into the mountains. Most them seemed to be in a hurry. Based on their appearances, it seemed like they are deadly afraid that if they were a second too late, all the treasures in that old tomb would be snatched away. In Lin Dong’s eyes, they seemed a little silly.

“Let’s go.”

Old man Tao waved his hand as he instructed the guards to keep the tents. Then, without further ado, he straightaway proceeded towards the inner part of the mountain. Meanwhile, Lin Feng and the rest swiftly followed behind.

When they entered the forests inside the mountains, the sky seemed to have darkened quite a bit, as a faintly oppressive atmosphere enshrouded the crowd’s hearts. When they faintly heard the roars of Demonic Beasts from a distance away, the smiles on their faces dampened a little. Everyone knew that in such place, it was not rare for one tiny misstep to easily cost one’s life.

There were many groups of people venturing into the mountains. Lin Dong and his party saw dozens of groups heading in the same direction as them. The size of these groups were varied, and they were fairly cautious of one another. Therefore, when they entered the mountains, they all moved their separate ways.

Lin Dong and his party took no notice of the other group’s actions. Old man Tao and the rest was obviously well prepared, as he possessed an extremely detailed map of Sky Flame Mountain Range. Thus, there was no need for them to do any meaningless exploring, as they traversed through the shortest route and quickly advanced towards the deeper parts of the mountains.

As they quickly advanced, the rowdy atmosphere behind them gradually faded away. At the same time, old man Tao’s facial expression became increasingly concentrated and vigilant. Sky Flame Mountain Range was filled with Demonic Beasts, some of which were exceedingly formidable. In fact, over this period of time, who knows how many had already lost their lives in these mountains.

Lin Dong sat on Little Flame’s back, his face remained calm and collected. However, threads of Mental Energy constantly permeated the area, as he carefully monitored his surroundings.

“There is a group ahead of us. There are quite a number of them and there is a blood-stench coming from them. However, it’s not from Demonic Beasts.” As they cautiously made their way forward, an experienced middle-aged guard suddenly stopped as he softly reported.

“Continue on.”

Old man Tao lightly nodded his head and was not surprised. Everyone here had come for the old tomb. Besides their own crew, everyone else was a competitor. Therefore, it was not uncommon for fights to occur within these mountains.

When he saw that old man Tao had no intention to take a detour, the guards also nodded their heads. However, their grips on their blades slowly tightened.

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed as he stared at the forested area to the front. Nearby, he could sense several auras, in fact, he even detected a pretty powerful aura there. Based on that aura, it was probably a perfect Yuan Dan stage existance.

When he noticed how powerful that aura was, Lin Dong could only secretly sigh in his heart. The appeal of this old tomb was truly tremendous. Shortly after venturing into Sky Flame Mountain Range, they had already encountered a faction that would not lose out to the Blood Wolf Gang

While Lin Dong secretly sighed, his group has already passed through the thicket. Soon after, a dozen figures appeared on the empty space before them.

When Lin Dong’s group appeared, the dozens of people resting on the ground immediately picked up the weapons by their sides, as they turned and to stare at the new arrivals with malicious gazes.

Instantly, the atmosphere became extremely tense.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the crowd, before it stopped at a man in the center. The man’s body was extremely well-built, with a tiger’s back and bear’s waist. He was bare-armed and hideous scars spread across his entire arm, causing him to look extremely menacing. Based on his appearance, he seemed like a character whose sword constantly tasted blood.

“Perfect Yuan Dan stage.”

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across this man, as his eyes slightly narrowed. It seems like this man was probably the head of this group. His strength was indeed not weak. Furthermore, based on their well coordinated actions, it was clear that they belonged to the same faction. However, which city they hailed from was a mystery.

“There are even two advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioners.”

Lin Dong’s gaze swept across that man, before it paused for a moment at the two figures beside him, as he could not help but feel a little surprised in his heart. This group was a cut above the Blood Wolf Gang.


Old man Tao’s gaze calmly swept across this group of people. Without any further words, he waved his hands and led his group forward.

When they saw Lin Dong and the rest directly walked towards them, a menacing glint flashed across this group’s eyes. Meanwhile, the grips on their weapons, which still had traces of blood on them, became increasingly tighter.

The two squads gradually approached each other, until both parties were merely meters apart, as the atmosphere seemed to freeze.

Under old man Tao’s lead, his group brushed past the other party. However, just as they thought that they had successfully passed by, a hand suddenly stretched out and pressed at Lin Ke-er’s white horse.

“Heh heh, such a beautiful lass. Why don’t you come down and play?”

When she heard these offensive remarks, Lin Ke-er’s beautiful face instantly turned ice-cold. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, she waved her lily-white hand, as a cold shadow immediately exploded from her sleeves.


The cold shadow shot out, but, the owner of that palm was also evidently prepared. His blade swept in an arc and managed to ward off that cold shadow. However, the massive force from the cold shadow still managed to jolt him two steps back.

In the same instance when Lin Ke-er was stopped, over at Lin Dong’s side, a long blade cut the air in front of him. The practitioner who had reached the advanced Yuan Dan stage tilted his head, as he gave Lin Dong an especially bright smile and said: “Kid, why don’t you give me your mount?”

Before he could finish his words, an exceedingly formidable sword shadow rapidly enlarged in his pupils, causing him to hurriedly retreat as he withdrew his blade.


The sword shadow heavily struck the back of that blade , as the resulting force caused the latter’s arms to turn numb. Hastily retreating, he nearly fell to the ground.

“Chiung chiung!”

This exchange had instantly broken the atmosphere. Both parties immediately drew their weapons, as Yuan Power undulations began to gush forth on this vacant space.

Lin Dong was calm as he took a look at that man that had been raggedly jolted back. Right now, the latter was staring at him maliciously with an intense murderous look.

Lin Dong glanced at this person. He could see that these guys were all a little reckless, evidently, they were seasoned criminals. This kind of person were unreasonable and wild. Regardless of your status, as long as they were stronger than you, they would dare to do anything.

As his eyes swept across this group of people, Lin Dong’s gaze suddenly stopped at the figure in the middle. Immediately, his eyes slightly focused.

Old man Tao’s expression suddenly darkened when these guys made their move. He abruptly took one step forward, as his perfect Yuan Dan stage aura completely gushed forth.

The powerful aura dampened the aggressiveness of these fellows. Even though they were reckless individuals, they also needed to take into account how tough an opponent they were facing.


As old man Tao displayed his strength, the man whose arms were covered in scars, finally opened his mouth. As he waved his palm, all the ferocious looking fellows
slowly put down the weapons in their hands. However, they continued to stare at Lin Dong and his party maliciously.

“Hah, I am known as Song Dao. This has been a misunderstanding. My brothers do not really understand the rules. If we have offended you, please forgive us.” The bare-armed man smiled as he cupped his hands and apologized to old man Tao.

Old man Tao nonchalantly glanced at him. Based on his deductive abilities, he naturally knew that these fellows only wanted to find out his strength. If he had not reached the perfect Yuan Dan stage, it was likely that this group would probably attack them for real.


Old man Tao did not intend to chat with Song Dao. Even though the Lin Clan was extremely well-known, to these criminals whose lives were constantly on the line, it did not have much effect. Therefore, he indifferently commanded as he led Lin Feng and the rest forward.

Lin Ke-er sat on her horse, as her beautiful azure eyes turned to glance at these fellows, a chilly light flickering in her eyes. However, she did not take any further action, as she steered her horse and swiftly caught up.

As Lin Dong his party slowly disappeared into the forest, the tense atmosphere slowly dissipated.

“Boss, we are letting them go? That wench was truly something, I really want to see if she will still be so cold and haughty after I strip her naked.” As he gazed at Lin Dong and the rest while they disappeared into the woods, the man who had previously stopped Lin Ke-er licked his lips as a weird laughter rang out.

“That kid’s ride was pretty suave. It seemed to be a Fire Python Tiger. If we could capture it, we could definitely trade it for a great deal of Yang Yuan Stones.” The other man also somewhat disgruntledly remarked.

“They are strong and won’t be easy to deal with.”

Song Dao coldly chuckled as he said: “Besides, we still have some business to attend to. If you want a beauty, Chief Manager Su from the Thousand Gold Association is even better.”

“Chief Manager Su from the Thousand Gold Association?” When they heard these words, a lustful gaze emerged in several of their eyes.

“Tell them.” Song Dao tilted his head, as he stared at a figure hidden among his crew. On that figure’s clothes, was the symbol of a blood red wolf head.

“Boss Song Dao, the Thousand Gold Association has also come to this Sky Flame Mountain Range. Xia Wanjin and Liu Xuansu are among them. Right now, our Blood Wolf Gang is tailing them. Once boss Song Dao brings his troops over, we will be able to decimate the Thousand Gold Association. Heh heh, our sect leader has also said that after we take care of the Thousand Gold Association, the compensation will surely please you.” The figure smiled as he respectfully said.

“The Thousand Gold Association…they are quite powerful as well. This is not the first time your sect leader has dealings with me. Hence, he should know the price. If he is unable to pay it, don’t blame me if things turn ugly between us.” Song Dao thought about it for a moment, before he coldly said.

“Boss Song Dao don’t worry!” Upon hearing these words, that person was instantly delighted.

“Let’s go and join up with the Blood Wolf Gang. We shall accept this deal.” Song Dao chuckled, before he waved his hand and said.

When they heard his words, the rest were immediately delighted. A fierce look revealed itself on their faces, it looked as if they were itching for a massacre.


While Song Dao’s faction was preparing to make move out, within the forest nearby, a figure rested against a tree trunk as he softly sighed.

“It is the Blood Wolf Gang after all…:”

Lin Dong kneaded his forehand. Previously, he noticed that one of the fellows had a Blood Wolf Gang emblem on his clothes. However, he never expected that he would hear such a shocking piece of news after eavesdropping.

“Thousand Gold Association, Big sister Su…”

As he lightly spread out his hands, Lin Dong cocked his head as he glanced at those guys to his rear. Their gazes were cold as their figures quietly floated into the forest.

“Seems like I’ll have to step in after all…”

As the human figure disappeared, that soft fleeting noise quietly faded.

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