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Chapter 160: Sky Flame Mountain Range

As he felt the surging Yuan Power coursing through his channels, an immense delight surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. He could clearly feel that, the amount of Yuan Power contained within the Yuan Dan inside his Dantian, and its vigorousness, was several times that of initial Yuan Dan stage!

“The advanced Yuan Dan stage is indeed impressive…”

Lin Dong gently sighed. Only after he had personally experienced the enriching feeling brought about by the Yuan Power inside of him, did he understood how powerful this cultivation stage was. Based on his predictions, the current him had an over sixty percent chance of beating Lin Chen, even without the use of Mental Energy!

Even though he had only just advanced to advanced Yuan Dan stage, Lin Dong’s Yuan Dan was an eight star Yuan Dan. Therefore, the purity of his Yuan Power was several times that of an ordinary practitioner. Based on that fact alone, it was possible for him to defeat Lin Chen, who was half a step away from the perfect Yuan Dan stage.

“Based on my current strength, even if I encounter a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner, I need not be fearful!”

While Lin Dong had yet to reach the advanced Yuan Dan stage, he could use still use his abilities as a third seal Symbol Master and a small Yuan Dan stage practitioner to battle with Yue Shan. Now that his Yuan Power had progressed, his combat abilities naturally surged again. In the future, even if he met a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner like Yue Shan, Lin Dong was confident that they would not have any advantage over him.

As he deeply exhaled a puff of white Qi, Lin Dong’s fist slowly tightened. Now, all his preparations were completed and he could only wait to embark on his journey.

“This time, I want to find out what is so special about this old tomb that has attracted so many elite practitioners.”

Ever since he successfully advanced to the advanced Yuan Dan stage, in the remaining days, Lin Dong did not go outside. This was because the frequency of Qing Tan’s cold Qi outbreaks had become increasing rapidly. Therefore, the majority of his time was spent beside this poor girl that was being tormented by Yin Energy.

In the following days, Lin Chen and the rest from Lin Clan also stayed at the Lin Family’s estate. However, after they were put in their place by Lin Dong, they no longer dared to put on airs in front of the Lin Family younger generation members. Thus, time passed swiftly and in peace.

When the morning rays of the third day shone on the land, after a night of silence, Yan City’s atmosphere once again heated up. Over these past few days, news of the old tomb had spread at a terrifying pace. In fact, this even caused every city near the Sky Flame Mountain Range to become increasingly heated. Numerous people hurried towards this city to prepare themselves, before they headed towards the Sky Flame Mountain Range in packs.

A Nirvana practitioner’s tomb held an extreme allure towards anyone.

Everyone knew that even if you were an invalid, if you were lucky enough to stumble upon the Nirvana Heart, then, you would also possess the ability to advance to the Creation stage. Therefore, for many people, this was an item that could alter their destiny.

As long as one could advance to the Creation stage, regardless of who you were, you would become hailed as an elite practitioner. After all, a Creation stage practitioner had never appeared even in the ranks of the powerful Blood Wolf Gang or the Thousand Gold Association. This goes to show how difficult it was to advance to the Creation stage.

While Yan City became increasingly bustling, at the front courtyard of Lin Family, old mister Tao, Lin Chen and the other Lin Clan members had long since finished their preparations and were waiting. Therefore, once Lin Dong arrived, they were all geared up and ready to go.

“Haha, since we have all arrived, let’s go.”

Old mister Tao looked at Lin Dong, before pausing at Little Flame beside him, as astonishment surfaced in the former’s eyes. Evidently, old mister Tao did not expect that Lin Dong actually owned such a ferocious pet.

“Dong-er, be careful.” Lin Xiao said in concern as he patted Lin Dong’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry father.”

Lin Dong smiled, then, under the envious gazes of Lin Chen and the rest, he hopped onto Little Flame as he turned and said: “Old mister Tao, let’s go.”

After getting to know each other over these two days, Lin Dong already knew that this old mister Tao’s name was Wu Tao and he was a sinecure of the Lin Clan.

“We’ll be taking our leave.”

When he heard Lin Dong’s voice, old mister Tao smiled. Clasping his hands at Lin Zhentian and the rest, he kicked his horse as he led the way forward. Behind him, Lin Chen, Lin Ke-er and the rest swiftly followed.

Lin Dong bid Lin Zhentian and the rest goodbye. Without further ado, he gently patted the tiger’s back. Little Flame released a deep growl, before it transformed into a fiery red shadow and dashed forward.

As they stared at Lin Dong’s and the party’s departing figures, Lin Zhentian and the rest looked at each other as they smiled. They were keenly aware that based on Lin Dong’s potential, even this Yan City could not tie him down. Therefore, only by interacting more with other elite practitioners from outside, could Lin Dong grow and achieve his full potential.

Sky Flame Mountain Range was situated at the border area between Yan City and two other cities. This mountain range was extremely wide and it nearly traversed across half of Tiandu province. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to call it Tiandu province’s number one mountain range.

Sky Flame Mountain Range was extremely wide and broad. Contained within were numerous vicious Demonic Beasts. In fact, it was said that if one ventured too deeply within, a single moment of carelessness would cause even an elite Creation stage practitioner to be in deep trouble. Therefore, usually, other than some professional Demonic Beast hunters, there was hardly anyone who ventured into Sky Flame Mountain Range.

Of course, this saying was immediately dismissed after news of the old tomb spread. Under the allure of a Nirvana practitioner’s tomb, this so-called danger was immediately forgotten as greed overwhelmed their minds.

Hence, the originally peaceful Sky Flame Mountain Range transformed into a tourist hotspot in just half a month. Inside the mountains, one could easily spot another person from time to time.

As a terrifying amount of people flowed in, who knew how many of them ended up as fertilizers for these woods. However, everyone knew that if one wanted to cross Sky Flame Mountain Range and successful reach the old tomb, one must have a few tricks up his sleeve. Else, even if one could evade the Demonic Beasts, perhaps at the next moment, he would be killed by a hidden trap.

Overall, the journey across Sky Flame Mountain Range was packed with danger and losing one’s life due to a tiny misstep was extremely common.

The journey from Yan City to Sky Flame Mountain Range took approximately one day. Therefore, when Lin Dong and the rest reached the outskirts of Sky Flame Mountain Range, the sky was already turning dark. Faintly, one could see some camp fires inside the woods.

“Today, let’s set up camp here on the outskirts. Tomorrow, we shall proceed into the Sky Flame Mountain Range.” Old mister Tao looked at the skies, before he waved his hand, indicating for the party to slow down as he instructed.

With regards to his instructions, no one had a second opinion, and Lin Chen and the rest quickly acknowledged. Then, guards, which had came along, began to set up a campsite in an exceedingly efficient manner. Soon after, a simple campsite emerged on this empty space.

“Old mister Tao, news of this old tomb has spread for quite some time. Will it be too late for us to go now?” As they were resting, Lin Dong smiled as he asked. Upon arriving at this Sky Flame Mountain Range, he finally realized how many people had been attracted by that old tomb. Based on these numbers, if they were to all rush into that old tomb, there would probably be nothing left right?

“Haha, don’t worry. That Nirvana stage practitioner had set up an energy seal outside the old tomb. Even though much time has passed since then, and the seal has weakened, some lucky fellows may be able to sneak in. However, they are unable to venture deep into the tomb. After all, most ordinary people don’t have the power to break the seal.” Old mister Tao smiled as he said.

“Even a perfect Yuan Dan practitioner?” Lin Dong’s eyebrows lightly furrowed. Evidently, he did not expect that it would be so troublesome to enter that old tomb.

“Nope. It would take at least one who has advanced to the Creation stage.”

Old mister Tao shook his head, before he promptly smiled and said: “Do you really think that the Lin Clan has sent only us to investigate this old tomb? Strictly speaking, we are merely here to scout the place. The real elite practitioners will arrive soon. As for the seal, we will have to rely on them to break it.”

“Elite practitioners that have advanced to the Creation stage…” When he heard these words, Lin Dong’s facial expression slightly changed. Even though he had already anticipated that this old tomb would definitely attract some truly powerful individuals, when he heard it personally, his heart could not help but tighten.

“It’s no wonder I doubted their abilities before, it seems like they are only here to as the vanguard…”

Lin Dong let out a bitter laugh in his heart. The Lin Clan was indeed a massive and legendary faction in the Great Yan Empire. Just for this old tomb, they actually sent out such powerful practitioners.

“Oh, by the way, for this contest over the old tomb, who did the elders send as the leader?” While Lin Dong was bitterly laughing, Lin Feng suddenly asked out of curiosity.

“Haha, who else could it be? It’s not like you guys can’t guess who it is.” Upon hearing these words, old mister Tao chuckled as he said..

“Could it be…” After seeing this, Lin Chen and the rest, and even Lin Ke-er were taken aback, as a delight surfaced in their eyes: “Is it big brother Lin Langtian?”

“Lin Langtian!”

Standing aside, Lin Dong’s footsteps abruptly stopped. The fist in his sleeves instantly clenched tightly, as his eyes began to flicker frantically. Meanwhile, his heart also began to beat violently.

This name… ever since six years ago, he had never forgotten it!

Countless times, when he could no longer endure the pain of training, he would silently murmur this name, and then, forcefully suppressed the pain and exhaustion in his body…

And in several days, he would finally be able to personally meet this person, the one whose name he had mumbled for six years, the person he had hated for six years!

Lin Langtian!

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