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Chapter 159: Advanced Yuan Dan stage

As they stared at Lin Chen’s body, which was still as it plastered itself to the rock pillar, the crowd turned silent. Meanwhile, the smile on Lin Feng’s and the rest’s faces instantly froze…

Lin Chen’s defeat had practically happened in a flash. At first, he seemed to have the upper hand, however, in the next moment, all of his advantages seemed to have crumbled due to the sudden appearance of that revolving Mental Energy cone.

This final result caused even that elderly man to be stunned. It was a long while before he finally regained his senses. After all, he was keenly aware of Lin Chen’s strength. Even though that fellow was arrogant, he was indeed quite skilled. Yet, the situation now…

“A young talent has emerged. Congratulations, old friend!”

Old mister Tao sighed deeply, before he cupped his hands and congratulated Lin Zhentian. Based on the strength that Lin Dong has displayed, in two years, he would probably excel at the Lin Clan gathering. At that time, Lin Zhentian’s wish of returning to the Lin Clan would finally be fulfilled.

Lin Zhentian smiled as he waved his hand. Though he humbly replied, the pride and admiration in his eyes were unconcealable.

“Good job, brother Lin Dong!”

The Lin Family younger generation members who were crowding around, began to shout out at this moment. Lin Dong had used his abilities to prove that these so-called Lin Clan members could be defeated as well!

“Impressive Mental Energy control…”

Lin Ke-er’s beautiful azure eyes swept across Lin Dong’s body, as an intrigued smile surfaced on her lips. She could tell that Lin Dong was truly formidable, especially in his control over Mental Energy. For his previous attack, perhaps others were unable to see, but she was able to discover that when Lin Dong was condensing the glowing seal, he was also secretly forming his Mental Energy attack. His ability to fuse and control Yuan Power and Mental Energy resulted in this unexpected and strange ending.

Furthermore, at the last moment, he was able to casually dissipate the Mental Energy cone. This indicated that Lin Dong was highly proficient in controlling his Mental Energy.

“I never expected that there was actually such a talent in this branch family. It’s no wonder Lin Chen lost…” Lin Ke-er muttered to herself.

Under the gazes of the crowd, Lin Chen’s face turned slightly ugly. However, he was not such a sore loser. Immediately, he clenched his hand before he somewhat disgruntledly said to Lin Dong: “No wonder you were so unbridled. It’s because you are indeed skilled. This time, I admit my loss.”

Lin Dong’s face was calm, as he was not too overjoyed after defeating Lin Chen. Even though the latter was almost at the perfect Yuan Dan stage, at this level, he posed little threat to Lin Dong.

After he withdrew his gaze from Lin Chen, Lin Dong suddenly turned to look at that lady in white, who was standing to the rear. When the latter saw him, she also smiled back sweetly.

“This woman is not simple…”

Lin Dong stared at Lin Ke-er, as this thought suddenly flashed across his mind. He had no idea where this thought came from, however, for no particular reason, in his heart, he felt that this woman was probably stronger than Lin Chen.

“You must always embarrass yourself before you stop.” Old mister Tao, who was standing on the stone steps, looked helplessly at Lin Chen, as he said.

“Do you believe that he will not drag us down now?”

Lin Chen was a little resentful. If he still insist that the person who beat him would drag them down, then wouldn’t he be even more of a burden?

“Haha, old friend. So this matter is decided. Lin Dong is not weak. Perhaps we may require his assistance on this trip.” Old mister Tao turned his head, before he smiled at Lin Zhentian and said.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian smiled as he nodded his head. Turning his head, he said to Lin Dong: “Dong-er, this trip to the old tomb is a rare opportunity. In three days, you shall follow Old mister Tao to Sky Flame Mountain Range, Along the way, remember to follow Old mister Tao’s instructions.”

When he heard these words, Lin Dong could not help but roll his eyes. However, as he looked at Lin Zhentian’s sincere expression, he could only nod his head. Secretly, inside his heart, he planned to look for an opportunity to sneak away. After all, based on his current strength and with assistance from small marten, even though he dare not guarantee that he would obtain precious treasures, he would at least have a decent chance.

However, if he travelled with these Lin Clan member, he may not receive any benefits at all.

Lin Zhentian naturally did not know that Lin Dong was currently secretly planning leave the team. Hence, when he saw the latter nod his head, he smiled in satisfaction. Then, he invited them back into the guest hall. After some chatting, when the sky turned dark, he instructed someone to bring them to the guest quarters.

Lin Dong had left long before they dispersed. First, he went to check on Qing Tan, and when he realized that the latter had fallen asleep, he returned to his own small courtyard.

Inside a room that was gently lit by soft candle light, Lin Dong was seated on his bed with his eyes tightly shut. Streams of Yuan Power formed from the air around him, before they endlessly poured into his body.

This training continued on for roughly two hours, before Lin Dong gradually opened his eyes, and furrowed his eyebrows. Right now, he was able to sense that he had reached the pinnacle of the initial Yuan Dan stage. Therefore, all he needed was one final push to successfully breakthrough!

This trip to the old tomb was naturally not going to be a peaceful one. However, based on his current strength, plus, the aid from small marten, he should be able to handle most troubles that came his way. Nonetheless, this old tomb managed to attract several elite practitioners. Therefore, if he could become stronger, it would definitely increase his odds of survival.

Hence, before this trip, he would do everything he could to increase his strength!

As he thought of this point, a determined glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He flipped his hand and removed a jade box from within his Qiankun bog. As he opened the box, a potent medicinal smell began to spread inside the room.

Resting inside the jade box was a vermilion round fruit. This was the grade six elixir that Lin Dong had obtained just days before, the Blood Vermilion Devil Fruit!

As he stared at this Blood Vermilion Devil Fruit, Lin Dong deeply inhaled that potent fragrance, as a satisfied look emerged on his face. Compared to a grade five elixir, this grade six elixir was several times more powerful.

Lin Dong extended his palm forth, as it hovered above the Blood Vermilion Devil Fruit. Immediately, the Stone Talisman embedded within Lin Dong’s palm began to vibrate slightly, as streams of unique light beams emerged from his hand, before they completely surrounded that Blood Vermilion Devil Fruit.

“Buzz buzz!”

As it was surrounded by that Stone Talisman light beams, the Blood Vermilion Devil Fruit slowly began to float. Meanwhile, signs of withering also began to appear on its surface…

The rate at which the fruit withered was extremely slow and totally different from when he had refined grade five or four elixirs before. However, Lin Dong was fairly patient as well, as he slowly waited for that Blood Vermilion Devil Fruit to wither.

As he waited, three hours passed by.

Three hours later, that Blood Vermilion Devil Fruit was thoroughly sucked dry. Soon after, its skin began to turn into dust as it rapidly fell off. When all the dust disappeared, three exceptional dark elixir pills slowly appeared in front of Lin Dong’s eyes.

Extending his hand, he very carefully picked up these three dark elixir pills. When they touched his hand, Lin Dong could instantly feel the frightening medicinal power contained within. Immediately, delight surfaced in his eyes. The medicinal power contained within was several times that of a grade five elixir!

“As expected of a grade six elixir!”

After he praised out in his heart, Lin Dong did not immediately swallow this grade six elixir pill. Instead, he chose to recuperate for half an hour, before he finally opened his eyes again. Then, without further ado, one grade six elixir pill clenched between his fingers was jammed into his mouth.


When that grade six elixir pill entered his mouth, it almost instantly turned into a massive flood, as it gushed forth towards Lin Dong’s limbs at an astonishing rate. In fact, even a layer of Yuan Power mist began to emerge on the surface of Lin Dong’s body, and completely wrapped around his body.

Taking in a deep breath, Lin Dong hastily began to activate the ‘Tri Sun Art’, plus, the Secret Spirit Skill the small marten had taught him in order to increase his absorption rate. Right now, as he utilized this skill, a Mental Energy vortex formed above his Dantian as it frantically absorbed that pure medicinal energy that was coursing through his body, before depositing them into his Dantian.

Thanks to this massive inflow, that thumb-sized Yuan Dan, with a trace of dark gold, inside his Dantian began to spin rapidly. Its small body had seemingly became a bottomless pit. No matter how much Yuan Power was poured in, it did not exhibit any signs of stopping.

Of course, due to this massive inflow, the size of his Yuan Dan, began to slowly grow as it swirled. Meanwhile, the Yuan Power that undulated from within also began to grow stronger.

This infusion lasted for the whole night, before all the pure medicinal power coursing through Lin Dong’s body was gradually absorbed…

When that last bit of pure energy was transformed into Yuan Power and deposited inside his Dantian, having worked for an entire night, the inside of Lin Dong’s body suddenly became extremely quiet.

“Buzz buzz!”

However, this silence only lasted for a split second. Immediately, that now peach-sized Yuan Dan inside his Dantian began to buzz.

As it buzzed, the trace of dark golden color on the surface of his Yuan Dan suddenly began to expand rapidly. In less than half a minute, that trace of dark golden colour had directly covered half of his Yuan Dan!


As his Yuan Dan was being dyed in gold, an extremely formidable Yuan Power, just like a volcano, erupted forth. Right now, a dark golden luster could be seen within his Yuan Power!

A dark golden Yuan Power was flowing within his Dantian, like a golden river that was filled with mystery!

When that dark golden Yuan Power burst forth, Lin Dong’s eyes, which were shut for the whole night, suddenly opened, as a dazzling dark golden beam shot out. Meanwhile, an extremely formidable aura slowly began to spread outwards from his body.

Advanced Yuan Dan stage!

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