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Chapter 158: Perfect Control

“Hehe, interesting…”

As he gazed at Lin Dong’s back, the smile on Lin Chen’s face grew even wider. Previously, he had seen Lin Feng’s and his party’s sorry figures, though he did not care much for these four trouble makers, they were after all still from the Lin Clan. If he allowed them to be bullied by a branch family in such a way, and word got out, it would likely damage the Lin Clan’s reputation.

And it was also because of this that Lin Chen deliberately made things difficult for Lin Dong, with the intention of arousing Lin Dong’s anger. Only then could Lin Chen have a bout with the latter and take the opportunity to help salvage a little of Lin Feng’s and the rest’s pride.

However, he had never expected that this youngster, who did not look older than twenty, would actually reply in such an arrogant manner.

“Lin Chen! Don’t go too far!”

When old mister Tao saw this scene, his eyebrows furrowed as he sternly shouted.

“Old Tao, it will be fine. It’s just a friendly bout, I will make sure to go easy on him.” Lin Chen indifferently laughed before lifting his leg and walking outside the guest hall. As the rest saw this, they looked at each other and then also hastily rushed out.

“*Sigh*, old friend, this guy’s temperament was always like this, please do not blame him.” Old mister Tao smiled painfully as he sighed.

Upon hearing this, Lin Zhentian magnanimously laughed. In his eyes, was a look that the elderly man in grey did not understand. It was as if he was not worried of losing any face in this match…

“Hehe, it’s just a bout between younger generation members, we should also go take a look. Take it as a little fun.”

Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest exchanged a look as they knowingly laughed, before walking out of the guest hall. After the hardships over the past two years, their confidence in Lin Dong was already fairly large. Lin Dong did not fear even an elite practitioner like Yue shan, though this Lin Chen was strong, he could not possibly possess the capability to defeat Lin Dong in ten rounds.

Outside the guest hall was an empty field, however, this field was currently rather packed. Many of the Lin Family members had also gathered after hearing of the fight.

From a certain point of view, the Lin Clan was considered as a place that some Lin Family members yearned for. It was an outstandingly renowned and enormous faction in the Great Yan Empire. As a member, wherever one went in the Great Yan Empire, no one would dare to offend him, this was one of the benefits of fame and power.

Thus, many Lin Family members unknowingly held a little fear in the hearts of the Lin Clan. From their perspective, the people there were all tigers and dragons. However, over the past one or two years, Lin Dong’s various achievements had allowed them to understand, that even if they were branch family members, they could still surpass those main clan members who received excellent treatment and resources since birth!

And this match, would thoroughly prove that!

Lin Dong hands hung at his side as he gazed at Lin Chen, who was strolling out from the guest hall. Lin Dong’s expression was calm and he chose to ignore the four sneering people behind Lin Chen.

Lin Chen’s footsteps slowly came to halt somewhere near to Lin Dong. Under the rays of the sun, the former’s palms seemed to reflect a jade-like luster.

“This match will be an ordinary bout. Do not injure your opponent, or else you will be severely punished!” Old mister Tao’s gaze swept over the two parties before he sternly declared.

“Don’t worry.”

Lin Chen lazily replied, he did not intend to take Lin Dong’s life. The former only wanted the latter to understand that the branch family could never hope to challenge the main clan!

“Are you ready?” Lin Chen chuckled as he looked towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong still did not speak, with a thought, three Mysterious Ice Swords and the Ever-Flame Sword flew out from his Qiankun bag. They circled around his body, and as the sharp blades streaked through the air, a faint wind sound could be heard.

“As expected, a Symbol Master…” At this sight, Lin Chen’s eyebrow raised, while, to one corner, an interested look surfaced in Lin Ke-er’s azure eyes.


Lin Dong’s finger lightly flicked and the four swords transformed into shadows as they violently swept forward. Wrapped by vigorous Mental Energy, their might was enough to pierce through stone!

Upon seeing Lin Dong make his move, Lin Chen also laughed as an exceptionally vigorous Yuan Power instantly burst out from his body!

Yuan Power bubbled forth, causing Lin Chen’s particularly pale hands to suddenly become crystal-like. Portions of formidable Pure Yuangang energy swiftly gathered in his palms, and then, he took a single step forward, as his hands danced, leaving after images in the air as they heavily slammed against the blades.

“Clang clang!”

Sword and fist collided, as a clear metallic ‘clang’ sound rang out. Sparks flew as the four blades were directly blown back.

“Advanced Yuan Dan stage…”

After this initial exchange, Lin Dong’s eyes flashed. He had thoroughly grasped Lin Chen’s strength, however, the latter was clearly stronger than Wei Tong, so much so that he was probably already half a foot in the perfect Yuan Dan stage!

“As expected of one from the main clan.” Towards Lin Chen’s strength, Lin Dong could not help but be a little amazed. Based on this person’s pace, he would perhaps be able to completely advance to the perfect Yuan Dan stage in one or two years. This kind of speed was already pretty good. The fact that he was able to be considered as one of the elite members of the Lin Clan younger generation, meant that he was indeed somewhat capable.

“Haha, try my Jade Destruction Hand!”

After blowing away the four blades, Lin Chen let out a hearty laugh. A faint jade-like stream seemed to flow on his long palms as portions of Pure Yuangang energy gathered on his palms. Quickly, he dashed towards Lin Dong, as the formidable power on his palms seem to emit a low sonic boom.

“Such power!”

When they saw the might of Lin Chen’s palm attack, many of the crowd’s expression somewhat changed. From what they saw, this so-called Jade Destruction Hand seemed to be at least a level four martial arts!

The incoming wind from the attack seemed to cause Lin Dong’s clothes to whimper. As he gazed at Lin Chen, who had already appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye, Lin Dong did not utilise any Mental Energy in response. Instead, the sole of his foot lightly stamped on the ground as strong Yuan Power abruptly exploded out from his body.

“Initial Yuan Dan stage?”

When he sensed the strength of Lin Dong’s Yuan Power, the corners of Lin Chen’s mouth slightly curled upwards.

Yuan Power rushed forth as Lin Dong’s hands swiftly formed a series of strange seals. While the seals changed, the space within his palms abruptly turned bright.

Wonder Gate Seal, fourth layer!

Lin Dong’s Yuan Power was already at the peak of the initial Yuan Dan stage, he only lacked that single step to reach the advanced Yuan Dan stage. Meanwhile, the power of the fourth layer of Wonder Gate Seal could be comparable to level five martial arts. Now, the might of its full powered utilisation was not to be looked down upon!

Hand seals swiftly changed as the Yuan Power undulations in between Lin Dong’s hands turned increasingly terrifying. A seal of light, the size of a head, took shape at the center of the light, as ripples of Yuan Power, which could be seen with the naked eye, swiftly spread outwards.

When he sensed that Yuan Power undulations, old mister Tao’s expression turned a little serious. Astonishment filled his heart, evidently, he did not expect that Lin Dong had actually mastered such a formidable martial arts.


Upon realizing that Lin Dong actually still had this martial art, Lin Chen’s eyes shined as the jade luster on his hands grew increasingly intense.

“Jade Shattering Claw!”

Lin Chen’s palm style changed and transformed into claws. An extremely formidable force pulsed on the claws, as the jade luster instantly transform into solid jade, while emitting a chillingly white glow.

The two parties attacks were both formidably terrifying, causing the onlookers hearts to tremble.

The light seal shot out from the space between Lin Dong’s palms as it streaked across the air, leaving a bright trail of light. Several breaths later, it heavily shot towards Lin Chen under numerous nervous gazes.

“You overestimate yourself!”

Upon seeing that Lin Dong actually wanted to confront him directly with martial arts and Yuan Power, Lin Chen could not help but sneer in his heart. The claw suddenly erected for a moment before the jade-like claw ruthlessly tore apart the seal of light.


Formidable Pure Yuangang energy frantically erupted and the soil on the ground was directly blown away. It seemed to dance as it filled the air, as a deep and harsh gash flashed into existence.

Everyone held their breaths as they gazed at the spot where the light seal and jade claw had collided.


Waves of powerful Yuan Power undulations frantically spread outwards as a formidable glint suddenly flashed across Lin Chen’s eyes. Without reservation, all the Yuan Power in his Dantian gushed out, as the jade glow on the claws drastically intensified!


The jade glow rushed forth and to the astonishment of the crowd, they watched as the extremely powerful light seal was directly torn apart!


At this sight, Lin Feng and the rest were delighted as they involuntarily cheered out, while a trace of worry surfaced in Lin Xia’s and the other Lin Family younger generation members’ eyes.

“You’ve lost!”

Forcefully tearing apart the light seal, a smile also appeared on Lin Chen’s face.

“That may not be so…”

As Lin Dong glanced at Lin Chen, he let out an indifferent laugh.

After hearing Lin Dong’s laughter, Lin Chen was initially stunned before his pupils suddenly shrunk. He watched as the light seal he had forcefully torn apart suddenly exploded. A seemingly material Mental Energy helix, the size of a palm, strangely appeared from the explosion, before it zipped forward at an astonishing speed.

This abrupt turn of events finally caused shock to color Lin Chen’s eyes. His claws danced as they hastily grabbed at the Mental Energy helix that was shooting towards him.

“Bang bang!”

The spiralling Mental Energy cone heavily slammed onto Lin Chen’s claws, causing the jade glow on his hands to be scattered inch by inch as the terrifying and huge force directly jolted Lin Chen backwards, while he raggedly retreated.


The spiralling Mental Energy cone transformed into a glowing shadow as it violently shot towards Lin Chen’s forehead. In response, the latter also frantically retreated, however, no matter how he utilised Yuan Power to obstruct it, his defences crumbled at a startling speed under the attack of the spiralling Mental Energy cone!

Only now did Lin Chen finally understand that Lin Dong’s true killing blow was not the seal of light, but, the Mental Energy cone hidden within it!

“Such terrifying control!”

This thought flashed across Lin Chen’s mind, he understood very clearly the harsh requirements needed to conceal a Mental Energy attack within Yuan Power.


The violently retreating figure suddenly stopped as Lin Chen’s back heavily slammed into a stone pillar. In his eyes, the spiralling Mental Energy cone rapidly grew larger.

“I concede!”

Deeply inhaling a mouthful of air, Lin Chen hastily shouted out.


As Lin Chen’s shout left his mouth, the swiftly approaching Mental Energy cone suddenly came to a standstill. With a ‘bang’, it burst apart and slowly faded away into nothingness…

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