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Chapter 150: The Might of the Manifestation Symbol Array

Vigorous Mental Energy took shape at the tip of Lin Dong’s finger before rays of light burst out. A terrifying Mental Energy undulation spouted forth like a volcano.

The originally formless Mental Energy had become every more resplendent than sunshine at this moment. In the end, the pillar of light which had been formed by the vigorous Mental Energy cut open the air like a meteor. Under the numerous gazes of the crowd, it crashed into Gui Yan’s formidable blade attack with a loud bang!


In that instance, a frightening wave of energy immediately exploded in the air like a flood. Besides a few stronger ones, some of the nearer onlookers were unable to endure this oppressive pressure as they hastily backed away.


Lin Dong wore a harsh expression on his face as he gazed at where the energy wave had spread. With a stern shout, the might of the Mental Energy light beam, which was formed completely from extremely condensed Mental Energy, rose sharply. As rays of light shined even more resplendently, it directly rushed forward and forcefully tore through Gui Yan’s extremely powerful blade attack under the astonished gazes of the crowd.

“How is this possible?!”

As they gazed at this scene in the sky, cries of alarm immediately exploded from the crowd. Gui Yan’s powerful finishing move was actually still unable to stop Lin Dong’s attack?

“Such a strong Mental Energy undulation!”

Shock surfaced on Xia Wanjin’s, Xuan Su’s and the rest’s faces. Even a normal third seal Symbol Master could not compare to this Mental Energy undulation. Could Lin Dong really have grown this strong in this short month?


Delight was revealed on Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest.


Compared to their delight, Gui Yan’s expression had turned extremely twisted in that instance. He gazed at the strange light beam that had not only ripped apart his attack, but was also frantically rushing towards him as he cursed. His palm reached out and sucked the fallen sabre into his hand as the vigorous Yuan Power inside his body rapidly gushed out before gathering on the blade.


Gui Yan tightly gripped the sabre with both hands as he furiously chopped downwards. Pure Yuangang energy condensed on the blade making it akin to the sharpest killing weapon. The blade sliced through the air as it tore a huge crack on the ground.


The sabre streaked through the air and ruthlessly hacked at the falling Mental Energy light beam.

At the moment of contact, an indescribable energy swiftly washed over the blade like a tide. Under the corrosion of that energy, Gui Yan’s Pure Yuangang energy was actually unable to achieve even the slightest obstructing effect before it crumbled, while that terrifying energy poured onto his body like a torrent.

“Pu Chi!”

Gui Yan’s face instantly turned deathly white. Soon after, it flushed red as a mouthful of blood was directly spit out. His body was also blown backwards by that huge force and slid dozens of meters on the floor before heavily crashing into a stone pillar.

The outcome of the battle was decided in a flash. The crowd only saw the two formidable flashes before Gui Yan’s sorry figure was already pushed back…


As they gazed at Gui Yan’s battered figure, who spouted blood from his mouth, the atmosphere in the plaza lapsed into silence for a moment. Soon after, a series of gasps rang out.

They never expected that this number one advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner in Yan City, Gui Yan, would not even be Lin Dong’s match!

“This guy…is really strong!”

Many of the factions, which were originally eyeing the Lin Family’s mining lode, gazed at the figure of the youth, who stood on a sword and floated in mid-air, as their expressions fluctuated, before they slowly started to restrain the greed in their hearts. Even an elite like Gui Yan had fallen at Lin Dong’s hands today, anyone else who went would only disgrace himself!


Meanwhile, Yue Shan’s expression also darkened, even as he forcefully suppressed the waves in his heart, his fists still suddenly clenched as they emitted a creaking sound.

He knew that Lin Dong was not weak, thus, after a round of selection, he had found Gui Yan. Even Yue Shan himself had acknowledged Gui Yan’s strength. Originally, he had thought that Lin Dong would be definitely be completely defeated this time. Instead, the sight before his eyes caused his originally burning heart to instantly turn ice-cold.

“How is this possible…how is this possible?!”

While Yue Shan’s expression darkened, Gui Yan once again spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. His eyes were filled with disbelief, he could not understand why he had been defeated so swiftly and cleanly…

When Lin Dong struck previously, Gui Yan had actually been unable to defend much!

“I refuse to believe it!”

Fresh blood wildly sprayed as Gui Yan’s expression turned malevolent, he howled out but as he did so, he was again affected by his injuries as fresh blood once more over spilled from the corners of his mouth.

In the air, Lin Dong coldly stared at Gui Yan. The former stretched out a finger and lightly pointed at Gui Yan below. Three Mysterious Ice Swords brought a potent cold Qi with them as they violently stabbed down, Lin Dong never had any trouble with putting down an already fallen enemy!


Upon seeing that Lin Dong was actually going to give the fatal blow, Yue Shan finally could not help but violently shout out. Previously, Wei Tong had been killed by Lin Dong right before his eyes. If even Gui Yan met a similar fate this time, there would perhaps be no one left who dared to collaborate with him in the future!

After being in contact for this period of time, Yue Shan also understood that although Lin Dong was young, he did not weaken in the slightest when it was time to take another’s life. Therefore, Yue Shan did not naively believe that Lin Dong would stop just because he shouted. Thus, before his shout faded away, his body flashed and directly appeared in front of Gui Yan.

“Yue Shan!”

Upon seeing that Yue Shan had broken the rules and interfered, Xia Wanjin’s expression darkened. However, just as he was about to step in, Lin Dong’s voice sounded out in the air: “Chairman Xia, leave this to me.”

After hearing these words, Xia Wanjin was startled, Lin Dong actually wanted to deal with Yue Shan? But, he was a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner!


Lin Dong’s words were likewise heard by Yue Shan. Immediately, a cold light flashed in his eyes, but he did not show too much anger as he first deflected the Mysterious Ice Swords with a fist, before his body slightly lowered. Like an unbudgeable mountain, a steady mountain-like presence gushed out.

“Mountain Fist!”

Yue Shan was not a simple man, he knew that this was an excellent chance. Lin Dong was having delusions of wanting to fight with the former, thus, this was a golden opportunity to finish him off. Immediately, a vigorous Pure Yuangang energy, that made one shiver, swiftly gathered at Yue Shan’s fist, before it suddenly thrust out!

A bright and resplendent ball of light burst out from Yue Shan’s fist. As it swept forward, it seemed to lengthen and shorten, faintly, it seemed to look a little like a mountain!

“This Yue Shan, has actually gradually grasped the meaning of form creation!” Upon seeing this, Xia Wanjin’s expression turned serious. The so-called form creation was one of the unavoidable paths to reach the three Creation stage, only when one understood the meaning of form creation, would one be able to advance to the first stage of the three Creation stage, the Form Creation stage!

“Lin Dong, withdraw quickly!” While his expression turned serious, Xia Wanjin also hurriedly shouted out. This move of Yue Shan clearly intended to take Lin Dong’s life!

Lin Dong did not to this advice. At this moment, a passionate excitement surface in his eyes, Yue Shan was considered as the true top expert in Yan City. Currently, Lin Dong had advanced to the third seal Symbol Master stage, plus, he had his strange Destiny Soul Symbol and the power of an initial Yuan Dan stage practitioner. He planned to test if he was able to do battle with a perfect Yuan Dan stage expert!


A ball of white Qi was spit out from Lin Dong’s mouth. Inside his Niwan Palace, resplendent rays burst out from the three Destiny Soul Symbols, Mental Energy was like a tide as it gushed out and poured into the symbol array above his head.

Crash! Crash!

As Mental Energy poured in, the sound of flowing water actually sounded out from within the Manifestation Symbol Array. Quickly, a seemingly solid Mental Energy suddenly exploded out and directly transformed into to a huge wave as rumbling sounds echoed out in mid-air.

“Manifest, azure wave!”

The huge wave gushed about. Lin Dong’s eyes flashed as the Mental Energy wave rumbled with an astonishing might as it flowed forward and heavily crashed into Yue Shan’s energy fist, which seemed to look a little like a mountain.


A loud and clear noise resounded in the air. Strong gales rippled outwards to sweep away everything. In the face of this force, even a Yuan Dan stage practitioner felt that it was hard to breath.


This time, Lin Dong’s attack did not overwhelm like before. The huge Mental Energy wave was only barely able to resist Yue Shan’s fist attack, before it burst apart.

While the huge Mental Energy wave scattered, the Mental Energy symbol array above Lin Dong’s head was also affected. It heaved and surged for a while before gradually turning dim and then completely fading away.

A perfect Yuan Dan stage expert was indeed incomparable to an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner!

“This Lin Dong…such terrifying power, to think that he was almost able to contend against Yue Shan!”

“Yes, although he did not gain the upperhand, this Lin Dong is still so young.”

“This Lin Family is really something, we must not offend them in future…”

Lin Dong did not completely lose against Yue Shan, this scene undoubtedly caused waves to rise in quite a few people’s hearts. As they exchanged looks, fear could be seen in each and everyone’s eyes.

Upon hearing the surrounding whispers, Yue Shan’s expression also turned extremely dark. The Mental Energy Lin Dong had displayed previously, had already surpassed that of a third seal Symbol Master…

At this age, even Yue Shan himself felt a little chill at this achievement!

This brat must be killed today!

“You are still not my match!” As this thought churned in his mind, Yue Shan stared up at Lin Dong, while he declared in a deep voice.

“That may not be so.”

After hearing this, Lin Dong slightly smiled, shortly, his finger pointed down.

Upon seeing Lin Dong’s action, Yue Shan seemed to have sensed something. His expression abruptly changed as he hastily turned around. His pupils shrunk as he saw a sharp sword, which emitted a cold Qi, darting through the air like a poisonous snake, as it ruthlessly stabbed towards the already injured Gui Yan!

While Yue Shan was tangled in the fight, Lin Dong had actually split a portion of his will to give Gui Yan a mortal blow!

This kind of thinking and ability was truly terrifying!

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