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Chapter 147: Pieces of Crap

The city plaza was considered fairly popular in Yan City. Due to Yan City’s numerous factions, many clashes often occurred. Sometimes, these kind of clashes were unable to be settled in the duel arena, therefore, this city plaza became the most direct way to settle disputes. Normally, even the city guards would not come here, because this place was truly one where both good and bad people excessively mixed together…

Today, there were quite a few of Yan City’s factions gathered in the city plaza. The black mass of heads was a particularly magnificent sight.

Although there were more opportunities in Yan City compared to Qingyang Town, to obtain them was evidently no simple task. To establish themselves here, the Lin Family clearly needed to show sufficient power, especially since they had already somehow drew many envious gazes. A certain level of strength needed to be displayed!

After wantonly expanding over this period of time, the Lin Family’s strength had also risen substantially. After all, with the support from the Yang Yuan Stone mining lode, they had went all out to recruit experts to their side. Or else, given the Lin Family’s strength in the past, they would not dare to directly make a move against the Ghost Blade Sect.

Surrounded by numerous factions, at the center of the plaza, were the people from the Blood Wolf Gang, the Ghost Blade Sect, the Thousand Gold Association and the Lin Family, who played the main role in this event today.

Yue Shan took the lead at the head of the Blood Wolf Gang as usual. His tall and sturdy body gave out an extremely formidable aura. No one dared to look down in the slightest on this sect leader who was one of the few perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners in Yan City.

Beside the Blood Wolf Gang, was a large group of black-clothed men. At their front was a lean man who was likewise clad in black. The man had a pair of deep set eyes and looked rather devious, his thin lips causing him to look a little cold and harsh.

This person was the leader of the Ghost Blade Sect, the number one advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner in Yan City, ghost blade Gui Yan!

“Haha, everyone, Yan City does not belong to any one person. A capable person can obtain what he deserves here. Of course, the prerequisite is that he needs to abide by some of the rules here.” Yue Shan smiled, his gaze swept across the surroundings as he took the initiative to speak.

“Haha, sect leader Yue Shan, your Blood Wolf Gang has broken quite a few rules. When said by you, these words seem like a joke.” Just as Yue Shan’s voice sounded out, Xia Wanjin casually replied.

“We are not here today to listen to you talk about rules. The Ghost Blade Sect has stolen the Yang Yuan Stones transported by the Lin Family. Truth be told, our Thousand Gold Association is considered an ally of the Lin Family. If the Ghost Blade Sect does not going to be accountable for this, our Thousand Gold Association will not so easily let this matter rest!”

“Chairman Xia, the Ghost Blade Sect is also our Blood Wolf Gang’s ally.” Yue Shen chuckle as he casually said: “Since you’ve made your stand so clearly, I will also declare before everyone here today, if the Thousand Gold Association does anything to the Ghost Blade Sect, my Blood Wolf Gang will likewise not sit still!”

The atmosphere in the plaza immediately turned a lot more hostile as the two major faction leaders exchanged words. Many looked at each other in dismay, they originally thought that the two sides would at least exchange some pleasantries for a while, they did not expect that the situation would deteriorate so quickly.

“Though the Ghost Blade Sect is strong, my Lin Family will not allow you to bully us. You secretly robbed my Lin Family’s Yang Yuan Stones and even injured my Lin Family members. If we don’t repay this devious act, my Lin Family will no longer have the face in the future to establish ourselves in Yan City!” As the atmosphere grew tense, Lin Zhentian’s low voice rang out. However, he was rather smart, he knew that the Blood Wolf Gang was a powerful faction, thus, he only threatened.

The Ghost Blade Sect.

“Heh, old man Lin, you can eat whatever you want, but don’t say whatever you like. Since when did my Ghost Blade Sect touch your Lin Family’s Yang Yuan Stones?” In response to Lin Zhentian’s shout, the Ghost Blade Sect leader Gui Yan merely sneered. From the looks of it, he was shamelessly denying it. Although the Lin Family knew that the Ghost Blade Sect were the culprits, they did not have any concrete evidence. And, even if they had, it would not be of much use. Rules were nothing before power, the Ghost Blade Sect were so arrogant only because they were bullying his Lin Family!

“Hehe, patriarch Lin, perhaps there is some misunderstanding. Over this period of time, the Lin Family and the Ghost Blade Sect have already exchanged blows and both parties have suffered. It is not good for this to continue, what if the city governor is angered, I’m afraid…” Yue Shan chuckled as he said.

Lin Zhentian’s, Lin Xiao’s and rest’s expressions darkened. They could sense the cynical gazes that shot towards from all around. After all, the Lin Family had a weak foundation in Yan City, they could not compare to these well-known factions like the Blood Wolf Gang and the Ghost Blade Sect.

“My Lin Family still has some backbone, no matter how large a price we pay, we must absolutely regain our face!”

Lin Zhentian took in a deep breath, his aged voice sounded exceptionally resolute. This was no longer Qingyang Town, silently bearing with it would not be advantageous for them. Within this circle of wolves, they needed to show that they were even more vicious. Or else, situations like today would definitely continue endlessly!

Upon hearing Lin Zhentian’s words, Yue Shan’s eyes slightly darkened. Evidently, he did not expect that Lin Zhentian would actually dare to refute before this large crowd.

“Heh, old man, do you really think my Ghost Blade Sect is afraid of your Lin Family? If it was not for sect leader Yue Shan’s persuasion, your Lin Family would have likely been expelled back to Qingyang Town long ago. I’ll offer you one piece of advice, a wise man knows when to submit to circumstances!” Gui Yan maliciously chuckled as he said.

“Gui Yan, You are getting bolder and bolder!”

Xia Wanjin’s expression turned icy, he suddenly stepped forward as his fist smashed at the air that separated them. a powerful gale directly tore through the air as it flashed towards Gui Yan.


The powerful gale did not hit Gui Yan as intended. This was because, just as Xia Wanjin made his move, the long prepared Yue Shan took two steps forward, his sleeves waved as he directly received the gale without budging an inch.

“Chairman Xia, everyone was called here today mainly to negotiate and settle this issue. These kind of actions are no good right?” Yue Shan coldly said.

“Humph, sect leader Yue Shan, you can’t possibly call this resolving an issue, it’s more akin to pressuring others with your influence!” To Xia Wanjin’s side, Xuan Su icily said.

Yue Shan chuckled as his gaze turned towards the Lin Family: “I have an appropriate idea, perhaps, the Ghost Blade Sect was indeed wrong in this matter, I can allow them to make amends in front of everyone here.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian did not relax but instead turned vigilant. He did not believe that Yue Shan truly intended to help them.

“How about this, in the future, the Yang Yuan Stones mined by the Lin Family will be escorted directly by the Ghost Blade Sect. At that time, you only need to split a little of the profits with them, heh heh, I believe that this way, the Ghost Blade Sect will definitely properly cooperate with the Lin Family. I dare to guarantee that within several hundred miles of Yan City, no one would dare to touch your Lin Family’s convey! How about that?”

“You’re going too far!”

Upon hearing Yue Shan’s so-called appropriate idea, Lin Zhentian the rest immediately turned white with anger. Even the fiery tempered Lin Mang’s eyes turned blood red with anger. This bastard planned to split up their Lin Family’s Yang Yuan Stone mining lode through a few glib words!

“Sect leader Yue Shan, your idea is truly appropriate indeed!” Xuan Su coldly replied in mockery. One could tell that the Blood Wolf Gang were already eyeing the Lin Family’s Yang Yuan Stone lode. It was likely that the perpetrator of this chain of events was Yue Shan.

“My Lin Family really appreciates sect leader Yue Shan’s idea.” Lin Zhentian endured the rage in his heart as he uttered in a low voice.

“Alright, since all of you don’t understand my feelings, then let this matter be settled by the Lin Family and the Ghost Blade Sect. However, I will say this first, no outside should meddle in this matter, or else, my Blood Wolf Gang will definitely not sit still. Even if my Blood Wolf Gang becomes enemies with the Thousand Gold Association in the end, it would be unavoidable.” Their response was not out of Yue Shan’s expectations as he indifferently smiled and said.

Xia Wanjin’s eyes narrowed. In the end, Yue Shan planned to use this point to suppress their Thousand Gold Association. After all, although the Lin Family’s strength had grown over this period of time, they was still some distance between them and the Ghost Blade Sect. Of course, most importantly, the Ghost Blade Sect possessed an expert like Gui Yan. Though Xia Wanjin did not like the latter, even he had no choice but to admit that Gui Yan’s strength was indeed number one among Yan City’s advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioners. Even Wei Tong could not match up to this man.

Thus, if the Thousand Gold Association did not interfere, the Lin Family would definitely pay a huge price in the fight with the Ghost Blade Sect.

Yue Shan and the rest obviously knew this, which was why they had thought of all kinds of methods to suppress the Thousand Gold Association. It seems like these guys had spent quite a lot of time to prepare this plan.

After all, even if the Thousand Gold Association truly made a move for the Lin Family, at that time, as long as the Blood Wolf Gang stepped in to delay the Thousand Gold Association, the Lin Family would still have to face the Ghost Blade Sect alone. When that moment comes, some bastards who wanted take advantage of this crisis might also appear. This would cause the already unfavorable situation for the Lin Family to take a turn for the worse.

As they gazed at the scene which had suddenly turned a little quieter, many of the surrounding factions quietly shook their heads. The Lin Family had finally tasted some of the retribution from offending the Blood Wolf Gang. This time, probably have to pay a huge price in blood to settle this issue.

From what they could tell, the Blood Wolf Gang and the Ghost Blade Sect were after the Lin Family’s mining lode. With regards to this, though they were envious, they could not do anything about it. The Lin Family’s power had risen very swiftly, besides the Ghost Blade Sect, there were not many factions besides the top three factions who could completely suppress the Lin Family…

Gui Yan’s deviously gazed at the extremely ugly expressions on Lin Zhentian and the rest. He could not help but let out a weird laugh as he lazily said: “You should quickly make your decision. We do not have much time, no matter your choice, my Ghost Blade Sect will accompany you to the end.”

Within Lin Zhentian’s and the rest’s gloomy expressions, a vicious light was faintly discernable.

“I heard that your Lin Family has a very capable brat that has even managed to kill Wei Tong. I feel that you should try and pass this decision to him.” Gui Yan tilted his head as his weird laughter rang out.

Upon hearing Gui Yan’s provocations, the raging flames in Lin Ken’s and the rest’s eyes finally could not help but overflow. However, just as they were about to shout out, an icy chuckle was suddenly heard from outside the plaza. Soon after, a figure strode through the air and landed before the Lin Family crowd under everyone’s astonished gazes.

“You pieces of crap, do you think you are fit to share my Lin Family’s mining lode?”

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