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Chapter 146: A Storm Arises

When Lin Dong walked out from the Symbol Master Tower, he saw a bunch of wooden stake-like figures. Gazes snapped in his direction at an extremely terrifying speed. It was as if they had seen a ghost.

“Grandmaster Yan, are you guys okay?” After being stared at by their strange gazes, Lin Dong could not help but let out a dry laugh as he walked forward and said.

“You’ve entered the ninth level?” Grandmaster Yan’s voice could not help but tremble slightly as he firmly stared at Lin Dong. Even he was unable to enter the ninth level of the Symbol Master Tower, but just before, he had indeed personally seen Lin Dong’s speck of light at the ninth level for a period of time.

“Oh? What’s wrong? I only tested if I could enter the ninth level…” Upon seeing grandmaster Yan’s expression, Lin Dong was also a little frightened. He was under the impression that they had found out about what he had done on the ninth level. Immediately, he very carefully asked.

“This fellow…”

After hearing Lin Dong confess, grandmaster Yan and several third seal middle-aged Symbol Masters beside him all inhaled an icy breath of air as shock spilled out from their eyes. No one had been able to enter the ninth level for many years, to think that Lin Dong had managed to break in.

“Thankfully, those Sky Fire City people had left quickly. Or else, they would be so taken aback that they would vomit blood.” One of the middle-aged Symbol Masters forced a smile as he said. The others also nodded their heads in agreement. No one could imagine that Lin Dong was actually able to successfully ascend to the most mysterious ninth level of the Symbol Master Tower.

Lin Dong let out two dry laughs. He knew that if they talked about one’s true ability, he would perhaps at most be equal to Zhou Tong, If it was not for his special Destiny Soul Symbol, he would absolutely be unable to garner such achievements.

Of course, even if this was so, it was enough to show that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy talent was indeed exceptionally astonishing. After all, without his Destiny Soul Symbol, perhaps there would be not much difference between him and Zhou Tong. Yet, the fact was that Zhou Tong was the number one young Symbol Master in Sky Fire City, plus, the time he spent bitterly cultivating his Mental Energy far surpassed Lin Dong. And yet, Lin Dong was still able to overtake the latter, this level of Mental Energy talent could only be called monstrous.

“This time, it’s all thanks to you.” While Lin Dong chuckled a little forcefully, to one side, Zi Yue also walked forward and softly said. Now, her face was no longer as frosty it was initially. This time, all credit for ensuring the Symbol Master Tower stayed in Yan City was Lin Dong’s. Though she had a proud and cold by character, she was not too arrogant, thus, she naturally no longer showed such an icy expression.

Upon seeing this cold beauty suddenly turn much gentler, Lin Dong felt a little uneasy. He smiled and said: “I merely fulfilled what I was tasked to do.”

“You should have now already advanced to the third seal Symbol Master stage right?” Grandmaster Yan stroke his beard as he chuckled. Ever since Lin Dong had entered the Symbol Master Tower, they had practically never left this spot. All of their attention was focused here, thus, the ripples caused by Lin Dong when he made a breakthrough did not escape their senses.


With regards to this point, Lin Dong did not bother hiding it. Immediately, he grinned as he nodded his head. This look caused some of them to painfully smile as they secretly sighed. They had cultivated for roughly a dozen years before reaching this step, yet, Lin Dong had caught up to them in less than two years. This speed would truly cause one to exclaim in admiration.

“The people from Sky Fire City have already left, haha, Zhou Tong left a message for you: when he meets you again, he would definitely beat you.”

Lin Dong chuckled, he did not have any ill will towards Zhou Tong and even understood him a little. If they met in future, Lin Dong would try and see if they could become friends.

Since the Tower Battle affair had smoothly come to an end, Lin Dong no longer needed to stay. He had been away for almost a month this time and should probably rush back home. Thus, after chatting with grandmaster Yan and the rest for a while, he said his goodbyes and left.

After leaving the Symbol Master Guild, Lin Dong directly headed back to the Lin Family. Not long after he passed through the entrance, his eyebrows involuntarily furrowed a little. The Lin Family today seemed much more lonely than usual.

“Brother Lin Dong!”

While Lin Dong’s eyebrows were furrowed, a familiar and clear voice sounded out from in front of him. The former lifted his head and gazed at the green clothed girl who was approaching with small quick steps as a gentle smile quickly surfaced: “Qing Tan.”

“Brother Lin Dong, you’re finally back.” Qing Tan stood before Lin Dong, thick delight in her glittering limpid eyes. Beside her, Little Flame also let out an excited growl.

“Brother Lin Dong is back!”

When Qing Tan’s voice rang out, quite a number of figures quickly ran out from the manor. What was astonishing was that most of them were the younger generation members of the Lin Family. At the front of the crowd, Lin Dong also saw Lin Xia, Lin Hong and the rest that he had not seen for quite some time.

“Sister Lin Xia, what is wrong? Where are grandpa and the rest?” As he looked towards Lin Xia, Lin Dong’s eyebrows knitted together while he asked.

“Something happened. Grandpa and the rest are out.” Lin Xia hesitantly replied.

“What happened?” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong’s heart slightly sunk. He had felt earlier that something was amiss. Immediately, he decided to get to the heart of the matter.

“Two batches of Yang Yuan Stones from our Lin Family’s Steel Wood Manor have been robbed, plus, father and first uncle have been injured…” To one side, Qing Tan’s softly said. As she spoke, her tiny fists tightly clenched, she was clearly rather furious.

“Father was injured?”

Upon hearing these words, a vicious look instantly surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes as he slowly spoke: “Did you find out who did it?”

“I heard grandfather and the rest say it should be the Ghost Blade Sect of Yan City.” Lin Xia replied.

“The Ghost Blade Sect? Is their leader ghost blade Gui Yan?”

Lin Dong’s eyebrows lightly furrowed. He had heard of the Ghost Blade Sect, though they were unable to compare to one of the top three factions like the Thousand Gold Association, they were not weak. Most importantly, the leader of the Ghost Blade Sect, Gui Yan, was a rather renowned figure in Yan City. Although he had yet to advance to the perfect Yuan Dan stage, he was the number one among the practitioners at the advanced Yuan Dan stage. In comparison, Wei Tong’s reputation was a tad less resounding.

“The Lin Family should not have any grudges with them right?”

“We indeed do not have any grudges with the Ghost Blade Sect, however, it is said that the Ghost Blade Sect and the Blood Wolf Gang have formed an alliance not too long ago.” Lin Xiao bitterly said.

“The Blood Wolf Gang!”

Upon hearing this name, Lin Dong’s expression darkened. He knew that the Lin Family had kept a low enough profile over this period of time, how could they have provoked the Ghost Blade Sect. It turns out that the Blood Wolf Sect was secretly causing mischief.

“We have no concrete evidence that it was the Ghost Blade Sect, their operation was very clean. Over this period, the Lin Family and the Ghost Blade Sect have fought, and the other party have firmly denied that it was their doing. Quite a few factions are observing from the sidelines, ever since the news of our Lin Family owning a Yang Yuan Stone mining lode spread, it has drawn many gazes of ill intent. *Sigh*, the situation now is too chaotic, these guys are waiting for our Lin Family to be worn out before they swoop in for an easy haul…”

“Yesterday, the Blood Wolf Gang sent a message that they can take charge and mediate between us. Humph, everything happened because of them, and now they appear to act as samaritans. Do they truly think us fools?” Lin Xia angrily said. Evidently, she was rather pissed off at the Blood Wolf Gang’s despicable methods.

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head. Deep in his eyes, a cold light surfaced. It seemed that, although he had killed Wei Tong previously, it was still not enough to allow the Lin Family to establish themselves in Yan City. Of course, the biggest contributor to this was naturally the Blood Wolf Gang’s existence. As long as they treated the Lin Family like a thorn in their eye, the other factions would not dare become too close with the Lin Family.

After all, the difference in power between the two was too large. The intimidating power of the perfect Yuan Dan stage was truly not ordinary.

“Today, grandfather and the rest have brought the Lin Family troops to the plaza in Yan City for negotiations. Fortunately, the members of the Thousand Gold Association have also went.”

“The Thousand Gold Association has also went.” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong softly sighed in relief. Although the Ghost Blade Sect might not fear the Thousand Gold Association due to the Blood Wolf Gang’s support, it would at least restrain them a little, such that they would not dare to openly bully the Lin Family through force.

“Our Lin Family’s reputation in Yan City is still not enough…” Lin Dong pursed his lips as the corners of his mouth lifted to form a cold smile.

“All of you stay here in the estate. Don’t go out. Little Flame, stay with the family. As for everything else, leave it to me.”

Lin Dong calmly spoke before abruptly turning his body. He was now irritated by the Blood Wolf Gang’s methods. Since he was unable to dispose of the Blood Wolf Gang for the time being, he would get rid of the Blood Wolf Gang’s helpers instead. He wanted to tell everyone in Yan City that when the Blood Wolf Gang turned their guns on the Lin Family, he would crush each one that came!

Faced with these vicious wolf-like guys, he could only utilise frightful methods. Only then would he gain their fear and dread!

As they gazed at Lin Dong’s back, Lin Xia and the rest opened their mouths, but in the end, they could only obediently nod their heads. Currently, Lin Dong’s influence in the Lin Family was practically comparable to Lin Zhentian’s. Not mentioning the younger generation like them, even Lin Xiao and Lin Ken would not disregard Lin Dong’s words.

The current Little Flame was already able to match up to an initial Yuan Dan stage practitioner. With it guarding the Lin Family, Lin Dong could feel reassured as he left.

After exiting through the entrance, Lin Dong checked his directions before quickly rushing towards the city. A cold murderous look flowed in his eyes.

“Ghost blade Gui Yan, my Lin Family is not the pushover you think it is. Since you hurt my father, I will let you meet your maker!”

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