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Chapter 145: Mental Energy Map

“The Ancestral Symbol is so powerful?”

When he saw that even this mysterious small marten was so respectful towards that so-called Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong was highly shocked. Promptly, he delightedly exclaimed: “Right now, isn’t there two Ancestral Symbol before our eyes?”

“Quit daydreaming kid.”

The small marten looked at Lin Dong as if he was an idiot, before it mocked: “For something like an Ancestral Symbol. Even if only one appeared, it would flip the skies and land, let alone two. You think the mere Great Yan Empire can hold onto such a godly object?”

As he was being stared at by small marten, Lin Dong began to feel slightly embarrassed. It seems like he had indeed been delusional.

“The two Ancestral Symbols here were merely copied onto the walls. The person who left them behind must have seen these two Ancestral Symbols in the past. Heh, he must have been quite skilled, since he are able to rely on his memory to draw out these two Ancestral Symbols. After all, these Ancestral Symbols are formed by the laws of heaven and earth. Most ordinary Symbol Masters will not be able to carve out their shapes. Since this person could successfully carve out the shapes of these two Ancestral Symbols, even though it merely reflects their form, it is already a pretty good accomplishment.” The small marten took a look at the two extremely complex and ancient symbols carved on the wall, as it commented.

“Since that senior has seen these Ancestral Symbols before, he should know where they are right?” Lin Dong probed.

Upon hearing these words, small marten fell silent. After a long period of silence, it then gradually nodded its head as it said: “That is possible, since the Ancestral Symbol is hidden between heaven and earth. Anyone who obtains these Ancestral Symbols will definitely become a legendary figure in the world. Perhaps this person must have encountered these two Ancestral Symbols somewhere.”

“How many Ancestral Symbols are there in the world?” Lin Dong somewhat curiously asked. He knew that with regards to these kind of godly items, perhaps he would never get a chance to even see one. However, he could not help but ask.

“According to my knowledge, there should be a total of eight Ancestral Symbols in the world. In the past, I met a person who possessed an Ancestral Symbol. His strength could truly be called terrifying. Even at my peak, I was not his match.” The small marten muttered.

Lin Dong did not know how strong the small marten was at its peak. However, from the tone of its voice, he deduced that at its full power, this fellow’s strength should have at least exceeded the three Creation stage. Perhaps, it had even reached the Nirvana stage.

However, even with such formidable abilities, it was still crushed by an elite practitioner who possessed an Ancestral Symbol. Therefore, one could only imagine just how frightening such a person was.

“The eight Ancestral Symbols are extremely mysterious. The fact that this person was fortunate enough to witness two Ancestral Symbols indicated that he was quite skilled. Based on the imprints on the walls, these should not be the Ancestral Symbols that I witnessed before. Therefore, perhaps these two Ancestral Symbols have yet to surface.” The small marten continued.

“You should have noticed by now that the Destiny Soul Symbols in my Niwan Palace seemed somewhat similar to these Ancestral Symbols right?” Lin Dong was silent for a moment, before he suddenly asked inquisitively.

He was keen to know just what was going on too. At first, he thought that his symbols were merely ordinary Destiny Symbols he had obtained by chance. However, based on the current situation, it seems like they were pretty extraordinary.

“This…” When it heard Lin Dong’s question, the small marten went silent for a time before it said: “The Destiny Soul Symbols you possess should be somewhat related to these Ancestral Symbols. If I am not mistaken, they were perhaps condensed from a very able person’s understanding of these Ancestral Symbols. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, they were born from these Ancestral Symbols…”

“If that is the case, that person is truly formidable. After living all these years, I have rarely heard of anyone who could comprehend these Ancestral Symbols, let alone managing to condense new symbols from them.” Towards the end, a hint of respect could be detected from small marten’s tone.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head, as its explanation made sense. However, he only obtained this item by chance. Hence, there was no way for him to find out which wise man had created this Ancient Swirl Symbol.

“It’s a pity that they have only inscribed these Ancestral Symbols. If we could find out the location of these Ancestral Symbols, that would be incredible. After all, these objects are truly legendary.” The small marten somewhat regretfully said.

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders as he did not seem to mind. Even though these so-called Ancestral Symbols seemed incredibly powerful, to him, it was too much of a lofty target. After all, his current goals were to safeguard his Lin Family, and to obtain a respectable result in the Lin Clan Gathering two years later to fulfill Lin Zhentian’s decades-old wish.

“There is nothing more to see. Let’s go.” Lin Dong waved his hand as he prepared to leave.

“Wait a moment.”

When it heard that Lin Dong was planning to leave, the small marten hurriedly called out. As it saw the inquisitive glance from the former, it pointed to a wall as it said: “Summon your Destiny Soul Symbol and paste it towards the Ancestral Symbols on the wall.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly furrowed. This fellow seemed really persistent. After a moment of hesitation, he could only obey its instructions as he summoned the Destiny Soul Symbol inside his Niwan Palace. However, to be on the safe side, Lin Dong only summoned one out of three symbols inside his Niwan Palace.

His Destiny Soul Symbol glowed as it hovered in mid-air. Lin Dong carefully manipulated it, before he brushed it towards the wall.


Under the nervous glazes of Lin Dong and the small marten, that Destiny Soul Symbol began to approach the Ancestral Symbol inscribed on the wall. Just as the two were mere inches away, his Destiny Soul Symbol suddenly began to vibrate. Then, as it broke free of Lin Dong’s control, it turned into a palm-sized Soul Symbol vortex.

This sudden change caused Lin Dong to panic, as he hurriedly tried to recall his Destiny Soul Symbol, only to discover that he had already lost control of it.

“Don’t panic, it’s only a Destiny Soul Symbol. Even if you lose it, you can cultivate it back again. However, if we can obtain something extra from this, it would be worth it even if we were to lose a hundred of them.” Just as Lin Dong alarmed, the small marten hastily said.

“You had better not be lying to me!” Lin Dong gritted his teeth as he said.

“Pfft. If it was not for the fact that you helped me previously, This grandpa marten would not even bother to help you. For a Symbol Master, an Ancestral Symbol is practically a legendary weapon. If you could obtain it, I guarantee that you will become a legendary figure within heaven and earth!” The small marten pursed its lips as it disdainfully said.

While Lin Dong and the small marten was conversing, threads of Mental Energy began to gradually flow out from the Soul Symbol vortex. Then, like a ray of light, they shined on the Ancestral Symbol inscribed on the wall.

As these Mental Energy rays shone on the inscribed Ancestral Symbol, some of the light rays were reflected off. These light rays were reflected into the empty space in front of them, as picture was faintly formed.

“This is… a map of the Great Yan Empire?” As they stared at the map formed by Mental Energy, Lin Dong was slightly astonished as he asked. Just as he finished speaking, his eyes concentrated at a particular spot on the map. At that spot was a bright red dot.

“This is a map that points to the location of the Ancestral Symbol.” The small marten casually said before it chided: “You are really a lucky brat. If news of this map got out, all the Symbol Masters in the Great Yan Empire will turn insane.”

Lin Dong scratched his head, as he attentively looked at this Mental Energy map. On the map, besides a red dot inside the Great Yan Empire, there was another red dot. However, the location of that dot seemed extremely remote. It was probably not located within the Great Yan Empire.

The Mental Energy map did not surface for long, before it turned into streams of light that shot inside the Soul Symbol vortex. Then, the vortex squirmed as it turned back into a Destiny Soul Symbol and returned to Lin Dong’s mind.

As that Destiny Soul Symbol returned, Lin Dong could sense that something extra was added to his mind. He guessed that it should be due to that map.

“I simply can’t believe this. Inside this puny Great Yan Empire, there was actually someone who knew about the location of two Ancestral Symbols.” The small marten also gradually recovered its senses. Based on its expression, it seems like it was totally shocked by the existence of this map. After all, in the whole word, there were only eight Ancestral Symbols. Therefore, it seemed too unbelievable that they could obtain the location of two Ancestral Symbols in this shabby Symbol Master Tower.

“Since that senior knew where these Ancestral Symbols were, why did he not obtain them for himself? An Ancestral Symbol should hold great appeal for a Symbol Master, right?” Lin Dong somewhat suspiciously asked.

“How should I know…furthermore, do you think it’s so easy to obtain an Ancestral Symbol? These legendary objects cannot be tamed by any ordinary individual.” The small marten rolled its eyes before it said: “Perhaps that man had some unique scouting abilities?”

With regards to this irresponsible guess, Lin Dong felt resigned. Even though he knew the location of these Ancestral Symbols, he did not plan to look for them immediately. After all, he was aware that based on his current strength, even if he managed to find these Ancestral Symbols, he could only stare blankly at them. Right now, he did not believe that these legendary objects would possibly subjugate themselves to this ordinary him.

“Can we leave now?” Lin Dong spread out his hands at the small marten and said.

“Let’s go. Based on your current strength, it would indeed be foolish to look for these Ancestral Symbols. You should only go after you at least become a little capable.” Without considering Lin Dong’s feelings, the small marten unceremoniously said. Then, as it waved its claws, its body began to slowly dissipate as it turned into a glowing shadow and flew back into the Stone Talisman embedded in Lin Dong’s palm.

Lin Dong shook his head in resignation. Right now, he was quite famous in this Yan city. However, when he faced the small marten, all he received was humiliation.

“Time to go.”

As he lifted his head to once again scan the two walls, Lin Dong somehow felt that the Ancestral Symbols inscribed on these walls had became much dimmer. That sensation felt as if the spirit inside them had somehow disappeared.

With regards to this transformation, Lin Dong briefly guessed that it was because he had obtained the Mental Energy map hidden within them. Therefore, in the future, anyone who ventured here would probably be unable to obtain the map…

As he thought about this, Lin Dong gently smiled. Then, turning around, his body slowly faded from the ninth floor.

“Crack crack!”

When Lin Dong’s figure disappeared, the walls inscribed with the Ancestral Symbol suddenly began to crumble. Pieces of the wall fell off, and in mere seconds, the two Ancestral Symbols completely disappeared…

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