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Chapter 144: Ancestral Symbol


The formidable Mental Energy undulations was like a surging wave as it swept across the eighth level of the Symbol Master Tower. Under this ferocious wave, even the Mental Energy pressure that filled the air was forcefully scattered.

In front of the stone tablet, Lin Dong’s eyes were glaringly bright like a pair of stars. It was quite some time before the brightness finally dimmed and dissipated together with the Mental Energy undulations.


Lin Dong spit out a ball of white Qi and stood up from the ground. When he stood up, the Mental Energy pressure that had disappeared for over twenty days actually returned once more. However, now that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had grown tremendously, that Mental Energy pressure only caused his shoulders to dip a little, and was not able to restrict his body.

“Looks like it’s because the Soul Symbol vortex has vanished.”

The Mental Energy pressure that once again bore down on his body caused Lin Dong to be startled. Soon after, he suddenly understood. The Soul Symbol vortexes in his Niwan Palace had already transformed into three Destiny Soul Symbols, and the sucking force had likewise completely dissipated. This resulted in the return of the Mental Energy pressure.

“Third seal Symbol Master…”

As he felt the Mental Energy pressure that now did not seem very threatening, although it used to be capable of crushing him within inches of his life not long before, Lin Dong could not help but laugh. A third seal Symbol Master was indeed much stronger than a second seal one. Or else, the current him would perhaps be directly pushed out of the Symbol Master Tower by the Mental Energy pressure’s return.

“My cultivation here is almost at its end…” Lin Dong stretched his body. It could be said that he had quite a bountiful haul in this Symbol Master Tower affair. Not only did he obtain a Qi grade Secret Spirit Skill, most importantly, he had successfully broken through to the third seal Symbol Master stage in less than a month. To Lin Dong, this was undoubtedly an extremely huge awakening.

Due to the peculiarity of Lin Dong’s Destiny Soul Symbol, although he was only a third seal Symbol Master, the power of his Mental Energy was perhaps comparable to that of the usual fourth seal Symbol Master. Generally speaking, a fourth seal Symbol Master was able to contend against a Perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Thus, Lin Dong now had the ability to exchange blows with a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. Although he might not achieve victory against one, he would at least not need to be as fearful of one as before.

Even though the Symbol Master Tower was an extremely good Mental Energy cultivation spot, one could not stay here forever. Being able to last for over twenty days here was already Lin Dong’s limit. Furthermore, the Soul Symbol vortex had now dissipated. It would not be long before he would be forcefully expelled out of the Symbol Master Tower by the increasingly powerful Mental Energy pressure.

“I guess it’s time to leave.” Lin Dong mumbled to himself. Just as he turned to go, his moving gaze suddenly caught sight of Mental Energy barrier at the central area. There, the passageway to the ninth level stood.

When Lin Dong’s gaze concentrated on the Mental Energy barrier, his expression started to fluctuate. He was naturally extremely curious about the ninth level of the Symbol Master Tower. If the eighth level had a Qi grade Secret Spirit Skill, what would there be on the ninth floor?

As he stood on the spot, Lin Dong hesitated for a moment. If it was said that he was not interested in the ninth level, that would be a lie. Yet, who knew if there would be any danger within that level.

“I’ll have a try. Since i’m going to leave, even if I fail, I would at worst be expelled from the Symbol Master Tower.”

Lin Dong hesitated for quite a while on the spot before gritting his teeth. It was not easy for him to reach the eighth level, it would be such a waste if he did not experience the ninth level for a while.

Since he had made his decision, Lin Dong no longer hesitated as he stepped forward and swiftly walked towards the Mental Energy barrier blocking the path to the ninth level.

Although he had lost the Soul Symbol vortexes’ resistive powers, after Lin Dong’s tremendous improvement in Mental Energy, he might be able to endure. Thus, moments later, he arrived before the Mental Energy barrier. After pondering a little, he took a step forward.


As Lin Dong charged into the Mental Energy barrier that led to the ninth level, a soft and low sound immediately echoed out from the Mental Energy barrier. Quickly, an extremely formidable force gushed out from within and attempted to push Lin Dong’s body out.


When he felt that repelling force, Lin Dong merely snorted. The three Destiny Soul Symbols in his Niwan Palace instantly dispatched portions of vigorous Mental Energy to resist the force from the Mental Energy barrier.

Chaotic Mental Energy undulations endlessly spread out from within that Mental Energy barrier while Lin Dong’s figure looked as if it was frozen inside the barrier. However, if one took a closer look, one would realize that he was not stuck but instead merging with the Mental Energy barrier at an extremely slow speed.

Their confrontation lasted for almost ten minutes. Though that small step seemed extremely tiny, under the fierce resistance of the Mental Energy barrier, it was very difficult to make in the end.

“Get lost!”

As the deadlock continued, Lin Dong became a little impatient. A light flashed in his eyes as the three Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan Palace slightly contracted before suddenly swelling.


As the three Destiny Soul Symbol expanded, three portions of extremely formidable Mental Energy were like a storm as they swept forward and actually forcefully pushed away some of the swamp-like obstructing force.

In the instance when some of the obstructing force was pushed away , Lin Dong’s foot seized the opportunity to step forward. His figure flashed as all traces of it faded away.

When Lin Dong’s figure disappeared, the sight before his eyes turned black for a split second before being restored in the blink of an eye as he swiftly looked around.

The ninth level of the Symbol Tower was exceptionally normal. The space was very small and extended only a dozen or more feet. The floor was covered in dust, compared to the floors below, it seemed very messy.

Lin Dong was also stunned for a moment by this sight. Evidently, he had not expected that the mysterious ninth level would actually look so ordinary. It seems as if there was nothing special about this place.

Eyebrows furrowed, Lin Dong carefully inspected the ninth level. Moments later, his gaze paused on the tower walls on both sides. There were numerous patterns on these walls which looked rather cryptic, but after Lin Dong observed for a while, he found that these cryptic patterns seemed to form two extremely complex and ancient symbols.

The ancient symbols were so complicated that one would feel dizzy looking at it. Yet, each stroke seemed the contain the essence of heaven and earth which would cause one to be involuntarily drawn in. Exceedingly magical.

Lin Dong’s gaze concentrated on the lines of symbols on the left wall. As he concentrated completely, he abruptly realized that this picture-like ancient symbol was actually emitting a weak suction force. Under that suction force, the Destiny Soul Symbol in his Niwan Palace seemed to be about to fly out towards it.

Upon sensing this strange situation, all the hairs on Lin Dong’s body stood up as he hastily retreated two steps. It was rather unfathomable, these symbols were just ordinary pictures, as if a person had used a brush to casually draw them on the wall. These were not symbols formed by Mental Energy, how could it possibly possess such a strange ability?

“Suction power…”

While bewildered, Lin Dong’s expression suddenly slightly changed. Quickly, he lifted his head to stare at the extremely complicated symbol which seemed to show a hint of ancientness. Before, he had not realised that the ancient symbol on the wall was actually a tiny bit similar to the Destiny Soul Symbol in his Niwan Palace!

Of course, there was only a tiny resemblance. The Destiny Soul Symbol in his Niwan Palace was far from being as complicated and cryptic as the ancient symbol. It was as if it had been simplified countless times, causing some waves to start churning in Lin Dong’s heart…

Could it be that there was some special relation between his Destiny Soul Symbol and the ancient symbol?

When he recalled the strange abilities of his Destiny Soul Symbol, Lin Dong’s expression turned somewhat strange. What exactly was this ancient symbol on the wall?

His expression was a little queer, he did not know why but he felt that his Destiny Soul Symbol should have some relation with this ancient symbol.

“What is this symbol?” Lin Dong mumbled to himself. From its outward appearance, this ancient symbol seemed like an extremely terrifying thing. Though it was drawn using a brush, it already possessed this kind of powers. If a symbol like this was cultivated into a Destiny Symbol, what kind of earth-shattering powers would it possess?

The discovery of this mysterious ancient symbol caused Lin Dong’s heart to be in turmoil. He never imagined that he would actually encounter this thing due to chance when he entered the Symbol Master Tower this time. Plus, his Destiny Soul Symbol seemed to have some unique relationship with this thing.

Lin Dong pursed his lips as his eyes swept across the two ancient symbols on the wall. A split second later, his eyes suddenly concentrated on a corner of the wall, there, some almost illegible handwriting could be seen. The words seemed to have been written long ago, thus, they looked very indistinct. Lin Dong tried to identify them for quite a while and only managed to discern two words.

Ancestral Symbol.

The two words were almost illegible, but, when Lin Dong identified them, he did not understand why but reverence gushed up from deep in his heart. Even the three Destiny Soul Symbols in his Niwan Palace shuddered a little.

“Ancestral Symbol…what is that?” Lin Dong stared at the two words as he muttered to himself.

“Within heaven and earth, Symbol Masters condense a Destiny Symbol with Mental Energy. They are split into countless grades, but, within heaven and earth, the most formidable one would be the Ancestral Symbol. The Ancestral Symbol was not made by man but condensed by the laws of heaven and earth. Every Ancestral Symbol possesses the power to open the heavens. The one who possesses the Ancestral Symbol would be the strongest existence within heaven and earth.”

While Lin Dong was at a loss, a familiar voice suddenly echoed out in his mind. It was the little marten.

“You’ve awoken?” After hearing this voice, Lin Dong was pleasantly surprised as he asked.


On Lin Dong’s shoulder, a glowing shadow condensed as the small marten appeared. Its tiny eyes stared at the two ancient symbols on the wall as it sighed and muttered: “I truly did not expect that, there would still be someone who knew about the existence of the Ancestral Symbol in this kind of place……”

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