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The second world war finally came to an end with the death of the Yimo Emperor.

Such a result caused the world to completely descend into celebration. The hope after despair that everyone experienced contained excitement and elation that was difficult to suppress.

Originally, they had thought that this world would fall under the control of the Yimo. Who could have imagined that there would be a final twist at the end of this road. Not only did they turn the situation around, they had also completely eliminated all threat from the Yimo.

This world, which had been ravaged by the Yimo for a long time, had finally become peaceful. 

One month after the end of the world war, the three great alliances began to disband one after another. Everything returned to the right track. There would perhaps still be many cruel struggles in the world, but there would also be a continuous stream of strong individuals being honed from such struggled. In the far off and distant future, a monster like genius might once again appear from nowhere, and advance into the legendary Ancestor stage.

The world would ultimately continue to progress.

However, everyone knew that even if someone else advanced to the Ancestor stage, that person would have difficulty surpassing the figure who had rescued them at their most hopeless moment.

The Martial Ancestor, Lin Dong.

Ultimate Ancestor stage experts might appear many times, but his other status was unique. No one could surpass it. It was the Dimension Master.

The true master of this plane!

Back then, the reason the Symbol Ancestor and Yimo Emperor had come to this world, was to control the Dimension Fetus and become the Dimension Master in order to obtain greater power.

However, they had ultimately failed, while Lin Dong had succeeded.


Within Dao Sect, Lin Dong stood beside a cliff on a towering peak. He lowered his head and looked at Dao Sect under the swirling clouds. Ling Qingzhu, Qingtan, Little Marten, Little Flame, the Life Death Master and the others were standing behind him and looking at his back. Although this back appeared rather thin, it possess a prestige which could not be described.

This prestige originated from his position as the Dimension Master.

“I am prepared. Although she ignited her Reincarnation, it has not been long since she did so. There should still be some of her Reincarnation fragments in this world. If I can find her Reincarnation fragments, I will be able to send her into a Reincarnation and even ensure her memories remain.” Lin Dong gazed at Dao Sect. He slowly began to speak a moment later.

“How much confidence do you have?” Joy flashed across the Flame Master and the rest’s eyes when they heard this. However, he still asked in a worried manner. Although Lin Dong was all powerful now, igniting one’s Reincarnation was equivalent to death. How could it possibly be easy to save someone after that?

“It should be fifty percent.”

Lin Dong muttered. A trace of worry had unknowingly flashed in his heart, while his hand involuntarily clenched tightly. Although he currently possessed the strongest power in this world, what was the purpose of such strength if he could not even save someone he loved?

He cultivated for the sake of protecting those whom he wished to protect. Yet, he now discovered that he could not do so… 

A soft hand gently held his large hand. There was a smooth and warm feeling from it, causing Lin Dong’s emotions to calm down. He turned his head and looked at the fairy like Ling Qingzhu in white. Her pretty eyes were quietly looking at him. The gentleness within them could not be hidden.

“Thank you.”

Lin Dong also gave a tender look to Ling Qingzhu, who had not spoken much. Gratitude and warmth flowed within his heart as he tightly held her hand.

She had always been like this, quietly hiding all of her emotions deep within her heart. She could give up her haughtiness for him, and become gentle to comfort him. When his heart was at its weakest, she always quietly stood by his side. Even if she did not speak, such actions were able to let Lin Dong feel some warmth. However, this stubborness of hers would at time cause one’s heart to ache slightly.

“In the past, I only watched you from afar. Now, I will have to try and make up for it.” Ling Qingzhu smiled and softly said.

Lin Dong grinned. Given Ling Qingzhu’s aloof character, only by truly walking into the deepest part of her heart would one be able to break the layers of cold ice that pushed others far away, and enjoy the passion and gentleness reserved for a single person. It was evident that Lin Dong had initially not reached this level. Hence, the Ling Qingzhu of that time did not have any responsibility to take care of him, and there was no reason for compensation.

“If we are talking about compensation, you have already done so when you taught me the Zenith Sensing Art…”

Ling Qingzhu was slightly startled, and her pretty face quickly flushed red. She bit her red lips and stared at Lin Dong. In her eyes was a bashfulness that could not be hidden. “You… you know about it?”

“I have known since the beginning…” Lin Dong looked at Ling Qingzhu with very tender eyes.

Ling Qingzhu’s teeth bit her red lips tightly. She lifted her hand in embarrassment and gently hammered Lin Dong’s arm. She had originally thought that she had hid it very well. It was  unexpectedly that this fellow had actually been putting up an act.

“You should quickly begin.”

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. Without further ado, he sat down on the mountain peak as both of his eyes slowly shut.

Ling Qingzhu and the others by the side could feel an extremely mysterious fluctuation being emitted when he shut his eyes. This fluctuation was very swift. In the blink of an eye, it had already enveloped the entire world. After which, it began to search inch by an inch, attempting to find the Reincarnation fragments that might have been scattered in this world.

Lin Dong’s will spread over this world. He used the Power of the Dimension and searched for a certain familiar presence that existed deep in his heart… 

This search took an entire month.

However, Lin Dong’s face gradually paled with the flow of time. He realised that despite having activated the Dimension Power to search every corner of this world, he was still unable to find even a slight trace of those familiar Reincarnation fragments.

This futile effort caused slivers of panic to rise in his calm heart.

Such a result was really unbearable for him. Hence, he suddenly clenched his teeth and once again activated the Dimension Power. This time, he searched every place related to her. Dao Sect, the Unique Devil Region and the area where they had once fought for the Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree… 

Normally speaking, Reincarnation fragments would remain in the place that one had the most attachment to when one was alive. If Ying Huanhuan’s Reincarnation fragments were still around, she would definitely be in these places!


Lin Dong increased his area of search. However, the final result was still so cruel that he did not dare to believe it.

Two months later, Lin Dong opened his eyes. The expression within them had become rather hollow, and veins had extended on them. His body trembled slightly as he muttered, “Why… can’t I find her… why...”

This method should have worked! Not much time had passed since she ignited her Reincarnation, and it was impossible for even her Reincarnation fragments to fade!

“Why… is it like this…”

He painfully grabbed his head. It was as if a huge hole had suddenly opened in his heart. This unbearable feeling made his eyes turn blood red.

“Lin Dong, what is going on?”

An anxious voice was transmitted from the side, and Ling Qingzhu hurriedly appeared beside Lin Dong. Her nose felt sour when she saw the latter’s messy appearance, and quickly sat down beside him.

Lin Dong lifted his head in a dull manner, and looked at Ling Qingzhu. Like a helpless child, his eyes suddenly reddened even more. “I… I can’t find her… can’t find…”

Ling Qingzhu’s heart ached when she witnessed this rare display of weakness by Lin Dong. Her eyes also reddened. This world was currently immersed in the joy of having escaped a calamity. Who could imagine just how much pain the man, who had saved the world, felt in his heart?

“There is no need to hurry. We can slowly search for her. If we fail once, we can try a second time. We will definitely find her.” She extended her slim arms and gently embraced Lin Dong. Her voice was so gentle it was as if she was cherishing a brittle piece of porcelain.

Lin Dong tightly hugged Ling Qingzhu’s narrow waist. A long time later, he clenched his teeth. There was a slightly crazed look in his eyes. “I will definitely find her!”

He once again shut his eyes, and allowed his will to submerge into the land. However, there was a deep look of fear between his brows. He was afraid of the pain he would feel if he really could not find her.

Ling Qingzhu observed the determined and somewhat tired face, as her eyes reddened. She was aware of the latter’s stubborn character. His eyes were the same when he had left the Great Yan Empire to chase her back then. It was perhaps this touching persistence that moved her… 

The Life Death Master looked at the two individuals hugging from another mountain nearby, and she sighed softly. A complicated emotion appeared in her eyes. 

Another two months had passed when Lin Dong once again opened his eyes. This time, his expression was gloomy, while his body faintly trembled. The dignity and aura of the Dimension Master was no longer present.

What was the point of a person having such great power, if he could not even find the woman he loved?

Ling Qingzhu looked at Lin Dong, whose expression was becoming increasingly hollow, while her heart ached more and more. However, she could only quietly accompany him. She was aware that his heart was definitely feeling extremely terrible.

Hope had already become extremely faint. However, Lin Dong was ultimately unwilling to give up.

Time flew by.

Lin Dong opened his eyes time and time again atop the mountain. However, the light in his eyes grew increasingly dim. A dim and dull look filled his eyes, while the original lushness of the mountain forest seemed to gradually wither following the change in his mood.

Hope was fading.

Over this half a year, Little Marten, Qingtan, the Life Death Master and others had all come over. However, they were unable to say anything when they saw Lin Dong’s appearance. In the end, they could only quietly leave. 

However, from beginning to end, a beautiful figure quietly waited and took care of him.

When Lin Dong opened his eyes for the final time, the spirit in his eyes had completely vanished. Snow drifted down the sky, causing the entire world to appear silver white and miserable.

Ling Qingzhu looked at Lin Dong’s spiritless eyes, as the tip of her nose reddened. She ultimately turned her head, as large teardrops dripped down with a splashing sound. In the end, they landed on Lin Dong’s face. 

He rotated his head slightly, and gazed into the now red eyes on that beautiful face. “Sorry…”

“I know.”

Ling Qingzhu softly said. She was aware that he would do the same for her.

“However, it is likely that she is also unwilling to see you torture yourself in such a manner.”

Lin Dong’s hands trembled. He lowered his head, and said in a hoarse voice, “...I have lost her in order to obtain such strength. Yet, I am unable to use this strength to bring her back…”



He suddenly lifted his head and roared with rage. A roar that also contained a heart tearing pain. Majestic rain poured down from the sky and splattered against his face, making it impossible to tell if he was crying or if it was just the rain.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

 Both of his fists crazily hammered the ground. It was as if he was sobbing tears of blood. His howls contained endless despair and pain as it spread into the distance.

He had given this world hope, but had brought despair to himself.

Countless Dao Sect disciples looked towards that particular highest mountain. Their eyes turned completely red as they felt the pain within those howls, as a wave of sourness caused their eyes to become wet.

Ying Xiaoxiao looked at the vaguely visible figure at the peak of the mountain. The despair in his voice allowed her to understand that the once warmly smiling and cute girl would never return. 

She covered her mouth as sounds of chocked sobbing appeared. By the side, Ying Xuanzi also had red eyes. As he turned his head, he appeared to become a lot older at this moment. Zhou Tong, Wu Dao and others behind grew silent.

The entire Dao Sect was covered in a heartbreaking atmosphere.


Little Marten, Qingtan and the rest muttered as they watched this scene. The Flame Master and they others sat down on the ground in a disappointed manner. Back then, they had lost their master and the Devouring Master. Now… was even she was about to disappear?

The Life Death Master looked at everyone. She sighed softly and quietly withdrew.

Atop the peak, Ling Qingzhu looked at the crazed Lin Dong. She could not help but hug him, while her eyes turned red.


Lin Dong hugged Ling Qingzhu tightly, and loudly cried like a child, “I am unable to find her, unable to find her, unable to find her!”

“You have already done your best. All of us know this.”

“I promised her that I will find her!”

Tears fell continuously from his face. His voice was hoarse.

Ling Qingzhu’s eyes were red as she hugged him. She could feel the intense pain in his heart.

He had rescued this world, but was unable to save the one he loved.

A petite figure arrived from afar, and sat down on the cliff. The Life Death Master watched Lin Dong. This was the first time she had seen this usually strong man appear so sorrowful.

“Why must you be so greedy… there is already someone worthy of your love beside you. Isn’t it better to forget her?” The Life Death Master softly sighed and said.

Lin Dong slowly shook his head and said in a hoarse voice, “I will find her!”

I will never give up even if it is hopeless.

The Life Death Master looked at his tired but exceptionally determined face. She finally laughed bitterly and said, “You really leave me no choice… it seems that I am unable to fulfill the final request of little junior sister.”

Lin Dong's body shook suddenly. He lifted his head in shock, and stared firmly at the Life Death Master.

“You are unable to find little junior sister’s Reincarnation fragments, right?”

The Life Death Master lifted her head and looked towards a distant place. She was quiet for a long time before continuing, “According to normal circumstances, with your power, you should be able to find her Reincarnation fragments if only a short time has passed after she ignited her Reincarnation. However, there is a limit to this. That limit is that this rule only applies to those born of this world…”

Lin Dong blankly stared at the Life Death Master. His lips suddenly became dry from the shock in his heart. “You mean…”

“Yes, little junior sister is not someone from our plane… hence, you won’t be able to find her Reincarnation fragments.”

The Life Death Master laughed bitterly. She raised her head, as a certain scene flashed past her mind. It was the night before Ying Huanhuan had gathered power in an attempt to break into the Ancestor stage.

On an island in the sea, was a girl with a somewhat sorrowful smile.

“Big senior sister, please do me a favor.” The sea breeze blew over. The long crystalline hair of the girl danced, as she softly said.

“What is it?”

“If… anything happens to me, please help me safekeep something. I hope that you will never give this to Lin Dong.” The girl’s pretty eyes looked towards the east as she softly said.


The girl was quiet. A long time later, her weak shoulders seemed to tremble slightly. She gently folded her long legs, and buried her head between her knees as she choked, “Because I do not wish for him to end up riddled with injuries because of me. This world already has the people he loves. He will be extremely happy as long as he forgets about me. That path will be even harder, hence, I only wish to see him smile, and not get injured on that path. My heart will break if that is the case.”

The Life Death Master was startled as she looked at the figure who continued to tremble under the night sky. Her eyes involuntarily became moist.


The Life Death Master gazed at the stunned Lin Dong, as she laughed bitterly, “She understands you. However, it is difficult to have a clear mind when one is in the situation itself. She does not know just how difficult it is to forget someone, especially when it comes to someone as stubborn as you.”

She extended her small hand as she spoke, where a longan sized snow-white ice bead had appeared. A frightening chill spread from within the bead. Within the chill was a familiar scent that caused Lin Dong’s heart to tremble.

“This was all that remained after she ignited her Reincarnation. You will be able to find little junior sister if you follow it. However, you will need to head to a certain mysterious world. This path will be extremely tough. Are you certain?” The Life Death Master stared at Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong observed the snow-white ice bead that was emitting Cold Qi. Subsequently, his hands trembled, and they slowly received it. Cold Qi surged on the ice bead, and he seemed to be able to see a familiar warmly smiling familiar face.

He deeply inhaled a breath of air, and an amazing brilliance exploded within his pitch-black eyes. A familiar determination and smile once again awakened on his face.

“You can be rest assured that I will find her no matter what!”

Regardless of what kind of treacherous terrains I have to travel, or how far away you are, I will definitely catch you and keep you by my side!

“I will accompany you.”

Ling Qingzhu gently grabbed Lin Dong’s large hand, and broke into a smile. Her smile was like warm sunlight, which shone deep into Lin Dong’s heart. “Without me, there is no telling just what a fool like you will end up doing.”

Lin Dong tightly grasped Ling Qingzhu’s hand and laughed heartily, “Of course you have to accompany me. Even if you don’t agree to, I will definitely tie you to my side.”

He did not wish to bear that feeling of losing something again.

“Coincidentally, I am also quite curious about the world where the Symbol Ancestor and the rest came from. I will take this opportunity to have a look. No one can stop me!”

Ling Qingzhu looked at Lin Dong. The fatigue between his brows had been completely swept away, and a heroic look had replaced it. She smiled. That familiar Lin Dong was back.


Lin Dong suddenly seemed to recall something. He frowned and said, “We do not have any coordinates for that new world. In order to head to that place, we need to find someone who belongs to that world, and use that person as a guide to travel across the planes.”

“Someone who belongs to that world?” Ling Qingzhu thought for a moment and said, “The Yimo Emperor?”

“No. He has already been purified by me, and no longer has that ability.” Lin Dong shook his head. He quickly clenched his teeth and said, “It doesn’t matter. I will use the Dimension Eye to search. Since Ying Huanhuan could end up in this world, there might be a second person who has also come here.”

Lin Dong activated the Dimension Power after his voice sounded. The light of Primal Chaos surfaced between his brows, and turned into a Primal Chaos eye. That eye seemed to encompass everything. Light swept forth, and swiftly fell over every corner of this world.

However, it was not easy to find someone from another world here. Hence, Lin Dong began to frown as more time passed.

Countless figures rushed over from behind while Lin Dong was searching the world. Little Marten, Qingtan, the Flame Master and others appeared in a flash. They felt surprised when they saw that Lin Dong had suddenly become full of life again.

“Big brother Lin Dong, are you alright?”

Qingtan said in a joyful manner. Her heart had been about to break when she saw Lin Dong’s previous appearance.

“Yes, I’m okay now.”

Lin Dong turned his head and smiled at Qingtan. After which, he dotingly patted her little head. With a shift of his gaze, the Dimension Eye continued its search.

However, Lin Dong’s body turned rigid the moment his gaze shifted away, and his expression also became strange. Subsequently, he slowly turned his head back, as the Primal Chaos light that the Dimension Eye had turned into wrapped around Qingtan.

Mysterious, dark and cold ripples surfaced on Qingtan’s figure under the Primal Chaos light of the Dimension Eye. This fluctuation was completely different from any energy in this world.

“Brother Lin Dong, what is it?” Qingtan looked at Lin Dong’s stunned face, and was also surprised. She lowered her head to observe herself, before asking in a lost voice.

Lin Dong merely stared at her in a stunned manner. By the side, Ling Qingzhu seemed to have realised something. She looked at Qingtan in disbelief. “Could Qingtan be…”

Lin Dong violently swallowed his saliva and slowly nodded.

Qingtan was actually someone from that world… such a coincidence was really unimaginable… 


Half a year later, the mountain behind Qingyang Town.

Lin Dong stood in the air. Lin Xiao, Liu Yan, Little Marten and others were present by the side of the cliff. They looked at the sky, and saw space slowly splitting apart. This crack was exactly the same as the huge crack between the planes which had appeared in the void back then.

“Qingzhu, Qingtan.”

Lin Dong beckoned his hand towards the cliff. Two enchanting figures rushed out upon hearing this, and stood on his left and right.

“Big brother, once we have passed three Reincarnation Tribulations, you must bring us over to have a look!” Little Marten waved his hand and cried out loudly.

“Ha ha, alright. I will first head there and scout the place!” Lin Dong smilingly replied. He swung his sleeve, and eight lights rushed out from within his body. They turned into eight Ancestral Symbols. One of the Ancestral Symbols flashed, and turned into a little girl. She was Mu Lingshan.

“Lingshan, this is the newly created Life Death Ancestral Symbol. Put it in your body and nourish it. A century later, a new Life and Death Ancestral Symbol will be born. At that time, you will no longer be restricted by it, and truly turn into a human.” Lin Dong flicked his finger, and a black and white light shot into Mu Lingshan’s body.

“Big brother Lin Dong, make sure to come back often!” Mu Lingshan waved her small hand and said.

Lin Dong grinned and nodded. He was already the Dimension Master. It was extremely easy to return.

“Father, mother, I am leaving.” Lin Dong glanced at Lin Xiao and Liu Yan as he spoke.

“Little fellow, if you cannot bring back two daughter-in-laws, you can forget about returning!” Lin Xiao waved his large hand and smilingly chided. Liu Yan by the side glared at him in an accusing fashion.

Lin Dong smiled upon hearing this. He looked at the slowly widening crack and clenched his hand.

I will definitely find you this time!

A thought passed through his mind. Lin Dong subsequently pulled Ling Qingzhu and Qingtan as he rushed forward. The Dimension Power enveloped the three of them. Finally, they shot into the dimensional crack in front of everyone.

Everyone watched the crack slowly mend itself, and heaved a long sigh. Some curiosity towards that world appeared as they lamented. What would await them there?


Chaotic Demon Sea, Flame Divine Hall.

Tang Xinlian looked towards the distant Eastern Xuan Region from a pavillion, as a complicated expression flitted across her pretty eyes.

“That fellow Lin Dong should have already left this plane. How envious. I also wish to go and take a look…” A laughter suddenly sounded behind her. Tang Xinlian turned her head, and glanced at Mo Luo. However, she did not speak.

“Aih, my prideful disciple is really pitiful. One-sided love is too tough.” Mo Luo sighed.

“Master, what nonsense are you sprouting!” Tang Xinlian’s pretty face reddened as she cried out in a furious and embarrassed manner.

Mo Luo smiled. Soon after, he helplessly said, “Why don’t you voice out your feelings for him?”

“Liking him does not mean that I must be together with him.”

Tang Xinlian replied with an enchanting smile. She lazily stretched her waist, revealing her alluring curves as she laughed, “Moreover, there are so many men in this world. If worst comes to worst, I will fall for someone else.”

“There are indeed many men. However, it is very difficult to find one who is more outstanding than him.” Mo Luo thought for a moment and seriously said. “Moreover, will you really fall for another man?”

“That is hard to say.” Tang Xinlian smiled sweetly and said, “The number of men who like me can queue from the Chaotic Demon Sea to the Demon Region. I am an extremely fickle person, and will not remain faithful to anyone forever.”

Mo Luo grinned and said, “Let’s have a bet. You will confess to him if you do not fall for anyone the next time he returns. What do you say?”

Tang Xinlian’s face became red. She glared at him and bit her red lips. Her pretty eyes were like water as she revealed a bewitching smile.



Shuttling through the planes.

A ray of light flashed past. Three figures were vaguely visible within the light. Lin Dong grabbed Qingtan with one arm, and carefully sensed the fluctuations which originated from a certain mysterious world within her body. After which, he corrected his direction.

They had been travelling across the planes for nearly a month.

“Big brother Lin Dong, are we still not there?” Qingtan looked at the dimensional torrents around her, and asked in a bored voice.

“We should arrive soon.”

Lin Dong chuckled. His expression suddenly changed, as the speed at which they were travelling slowed. He looked at the extremely distant place as the Dimension Eye surfaced between his brows.

His sight penetrated through the dimension fog. Suddenly, he saw three figures in a far off place. The group also consisted of one man and two women, and they seemed to be lovers. The man in the middle wore a black robe, and carried a huge black ruler on his back. Lin Dong seemed to sense an extremely hot fluctuation from the latter’s body. 

The moment Lin Dong penetrated through the fog and saw the black robed man, the latter also seemed to felt it. He lifted his head, and those black eyes looked in Lin Dong’s direction. After which, a friendly smile appeared. Moreover, he gently cupped his hands together from afar.

Lin Dong saw this and also smilingly cupped his hands together. However, he did not linger. With a wave of his sleeve, he brought Qingzhu and Qingtan and continued their journey. That mysterious world was almost within reach.

The Lin Dong trio disappeared into the distance. In that same distant place, the two ladies beside the black robed man noticed his actions. The elegant and extremely pretty lady smilingly asked, “What is it brother Xiao Yan?”

“Nothing. I saw an extremely powerful person. I do not know why, but I feel some affinity towards him. Hopefully, we will meet again. Let’s go.”

The black robed man laughed, and did not say anything else. With a wave of his sleeve, the trio turned into a ray of light that gradually disappeared. The direction they were headed in was also that new world.

It would certainly be a most interesting place.

End of the book

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