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Chapter 128: Kill!

A strong Yuan Power erupted from the arena like a tide. At the same moment, inch-wide cracks emerged on the solid ground of the arena as broken fragments of rocks catapulted outwards before finally smashing into the surrounding Mental Energy screen, causing layer after layer of ripples to form on its surface.

As they gazed upon the vicious clash within the arena, many of the audience members on the viewing platform stood up as they cast their sights towards the area where the Yuan Power flowed.

At the same time, Lin Zhentian, Xuan Su and the rest also became slightly tense. Even though they knew that Lin Dong was exceedingly talented, he had yet to grow to his full potential. Right now, since he was facing against Wei Tong, who was at a higher cultivation stage than him, he was still in a somewhat dangerous predicament.

The Blood Wolf Gang sect leader, Yue Shan, sat on his high horse, his eyes slightly narrowing as he stared at the arena. Though he seemed calm, his usually reclined body was now slightly leaning forward. The potential that Lin Dong had displayed had strongly affected him. Simultaneously, a murderous intent also surfaced in his heart. He vividly remembered that just one month ago, at the Celestial Dan Pool, Lin Dong’s strength had not reached such terrifying levels. That was why he ordered Wei Tong to kill Lin Dong after he heard about the death match between them.

To Wei Tong, even though Lin Dong was indeed skilled, he could not possibly match up against Wei Tong, who was at the advanced Yuan Dan stage. After all, the latter was no half-baked rookie like Jiang Li.

However, when Lin Dong and Wei Tong’s entered into their intense duel, this thought within Yue Shan’s heart gradually began to dissipate. This was due to the fact that Lin Dong did not suffer a terrible defeat as expected. Instead, thanks to his wits and powerful Mental Energy, he managed to resolve several tricky situations and even drove Wei Tong to such a sorry state.

At such a young age, Lin Dong was already able to force Wei Tong, who had massacred countless individuals, to this state. In the future, how powerful would Lin Dong be?

Yue Shan was able to become the leader of one of the top three factions in Yan City. Thus, he was definitely not an ordinary individual. Even though he looked like a brute, he was a cunning and vengeful individual, who would always take revenge against those who wronged him. Right now, since his relationship with Lin Dong was strained, Yue Shan refused to believe that the latter will so easily forgive him. Therefore, since he could not repair this relationship, he resolved to rid himself of this thorn as soon as possible.

With regards to this thorny problem, it was best to borrow Wei Tong’s hand to get rid of it. This was the ideal plan was formulated in Yue Shan’s heart.

However, it seems like his plan will not pan out so easily.


Under the countless watchful gazes of the crowd, a figure suddenly flew out from the epicenter. After somersaulting a few times in mid-air, he landed on the ground. A sharp dagger-like object was in his palm as he aggressively stabbed it into the ground, causing a trail of sparks as a ‘chi-chi’ ear-piercing sound echoed out.

This figure was pushed back a dozen meters, leaving a black trail on the ground. When the figure finally came to a halt, the crowd were finally able to discern his appearance. Immediately, a chorus exploded from the stands.

“Lin Dong!”

Lin Zhentian, Xuan Su and the rest stared at the ragged figure that had been forcefully ejected out as their facial expressions changed slightly. Based on the figure’s appearance, could it be that Lin Dong had not come out on top from their previous exchange?

Under the bewildered gazes of the crowd, Lin Dong slowly stood up. His palm tightly wrapped around the Shattered Yuan Shrapnel, which had now turned a little red from the friction. Meanwhile, his eyes were tightly peeled on the spot where the dust was gradually dissapating.

A gentle breeze swept across the arena as it blew away all the dust in the air. Soon after, another figure surfaced under the watchful gazes of the crowd.

The figure was half-kneeling on the floor, his clothes were torn and tattered. Wounds could be seen all over his body; especially at his right leg, where fresh blood continuously gushed out, dyeing the ground red.

“Wei Tong?!”

When they saw the figure that was even more ragged than Lin Dong, the surrounding crowd instantly sucked in a breath of cold air. At first, many of them had thought that Lin Dong had lost out in that previous exchange, however, based on their respective appearances now, it seems like the one who lost out was actually Wei Tong!

From the stands, Yue Shan suddenly stood up. As he stared at the arena, his expression was especially terrifying. It seemed like he had never expected that Wei Tong would be beaten to such an extent by Lin Dong.

“That bastard…”

Yue Shan’s face gently twitched as a voice filled with anger spilled out from his mouth. However, no one knew who he was referring to…

In contrast to Yue Shan’s terrifying expression, Lin Zhentian and the rest heavily heaved a sigh of relief as they used their palms to wipe off the cold sweat on their brows. You could tell that they were all intensely nervous.

“Buzz buzz!”

Under the countless amazed gazes of the crowd, the hideous-looking Wei Tong spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Contained in his eyes were a look of disbelief as well. He had never expected that Lin Dong would be able to use his initial Yuan Dan stage abilities to directly confront and defeat him!

“That little brat!”

The sharp pain that emitted from his right leg led Wei Tong to understand that the bones in his leg were probably shattered. Immediately, he gritted his teeth as he cursed aloud. Then, lifting his head, he stared maliciously at Lin Dong, who was standing nearby, before he swore to himself that he would make Lin Dong and his entire Lin Family pay the same price in blood!

However, while he gnashed his teeth and vented the grudge in his heart, Lin Dong, who was standing nearby, stared at him calmly. Then, clutching on to the fiery-red Shattered Yuan Shrapnel, he slowly approached Wei Tong.

Lin Dong’s footsteps quickened, until he eventually transformed into a shadow as he dashed towards Wei Tong, who was now severely injured. As Lin Dong headed towards Wei Tong, the latter could feel a killing intent from the former that sent a chill through his body.

As Wei Tong gazed at Lin Dong, who was dashing towards him with a cold murderous look, Wei Tong’s limbs turned icy as the poisonous rage in his eyes was finally replaced by panic. Based on his current condition, if Lin Dong wanted to kill him, it would not be impossible.

“I admit defeat!”

At this critical juncture, Wei Tong’s facial expression changed before he suddenly shouted out. Although this admission was extremely embarrassing, as long as he kept his life, anything was still possible!

Furthermore, even though this was a death match, the decision to kill the loser still rests with one’s opponent. Therefore, right now, Wei Tong hoped that through his admission, he would be able to keep his life!

However, though his idea was a good one, it did not achieve its intended purpose. In response to this admission of defeat, Lin Dong’s footsteps only slowed for a split moment before he proceeded forth at an even swifter pace, while his killing intent did not decrease but rather increased!

With regards to Wei Tong, Lin Dong had long planned to kill the former. After all, he believed that if the situation was reversed, Wei Tong would not hesitate to kill him. Therefore, if Lin Dong decided to be merciful now, he would be a true fool.

Thus, Wei Tong’s admission did not dissipate the killing intent in Lin Dong’s heart. In a flash, his figure had reached the former.

Lin Dong’s actions caused a commotion in the crowd, several people in the stands were shocked. Evidently, many of them did not expect that such a youthful-looking young man, would actually be so decisive and unwavering.

“Brat, you dare!”

Yue Shan was also stunned by Lin Dong’s actions, his palm immediately slammed on a rock stool nearby as he shouted out.

The Blood Cloth Sect was considered an underling of the Blood Wolf Gang. If Lin Dong killed Wei Tong, the Blood Cloth Sect would likely disband. At that time, his Blood Wolf Gang would have lost a substantial force. This was a scenario that Yue Shan did not want to see.

Of course, Yue Shan understood that just his words alone were not enough to dispel Lin Dong’s intent to kill. Therefore, after he shouted out, he immediately tried to jump into the arena to rescue Wei Tong.

However, before he could leap in, a figure appeared in front of him. With a smile on his face, Xia Wanjin said: “Sect Leader Yue Shan, in a deathmatch, the outcome is determined by their respective fates. These are the rules, one must not break them.”

“Xia Wanjin, you!”

When he saw that Xia Wanjin had personally stepped in to stop him, Yue Shan was enraged. However, he did not dare to oppose the former openly, thus his body now stood rooted to the ground.

Just as Xia Wanjin intervened to halt Yue Shan, Lin Dong had also swiftly appeared in front of Wei Tong.

“Little brat, it’s not so easy to kill me!”

As he sensed that aura of death that was heading towards him, Wei Tong’s face suddenly turned increasingly sinister. His palm slammed on the ground as his figure jutted backwards and his face suddenly became exceedingly red, such that drops of blood began to emerge from his pores.

When he saw Wei Tong’s actions, Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed. He could sense that the former’s originally wrecked body was now being reinvigorated. It seems like the former must be utilizing something similar to the ‘Blood Transformation Art’ Jiang Li had used before.

Lin Dong was always rather vigilant towards these type of skills that could drastically raise one’s power. Therefore, he did not intend to give Wei Tong the opportunity to do so. Immediately, his feet slammed against the ground. With a wave of his arm, the Shattered Yuan Shrapnel in his palm was wrapped by a vigorous Pure Yuangang Energy before it turned into a blinding flash and pierced through the air, chasing after Wei Tong at a terrifying speed!

That sharp piercing sound caused Wei Tong to panic. Immediately, he condensed all the Yuan Power left in his body in front of him to form a layer of light.

Yet, just as this defensive barrier was raised, the blinding light emerged and heavily collided into his Yuan Power barrier.


Upon collision, the Shattered Yuan Shrapnel, which was wrapped with Pure Yuangang Energy, started to rotate as an extremely high speed. Just like a drill, it was frantically drilling against the Yuan Power barrier.


Thanks to that high speed rotation, cracks began to emerge on the Yuan Power barrier. Immediately, without giving the panicked Wei Tong any time to reinforce his defenses, the Shattered Yuan Shrapnel transformed into a blinding flash, under the astonished gazes of the crowd, it forcefully penetrated the Yuan Power barrier and viciously pierced his throat before it exited, bringing with it a trail of blood…

The entire duel arena lapsed into silence at this moment, one by one, the stupefied gazes of the crowd concentrated on the blood that spurted out from Wei Tong’s throat. Then, they turned to look at the calm young man before Wei Tong as many of them slowly exhaled. It was as if they wanted to exhale the shock in their hearts.

This fight was simply spectacular and the final outcome completely took many by surprise. Nobody had expected that the fairly notorious Wei Tong would actually be killed by a young man who was barely twenty years old…

Killing an advanced Yuan Dan practitioner at such a young age. Amongst the younger generation members in Yan City, there was probably no one else who could accomplish such a feat.

After this battle, the Lin Family and Lin Dong’s reputation would definitely soar in Yan City!

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