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Chapter 127: Fierce Battle

Lin Dong ignored Wei Tong’s roar, his attention was entirely focused on controlling the vigorous Mental Energy that gathered before him. Under his urging, the undulation that the ‘Piercing Helicity’ before him emitted grew increasingly intense.

“Hummm humm!”

The ‘Piercing Helicity’ was like a hurricane as it rapidly spun, vibrating the air around it until ear-piercing shrieks could be heard.

On the arena floor, Wei Tong also had a serious expression on his face as he stared at Lin Dong, while a vigorous Yuan Power curled around the former’s body. Currently, Wei Tong had brought out the full might of the advanced Yuan Dan stage.

Wei Tong was able to sense the strength of Lin Dong’s attack, thus he did no longer held anything back as his fists slowly spread out, a vigorous and terrifying Pure Yuangang Energy swiftly condensing at his palms. In the blink of an eye, both of his fists had actually started glowing brightly as an extremely ferocious undulation spread outwards!

“Thousand Splitting Fist!”

Evidently, there were many people atop the viewing platform who knew Wei Tong rather well. When they saw his actions, they gasped out as their gazes turned towards Lin Dong in astonishment. They clearly did not expect that the latter would actually force Wei Tong to this step.

Lin Zhentian and the rest were likewise furrowing their eyebrows as worry filled their faces. Although they did not fully understand how strong this so-called ‘Thousand Splitting Fist’ was, they were able to sense how terrifying the force that had gathered at Wei Tong’s fists was.

“Though Thousand Splitting Fist is only a level four Martial Art, it is extremely strong and ferocious and is considered as Wei Tong’s exceedingly strong finishing move. With this move, he had once dispatched three Yuan Dan stage practitioners.” To one side, Xuan Su also had serious expression on her face as she explained.

After hearing these words, the already worried Lin Zhentian’s and the rest’s hearts involuntarily skipped a beat as their fists slowly clenched tightly.

“Die brat!”

As alarmed noises rang out from the crowd, Wei Tong’s fists also became increasingly resplendent. The Yuan Power undulation was so ferociously that it was heart palpitating, and as the Yuan Power undulation reached its peak, he laughed sinisterly as his fists heavily slammed together and a chopping motion ruthlessly swung downwards!


As Wei Tong’s fists hacked downwards like an axe, the bright glow immediately transformed into a glowing shadow that was several feet huge and violently shot forward!

Contained within the glowing shadow was an extremely strong Pure Yuangang Energy. The glowing shadow seemed to lengthen and shorten as it flew, it was as if it was a huge mountain-splitting blade that was so terrifying that it sent a chill down one’s spine.

“Piercing Helicity!”

Just as the glowing shadow burst out from Wei Tong’s hands, Lin Dong’s gaze also turned chilly as his finger thrust forward. The ‘Piercing Helicity’ that he had long since finished preparing before him immediately started to rotate frantically. Like a tornado, it rumbled through the air, streaking across space towards the formidable glowing shadow.

From the viewing platform, countless gazes were nervously fixed onto the exceptionally violent attacks from both parties. This was a clash between Mental Energy and Yuan Power!

The speed of both their attacks were shockingly swift, many in the crowd were only able to spot a flash of light before the two ferocious attacks heavily smashed into each other like meteors.


In that instance, a loud sound rang out in the duel arena. The unyielding Yuan Power and the Mental Energy blast erupted and spread out in a ring-shaped explosion, even the invisible Mental Energy screen that enveloped the duel arena was jolted until ripples could be seen on its surface.

Countless squinting eyes gazed at the collision in the arena that emitted an exceedingly strong gale and resplendent light.

Within that light, the vigorous Mental Energy and the formidable Pure Yuangang Energy was clearly discernable. Both energies frantically eroded each other as if trying to devour the one another.

In the initial collision, ‘Piercing Helicity’ did not achieve much effect and was instead pushed back little by little under the attack of the formidable Pure Yuangang Energy, continuously retreating towards Lin Dong’s position.

From that scene, it was as if Lin Dong’s Mental Energy did not achieve much.

Atop the viewing platform, Lin Zhentian’s and the rest’s expressions all changed at this sight. Could it be that the Mental Energy that Lin Dong had always been proud of was now unable to withstand Wei Tong?

“Mental Energy was originally inferior to the might of Pure Yuangang Energy. Such a scene is not strange at all, we should still wait to see the outcome.” Grandmaster Yan casually smiled as he said.

When they heard this influential grandmaster-level figure say so, Lin Zhentian and the rest became a little relieved.

As they were speaking, Lin Dong’s ‘Piercing Helicity’ was steadily pushed back until the glowing shadow was just about to smash into his body. However, Lin Dong did not retreat as he once again thrust his finger forward with a serious expression on his face.

And as Lin Dong finger jabbed forward, the originally retreating ‘Piercing Helicity’ instantly came to a halt, and then, the terrifying power that was hidden within finally exploded out!


Invisible ripples spread out across the sky, to the crowds astonished gazes, the Mental Energy blast, which seemed tired and feeble just moments before, suddenly erupted into an exceedingly strong counter-attack. In the blink of an eye, it scattered a third of Wei Tong’s glowing shadow attack before directly charging towards Wei Tong at an insane speed without skipping a beat.

Upon seeing that not only did his Thousand Splitting Fist not achieve any effect, but was instead countered by Lin Dong, Wei Tong’s expression changed as his knees bent and his figure quickly retreated.


Under Lin Dong’s control, the ‘Piercing Helicity’ straightaway brought a portion of Wei Tong’s Pure Yuangang Energy with it as it nimbly streaked across the arena, relentlessly pursuing the rapidly retreating Wei Tong.


Wei Tong managed to sidestep a few times but found that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy continued to chase. Immediately, his expression turned somewhat dark as he actually stopped and icily stared at the Mental Energy light beam that rapidly grew bigger in his eyes while he shouted out.


As Wei Tong’s shout faded, the glowing shadow that had been wounded by the ‘Piercing Helicity’ abruptly exploded. The resulting force directly dispersing Lin Dong’s ‘Piercing Helicity’.

“You’re ignorant indeed if you were thinking of using my attack to strike back at me.” A sneer revealed itself on Wei Tong’s face as he mocked while gazing at the ‘Piercing Helicity’ which had been dispersed by the explosion.

“Swish swish!”

However, before his mocking voice could fade away, from within the ‘Piercing Helicity’ which had been exploded in mid-air, ten needle-like shapes suddenly shot forth and swiftly darted towards Wei Tong’s position below.

“Materialized Spirit Needle?!”

This sudden and unexpected attack caused the sneer on Wei Tong’s face to turn rigid. Only when the needle-like objects were about to reach his body did he realise that these things was actually the ‘Materialized Spirit Needles’ that Gu Ying was known for. However, these ‘Materialized Spirit Needles’ were far outclassed Gu Ying’s in both power and number!

“I’ve fallen into his trap!”

At this time, Wei Tong was already unable to take any defensive measures. Thoughts rapidly spun in his head, only now did he understand that the originally powerful looking ‘Piercing Helicity’ was actually not Lin Dong’s killing move. The true killing move were these ‘Materialized Spirit Needles’ concealed within the ‘Piercing Helicity’!


Atop the viewing platform, grandmaster Yan’s eyes shined as he involuntarily cried out. Others were perhaps unable to notice it but he knew that to perfectly hide the ‘Materialized Spirit Needles’ within ‘Piercing Helicity’ needed various kinds of control, such that, this could already be considered an original creation of ‘Piercing Helicity’. Plus, all of this was done by a youth who was not even twenty years old.

“Chi chi!”

The ‘Materialised Spirit Needle’ attack was extremely sudden, even battle hardened Wei Tong was unable to expect that his explosion had disturbed the hornet’s nest. Immediately, he could only maneuver some Yuan Power to cover his body as he felt the dozen or so ‘Materialised Spirit Needles’ piercing his body.

This hastily constructed defense did not achieve much, therefore, when the ‘Materialised Spirit Needles’ entered his body, Wei Tong could feel an intense pincushion-like pain spread out from his head. This was a sign that he had been attacked by Mental Energy.


In the arena, Wei Tong hugged his head as he shrieked while his figure staggered backwards. Even though Mental Energy attacks were not as direct as Yuan Power, they were able to stealthily destroy your mind, and once a person’s mind had been scattered, he would become akin to a walking corpse.

This was an outcome more terrifying than death itself.

In mid-air, Lin Dong indifferently gazed at the screaming Wei Tong, refusing to let up. Although Lin Dong had caught the latter off guard this time, the ‘Materialised Spirit Needle’ was after all only an ordinary Secret Spirit Skill. Thus, it was far from enough to thoroughly destroy an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner like Wei Tong!

Faced with such a foe, Lin Dong carried the intent to kill. If this foe did not die, the Blood Cloth Sect would constantly cause trouble for the Lin Family, and so, this enemy must be killed!

When his thoughts reached this point, a cold light flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. His body swept down as he quickly charged at Wei Tong, and as he rushed forward, his hands rapidly formed a series of seals as a vigorous Pure Yuangang Energy gathered at Lin Dong’s palm at a shocking speed. Faintly, an extremely powerful undulation spread outwards.

“You little brat, I’ll murder you!”

Lin Dong’s movements were sensed by Wei Tong, as an unyielding person, he no longer paid attention to the intense pain in his head as he snarled. All the Yuan Power in his body was mobilized as they gathered at his right leg. In an instant, he weirdly darted forward like a praying mantis as a mighty kick slammed towards Lin Dong’s head.

In the face of Wei Tong’s all out counter-attack, Lin Dong did not stop his body as the seals of the Wonder Gate Seal quickly formed. When the third layer was complete, the speed became a little sluggish before the seals continued to change in succession. He was actually going to utilise the fourth layer of Wonder Gate Seal to in this final clash against Wei Tong!

“Hua hua!”

As Lin Dong’s seals changed, a vigorous Yuan Power gathered at the center of his palm until it transformed into a faintly golden palm print which exuded a heart palpitating undulation.

Just as this faintly golden palm print was formed, anger was revealed on Lin Dong’s face as his palm heavily thrust towards Wei Tong’s right leg!


As they gazed at the final clash of the two, many people on the viewing platform suddenly stood up. They understood that this was the move that would determine the victor!

Yet, what they did not know was who exactly this final victor would be?!

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