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Chapter 126: Doing battle with Wei Tong

“What a smart-mouthed little brat. When I knock off all your teeth one by one later, I shall slice off your tongue too!”

Lin Dong’s casual tone had caused Wei Tong to boil with rage. No matter what, he was quite a powerful individual in Yan City. He had never expected that he would be insulted by Lin Dong in front of such a large crowd. Therefore, for Wei Tong, who was already a very petty individual, the hatred in his heart grew till the extent where he could not wait to rip Lin Dong to shreds.

“Cut the crap, we shall find out after we cross blows.” Lin Dong icily chuckled.


Wei Tong glared menacingly at Lin Dong. Suddenly, his foot jutted out as a rich Yuan Power immediately gushed out from within his body, causing his robes to writhe about while an extremely oppressive aura dripping with maliciousness filled the air.

The fact that he was able to establish such a powerful faction in Yan City indicated that Wei Tong was no fool. All these years, he had been through countless bloody battles and the skills that he continuously honed through these gruelling battles have kept him alive till now. Therefore, this opponent definitely surpassed every one that Lin Dong have encountered before.

Wei Tong had a ton more battle experience than him. Furthermore, his methods were extremely ruthless and despicable. Hence, if Lin Dong made a slight misstep, he would easily end up dead.

As such, Lin Dong’s expression swiftly turned serious.

Even though he was enraged by Lin Dong at first, when he went into battle mode, the rage in Wei Tong’s eyes quickly dissipated. In its place was a cold and calculating glint, like that of a bloodthirsty wolf eager to devour its enemy.

In response to Wei Tong’s transformation, Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes. He finally understood that the reason why the former was able to become the Blood Cloth Sect’s leader was because of his own strong points.

This fellow was going to be a formidable opponent.


Just as this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, at the same instance, Wei Tong chose to attack him directly. His figure was swift as lightning, in a flash, he carried an intimidating aura as he appeared in front of Lin Dong. Wei Tong’s right fist was clenched as a seemingly ordinary punch was directed towards Lin Dong’s chest.

Wei Tong’s punch seemed simple and ordinary. However, as his fist was wrapped in Pure Yuangang Energy, this blow contained more destructive force than a sharp sabre or knife!


The air surrounding his fist was forcefully blown apart as a deep humming sound echoed out.

As he felt Wei Tong’s formidable attack, Lin Dong’s heart was slightly taken aback. The advanced Yuan Dan stage was indeed incomparable to the initial Yuan Dan stage. Just the force and the intensity of the Pure Yuangang Energy contained in this attack was already several times stronger than Lin Zhentian’s.

In terms of Yuan Power, Lin Dong was lacking compared to Wei Tong. Therefore, he was not foolish enough to directly face off against him. Immediately, his feet began to retreat as waves of Mental Energy swiftly gushed out from his Niwan Palace and formed an invisible Mental Energy barrier in front of him.


Faced with Lin Dong’s defensive barrier, a look of disdain flashed across Wei Tong’s eyes. With a jolt of his fist, a heavy blow landed on the Mental Energy Barrier as the formidable Pure Yuangang Energy spewed forth like an erupting volcano.


As it encountered Wei Tong’s formidable attack, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy barrier did not manage to hold on for long before it was smashed to pieces. Immediately, without giving Lin Dong any room to breath, Wei Tong once again pressed in.

Under Wei Tong’s extremely aggressive assault, Lin Dong hastily retreated. Meanwhile, layers of Mental Energy barriers, which Lin Dong barely managed to form, were forcefully blown apart by the former at a terrifying pace.

As they stared at this chase-like scenario in the arena, some hisses of disappointment sounded out from the stands. Many people in the crowd were evidently disappointed. They had originally believed that since this brat from the Lin Family dared to have a death match with Wei Tong, he must be quite capable. However, right now, it seemed like he could only flee from Wei Tong.

With regards to the bystanders’ gazes, Lin Dong did not pay any attention to them. His eyes remained tightly glued onto the menacing Wei Tong. Even though Lin Dong had a serious expression on his face, there was not a hint of panic in his eyes.


As he hastily retreated, Lin Dong’s body suddenly came to a halt. His eyes quickly turned to glance at the empty space behind him. In that space, he could detect a familiar vibration: Mental Energy.

“Heh, brat. Once a death match begins, a Mental Energy screen will be activated. It would be wishful thinking for you to utilise your flying tricks again!”

“Fatal Destruction Fist!”

While Lin Dong was slightly distraught by this fact, Wei Tong closed in once again. As he stared at Lin Dong, who had no further room to retreat, he involuntarily chuckled maliciously. Promptly, a powerful Pure Yuangang Energy violently gushed out before they transformed into a wave of fists that was straightaway directed towards Lin Dong.

As the wave of fists closed in, Lin Dong could see that every part of his body was being targeted by that furious attack. Amongst that wave of fists, he could feel a heart palpitating sensation. That sensation was felt as if a vicious snake was hiding in the bushes, waiting to deliver a deadly strike to him!

Lin Dong took in a deep breath as he stared at that incoming wave. His Mental Energy quickly began to spread out. He knew that hidden in this wave of fists, was Wei Tong’s real killing move!

The wave of fists travelled extremely rapidly. In a blink of an eye, the numerous and powerful attack was about to reach Lin Dong’s body.

“Found it!”

Just as Lin Dong’s body was about to be hit by the barrage, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly opened wide. Ignoring the wave of fists, he straightened his two fingers which sliced apart the wave of fists like a sharp sword before ferociously thrusting at what was concealed behind the wave of fists: the fist which was meant to be the real killing blow.


The instant Lin Dong’s fingers collided against that fist, the illusionary punches that surrounding him dissipated immediately. Quickly following, a powerful Yuan Power shockwave exploded forth, like a hurricane.


Wei Tong was evidently shocked for a moment that Lin Dong was able to discover his real killing move. Immediately, with a snort, the bones in his steel-like knuckles began to flow just like a wave as an extremely formidable yet stealthy force gushed out from his bones, before they emerged from his knuckles and viciously slammed into Lin Dong’s fingers. It seems like that Wei Tong planned to break Lin Dong’s fingers!

Though Wei Tong was cunning, Lin Dong was likewise no fool. Thanks to his Mental Energy’s perceptive abilities, he could vividly feel the flow of energy utilized by the former. Immediately, his fingers turned into a claw as Pure Yuangang Energy were like needles as they began to gather at Lin Dong’s fingertips before slashing at the back of Wei Tong’s hand.


Like an extremely sharp sabre, formidable Pure Yuangang Energy directly swept against the back of Wei Tong’s hand. Five trails of blood immediately appeared!


When he saw that Lin Dong had successfully avoided his attack, a red hot anger burned in Wei Tong’s heart. However, he was still a battle-hardened individual. Just as the blood trails emerged on his hand, his body suddenly shifted sideways, like a mountain wall, as he used his back to heavily jolt back Lin Dong’s body.


A deep echo sounded out in the arena as Lin Dong’s body was forcefully blown away. Just as his body separated from Wei Tong, flashes emerged from Lin Dong’s sleeve and transformed into cold lights which flashed towards Wei Tong’s eyes, throat, heart, Dantian and his respective vital organs.

Originally, Wei Tong planned to seize the momentum to deliver a fatal blow to Lin Dong. Yet, he was now caught off guard by Lin Dong’s sudden counterattack. Utilizing both his hands and feet, he was barely able evade Lin Dong’s attack. However, although he managed to avoid this attack, a shallow line of blood still emerged on his face.

After they crossed blows, though it seemed like Wei Tong had the upper hand, he was nonetheless the first one to bleed…

As they stared at Wei Tong’s torn robes and the five bloody scratches on his arm, the jeers from the crowds had unknowingly dissipated. At this juncture, anyone could tell that Wei Tong’s terrifying attacks had completely failed to overpower the young man…

Furthermore, after that short-ranged intense bout between the two of them, everyone in the crowd knew that this death match was indeed exceptionally exciting!

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Lin Dong, who had been shoved away by Wei Tong’s back-attack, suddenly stabilized his body in mid air as numerous black shadows began to gather at his feet.

Lin Dong stared coldly at Wei Tong before he took a glance at his own chest. The clothes at his chest area had been completely shredded. Moreover, he could faintly feel an aching sensation at the area. A blow from an advanced Yuan Dan stage elite was indeed extraordinary.

However, after their previous exchange, Lin Dong had also gradually grasped the depths of Wei Tong’s strength. It seems like an advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner was not such a difficult enemy after all.


Lin Dong’s feet rested on the Shattered Yuan Shrapnels as he floated in mid-air. As he looked down on the hideous, blood-thirsty Wei Tong, who was intently staring back at him, Lin Dong slowly exhaled. Since he had finally figured out his enemy’s true prowess, it was time for him to make his move.

Inside his Niwan Palace, two Destiny Soul Symbols instantly began to vibrate vigorously as streams of powerful Mental Energy steadily gushed forth and began to materialize in front of Lin Dong!

“Such powerful Mental Energy!”

While Lin Dong was maneuvering his Mental Energy, grandmaster Yan, who was seated in the stands, was stunned as he stared disbelieving at that figure. The strength of this Mental Energy had completely exceeded that of a normal second seal Symbol Master. In fact, it could already match up against a third seal Symbol Master!

Lin Dong did not have any time to take notice of the bewildered gazes of the crowd. Exhausting all his power to control his vigorous Mental Energy, he was finally able to condense them into a swiftly revolving, conical-shaped Mental Energy blast.

In the instance when the Mental Energy blast took shape, below, Wei Tong’s facial expression started to turn somewhat ugly. He had finally realized that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was now several times stronger compared to two months before.

Furthermore, from that clearly visible cone-shaped Mental Energy blast, even he felt extremely endangered.

Wei Tong lifted his head as he gazed at the cold eyes which were staring right back at him. Meanwhile, his face gradually began to turn increasingly wretched as strong Pure Yuangang Energy was like a lava spouting from a volcano, as it began to erupt from within his body and an exceedingly formidable aura began to spread out.

“Brat, you don’t have the qualifications to fight against me!”

As every last drop of Yuan Power exploded out from his body, the sinister expression on Wei Tong’s face became increasingly intense!

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