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Chapter 125: Deathmatch

The duel arena was situated slightly to the north of the city center and was also considered as one of the more popular spots in Yan City. There were tons of people in Yan City and the number of factions were too many to count. Fights were commonplace here and also a headache to the city administration. To resolve these disputes, the duel arena was born. There, no one would say anything even if you flipped the skies, which is to say that even killing would not be against the rules.

Even though this move did not manage to completely bring peace to Yan City, it was still rather effective. Furthermore, as it slowly developed, it gradually became a fairly popular venue in Yan City that many chose to settle their disputes.

When Lin Dong and the rest arrived at their destination, they were taken aback as they stared at the massive infrastructure which was at least ten times the size of monster arena in Qingyang Town. It was a long while later before they finally recovered their senses and secretly gasped in their hearts. Yan City was indeed incredible, Qingyang Town could never match up.

The duel arena was a large circular building with numerous entrances and exits all around. Nonetheless, Lin Dong and the rest still witnessed long queues outside. The crowds here were definitely incomparable to those during Qingyang Town’s busiest festival, the hunting competition.

“Hehe, little brother Lin Dong, you have arrived rather early.”

Just as Lin Dong and the rest were preparing to enter the duel arena, a pleasing voice suddenly sounded out from behind them. As they turned their heads to look, they saw a large group of people swiftly approaching them. The ones leading the pack were actually Xuan Su and Xia Wanjin from the Thousand Gold Assocation. Meanwhile, standing besides them, Lin Dong also saw a man that he had not seen for a while, grandmaster Yan.

“Greetings chairman Xia and grandmaster Yan.”

When he saw that even Xia Wanjin had personally arrived, Lin Dong was slightly astonished as he promptly cupped his fists and greeted them. Standing aside, Lin Zhentian and the rest had also evidently heard of the former’s reputation, as they promptly cupped their hands and greeted them too.

“My young friend, Lin Dong, you are now a sinecure of my Thousand Gold Association. Naturally, I will be present to witness this exciting show. Even though I cannot interfere in your deathmatch, if someone else tries to stir trouble for you, my Thousand Gold Association will definitely not agree.” Xia Wanjin was all smiles as he said.

As he spoke, Xia Wanjin’s eyes were carefully scanned Lin Dong’s body. When he felt the faint Yuan Power vibrations from Lin Dong’s body, his eyelids involuntarily twitched.

“Looks like Xuan Su was right, Lin Dong has indeed advanced to the Yuan Dan stage.”

Xia Wanjin blinked as a little admiration surfaced in his heart. Advancing to Yuan Dan stage at such a young age. Though he had reviewed countless people, he was still amazed by Lin Dong’s talent. Immediately, the smile on his face turned increasingly gentle. This was not a power-move, but rather a sign of him finally confirming that he had made the right relationship investment this time.

Since he knew that his decision was correct, he would have to go all out with his support. Afterall, anyone could foresee that in the future, perhaps this young man before him would actually advance to the three Creation stages that he himself had been long pining for, or maybe… an even higher level.

At that time, no matter how great the investment, it would be worthwhile.

Lin Dong faintly smiled before he turned around and introduced Lin Zhentian and the rest: “Grandpa, father, this is chairman Xia from the Thousand Gold Association. And this grandmaster Yan, is a fourth seal Symbol Master. He was also the one who introduced me to Mental Energy.”

“Haha, you cheeky brat, don’t be so humble.” Grandmaster Yan smiled as he said. Although he had given Lin Dong the first three layers of “Spiritual Movement Chapter”, it was at most enough to help him become a first seal Symbol Master. With regards to the rest of his accomplishments, Lin Dong had earned it on his own.

When they heard the names of these two legendary ground-shaking figures in Yan City, Lin Zhentian and the rest were shocked. They had never expected that in the two months Lin Dong had spent in Yan City, he would actually be able to establish ties with these renowned figures.

“This brat is really something!’

Lin Zhentian and Lin Xiao turned exchanged a glance. Contained in their eyes were pride and a little resignation. After all, Lin Dong had now completely surpassed them…

“It’s almost time, let’s head in first.”

After they finished their introductions, Xuan Su beautifully smiled as she suggested.

After hearing her words, Lin Dong, Xia Wanjin and the rest nodded their heads. Then, following Xuan Su’s lead, they did not head towards the congested entrances but rather entered the duel arena via a special entrance. As one the top three factions in Yan City, the Thousand Gold Association were naturally able to enjoy several privileges.

After walking for several minutes through the spacious tunnel, the view ahead of them gradually began to open up. Under the rays of the sun, a great buzz subsequently rumbled into their ears.


As he stared at the colossal duel arena before him, Lin Dong involuntarily breathed out, as if he wanted to spit out all the surprise in his heart.

The area where Lin Dong and the rest arrived at had a pretty good view. Right now, there were already several people seated in the viewing area. Based on their appearances, it seemed like they were not ordinary characters. Apparently, this viewing area was reserved for the prestigious and powerful individuals in Yan City.

The Thousand Gold Association was one of Yan City’s top three factions. Furthermore, with Xia Wanjin and grandmaster Yan personally appearing, many people immediately hurried over to greet them. While Xia Wanjin smiled and entertained them, grandmaster Yan seemed rather distant in comparison. However, no one dared to slight him because of his distant attitude.

“There are several arenas within this duel arena. However, for today, the arena where you will be having a deathmatch with Wei Tong is the most crowded one.” While Lin Dong was surveying the duel arena, Xuan Su smiled as she explained to him.

Lin Dong took a single look at the numerous black bobbing heads around the arena before he nodded his head with a bitter smile. Thanks to the Blood Wolf Gang, this originally private deathmatch had became a widely advertised event.

“Chairman Xia, you have arrived rather early.”

Just as Lin Dong and the rest had their attention on the arena, a familiar laughter suddenly rang out from behind them. When he heard this laughter, Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed as he turned his head around. As expected, he found a large group of people swarming in. At their head, was the Blood Wolf Gang’s sect leader, Yue Shan. Meanwhile, standing beside him, Lin Dong also saw another familiar figure. That was Blood Cloth Sect’s leader, Wei Tong.

When Lin Dong caught sight of Wei Tong, the latter also noticed him. Immediately, a sneer surfaced on his face as his hand lightly traced across the air before him. His intention was clear, he planned to slaughter Lin Dong today.

Lin Dong coldly stared at him. Two months ago, he was an extremely tough opponent. Now, he was no longer such a tricky enemy. Unfortunately, Wei Tong, who thought that he was the lead actor here, failed to understand that the balance of power between them had already gradually tilted away from him.

“Today’s deathmatch will be somewhat interesting. It seems like blood will definitely be spilt.” Yue Shan slowly walked to stand before Lin Dong as he chuckled. However, that smile on his face seemed exceptionally cold to Lin Dong.

“I never expected you to actually kill Gu Ying of the Blood Cloth Sect. After all, the Blood Cloth Sect is considered as one of the underlings of my Blood Wolf Gang…”

“Yue Shan, Gu Ying went to interfere in another’s business. He just received his due desserts.” Xia Wanjin casually retorted.

“One must repay his own debts. Your words are meaningless to me. The results shall be settled by today’s deathmatch.” Yue Shan mocked, before he patted Lin Dong’s shoulder: “Young man, I hope you can survive today. I, Yue Shan love talented individuals. If you are interested, you can come to my Blood Wolf Gang in the future.”

After he finished his words, Yue Shan smiled. Without further ado, he walked towards a spot in the viewing area.

“Brat, this time, you have nowhere to run!” Wei Tong stared daggers at Lin Dong as the corners of his mouth curled into a hideous smile.

Lin Dong shot a glance at Wei Tong before he turned his head. His direct disregard caused Wei Tong to boil with rage.

“You can be arrogant now. Soon, I will make you beg for your life!” Wei Tong gnashed his teeth as he sneered. Promptly, he waved his sleeves as he turned to catch up to Yue Shan.

Lin Dong gazed at the backs Yue Shan and the rest as an icy glint flashed in his eyes. Even though Yue Shan looked like a savage brute, he was actually a calculating and vengeful man. For a man like him, if others even slightly offended him, he would immediately treat them as a needle in his eye. Evidently, he planned to make use of Wei Tong to kill him in order to vent his anger. However, it seems like Yue Shan’s plans were likely to fail this time.

“Remember to be cautious.” To one side, Xuan Su solemnly said. Though Lin Dong had advanced to the Yuan Dan stage, one mistake and he would easily die at the hands of Wei Tong. After all, Wei Tong was a genuine advanced Yuan Dan stage practitioner.

Lin Dong faintly smiled as he nodded his head. A lion would use its full strength even when hunting a rabbit, let alone a vicious dog like Wei Tong. This deathmatch will determine the survival of the entire Lin Family. If he lost, his Lin Family would be doomed. Therefore, no matter what, he must emerge victorious!

Not long after the Blood Wolf Gang and the Blood Cloth Sect arrived, the sun in the sky gradually moved to its highest point. Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the duel arena grew even more heated.

There were professional referees in the duel arena. Thus, when noon arrived, a figure emerged in the spacious arena below.

“In a deathmatch, both parties will stake their lives. The outcome will be determined by their respective fates, no one shall resent it!”

As the judge entered the arena, he shouted out the usual rules before he turned to look at Lin Dong and the rest and shouted in a deep voice: “This deathmatch is between Wei Tong from the Blood Cloth Sect and Lin Dong from the Lin Family. May these two individuals come to the stage now!”


After the judge’s voice faded, that Wei Tong immediately swooped onto the stage like an eagle. His eyes were slightly bloodthirsty and he wore a hideous and vicious expression on his face as he stared at to the viewing area and sneered: “Brat from the Lin Family, get your ass down here! Today, this sect leader will make you repay your debt in blood!”

Faced with Wei Tong’s sneering, Lin Dong, who was in the viewing area gently tapped off the floor before he lept off the high platform and landed steadily in the arena. A determined look in his eyes, he stared at Wei Tong while his indifferent voice caused Wei Tong to simmer in rage.

“Trash truly spews too much garbage!”

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