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The young lady was stunned after hearing Lin Dong’s words. She hesitated for a moment, before she clenched her teeth and nodded.

“What about them?” Lin Dong glanced at the dozen black figures staring at him with dark and cold eyes.

“They are also from Darkness Palace.”

Lin Dong involuntarily frowned upon hearing this.

“Lad, who are you? How dare you interfere in the matter of my Darkness Palace! If you are wise, scram immediately. Else, there will be trouble.” At this moment, the dozen black figures finally recovered. They sternly glared at Lin Dong and loudly cried out.

“Elder, please rescue senior brother Chen Gui.” The young lady hurriedly pleaded.

“Ha ha, relax. Chen Gui and I are acquaintances. I will naturally save him.” Lin Dong smilingly said. Back then, it was thanks to Chen Gui’s protection that Qingtan had managed to come to the Eastern Xuan Region. Since they met today, he would naturally not stand idly and do nothing.”

The young lady sighed in relief upon hearing this. Although she was aware of just how difficult it was to rescue Chen Gui from those fellows, she had no choice but to seek help from anyone in such a crisis.

“You really overestimate yourself. Kill him!” Cold light flashed within the eyes of the dozen figures when they saw that Lin Dong insisted on intervening. Their bodies moved and the rushed towards him with lightning speed. However, just as they were about to draw their swords, a sharp sword glow suddenly swept out from depths of the dense fog. The dozen black figures suddenly stiffened. A faint bloody line appeared on their throats and all of them collapsed onto the ground.

The sudden turn of events occurred in the blink of an eye. Before that young lady could exhale, she was dumbstruck as she watched the experts from Darkness Palace being finished off in such an easy manner.

A pretty figure slowly walked out from the dense fog. Ling Qingzhu did not look at the corpses on the ground. Longsword in hand, she quietly arrived beside Lin Dong.

“Young lady, what is your name?” Lin Dong looked at the stunned young lady and smilingly asked.

“Elder… fairy sister…” The young lady glanced at Lin Dong somewhat timidly. After which, she looked at the fairy like Ling Qingzhu standing beside him. Amazement flashed across her eyes as she said, “I am Mu Sha.”

“I am Lin Dong. She is Ling Qingzhu. Could you lead us to rescue your senior brother Chen Gui now?” Lin Dong gently smiled and said.

Joy surged in Mu Sha’s eyes when she heard this. She hesitated slightly as she said, “But elder Lin Dong…”

“Call me big brother Lin Dong.” Lin Dong waved his hand.

“Big… big brother Lin Dong. The ones sent to capture senior Chen Gui are two Darkness Palace elders. They are both very strong practitioners at the Samsara stage. Moreover, they have also brought the secret force of Darkness Palace with them.” Mu Sha’s small face was a little pale as she said.

“Two Samsara stage experts?” Lin Dong was a little surprise. This Darkness Palace was indeed worthy of being the overlord faction of the Northern Xuan Region. Such power was indeed greater than many super sects in the Northern Xuan Region.

“Darkness Palace does possess a strong foundation. It has existed far longer than an ordinary super sect. My teacher once said that it is likely that there is even a Reincarnation stage old monster present within this Darkness Palace.” By the side, Ling Qingzhu softly said.

“They do possess some strength.” Lin Dong nodded. A Reincarnation stage old monster. No wonder Darkness Palace towered in the Northern Xuan Region without falling.

“That’s right. Isn’t Chen Gui also a member of your Darkness Palace? Why are they hunting him? Could he have betrayed the palace and fled?” Lin Dong frowned and asked.

“How can that be possible! Senior brother Chen Gui is extremely loyal to our Darkness Palace. How could he have betrayed us!” Mu Sha hurriedly said. “However, Darkness Palace is currently far too chaotic. The palace master has only just taken over. Her authority is still unstable and many things have secretly happened!”

“So there is internal strife.” Lin Dong came to a sudden comprehension. They could play all they like as long as Qingtan was not harmed.

“Who is your new palace master?” Lin Dong turned around and walked forward, casually throwing out a question in the process.

“Our new palace master is lady Qingtan.” The young lady replied.

Lin Dong’s footsteps came to a sudden halt. Ling Qingzhu by the side was also startled. After which, Lin Dong slowly turned around. He looked at Mu Sha. “Who… who did you say it was?”

“Lady Qingtan.” Mu Sha looked at Lin Dong and replied in an uncertain manner.

“How could Qingtan have become the palace master of Darkness Palace?” Lin Dong’s face twitched slightly, and even his voice had raised significantly. His eyes were filled with shock.

Mu Sha was frightened by Lin Dong’s expression. She hurriedly took two steps back and timidly said, “Last year, the previous palace master failed in breaking through to the Reincarnation stage and died. Before he died, he passed on his inheritance and the Darkness Ancestral Symbol to lady Qingtan. Naturally, She is the palace master of our Darkness Palace.”

Lin Dong’s expression was volatile. This matter had greatly exceeded his expectations. How could that girl Qingtan have become the palace master of Darkness Palace? What ability did she have besides following him and causing trouble?

“Big brother Lin Dong… do you know our palace master?” Mu Sha looked at Lin Dong and carefully asked.

Lin Dong sighed helplessly, before he said in a snappy manner, “She is my little sister. Do you think I know her?”

“Your little sister?’ Mu Sha was dumbstruck. Soon after, the expression in her eyes turned a little strange. It was evident that she did not believe Lin Dong’s words. After all, she had never heard of this matter.

“Forget it, let’s go and rescue your senior brother Chen Gui first.” Lin Dong waved his hand. Chen Gui’s position within Darkness Palace should be a little higher than this lass. He would likely have a clearer understanding of such matters.

Mu Sha hurriedly nodded. Regardless of what the situation was, they should first rescue senior brother Chen Gui. Thus, she hurriedly bandaged her wound and quickly followed.


There was a patch of empty land within the forest on the other side of the dense fog where many bonfires rose. It was possible to vaguely see figures on the large trees around the bonfires. Their sharp eyes were constantly scanning the area.

Dozens of miserable figures were tied together in the middle of this vacant land. Their bodies were covered in blood. It was clear that they had experienced a bitter fight. From the looks of it, the result had not been favorable to them.

There was a figure restrained by black chains at the front of this group. The sharp chains had even penetrated his shoulders. Blood would flow at the slightest movement, causing his body to tremble intensely.

However, this figure did not make any noise even when faced with such pain. Only cold sweat continued to drip down from his head. 

“Chen Gui, I do not wish to make things difficult for you on the account that you are a genius of our Darkness Palace. I will not kill you as long as you return with me and say that the little girl had secretly used some underhanded means to harm the palace master and snatch the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. Instead, I will even allow you to command the secret force of our Darkness Palace. What do you say?” Two black robed old men stared at the man with gloomy faces from beside a bonfire and said in a sinister manner.


The figure immediately spat when he heard those words. His face was filled with ridicule as he looked at the two elders. Finally, he laughed coldly, “You must be dreaming if you wish for me to slander the palace master!”

“Heh, she is but a little girl, yet she still hopes to become the palace master of our Darkness Palace? I think that you are the one who is dreaming.” The elder mocked.

“Humph, that little girl wanted to remove old subjects like us the moment she attained her position. She deserves such a fate!” The other elder said in a dark and cold voice.

“If it was not because all of you refused to accept the palace master and secretly attempted to split Darkness Palace, would the palace master target you?” Chen Gui clenched his teeth and said.

“It is not because we refused to accept. In terms of experience and ability, the position of the palace master of Darkness Palace is not something that the little girl of unknown origin is qualified for.”

Chen Gui laughed coldly. “This was the previous palace master’s order just before he died. You people do not have any ability. Yet, you end up causing trouble now.”

“The previous palace master’s order? Ha ha, at that time, only the little girl was at his side. She can say whatever she likes about the order.” The elder’s eyes stared at Chen Gui in a dark and cold fashion and continued, “From the looks of it, you are not planning on cooperating.”

Chen Gui looked at him with ridicule before becoming quiet.

“It seems that speaking nicely doesn’t work. Since that is so, don’t blame us for resorting to harsher measures.” Murderous desire flashed across the elder’s eyes. With a clench of his hand, majestic Yuan Power gathered in it and turned into a Yuan Power sword. His sleeve shook and the sword ruthlessly shot towards Chen Gui.

Chen Gui sighed quietly in his heart upon seeing this. However, as he was preparing to close his eyes and embrace death, a laughter suddenly penetrated the dense fog and resounded over the sky. “I really do meet such old and shameless things wherever I go.”

“Who is it?!”

This voice shocked everyone present. The two elders from Darkness Palace cried out sternly as their sharp eyes surveyed the fog around them.

Three figures slowly walked out from the dense fog. After which, they clearly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Brother Chen Gui, I trust that you have been well since we last met?” Lin Dong’s eyes swept around the empty land, before pausing on the bloody Chen Gui, before he smiled and said.

“You… Lin Dong?” Chen Gui was stunned as he looked at Lin Dong. His expression changed as he hurriedly cried out, “Hurry and leave!”

“Leave?” The two elders from the Darkness Palace laughed strangely. After which, they suddenly waved their hands as murderous desire flashed across their eyes. “Kill them.”


Responses abruptly exploded from the surroundings after his voice sounded. After which, Yuan Power suddenly surged and sharp attacks swept towards the Lin Dong trio from all directions.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he glanced at the attacks. However, he completely ignored them. He merely opened his stride and headed towards the two Darkness Palace elders.

Bang bang bang!

The attacks quickly reached the area a dozen feet from Lin Dong. However, the attacks suddenly froze just as they were about to land on his body. After which, Chen Gui was shocked to see the experts from the secret force suddenly explode out of the blue. From the looks of it, they seemed to have been squeezed by an invisible hand until they burst apart. This scene was extremely strange.

Lin Dong paused in front of the two elders as the bloody mist drifted downwards. He smiled at their changed expressions. However, this smile of his contained a bone-chilling murderous intent.

“Ha ha, little girl? Is my sister someone whom you old farts can address in such a manner?!”

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