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Chapter 117: Battle Between Two Beast


The deep blue ball of light expanded violently. As it swelled, the snake shadow within it grew bigger and bigger. The Demonic Jade Water Python seemed to have sensed that someone was about to do harm to it, as it wriggled frantically about. Immediately, rays of deep blue light continuously shot out from the ball of light, trying to resist the suction force of the black hole.


As both forces clashed, the resulting energy that rippled outwards caused the entire cave to shake. Broken pieces of the ceiling constantly fell from the roof of the cave.


Upon witnessing the Demonic Jade Water Python Demonic Spirit’s resistance, the small marten snorted as its claws danced faster and faster. Meanwhile the suction force increased rapidly, pulling the ball of light inch by inch towards the black hole.

“Hiss hiss!”

Faced with this increasingly strong swallowing force, the beams of light that exploded out from within the ball of light also became more and more terrifying. Lin Dong clearly saw a stray light beam streak across the cave roof, leaving behind a pitch-black crevice, so deep that you could not see its bottom.


After witnessing this terrifying destructive force, Lin Dong involuntarily swallowed. If any stray light beam had reached his body, he would be gravely injured.

“The small marten seems to genuinely be able to contend against the Demonic Jade Water Python…” Though Lin Dong was overwhelmed with horror at the Demonic Jade Water Python’s strength, he did not immediately run away. This was because he had realised that no matter how much the Demonic Jade Water Python struggled, it was still unable to break away from the pull of that crazily spinning black hole.

Although the small marten’s current power was borrowed from Lin Dong’s Yuan Power, the manner in which it utilised this power seemed extremely tyrannical. Furthermore, witnessing that black-hole-like vortex was simply heart stopping, as it held a certain trapeditating aura. It was easy to imagine how strong that small marten would be after it recovered some strength.

At this juncture, Lin Dong was finally convinced that this mysterious small marten used to possess this kind of terrifying power.

“Hiss hiss!”

While these thoughts swirled in Lin Dong’s mind, the deadlock in the cave became increasingly violent. Hissing sounds constantly emitted from within the deep blue ball of light as the snake shadow inside frantically twisted and turned.


As the Demonic Jade Water Python’s resistance became more violent, the deep blue ball of light actually burst apart, causing an extremely powerful energy wave to spread outwards. Even Lin Dong who was at the fringe of the cave, was jolted heavily into the cave walls as pain emitted from his chest.


The ball of light burst open and the Demonic Spirit hidden within immediately appeared. It was a huge deep blue python that was dozens of feet long. However, its body currently looked rather illusionary. This was the characteristic of the Demonic Spirit form.


Quickly after the Demonic Jade Water Python Demonic Spirit appeared, it opened its huge mouth as a viscous blue column of water shot towards the small marten. An extremely strong corrosive smell arose from within the column of water.


In response to the Demonic Jade Water Python’s attack, the small marten sneered. It clenched its claw as a suction force exploded out from the black hole and directly swallowed the entire blue column of water.

“Stubborn bastard, grandfather marten wants to consume your Demonic Spirit. You actually dare to resist! Practically courting death!”

The Demonic Jade Water Python struggled with all its might, clearly causing the small marten to grow somewhat impatient. Immediately, its claws waved and a rich black Qi gushed out from within its body before condensing into a huge monster at the small marten’s back.

As the black mist curled about the marten, Lin Dong could only see some indistinct parts. Yet, he still managed to find out that this monster actually had the original small marten’s appearance, but enlarged countless times.

“Is this the small marten’s true form?” As he gazed at the colossus that seemed to emit a terrible and ancient aura, Lin Dong could not help but mumble in his heart.


Just as the huge monster took shape, it let out a low roar at the Demonic Jade Water Python. The roar was filled with an extremely frightening might and caused the Demonic Jade Water Python’s body to tremble as fear colored its snake-like eyes.

“You better get in!”

The huge monster which had been formed by the black mist suddenly extended its palm, furiously smashing the Demonic Jade Water Python Demonic Spirit’s body. After suffering this heavy blow, the Demonic Spirit let out a mournful cry before transforming into a ray of blue light that was swiftly swallowed into the crazily spinning black hole vortex.


At the moment when the Demonic Jade Water Python was swallowed into the black hole, the figure at the small marten’s back also fell apart as the black hole before it also started to disperse rapidly.


Upon seeing such a quick end to this battle, Lin Dong was stunned. He gazed at the small marten’s body which had become so illusionary that it was almost transparent. From that appearance, it was clear that the latter was thoroughly spent. Though the small marten was not of ordinary origin, it had only borrowed some of the Yuan Power from Lin Dong. This Yuan Power was not enough for it to use its secret techniques too many times.

After gulping down that Demonic Jade Water Python’s Demonic Spirit, the small marten’s body transformed into a beam of light which flew back into the Stone Talisman within Lin Dong’s palm.

“Brat, this time I definitely owe you one. However, I will perhaps have to rest for a period of time first…”

When the small marten entered the Stone Talisman, an exceptionally weak voice sounded out in Lin Dong’s head before quickly fading away. Looks like swallowing that Demonic Jade Water Python this time had caused the already weakened state of the small marten to deteriorate.

Lin Dong blankly stared at the messy cave which had suddenly become empty. Moments later, he heavily sighed in relief. Thankfully, he had won this gamble, or else, he would probably be chased and killed by a Demonic Spirit that had the strength of a perfect Yuan Dan Stage practitioner.


Just as Lin Dong was relieved of the worry in his heart, the crashing sounds of water was suddenly heard from behind. The water which had been stuck at the cave entrance was now pouring into the cave.

Upon seeing this scene, Lin Dong hastily dashed forward and grabbed the three Yin Yang Pearls that were still suspended in mid-air.

As the Yin Yang Pearls made contact with his hand, a cold and warm sensation practically gushed into Lin Dong’s body at the same time. That sensation was so relaxing that it caused Lin Dong to straightaway tremble. Merely slightly touching had brought about this feeling, looks like what the small marten had said before was true.

This Yin Yang Pearl was a truly a treasure!

Unable to contain the happiness in his heart, Lin Dong swiftly stuffed the Yin Yang Pearls into his Qiankun Bag. Then, summoning the little bit of Yuan Power left in his Dantian, he hastily swum out through the path he had entered.

Outside the Celestial Dan Pool, Xia Zhilan and the other two had already concluded their absorbing and left the pool. Their puzzled gazes were fixed on the Celestial Dan Pool, as they struggled to comprehend why Lin Dong had yet to resurface.

“Could something have happened?” Xuan Su’s black brows knitted together as she asked.

“Nothing should have went wrong. Yue Shan and I had scanned this Celestial Dan Pool at the start. Although the terrain below is complicated, there were no dangers.” Xia Wanjin shook his head. He was also somewhat puzzled over why Lin Dong had yet to appear.

“How about this, let us wait for a while longer. If he still does not appear, I will personally go down to investigate.”

Xia Wanjin muttered to himself for a while before saying. No matter what, he was a righteous man. Disregarding Lin Dong’s potential, just based on the fact that he had helped the Thousand Gold Association achieve the final victory, Xia Wanjin felt that he should ensure Lin Dong’s safety.

“Okay.” After hearing these words, Xuan Su also lightly nodded. If they were able to rope in an individual with such immense potential, their Thousand Gold Association would definitely enjoy huge benefits in the future.


Not long after Xia Wanjin had spoken, a noise sounded out from the calm surface of the pond. Immediately, a figure broke through the surface and landed at the side of the pool.

“He’s out!”

As they gazed at the youngster who had finally appeared, Xia Zhilan and the rest released a sigh of relief.

“Hehe, sorry. I visited the bottom of the pool due to curiosity and was delayed for a time.” Upon seeing the crowd, Lin Dong clasped his hands together and apologized with a smile on his face.

“I thought that you had drowned.” Xia Zhilan cast a glance at Lin Dong as she snorted. She was in a slightly bad mood after recalling Lin Dong’s whale-like absorption of the energy from before.

Lin Dong chuckled as he could not be bothered to argue with her. He turned back to glance at the Celestial Dan Pool, only to find that the pool water had now become clear. The fragrance from before had also become so mild that it could hardly be sensed. The peculiar scenery of a half boiling and half ice-cold pool no longer existed. Looks like the energy within had been practically exhausted by the four of them. In the future, this Celestial Dan Pool would be merely be an ordinary pool.

“Hehe, looks like this little brother Lin Dong reaped quite a harvest.” Xia Wanjin’s gaze swept across Lin Dong’s body, amazed that the Yuan Power undulation from the latter’s body was actually much richer than before.

“Hehe, it’s just a small break through.”

After hearing these words, Lin Dong’s heart skipped a beat. He had thought that Xia Wanjin had found out about the bounty he had obtained at the bottom of the pool. However, after taking a closer look, the latter did not seem to imply such a meaning. Stealthily sighing in relief, Lin Dong casually replied. As the small marten had said, These Yin Yang Pearls held great allure and he was unsure of what Xia Wanjin would have done if he found out about them.

As Lin Dong spoke, his gaze also examined Xia Zhilan and the other two. Currently, the Yuan Power undulations that emitted from their bodies were exceptionally strong. The three of them were already practitioners at the Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. Therefore, after absorbing energy from the Celestial Dan Pool, they should be able to successfully advance to the Yuan Dan Stage soon.

Xia Wanjin lightly nodded his head. In his heart, he had started to grown fond of Lin Dong. To be able to make such progress in Yuan Power and especially in Mental Energy at such a young age, was definitely testament to the fact Lin Dong’s talent was indeed exceptional.

“Since this matter is over, let us return to Yan City.” To one side, Xuan Su smiled and said.

In response to her words, Lin Dong smiled back and nodded. Since the Celestial Dan Pool’s energy had been depleted, there was no point in lingering here. All in all, he could be considered as the the one with the largest haul after this Celestial Dan Pool journey. This was not a wasted trip indeed.

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