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Chapter 116: Demonic Jade Water-Python

The depths of the Celestial Dan Pool was not as easy to traverse as Lin Dong expected. Instead, it appeared especially twisted and torturous and there were numerous paths. Water flowed out from those paths and transformed into a torrent, constantly emitting crashing into something.

“Such a concentrated cold Qi.”

As he dove deeper, Lin Dong started to feel a bone-chilling cold Qi. Looks like Xia Wanjin was right, the cold Qi underneath this Celestial Dan Pool was extremely concentrated.

Strong Yuan Power gushed out of his Dantian before wrapping around Lin Dong’s body as the bone-chilling cold Qi slightly weakened.

“The underneath of this Celestial Dan Pool is too complicated. If this continues, I will not last for long!” While he dived downwards, Lin Dong’s voice transmitted into the Stone Talisman.

“Almost there, almost there. Take the path on the right.” The small marten’s voice swiftly replied.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong turned his head to look at that pitch-black path, having no choice but to grit his teeth and zip in like a fish.

Not long after Lin Dong entered the path, he felt the cold Qi quietly weaken a little and was surprised.

“Almost there…” The small marten’s voice was tinted with a bit of excitement as it rang out.

After hearing these words, Lin Dong’s speed slowed slightly as a vigilant look was revealed on his face and the Yuan Power within his body began to move. No one knew exactly what was under this Celestial Dan pool, thus it would not be wrong for him to be cautious.

Moments after Lin Dong speed slowed, a dim light suddenly shone in the dark path as the view before his eyes abruptly widened.


A tiny noise sounded out and Lin Dong suddenly found that the surrounding pool water had strangely disappeared as his feet landed on the moist floor of a cave.

The cave was not big and the only exit was the one Lin Dong had swim in through. However, what was strange was that when the pool water reached the cave entrance, it seemed to be stopped by a formless object. This was why the cave was not full of pool water.

Lin Dong’s gaze was filled with amazement as he looked at the small moist cave. Clearly, he had never expected that there would actually be such an unusual place at the bottom of the Celestial Dan Pool.

His gaze slightly sized up the cave before concentrating at the centre. There, a deep blue ball of light that was the size of a head was quietly floating. Within it, the moving shadow of a snake was faintly discernible.

While he gazed at the deep blue light ball, Lin Dong’s expression turned serious. He could sense that there was an extremely powerful energy within it.

“What is that?” Lin Dong cautiously asked the small marten within the Stone Talisman.

“Demonic Jade Water Python. To be more precise, it should be the Demonic Spirit of a Demonic Jade Water Python.” An uncontainable excitement could be heard in the small marten’s voice.

“Demonic Spirit?”

Upon hearing these words, the skin of Lin Dong’s head exploded. Though he did not know how powerful this Demonic Jade Water Python was, he knew that any Demonic Beast that was able to condense a Demonic Spirit would be an exceedingly powerful existence. At least, with his current strength, he would likely be killed in a flash.

“Don’t be afraid. This Demonic Spirit is injured and it’s intelligence is not high. Very easy to deal with.” As if it had sensed Lin Dong’s intention to retreat, the small marten quickly said.

“Then how strong is it now?” Lin Dong did not believe the small marten’s words and asked in reply.

“Uh…” The small marten delayed for a while before spitting it out: “It should be equivalent to Perfect Yuan Dan Stage of you humans.”

“God damn you!”

At these words, Lin Dong could not help but curse out loud. If this injured Demonic Jade Water Python was already comparable to a Perfect Yuan Dan practitioner, wouldn’t it’s complete form be equivalent to a Creation Three Stages practitioner? How can this be easily dealt with?


When he recalled that the thing within the ball of light was actually able to rival Xia Wanjin and the rest in strength, Lin Dong started to become somewhat worried. He did not need to think about it and wanted to escape quickly. He did not believe that he currently had the strength to contend against a Perfect Yuan Dan Stage practitioner.

“Don’t, don’t, can you see what that is behind the ball of light?” When it saw that Lin Dong wanted to escape straightaway, the small marten also became anxious. It currently urgently needed to swallow other Demonic Spirits to recover some strength.

After hearing its words, Lin Dong shot a glance towards the back of the light ball, only to see three black and white pearls floating in the air. Though they were quite a distance away, Lin Dong could still sense the pure Yin Yang Energy they emitted.

This level of purity was incomparable even to the energy within the Celestial Dan Pool!

“What is that?” Somewhat interested in this type of energy, Lin Dong inquired.

“That is the Yin Yang Pearl, the true treasure of the Celestial Dan Pool. It is a strange object that takes many years for the entire pool to condense and form. The Yin and Yang Energies that you absorbed outside are not even a tenth of one Yin Yang Pearl, plus, its purity is also incomparable. If you are able to obtain these Yin Yang Pearls, this grandfather marten guarantees that in six months, no, three months, you will successfully advance to Yuan Dan Stage!” The small marten’s voice hurriedly sounded out.


Upon hearing this explanation, Lin Dong’s heart skipped a beat. He longingly stared at the three black and white pearls, but moments later, he once again slowly shook his head. Although the Yin Yang Pearls were valuable, his life was even more so. If he awakened the Demonic Spirit of the Demonic Jade Water Python, this place would likely end up as his grave.

“I can’t beat that Demonic Spirit! I think it’s better to forget about it.” Lin Dong helplessly said.

“You can’t, but I can!” The small marten chuckled.

“Didn’t you say you had no power?” After hearing these words, Lin Dong suspiciously asked.

“I do not have much power now, thus I need to borrow the Yuan Power in your body.” The small marten replied.

“I am only at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. Even if I lend all my Yuan Power to you, it would not be enough rival that guy!” Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows, feeling that this tactic was not reasonable. He did not want to chance his fate on the small marten.

“Heh, you look down too much on the methods of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Granted that my current strength is not even one out of a ten thousand of my peak, yet what difficulty would there be in dealing with a Demonic Jade Water Python?” The small marten disdainfully replied.

Lin Dong slightly hesitated. He had never heard of what the Celestial Demon Marten was, yet this small marten did indeed seem to be somewhat different. A normal Demonic Beast did not have its level of intelligence.

“Why is a brat like you so slow-going and sissy. To do big things, one must take risks. If you go up and tell those guys about the three Yin Yang Pearls here, this grandfather marten can bet with you that the mustache man will definitely rush here immediately, killing whoever obstructs him!” Seeing that Lin Dong had still yet to make a decision, the small marten also became anxious, feeling a little resentful that things did not meet his expectations as it cursed.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes in response. Though he knew that this small marten had exaggerated, yet, from the pure energy that emitted from within the Yin Yang Pearl, it looked like this thing was definitely no ordinary item.

“Alright, let us try! What do I do?”

After once again considering for a while, Lin Dong finally resolutely gritted his teeth. The small marten was right, there are risks no matter what one does. He would just have to chance it for those three Yin Yang Pearls!

“Pour Yuan Power into the Stone Talisman and leave the rest to me!”

Lin Dong pursed his lips, since he had already made up his mind, he no longer hesitated. With a nudge, Yuan Power gushed out from his Dantian before pouring into the Stone Talisman within the flesh of his palm.


As the huge amount of Yuan Power poured in, the Stone Talisman immediately emitted a tiny humming noise. A ray flashed out as a slightly illusionary and small shadow appeared on Lin Dong’s palm. This was the small marten.

After absorbing a huge amount of Yuan Power from Lin Dong, the pure black color of the small marten seemed to contain a trace of purple. While Lin Dong observed the small marten at such a close proximity, he found that this small animal was indeed no rat. On its forehead were a line of faint patterns which looked like a type of mysterious Symbols.

“Is it done?” After pouring almost all of the Yuan Power in his Dantian into the small marten’s body in one go, Lin Dong’s complexion was somewhat pale as he asked.


The small marten nodded its head. Traces of purple and gold light flashed across its tiny jet-black eyes as an extremely diluted and powerful aura quietly spread out.


At the appearance of this extremely diluted yet mighty pressure, Lin Dong’s knees involuntarily bent and almost kneeled down. Immediately, he lifted his face, which was now overwhelmed with shock, as he gazed the small marten on his palm.

“Heh heh, useless guy. Can’t even bear this.” Upon seeing this, the small marten grinned as it mocked before its black body suddenly flashed as it directly appeared in front of the light ball.

As it gazed at the deep blue ball of light, a serious look flitted across the small marten’s eyes. Its claws moved at great speeds as black light swiftly flashed into its claws before quickly gathering and condensing together. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into a vortex that looked like a black hole.

“Heavenly Demon Mouth! Swallow!”

In the instance when the black hole formed, an exceptionally ancient and hoarse noise suddenly rang out from the small marten’s mouth. That voice was completely different from its usual one.


As the small marten’s voice sounded out, the black hole vortex instantly started spinning frantically. As it spun, the black light gathered and seemed to transform into a huge mouth as a suction force exploded out and slowly pulled the light ball in.

Upon seeing that the small marten had made its move, Lin Dong’s expression also turned serious. He stealthily backed away and stopped just before the cave entrance. At this spot, he could immediately escape once anything went wrong.

Under the strong swallowing force, the light ball was gradually pulled towards the black hole. However, using the perceptive abilities of his Mental Energy, Lin Dong could sense that a strong power within the light ball was currently swiftly awakening.

“Oh no…”

After sensing this, Lin Dong’s limbs immediately turned ice-cold.


At the same time, a sharp hissing noise abruptly rang out in the cave as the snake shadow within the ball of light quickly expanded!

The Demonic Jade Water Python Demonic Spirit that had went dormant, was finally roused from its sleep!

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