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Chapter 113: Blood Transformation Art

A bloody mist continuously sprayed out from Jiang Li’s body. In the end, this blood mist slowly pulled back and condensed to form a thin blood-red layer on surface of Jiang Li’s body. Both his palms were also wrapped in a layer of blood and at the tip of his fingers, sharp-pointed ends made of blood protruded out as they glimmered with a cold light.

These transformations were completed in a very brief period and when the bloody mist had all gathered and condensed into a layer of blood, Jiang Li’s aura once again continued to soar under the shocked gazes of the crowd.

The current Jiang Li was already at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. Another leap in power after this stage would be Initial Yuan Dan Stage. A level that is entirely different from that of the Heavenly Yuan Stage!

“This is…” Xuan Su’s pretty face looked towards Jiang Li as his body was slowly being surrounded by a layer of blood. As if something had suddenly struck her, a trace of astonishment flashed into her eyes.

“Blood Coversion Art.” To one side, Xia Wanjin said in a low voice.

“Blood Transformation Art?” Xia Zhilan and the rest were stunned.

“An extremely vicious and cruel secret art. When activated, it can evaporate the blood within the body, causing one’s strength to swell for a short time. However, the repercussions are very severe, After Jiang Li has used it, he would probably have to recuperate for at least half a year before he recovers!” Xia Wanjin slowly explained.

“How far will Jiang Li’s strength rise?” Xia Zhilan hastily asked.

“Likely the Initial Yuan Dan Stage.” Xia Wanjin let out a bitter laugh as he replied.

“Initial Yuan Dan Stage…”

Upon hearing these words, Xia Zhilan’s and the rest’s faces instantly turned pale. Everyone knew about the huge gap between the Heavenly Yuan Stage and the Initial Yuan Dan Stage. They were able to be hopeful that Lin Dong would be able to contend against the Heavenly Yuan Late Stage Jiang Li by some fluke or chance. Yet, they were unable to imagine how Lin Dong would be able to defeat a Jiang Li who had now rose to the Initial Yuan Dan Stage.

Defeating Jiang Li would not be possible even for them.

“This time, we’re going to lose…” Their previous joy had been completely obliterated. Xia Zhilan and the rest were like eggplants that had been beaten by the frost, immediately turning dispirited.

When she saw their low morale, Xuan Su also helplessly sighed. No one had ever expected that among the three duels, the one most unremarkable Jiang Li was actually the strongest person. It was no wonder that Yue Shan had not lost his composure from start to end. He had known everything from the beginning.

“So he actually had such a skill. Father is brilliant indeed.” On the Blood Wolf Gang’s side, Yue Feng likewise had a look of amazement as he stared at Jiang Li, whose body was entirely covered in blood, as he said, his voice coloured with hints of amazement and joy.

“Jiang Li was a helper that I took great pains to find. After he activates the Blood Transformation Art, he will reach the Initial Yuan Dan level. Although this power cannot be considered top-tier in Yan City, for the younger generation like you, it is a matchless existence. The Celestial Dan Pool belongs to our Blood Wolf Gang…” Yue Shan smiled and said.

“However, the ability of that young one to push Jiang Li to this step is also out of my expectations. I can tell that the attack he used before contained traces of Mental Energy. He is likely a Symbol Master. The Thousand Gold Association is rather capable after all…”

“But even so, their loss is already determined!” Yue Feng softly chuckled.

“Ha ha!”

“No wonder I had a weird feeling, this was the reason…”

While both factions were still shocked by Jiang Li’s transformation, Lin Dong was also surprised as his eyebrows raised. This was the first time he had encountered this kind of self-destructive method that allowed one to raise one’s strength for a short period.

“Initial Yuan Dan Stage…”

Lin Dong pursed his lips. Truthfully, this was the first time he had truly fought against an enemy of this level. Although he had killed the 2nd Seal Symbol Master, Gu Ying, in Qingyang Town previously, it was largely by luck. If the latter had not recklessly summoned his Destiny Symbol and Lin Dong’s Destiny Soul Symbol was not coincidentally a little eccentric and straightaway almost sucked dry all of the Mental Energy from both of Gu Ying’s Destiny Symbols, even if Lin Dong could somehow defeat Gu Ying, in the end, Lin Dong would definitely be unable to kill Gu Ying so easily.

A 2nd Seal Symbol Master had the power to contest against an Initial Yuan Dan Stage expert, however, this was the first time Lin Dong had the chance to fight with an Initial Yuan Dan Stage practitioner.

Yet, Lin Dong’s training over this period was naturally not just for show. Currently, even without the aid of his Destiny Soul Symbol’s extraordinary sucking ability, he had the power to achieve a genuine victory over Gu Ying. Thus, the current Lin Dong was not afraid of an Initial Yuan Dan Stage practitioner.

“To be able to push me to this far, you should have no regrets even if you die…”

While Lin Dong’s gaze flickered, Jiang Li’s body had already been completely covered by that thin layer of blood. A scarlet pair of eyes stared at Lin Dong like a wild beast.

Under the watchful gaze of this scarlet pair of eyes, Lin Dong also turned vigilant. He was able to feel a dangerous aura from Jiang Li’s body.


With both scarlet eyes fixed on Lin Dong, Jiang Li suddenly stomped. His body transformed into a red shadow as it violently burst forward. This speed was much faster compared to before.

The red shadow reflected in his eyes rapidly grew. With a serious expression on his face, Lin Dong was able to figure out the trajectory of Jiang Li’s body using perceptive powers of his Mental Energy. As a result, his immediately shifted one step to the side.


In the instance when Lin Dong’s body shifted, a red flash streaked across the spot he had occupied just a moment before. A terrifying energy tinged with the pungent smell of blood opened up a crack several feet deep in the ground.


His first strike hitting nothing but air, the red in Jiang Li’s eyes grew even darker as the blood stingers which condensed on his fingers straightaway thrust forward. Their target, was Lin Dong’s throat. As expected, this fellow was ruthless.

The speed of Jiang Li’s attack was clearly incomparable to before. In a flash of red, the attack approached Lin Dong’s throat. Just as it was about to pierce through, Lin Dong’s figure abruptly floated backwards through the air. Taking a closer look, it turned out that two shadows were floating under Lin Dong’s feet, supporting his body.

With the aid of Mental Energy, Lin Dong’s movements became extremely nimble. He swiftly retreated out of Jiang Li’s attack range while the Destiny Soul Symbol in his Niwan palace trembled violently. Threads of strong Mental Energy quickly condensed before him.

The formless Mental Energy rapidly gathered. In the blink of an eye, it took the shape of a spinning cone!

“Such strong Mental Energy!”

Upon seeing that Lin Dong could actually manipulate Mental Energy to this extent, Xia Wanjin and Yue Shan were both slightly surprised. It was exceedingly difficult for a normal 1st Seal Symbol Master to condense Mental Energy and give it shape.

Likewise, Jiang Li could also sense the power of the Mental Energy Lin Dong had condensed. A trace of seriousness flashed across the scarlet pair of eyes. Immediately, his footsteps stopped as his hand slapped onto a small protruding bump on his chest. After which, the layer of blood that covered his body slowly dispersed.

As the layer of blood dispersed, threads of blood started to gather at Jiang Li’s palm. Immediately, his arm grew scarlet and hideous, as if it was the blood-red arm of asura.

The blood-arm condensed and assembled. Without giving Lin Dong anytime to prepare, Jiang Li’s knee’s slightly bent before quickly dashing towards Lin Dong like an evil wolf.

“Blood Transformation: Arm!”

A shout sounded out as a blood-red light exploded on the mountain top. Immediately, a blood-red mark that was several feet large appeared on Jiang Li’s palm.

“Piercing Helicity!”

Gazing at the bloody aura that was speedily rushing towards him, a harsh light flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. With a low shout, the tornado-like cone of Mental Energy wave before him started to spin before finally zipping forward like a poison dragon boring into the ground!

Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, the bloody light and tornado-like Mental Energy wave directly clashed together in mid-air.


A loud noise thundered across the mountain top as a violent gale burst outwards, jolting some of the nearby trees until they were forcefully uprooted.

The crowd endured the gale as it blew past, their gazes fixed unblinkingly on a spot in the air. There, the bloody light and the Mental Energy wave exploded after a split second!


A figure violently flew out from the explosion, a groan leaking from his lips. His complexion was scarily pale and blood continuously flowed from the corners of his mouth. In the end, he smashed through a few trees before crashed into the ground and slowly coming to a halt.

“Jiang Li!”

Watching the sorry figure finally come to a stop on the ground, everyone almost instantly concentrated their gazes on it. When they saw that ragged and pale face, each and every one of them involuntarily cried out. Within their voices was a trace of incredulousness.

As these cries rang out, Jiang Li’s complexion flushed red and he spurted out a mouthful of blood. Soon after, a fierce look flitted across his eyes, however, just as he was about to struggle to stand up, a black shadow flickered and an icy pressure attacked him. Immediately, his body froze, not daring to move an inch.

When his body went rigid, Jiang Li’s gaze slowly shifted down towards the two sharp shrapnel that were suspended at his throat. He swallowed hard, he did not have the slightest doubt that if he made any more movements, those sharp shrapnel would pierce through his throat in an instant.

From their previous exchange, he knew that this opponent of his was likewise no naive fool.

As they gazed at sight of Jiang Li who kept very still as the two shrapnel pressed against his throat, the mountain top lapsed into a brief moment of silence. Xia Zhilan and the rest had faces full of astonishment. They had never expected that even after Jiang Li had activated ‘Blood Transformation Art’ and greatly increased his strength, the outcome would turn out this way.


While the mountain top was frozen in silence, a figure slowly landed on the ground before turning his gaze to the similarly stupefied judge, frowning as his asked: “Is the duel over?”

“Over, it’s over!”

Upon hearing his voice, the judge hastily nodded his head.

“The third round goes to the Thousand Gold Association!”

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