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Chapter 112: The Last Duel

One win and one loss.

The atmosphere immediately turned somewhat tense as numerous gazes started to look towards the two who had yet to make their appearance: Lin Dong and the man in grey.

“Lin Dong, it’s your turn… you should be able to do it right?”

Currently, the worry on Xia Zhilan’s pretty face had deepened by quite a bit. She eyed Lin Dong with a somewhat complicated expression. If Lin Dong lost this match, their Thousand Gold Association would be fated to lose the ‘Celestial Dan Pool’.

Lin Dong’s lips slightly pursed as he stared unblinkingly at the ordinary and calm face of the man in grey and softly replied: “I will do my best.”

“That fellow’s strength should not be that much different from Song Qing’s. Victory should not be hard if you make use of the ability you brought out to defeat Song Qing from before.” Xia Zhilan said in a low voice.

“Perhaps…” Lin Dong acknowledged her words, declining to comment any further. He had a feeling that this seemingly ordinary fellow was not as simple as he looked.

“Young friend, looks like the outcome of this Celestial Pool Battle will be determined by you.” Xia Wanjin said as he slightly smiled at Lin Dong.

“President Xia, this young one will give his best.” Lin Dong clasped his hands together respectfully, without any further words, he strolled into the arena.

“Xuan Su, this person that you found…is he reliable?” Gazing at Lin Dong’s back, Xia Wanjin’s eyebrow lightly furrowed as he inquired in a low voice.

“You should know how important the ‘Celestial Dan Pool’ is. If our Thousand Gold Association is able to obtain the ‘Celestial Dan Pool’, Zhilan would then be able to break through to Yuan Dan Stage within two years. Furthermore, the remaining energy can be used to nurture several Yuan Dan Stage practitioners. This would cause our Thousand Gold Association’s power to explode!”

“Compared to Song Qing, he is more reliable.” Xuan Su smiled indifferently, her answer rather vague. Since the end result had yet to be established, it would not be appropriate for her to make any definite statements.

“Let’s hope so.” Xia Wanjin clearly understood the temperament of his wife’s younger sister and could only helplessly nod his head. After all, at this juncture, could he still find a last-minute replacement?

When Lin Dong walked into the arena, many gazes from the Blood Wolf Gang faction concentrated on his body. Yet, these gazes were all a little puzzled. Evidently they were unable to recognize this unfamiliar face.

“I remember the last member should be Song Qing from the Song Family. Since when did it change to this person?” Beside Yue Shan, a lean elderly man commented in a low voice.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Yue Shan casually shook his head before turning his gaze towards the man in grey who had yet to speak: “Jiang Li, it’s your turn.”

“Yes.” The man who was called Jiang Li maintained an impassive look on his face as he nodded before saying: “Remember our agreement.”

“Haha, worry not. If my Blood Wolf Gang is able to obtain this ‘Celestial Dan Pool’, the reward promised to you will not be lacking!” Yue Shan smiled and said.

Upon hearing these words, Jiang Li finally smiled as he walked into the arena at a pace that was neither fast nor slow. He stopped in front of Lin Dong and lowered his head to adjust his sleeves before he said in a cold voice: “I never engage in friendly spars. In this duel, I will not show any mercy, if you are not prepared, perhaps it would be better to leave.”

“Many thanks for your warning.”

Lin Dong smiled and cupped his hands together but did not retreat. He then extended an arm: “Please!”

Jiang Li lifted his head and glanced at Lin Dong, a strange expression on his face as he softly sighed before his extremely long and skinny palms stretched forward.

“If that is so…don’t blame me for being merciless…”

After hearing Jiang Li softly mumble to himself, just as Lin Dong was about to reply, his pupils suddenly contracted. Before his eyes, a number of fingers penetrated through the air in a flash like knives as they shot towards Lin Dong’s throat.

Around the unusually long fingers, a strong and extremely condensed Yuan Power undulated as tiny whirlwinds quickly gathered at the fingertips. The might of one finger was enough to pierce through steel.

“Such a strong finger technique!” Outside the arena, the crowd were inevitably amazed by Jiang Li’s attack.

Faced with Jiang Li’s attack, Lin Dong’s expression turned serious. His eyes locked onto the incoming finger attack until the former was only a few feet away before he abruptly lashed out like a patiently waiting leopard.

Lin Dong’s palms were wrapped with Yuan Power as they slid past Jiang Li’s fingers by a hair’s breadth and then slapped downwards, heavily slapping on the back of the latter’s hand. A skillful utilization of energy directly neutralizing Jiang Li’s attack.

Thanks to the ability of Mental Energy to sense even the most minute of details, Lin Dong could clearly grasp the variations in Jiang Li’s finger technique. This was why he was able to easily disperse the other party’s attack at such a critical moment.

“Chi chi!”

Yet, Jiang Li was obviously not an ordinary individual. When his attack was neutralized, he neither retreated nor advanced. Ten fingers danced in the air as ominous attacks flew towards Lin Dong’s body like a torrential rain, intent on doing grievous harm.

“Pa pa pa pa…”

As Jiang Li’s attack suddenly jumped in intensity, Lin Dong again chose not to retreat. Changing to a fist style, crisp sounds immediately echoed out.

Lin Dong’s mastery of Penetrating Fist had already reached towering heights. When he utilized it, a series of solid punches were performed. Though the punches were plain and ordinary, they were delivered with a unique grace.

This unique grace caused amazement to be exposed on Xie Wanjin’s and the rest’s faces. Even though Penetrating Fist was only an ordinary Level 1 Martial Arts, there were very few people who could master it to such a level.

A torrent of fist images seemed to fill the sky, like a steel wall, regardless of how Jiang Li’s finger technique thrust out at tricky and ruthless angles, he was not able to gain even the slightest advantage.

“Father, Jiang Li does not seem to have the upper hand?” As he observed the duel, Yue Feng’s eyebrows furrowed as he softly asked. He did not understand why Yue Shan had such confidence in that person.

“Just keep watching…” Yue Shan chuckled. He did not seem too worried. Looks like he really had a great deal of confidence in Jiang Li.


A deadly finger-wind attack scratched Lin Dong’s fist with an ear-piercing screech. Even though it left a shallow line of blood, it was clearly only a minor physical wound.

Just as Jiang Li’s fingertips scratched him, Lin Dong’s fist also landed on his chest. Even though the blow was softened by the latter’s Yuan Power, which was protecting his body, the attack still caused Jiang Li to fall half a step back.


Jolted half a step back, Jiang Li quickly stabilized his body. He stared at Lin Dong and licked his lips as a blood thirsty glint flashed in his eyes.

Just as that blood-thirsty glint appeared, a strong Yuan Power undulation that seemed to have been suppressed for a long time almost instantaneously exploded from within Jiang Li’s body.

That Yuan Power undulation and aura did not lose out to Yue Feng and Xia Zhilan!

“Heavenly Yuan Late Stage!”

When they saw Jiang Li’s sudden surge in power, on the side of the Thousand Gold Association, several expressions changed as they shouted out in shock.

“He has indeed hidden his strength…” Xia Wanjin eyebrows tightly knitted together. It seems like the worst case scenario had indeed materialized. This time, it seems like the Blood Wolf Gang had somehow managed to find a young expert.

Thanks to this unforeseen development, Xia Zhilan and the rest, who were standing to one side, gripped their fists as their hearts sunk.

“Heavenly Yuan Late Stage…”

Lin Dong’s expression was slightly rippled. However, he did not feel too surprised. Immediately, he took a few steps forward, two of his fingers slightly curled as an exceptionally powerful Yuan Power swiftly condensed and took shape. Like a sword’s edge, in a blink of an eye, he immediately jabbed at Jiang Li whose power had greatly increased.


Faced with Lin Dong’s assault, Jiang Li merely chuckled. Harbouring no intention to retreat, his exceptionally long fingers immediately thrusted towards Lin Dong’s deadly finger attack.

As these four fingers met, a strong Yuan Power undulation exploded out almost instantly.


In that same instance, just as Jiang Li was planning to exert more force to break Lin Dong’s fingers, he suddenly saw Lin Dong’s eyes light up as a formless wave darted towards him in a flash.

“Mental Energy?!”

As he sensed that incoming wave, Jiang Li was stunned. He immediately utilized the Yuan Power in his body to form a protective shield.


Even though he managed to lay down his defences in time, Jiang Li had evidently underestimated the strength of Lin Dong’s Mental Energy. The needle-like Mental Energy forcefully tore apart the Yuan Power shield upon contact. Even though its magnitude was reduced by several times, the remaining Mental Energy wave still managed to reach Jiang Li’s mind. Immediately, a violent pain emerged in his head.

“Such powerful Mental Energy!”

As a sharp pain emerged in his head, Jiang Li was both shocked and angry. He finally understood that he was not the only one who had hidden his strength. This unfamiliar person had also held back!


While Jiang Li’s head was aching, the additional force he was just about to exert dissipated. In turn, Lin Dong’s finger attack made use of this sudden opportunity. Strength exploded force as he suddenly jabbed forward, a powerful force heavily transmitting through Jiang Li’s fingers!


That powerful force was just like a tidal wave as Jiang Li’s fingers went crooked. Evidently, the bones in his fingers were broken after this forceful collision.

Furthermore, this powerful impact also caused Jiang Li to be directly blown away before he slammed heavily into a giant rock. The resulting force causing even tiny cracks to emerge on that giant rock.


When they saw this dramatic reversal, celebratory calls immediately exploded from the Thousand Gold Association faction’s side, even Xia Zhilan, like the rest, had a happy expression on her pretty face.

“It’s not over yet…”

While they were rejoicing, Xia Wanjin solemnly shook his head as he said.

Upon hearing his words, Xia Zhilan and the rest were stunned. Immediately, they turned to look at that slightly ragged Jiang Li, only to see the latter gradually rising up. Meanwhile, a thick bloody mist gushed out from his pores. Like blood, it had a pungent bloody smell.

Jiang Li slowly climbed up.He stared maliciously at Lin Dong, who had his eyebrows furrowed, and said in a coarse voice: “To be able to push me this far, you are indeed capable. However, it should be time to finish this…”

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