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Chapter 111: Celestial Pool Battle

Hearing Yue Shan’s words, Xia Wanjin merely laughed as his eyes shifted towards the approaching Xuan Su and her party. His gaze swept over them but suddenly stopped at Lin Dong’s body. Slightly stunned, he asked: “ Xuan Su, Song Qing did not come?”

“We made a last-minute switch.” Xuan Su gently smiled as she said.

Upon having heard what was said, Xia Jinshan could not help let out a bitter laugh as his eyes scanned across Lin Dong’s body. One could tell that he was slightly suspicious of this unfamiliar person.

“Father, stop looking. Even though Lin Dong isn’t very strong, at least he managed to defeat Song Qing. Therefore, it’s only natural for him to replace Song Qing.” To one side, Xia Zhilan intervened and said.

“Oh?” Xia Wanjin’s eyebrows raised before he smiled kindly towards Lin Dong. If that was the case, then it was alright.

“You all should recognize two of the three members the Blood Wolf Gang appointed, the siblings Yue Feng and Yue Ling. Currently, both of them are at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage, similar to Zhilan and Liu Yi. Thus, it’s hard to tell who would emerge victorious in the end.”

“What about the remaining one?” Xia Zhilan was not too surprised as she opened her mouth to ask.

“Rumours claim that he is a follower of the Blood Wolf Gang. However, he is not as well-known. Based on my observations, he should be at Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage. A pretty impressive foe.” Xia Jinshan answered.


Upon hearing these words, Xia Zhilan, Xuan Su and the rest stealthily heaved a sigh of relief. Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage. Lin Dong should be able to handle it since he managed to defeat Song Qing previously.

While they were conversing, the Blood Wolf Gang crowd split open as three figures strolled forward and finally stopped to stand behind Yue Shan.

Lin Dong took the opportunity to take a glance, quickly spotting two males and one female. One of the two males was dressed in white and looked quite handsome, wearing a seemingly gentle smile on his face. He appeared rather out-of-place as he stood amongst the fearsome Blood Wolf Gang, causing him to be exceedingly eye-catching.

The other man was dressed in grey and had an ordinary appearance. Beside the man in white, the duo were like two extremes. As he stood there, the man in grey looked exactly like a common bodyguard.

However, when Lin Dong’s gaze swept across that man in grey, he did not know why but his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

With regards to the remaining lady, she was quite beautiful. However, compared to Xia Zhilan, she was still a little lacking. At best, her beauty was at the same level as Xie Yingying.

“The man in white is Yue Feng, the son of the Yue Shan. Right now, he is at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage and is fairly renowned in Yan City. The lady is his younger sister Yue Ling. Both of them are highly talented and her strength is similar to her brother’s. Meanwhile, with regards to the last person, he should be someone recruited by the Blood Wolf Gang. Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage. That’s not too bad…” Liu Yi smiled as he informed to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong lightly nodded in reply before he turned to glance at the unremarkable man in grey. When he could not detect anything extraordinary about the latter, he finally retracted his gaze.

“Let’s cut the crap. Which one of you is first?”

While Lin Dong was sizing up the trio, the seemingly haughty Yue Ling grasped a long red whip as she took two steps forward, curled her lips and said while looking at Lin Dong and the rest.

When they saw that Yue Ling had went up, the crowd from the Thousand Gold Association turned their gazes towards Xia Zhilan. The latter took a brief glance at the former before walking forward, chuckling: “Why are you in such a hurry to lose?”

“Heh, Xia Zhilan, don’t cry when I ruin your pretty face later…” Yue Ling retorted. Her haughtiness seemed even more extreme than Xia Zhilan’s.

These two women already had a previous grudge. Furthermore, since the Thousand Gold Association and the Blood Wolf Gang were not on friendly terms, once they met each other, they naturally started fighting.

“If both side are ready, let this Celestial Pool Battle begin!”

When they saw the two women enter the arena, the rest of the crowd swiftly retreated. In the blink of an eye, a large open space was created.


Just as the voice faded, a powerful Yuan Power almost simultaneously exploded from within these two women. The strong and fierce Yuan Power was almost like a hurricane as it swept away all the surrounding leaves on the ground.


Like a fiery python, the fiery-red whip almost instantaneously darted through the air, swiftly lashing at Xia Zhilan.

In the face of Yue Ling’s merciless attack, Xia Zhilan snorted. Her jade-like hands grasped onto a fiery-red sword that flashed into existence as she retreated backwards with light steps and began crossing blows with Yue Ling.

Both women were at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage and they could be considered as well-known figures among the Yan City younger generation members. Therefore, their duel was fairly exciting. The shadow of the sword danced in tune with the wind from the whip, the resulting shockwaves causing crack after crack to emerge on the ground.

Lin Dong carefully observed this intense battle. Moments later, he slowly retracted his gaze. Even though they were both at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage, it was evident that Xia Zhilan had a slight advantage over that Yue Ling in terms of Yuan Power. At the beginning, it may not matter much. However, as the duel persisted, the difference would gradually begin to manifest itself.

For this duel, Xia Zhilan’s odds of victory should be slightly higher.

Just as Lin Dong predicted, as the two continued their evenly matched exchange, Yue Ling’s blows gradually began to falter while Xia Zhilan’s attacks only grew in intensity.


Lin Dong softly muttered in his heart. Soon after, a metallic sound echoed out as the whip in Yue Ling’s hand was flicked away with a deft blow from the sword after Xia Zhilan spotted a suitable opening. Meanwhile, her sword stopped right in front of Yue Ling.

“The first round goes to the Thousand Gold Association!”

The judges invited from Yan City by the two factions shouted out together.

After hearing these words, Xia Zhilan slightly smiled as she turned to glance at the ashen-faced Yue Ling before promptly turning around and returning to the Thousand Gold Association camp.

“Yue Ling, come back.”

With regards to Yue Ling’s loss, the Blood Wolf Gang leader, Yue Shan, was not too surprised as he muttered in an indifferent voice. Then, turning to the young man dressed in white standing beside him, he said: “Feng-er, it’s your turn.”


Yue Feng smiled as he nodded his head and strolled forward, his eyes casually sweeping up and down Lin Dong’s body before turning to Liu Yi: “Liu Yi, it’s your turn…”

When he heard Yue Feng’s challenge, Liu Yi reluctantly sighed and walked forward, stopping before the former. His hands grasped onto a fine steel spear he retrieved from his Qiankun bag as he heavily stomped on the floor: “Do give me some pointers!”

It must be said that there was indeed a good reason why Liu Yi why so highly valued by Manger Su, Xia Zhilan and the rest. Even without talking about his strength, just his character alone was already one that caused others to nod in approval.

Yue Feng smiled in an indifferent manner as a dark-red spear also quickly emerged. He jerked his arm, brandishing his spear as sparks flew, inadvertently showing that he had a pretty good mastery over the spear.

When he saw Yue Feng’s spear techniques, Liu Yi’s facial expression turned serious. After all, he knew how strong his opponent was. In Yan City, the number of younger generation members that could defeat Yue Feng were very few indeed…

“Let the second match begin!”

Just as the judge’s voice rang out, Yue Feng’s expression almost instantaneously turned as sharp as a knife. The spear in his hand trembled as several spear attacks thrust towards multiple vital spots on Liu Yi’s body.

“Clang clang!’

Faced with Yue Feng’s formidable offensive, Liu Yi did not dare to relax. The long spear in his hand was just like an enraged python as it snaked forward and actually managed to deflect Yue Feng’s attack. However, the powerful force resulting from the collision of the two spears caused his expression to slightly darken.

Compared to the previous fight between Xia Zhilan and Yue Ling, this duel was evidently more thrilling. Both parties were spear using experts. The after-images of the deadly spear attacks seem to fill the skies, causing a stifling atmosphere ripple outwards.

Glued onto the scene of the two figures that caused sparks to fly at every exchange, several faces in the Thousand Gold Association were filled with anxiety. If Liu Yi could defeat Yue Feng in this round, their Thousand Gold Association would emerge victorious in this Celestial Pool Battle!

Lin Dong’s attention was also focused on the two fiercy dueling figures. This was the first time he had witnessed such a spectacular fight between younger generation members. Compared to them, Lei Li and the rest from Qingyang Town were hardly noteworthy.

“Clang clang clang!”

The two spears seemed to have lives of their own as they constantly collided in mid-air and sparks continuously emerged.


The tips of both spears smashed against each together as a sharp and clear sound rang out. Both spears slightly curled as they were jolted backwards, the rebounding force causing the two to retreat a step back.


Just as his body fell backwards, Yue Feng’s expression changed. Rapidly taking two steps forward, his arm began to vibrate at an extremely violent pace.

Thanks to this vibration, the air surrounding him began to whistle. Visible to the naked eye, countless spear images began to condense into a tornado of spears. Under the infusion of Yuan Power, a palpitating aura began to emerge from the epicenter.

“Heavy Shadow Spear, Level 4 Martial Arts…”

As they gazed at Yue Feng’s formidable attack, the expressions of several people on the side of the Thousand Gold Association changed. Even Manger Su’s beautiful face sunk slightly.

“Heavy Shadow Spear has four layers. Each layer is more powerful than the one before. I’ve heard that Yue Feng is able to utilize the first three layers. The power generated by his blows is unmatched by any of the younger generation members…”

When he heard Xia Wanjin’s words, Lin Dong secretly nodded his head. He was also able to sense how powerful this spear attack was. If  he was the one facing it, he would probably have to utilize the third layer of Wonder Gate Seal in order to match up.


In the same instance as those words were uttered, Yue Feng’s whirlwind-like spear viciously exploded forward like a solid pillar of wind before it heavily slammed into Liu Yi’s spear, which was now being fortified by all his Yuan Power.

A load and powerful sound echoed out as a ferocious gale spread outwards, causing even the soil in the ground to be forcefully blown away. Meanwhile, Liu Yi was forced to retreat several steps. However, before he could catch his breath, that formidable and oppressive attack once again arrived, forcing him to continue warding off the successive blow with all his might.



After two loud and clear echos, everyone in the Thousand Gold Association felt their hearts skip a beat. They could see that after he intercepted Yue Feng’s three Heavy Shadow Spear attacks, the area between Liu Yi’s thumb and forefinger had split open as fresh blood continuously flowed out.

“If it’s only three blows, Liu Yi can still fight…”

As they witnessed this scene, Xia Wanjin and the rest lightly breathed a sigh of relief. However, before they could exhale, they suddenly saw Yue Feng release an odd laugh, the spear in his hand jolting forward as a whirlwind quickly condensed. Like a thunderbolt, it ruthlessly slammed onto Liu Yi’s spear.


After this powerful attack, Liu Yi could no longer endure. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and even the metal spear in his hand was forcefully bent.

Gazing at Liu Yi, who was forced dozens of steps back before he finally stabilized himself, Xia Wanjin’s, Xuan Su’s and the rest’s hearts sunk. They never expected that Yue Feng had actually mastered all four layers of Heavy Shadow Spear…

Thus, in this round, the Blood Wolf Sect managed to equalize the score.

At this thought, everyone’s gazes almost simultaneous turned and looked towards Lin Dong…

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