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Chapter 1108: Dragon Bones

“You say that you can break my Brilliant Flame Dragon Armor?”

In the air, Yan Shan revealed his eyes from under his armor as a mocking smile flitted across them. It was likely that he could not help but laugh at Lin Dong’s words. If he put all his strength in this dragon armor, he would be able to receive a blow from even a super Samsara stage expert. What could this Lin Dong use to break it?

Laughter also echoed around the square while expressions of amusement appeared in their eyes. All of them wished to see just what kind of technique Lin Dong was going to use to break this Brilliant Flame Dragon Armor that even they were helpless again?

Within the square, Lin Dong merely grinned. He ignored their doubt and laughter. His hand extended with two of his fingers sticking out like a slender short sword. Black flashes of light and a lightning arc seemed dance between his fingers.

“I’m really interested to see just how you are going to break my dragon armor!”

Yan Shan laughed loudly. His laughter was filled with pride. Quickly after, dazzling red light spread from within his body, covering the sky and land. The armor on his body sparkled and faintly looked a little translucent. At a glance, it appeared just like an incomparably gorgeous fiery red crystal.

Lin Dong slightly lowered his eyes while the black light and lightning arcs on his fingertips grew increasingly concentrated. Traces of energy shuttled between his two fingers. This continued for a dozen breaths before his two fingers took on the colors of black and lightning. The most peculiar thing was that his fingers appeared as though they were condensed liquid, and there was even black lightning liquid dripping from them. However, these droplets vanished in an instant.

If one was to look carefully, one would see two barely discernible symbols slowly bobbing up and down within the churning black lightning liquid while the surrounding space seemed to ripple.

The laughter originally present in the square had gradually turned to silence. Many bewildered and uncertain gazes looked towards Lin Dong’s now strange looking fingers. They were finally able to detect a dangerous ripple from it.

Behind the fiery red crystal armor, Yan Shan’s eyes gradually turned grave at this moment as waves of increasingly powerful Yuan Power fluctuations surged out from within his body like a tide.

The entire place was completely silent.

In the next instant, Lin Dong suddenly lifted his head amidst the silence. Black lightning surged in the depths of his pitch-black eyes, giving it a strange appearance.


His body was like an extremely taunt bow string that had suddenly been let loose at this moment. Everyone could only see successive afterimages sweeping past in the square. When they focused once again, they saw the space in front of Yan Shan suddenly distort and a ghost like figure appeared.

“Brilliant Flame Guard!”

Yan Shan’s low and deep cry resounded at this moment. Fiery red light swelled, transforming into magma which started flowing downwards. Eventually, it transformed into a magma dragon sculpture that wrapped around Yan Shan.

This dragon shaped sculpture was composed of fiery red magma and was covered all over in agile looking contours. Its scales flickered, giving off the feeling of indestructible toughness.

The dragon sculpture was reflected in Lin Dong’s eyes, however, his expression did not change. His two liquid like fingers thrust forward. In that instant, it was as though the space itself was crumbling at his fingertips.


Lin Dong’s black lightning like liquid fingers headed straight for the dragon sculpture. The moment they touched, a resplendent light seemed to explode. Yet, everyone widened their eyes and focused intently at the point of contact. Soon after, they were stunned to see Lin Dong’s fingers directly penetrate the dragon sculpture.

Lin Dong’s forward charging body suddenly stopped and the bright light gradually scattered, revealing two almost touching figures.

Both of them were as still as a statue.


However, this frozen moment did not last for too long. After which, everyone saw many cracks slowly spread on the sculpture as pieces of magma continuously fell from the sculpture. Finally, it was completely destroyed with a bang.

After the collapse of the dragon shaped sculpture, everyone could clearly see that Lin Dong’s two bizarre fingers, which dripped black lightning liquid, had gently landed between Yan Shan’s brow. The dragon armor originally present there had melted, creating a large hole. That appearance was as though all Lin Dong needed to do was to extend his finger a little further in order to pierce Yan Shan’s head.

No one believed that Yan Shan’s physical body stood any chance against the two bizarre fingers that had shattered the dragon sculpture and the Brilliant Flame Dragon Armor.

Within the plaza, Yan Shan seemed to be well aware of this fact too. Hence, with the two bizarre fingers less than half an inch from his forehead, his body did not dare to make any funny movements. The only thing that changed were those eyes of his that were now filled with unconcealable terror.

He was basically unable to respond in that split second moment earlier. By the time he recovered, he realised that his strongest defence had been easily broken by Lin Dong’s two finger attack.

“You… you have won.”

Yan Shan was stunned for quite some time before dejection finally rose in his terror filled eyes. He did not know how Lin Dong had managed to do it, but reality was cruel.

Lin Dong gave him a friendly smile as the two fingers dripping with black lightning liquid gradually returned to normal. Next, he withdrew his hand and sighed in his heart. This Yan Shan was indeed a difficult opponent. Lin Dong was actually forced to use his strongest technique in order to break his defence. However, the attack which combined the power of two Ancestral Symbols had greatly exhausted him.

After all, even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had nearly suffered a great loss due to this attack of his. It was not surprising that it had been able break Yan Shan’s defence. However, even the present Lin Dong was unable to use such an attack in succession.

“My strength is still unable to keep up.”

Lin Dong pursed his lips, feeling little helpless in his heart. Although he possessed many techniques, it might be precisely because he had diverted his attention to these techniques that led to the lacklustre progress of his strength. In a way, this was akin to gaining something at the expense of something else. All the more reason why he needed to borrow the Dragon tribe’s ‘Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool’ to propel himself towards another breakthrough.

“This fellow… he actually broke elder brother’s strongest defence “

Yan Feng’s expression became completely grave when he saw this outcome. By the side, the expression of Yuan Xin’s exquisite face also a little emotional. Even she felt helpless against Yan Shan’s defence. Yet, this Lin Dong had directly broken it.

“It seems that Lord Qin Zhi’s evaluation is indeed somewhat reasonable.” Yan Feng laughed bitterly. He was an extremely proud person. However, even he had no choice but to admit that they had really made an error in their initial judgement of Lin Dong.

Yuan Qian looked at the now quieter square and merely smiled faintly. These originally haughty young fellows were finally able to lose some of their haughtiness. This was just as well. It allowed them to understand that there was always someone better, and they should not believe that they were superior just because they possess the bloodline of the Dragon tribe.

“However, this Lin Dong is actually able to use the power of two Ancestral Symbols to such a degree. This is really extraordinary.”

Yuan Qian exchanged a look with the few Dragon tribe elders by the side. There was some astonishment in their eyes. The frightening force at Lin Dong’s fingertips earlier did not escape their perception.

“Thank you for allowing me this victory.” Lin Dong withdrew his hand as the crystal on Yan Shan’s body scattered. After which, he smilingly said to the bitterly smiling Yan Shan.

“Brother Lin Dong is indeed powerful. I was the one who was blind earlier.” Yan Shan was somewhat broad-minded. Although he had been defeated, he still cupped his hands together and laughed. Nevertheless, the attitude of his current self was no longer as indifferent as it had been earlier. It was clearly much better than before.

The phrase ‘strength is king’ was an unchanging rule no matter where one was.

“I will hand my Dragon Transformation Pool spot to brother Lin Dong.”

“Many thanks brother Yan Shan.” Lin Dong grinned and said. He had a somewhat good impression of this Yan Shan. He might be prideful but he was not full of himself.

“You little brats always go about with your noses in the air. Now, you have finally been taught a lesson eh?” Yuan Qian hearily laughed as he walked into the square with the elders.

The youths from the Dragon tribe around the square shrugged their shoulders. They did not say anything this time around. Lin Dong’s outstanding ability had indeed roused their competitive nature. Looks like they could not afford to neglect their training in future.

“Since the result is out, we will open the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool three days later. At that time, Lin Dong, Yuan Xin and Yan Feng will enter the Dragon Transformation Pool!” Yuan Qian’s golden eyes looked towards the three of them and said.

“Ha ha, I really wish to see what grade of Dragon Bone will appear from the Dragon Transformation Pool this time around.” Yuan Qian said with great interest.

“Are there different grades to the Dragon Bones?” Lin Dong was startled. He was completely ignorant of this.

“The Dragon Transforming Pool can temper one’s bones and strengthen them to an extremely powerful extent. Such strengthening is also divided into weaker and higher tiers. Normally speaking, it is differentiated into top, middle and low grade Dragon Bones.” Yuan Qian was unsurprised that Lin Dong was at a loss. After all, this information was something that only the members of the Dragon tribe knew.

“Of course, the top grade Dragon Bone is not the strongest Dragon Bone. Above it is something known as the Ancient Dragon Bone. These two grades are on two completely different levels. However, only a handful are able to obtain them.”

“Oh?” Lin Dong looked at Yuan Qian with some curiosity. It seemed that he was quite interested in the so called Ancient Dragon Bone.

“When Lord Qing Zhi entered the Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool back then, the Dragon Bone he gained was the Ancient Dragon Bone.”

Lin Dong wet his lips. Only at this moment did he understand just how powerful this Ancient Dragon Bone was.

“Alright, all of you should head back and rest. The Ancient Dragon Transformation Pool will open in three days.” Yuan Qian waved his hand and said.

“Let’s go and have some fun brother Lin Dong. There are many fun things in the Dragon tribe.” Lin Dong nodded. However, before he could leave, he was pulled away by a laughing Yan Shan. Seeing this, Lin Dong smiled helplessly and could only allow this fellow to pull him away. After which, many youths of the Dragon tribe, who were interested in him, clustered around them as they disappeared into the distance.

Yuan Qian could not help but chuckle as he watched them leave.

“Tribe leader, the Ancient Dragon Bone is indeed powerful but you seem to have forgotten about one last type.” An elder of the Dragon tribe smilingly watched the large group of youngsters leave before suddenly speaking.

Yuan Qian was taken aback upon hearing this. Soon after, he helplessly looked at the elder. “Are you talking about the Primal Dragon Bone? It is even rarer than the Ancient Dragon Bone. Do you really believe that it will appear again?”

That elder laughed dryly and shook his head. This was indeed rather unrealistic. The appearance of an Ancient Dragon Bone was already very satisfactory. As for that Primal Dragon Bone… they should just forget about it.

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