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Chapter 1093: Three Brothers Finally Reunite

The entire sky was filled with a purple-black light. Meanwhile, four figures hovered in midair. Standing in front, was a tall and skinny young man. His handsome devil like face, wore a brilliant smile as he looked at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander’s group in the distance.

“Big mongrel bird…”

The Divine Item Mountain Range was silent. The corner of the mouths of the countless experts twitched involuntarily. They never expected that there would actually be someone who dared to address the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander in such a manner in front of him.

After all, not only was the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander an extremely powerful Samsara stage expert, he was also a Six Winged Flying Dragon and a trace of dragon blood flowed within his body. Although he could not be compared to those high ranking dragon tribe members, it was still a fact that the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander took pride in. After all, no one doubted the strength of the dragon tribe in the Demonic Beast World. Hence, even having the slightest connection with the dragon tribe’s bloodline would cause others to become slightly wary.

Yet, the identity that the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had been so proud of, was being described as a so-called big mongrel bird… Hence, even without looking at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, everyone could already imagine how furious the latter must be.

“You… what did you say?”

It was just like everyone had expected. The expression of the distant Heaven Dragon Demon Commander changed drastically when the voice of the handsome young man sounded, before majestic murderous intent surged. If not for the fact that he detected a dangerous ripple from the four of them, he would have already lost control and attacked in an attempt to turn this handsome young man into mincemeat.

The Golden Ape Demon Commander beside the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander had a grave expression as he looked at the four figures. He slowly tightened his grip over his black metal rod. These unwelcome guests, who have appeared today, were no allies.

The handsome young man smiled brilliantly as he stared at the furious Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. A violence that caused one’s bones to shudder surged out like floodwater from within his purple-gold eyes.

“Did you say that you were going to rip them into ten thousand pieces previously?” The handsome young man pointed towards the Lin Dong duo below, before he smiled and asked softly.

The eyes of countless people shrunk. Only then did they came to a realization. These four people were actually reinforcements of the Deep Lightning Mountain?

“So they are reinforcements… Just what background does this brat has?” The Golden Ape Demon Commander was slightly startled. His eyes were filled with uncertainty as he looked at Lin Dong. He did not expect that Lin Dong was actually acquainted with such powerful experts.

“You wish to protect them? I’m afraid you aren’t qualified!” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander stated coldly.


A harsh ridicule was lifted on the corner of the handsome young man’s lips. In the next moment, he took a step forward before purple-black light erupted like a volcano. A pair of ten thousand feet large purple-gold bat wings was extended from his back. With the appearance of the purple-gold bat wings, an unusually terrifying pressure enveloped this entire place.

“This pressure…”

The expressions of the countless experts in this mountain range changed drastically as this pressure spread. Soon after, shocked voice spread in a wave like fashion.

“Someone from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe?”

Countless pairs of eyes contained a rich fear as they stared at the handsome young man in the sky. None of them had expected that this person would belong to one of the four overlord tribes, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe!

That was one of the most powerful and frightening tribes within the entire Demonic Beast World!

The entire mountain range trembled under this terrifying pressure. At this moment, the expression of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander also became exceptionally ugly. In fact, there was quite a great amount of shock in his eyes.

“Damnit. Just who is that Lin Dong? How is it possible for him to be acquainted with members of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe?” A furious roar was involuntarily unleashed within the heart of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander at this moment. The feeling of having lost control of the situation caused him to feel extremely stifled in his heart.

“He is actually… a Celestial Demon Marten.”

The originally grave expression of the Golden Ape Demon Commander became even tenser. His hand, which was gripping onto his metal rod, involuntarily trembled. Clearly, he was well aware just how terrifying the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was.

The overbearing manner and haughtiness of this tribe was renowned throughout the entire Demonic Beast World. Even the other three overlord tribes in the Demonic Beast World felt a headache when dealing with the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. This was because the other tribes were still somewhat reasonable and respected the concept of seniority. However, the Celestial Demon Marten tribe completely ignored all these. Someone older would step forward if their younglings were beaten. If that older person was beaten, someone even older would appear. This fight would continue on until one would find that every expert in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was chasing after you…

Just the thought of this scene alone caused one to quiver.

“Is Grandpa Marten qualified now?” The handsome young man looked at the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander, who had an expression that was gradually becoming ugly, as he slowly said.

The eyes of the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander were gloomy as he clenched his fist. Little Marten’s Celestial Demon Marten identity did cause him to be afraid. Regardless, he was still a powerful Samsara stage expert and there was pride in his heart. He immediately spoke in a deep voice, “Friend, Lin Dong snatched the Divine Item Treasury that originally belonged to our Beast War Region. It is fine if you wish to protect him. We will definitely not hound him anymore if he hands it over!”

This Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was indeed scheming. He knew that it was going to be difficult to deal with the Celestial Demon Marten. Hence, he dragged the entire Beast War Region into this matter with his words, in an attempt to pressurise the other party.

“Took something that belongs to you?”

The handsome young man smiled. Soon after, this smile became cold. “That is only because we respect you. Damnit. Grandpa Marten hasn’t decided if he will let you off easily today. Yet, you are actually thinking of courting trouble? Have you turned into an idiot from all that beating?”

Many were directly stunned as cold sweat continuously appeared on their foreheads. They finally witnessed just how overbearing the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was…


The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander was furious. He did not expect that the other party would actually push further, despite him taking a step back. It was clear that the other party had no intention of giving in.

“Do you really think that our Beast War Region’s three great Demon Commanders are so easily bullied?” The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander roared sharply. His Samsara stage aura was completely unleashed at this moment. The Ghost Condor Demon Commander had also rushed over from some distance away. Although the name of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was quite frightening, the temptation of the Divine Item Treasury made it impossible for them to give up so easily.

The eyes of the three great Demon Commanders became sharp. These three Samsara stage auras caused the Yuan Power in this place to become somewhat uncontrollable.

“Oh? Why? Are you planning to play with my Celestial Demon Marten tribe?”

The smile on the corner of the handsome young man’s face widened slightly. A chill began to gather at a frightening speed within his eyes.

“Haha, I have heard a little about the three great Demon Commanders in the Beast War Region. Today, I would really like to try and see if you guys live up to your reputations.” The three middle-aged men behind the handsome young man smiled faintly. All three of them took a step forward. Three majestic and ferocious aura came whizzing out from them. Their auras were clearly a little stronger than the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio!

Four Samsara stage experts!

Cold sweat dripped continuously from the backs of countless experts and there was shock present within their eyes.They were indeed the Celestial Demon Marten tribe. Four Samsara stage experts had appeared together. This lineup could dominate the entire Beast War Region!

The seven vast and mighty auras clashed in the sky. It was as though the air had became distorted. Everyone could clearly feel that amidst the clash of the auras, those originally imposing Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio, were clearly the weaker party.

The Celestial Demon Marten were creatures comparable to the high rank dragon tribe. Based on the strength of their bloodline, the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio were clearly at a disadvantage. Even though they were of the same level, it was obvious that the Celestial Demon Marten tribe’s Samsara stage members were stronger than them.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander trio had ugly faces. They could clearly feel the pressuring aura emitted from the other party. Moreover, they understood that they were no match for them in a head on clash. Furthermore… there was also Lin Dong and Little Flame eyeing them with ill intent from the side. Although those two did not possess the strength of a Samsara stage individual, their many stealthy attacks, like the one Lin Dong had unleashed earlier, caused even the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander to feel fearful.

“Heaven Dragon…” The Golden Ape Demon Commander frowned. He quickly laughed bitterly to himself and softly said, “It is likely that we will fail today…”

Although Lin Dong and Little Flame had revealed a relatively shocking fighting strength, they were not considered as real threats to the Golden Ape Demon Commander trio. However, now that the Celestial Demon Marten tribe has intervened, the advantage that they previously enjoyed had completely vanished…

Moreover, despite the tremendous strength of the Golden Ape Demon Commander faction, his heart still shuddered at the thought of offending the Celestial Demon Marten tribe.

“That brat… actually has such a background…” The Ghost Condor Demon Commander shook his head helplessly. He never imagined that Lin Dong would be acquainted with such a powerful friend.

The Heaven Dragon Demon Commander clenched his fist tightly upon hearing this. His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction and fury.

The face-off of the auras in the sky caused many to sigh quietly. This was indeed worthy of the Celestial Demon Marten tribe…

“Yan Commander… is that your friend?” The many warriors from the Deep Lightning Mountain rushed over from behind Lin Dong and Little Flame. They looked at the handsome young man, who had oppressed the three great Demon Commanders until they did not dare to show their temper. Their eyes contained a shock which could not be hidden as they carefully inquired.

They never knew that the Lin Dong duo would actually possess such a background.

“He is my second brother.” Little Flame nodded and said.

Chen Tong and the others nodded and suppressed the churning shock in their hearts. Soon after, they suddenly recalled something. In the past, Little Flame always addressed Lin Dong as his big brother… Yet, this handsome young man, who clearly possessed an extremely high status in the Celestial Demon Marten tribe was his second brother… In other words, Lin Dong was the boss of the three of them?

“Big mongrel bird, this matter is not over.”

The handsome young man smiled coldly in the sky as he stared at the ugly expression on the Heaven Dragon Demon Commander. He ignored the latter and turned his eyes towards the two figures on the ground below.

Everyone, including the three Samsara stage middle-aged experts beside him, could sense that the brutal aura within the young man’s eyes had diminished slightly when the latter looked downwards. An extremely rare gentle and somewhat excited emotion took its place instead.

This discovery caused the three middle-aged men to be a little startled. Such an emotion had rarely surfaced on him.

The body of the handsome young man moved. His monstrous aura was withdrawn as his body appeared in front of Lin Dong and Little Flame in a ghost like fashion.

“Second brother!”

Little Flame looked at the familiar face. His rough face had an extremely excited expression surfacing on it.

“Perfect Profound Death stage? Stupid tiger, it seems like you have not wasted the past year.” The handsome young man looked at the metal tower like Little Flame before a gentle smile rose on the corner of his lips. After which, he curled his lips and teased.

Little Flame rubbed his head and smiled. After which, he moved his body aside and a skinny young man appeared behind him.

The handsome young man looked at Lin Dong. At this moment, the latter’s young face also had a smile on it. The smile was not intense, but there was a mellow feeling to it. This feeling seeped into one’s heart and had a calming effect.

That smile was the same when one man, marten and tiger roamed the lands together back then. Regardless of what great dangers they faced, it was always able to remove the anxiety in their hearts a little at a time.

The handsome young man recalled how this skinny young figure chose to immediately withdraw from the Dao Sect and stand by their side to face the three great chiefs of the Yuan Gate, who had pushed him into a desperate state back at Unique Devil City, despite knowing that it was most likely a suicidal move. At that time, he had the same exact smile.

When they finally managed to use the spatial teleportation to escape, this figure also stepped forward and helped them to buy extra time.

At that time, he felt like it no longer so difficult to accept this fellow as his big brother.

Memories surged into his mind like floodwater. There was a bitterness that he had never felt before, surging within the young man’s heart. He inhaled a deep breath of air and the handsome face revealed a brilliant smile. However, this time around, it did not contain a brutalness that drilled deep into one’s bones. Instead, there was a rare gentleness.

“Big brother.”

Standing in front of Lin Dong, this usually arrogant person who had never bowed down to anyone, shrugged his shoulders. He ignored the widened eyes of Chen Tong and the rest standing behind Lin Dong, as he addressed him as such. For the first time, he was finally able to say this title, which he had always disputed, in a free and easy manner.

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