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Chapter 109: Song Qing

Yan City, Thousand Gold Association.

“I told you, we have a better candidate now. Therefore, you don’t need to participate in the Celestial Pool Battle.” In a large hall within the association, Xia Zhilan gazed at a young man dressed in blue as she icily said.

“Zhilan, I know that you have some misgivings about me, however now that the Celestial Pool Battle is about to begin, even though I cannot be considered top-tier among the younger generation members in Yan City, I am not someone who can be so easily replaced. Now is not the time for your tantrums.” That feminine looking young man’s face sunk slightly upon hearing Xia Zhilan’s words. Yet soon after, a smile emerged on his face as he glanced at the alluring figure of that woman before him from the corner of his eyes. Deep in his eyes was a tinge of lust.

Even though she did not manage to spot the trace of lust the young man had concealed, Xia Zhilan still gave him a death stare. She knew that this fellow had a dirty past. Therefore, she had never liked him since the start. In fact, to be honest, she felt disgusted by him.

“Song Qing, just forget about it this time. I will explain this matter to your father.” Xuan Su, who was standing aside, gently smiled as she softly said.

When he saw her speak, the corners of Song Qing’s eyes slightly twitched. He lowered his head and stared at the ample amount of jade-like thigh that was revealed under Xuan Su’s skirt. Instantly, a lustful fire gushed up in his abdomen. However, he knew exactly how powerful this person in front of him was, therefore he did not dare to look at her directly in fear that he would be noticed. Promptly, he turned his gaze and looked at the two elderly men sitting to one side.

“Oh Xuan Su, don’t you think this matter was handled too rashly? After all, didn’t we agree to let Song Qing fill the last spot? How can we just randomly find someone else to make up the numbers? If that person loses his duel during the “Celestial Pool Duel”, it would be very difficult to explain.” One of the two elderly men, who were both dressed in yellow robes, glanced at Song Qing before he placed down the teacup in his hand as he smiled and directed these words at Xuan Su.

“How about we let Song Qing participate. After all, everyone knows how capable he is.” The other man smiled as he said.

Slightly smiling, Xuan Su replied: “Managers, the reason why we changed our line up was not due to any personal reasons. This duel is extremely important, thus everything we are doing is for the sake of securing our victory. If we can increase the odds of our victory, I would not hesitate to replace even Zhilan with a better candidate.”

The meaning behind her words were clear. The reason why they substituted Song Qing was not because they were prejudiced against him, but rather because they had a better candidate.

When they heard these words, the two elderly men slightly furrowed their eyebrows. Evidently, they were not convinced by her argument. They exchanged a gaze before suddenly laughing and speaking: “Since Manger Su has said so, then it looks like your new candidate is indeed quite skilled. Since these two old men are quite free now, how about we wait here for a while to observe how exactly the new candidate is superior to Song Qing?”

“However, Manger Su, a great deal is at stake. If that new candidate is not as skilled as you said, then please return to the original line up. We do not wish for our Thousand Gold Association to lose to the Blood Wolf Gang over some petty personal issues.”

“Hehe, I am curious to find out who is this person that is so highly valued by Manager Su.” A malicious glint flashed in Song Qing’s eyes as he promptly chuckled before withdrawing and seating himself to one side.

When she saw the trio’s actions, Xuan Su’s black eyebrows gently furrowed. Soon after, she elegantly raised her teacup, a calm expression on her face. To one side, a flash of worry surfaced in Zhilan’s beautiful eyes. Based on their expressions, these guys were evidently planning to wait for Lin Dong’s arrival and test his skills. If Lin Dong’s performance was lackluster, they would probably use that as an excuse to remove him.

Even though she was a little worried, Xia Zhilan had no other option. After all, these two elderly men were considered elders in the Thousand Gold Association and so held considerable sway in the association. Therefore, if the elders managed to find any weakness today, Song Qing’s removal from the team might end up impossible.

“*Sigh*, we can only hope that fellow will be a little more dependable…” As she gently sighed in her heart, Xia Zhilan had no choice but to sit down and await Lin Dong’s arrival.

They did not have to wait for long. Approximately half an hour later, a guard came forward to report.

When Lin Dong walked into that large hall, he immediately felt a weird atmosphere. As he scanned his surroundings, he first saw Xuan Su and Xia Zhilan before his gaze stopped at the trio beside them.

Amongst the trio, two were elderly men while the other person looked about twenty years old. Dressed in blue, the younger man’s face seemed somewhat feminine yet somewhat sinister. At this moment, a cold glint flashed in the latter’s eyes, like a deadly snake, he was staring straight at Lin Dong.

Upon seeing this situation, Lin Dong began to feel slightly troubled…

“Manager Suan Su, this is the so-called better candidate? He doesn’t seem any special.” The two elderly men casually glanced at Lin Dong as they uttered in an indifferent manner.

“Lin Dong, these two are the managers from the Thousand Gold Association while this man is the young master of Yan City’s Song Family, Song Qing.” Xuan Su’s jade-like hand gently swayed as she smiled and introduced them.

“Song Qing…”

When he heard this name, Lin Dong finally understood why that person was staring at him viciously. That was because he was the unlucky bastard that Lin Dong had replaced…

“My name is Song Qing, a member of Yan City’s Song Family. My friend, you seem foreign, I am guessing you are not from Yan City right?” Song Qing stood up and approached Lin Dong as he clasped his hands together and smiled.

Just as a smile emerged on Song Qing’s face, without waiting for Lin Dong’s reply, a soft yet cold mosquito-esque voice immediately echoed in Lin Dong’s ears: “I don’t care where you are from, but this young master here will give you some kind advice. You should wisen up and tell Manager Su that you will give up your spot, I will make sure that you are generously compensated. Or else, next time you handle affairs in Yan City, you had better watch out…”

As he stared at that malicious young face in front of him, Lin Dong remained calm. Turning to look at Xuan Su, he asked: “Manager Su, when are we leaving?”

When he saw that Lin Dong had blatantly ignored his warning, Song Qing was momentarily stunned. Immediately, a malevolent glint surfaced in his eyes.

“Young one, it is not such a simple matter to represent our Thousand Gold Association…” One of the elderly men mocked in an icy voice.

“Manager Su, I know that this matter is extremely important to the Thousand Gold Association thus my actions are all for the good of the association. If this man is indeed better than me as you claimed, then I will automatically give up.” Song Qing turned around and faced Xuan Su as he respectfully said. Meanwhile the hideous expression on his face instantly disappeared.

“What do you plan on doing?” Xia Zhilan furrowed her eyebrows as she asked.

“Hehe, it’s pointless to debate over who is the better candidate. How about they exchange blows to find out who is better?” The other elderly man sipped on his hot tea as he smiled and said.


When she heard that these guys were planning to make a move, Zhilan’s eyebrows slightly lifted. To one side, Xuan Su’s eyebrows were also slightly knitted together. Suddenly, her beautiful eyes turned towards Lin Dong. Since Lin Dong was a 1st Seal Symbol Master, he should probably match up against Song Qing, who was at Heavenly Yuan Early Stage. However, she was worried that a mishap may occur…

“It’s all up to Manager Su.” As he glanced at her beautiful eyes, Lin Dong calmly said.

“In that case, let’s have a friendly duel. Remember not to go too far.” Upon witnessing this situation, Xuan Su was forced to nod her head as she declared.


Just as Xuan Su’s words landed, a powerful Yuan Power almost instantaneously burst out from Song Qing’s body. Immediately, a powerful punch was flashed towards Lin Dong’s chest. His attack obviously was meant to catch the latter off guard.

“Shameless!” When she saw Song Qing’s action, Xia Zhilan’s face instantly turned slightly icy.

Yet, as he faced Song Qing’s sudden and vicious attack, Lin Dong’s facial expression did not change. His body did not move as he allowed that powerful attack to continue.


Just as Song Qing’s fist was half an inch away from Lin Dong, that powerful punch was suddenly stopped as a deep sound echoed out. It seemed like a formless wall was shielding Lin Dong.

“Mental Energy?!”

Upon witnessing this sight, Song Qing was slightly shocked. Promptly, an icy expression surfaced in his face as an even more powerful Yuan Power subsequently gushed forward!

“Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage?!”

When they sensed the powerful undulation emerging from Song Qing, Xuan Su’s and Xia Zhilan’s expression changed slightly. They never expected that this Song Qing had broken through to Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage!

That sudden surge in Yuan Power allowed Song Qing’s punch to directly blast apart Lin Dong’s Mental Energy barrier. Immediately, a cold glint flashed in Song Qing’s sleeves as a sharp blade stealthily slipped in his palm and was viciously directed towards Lin Dong’s throat.

Lin Dong’s face was impassive as he stared at the now hideous expression on Song Qing’s face while the latter attacked. Lin Dong did not intend to waste any time with his opponent. Abruptly, he took a step forward as an unusually vigorous Mental Energy gushed out from his Niwan Palace. Like a tidal wave, it viciously slammed against Song Qing’s Yuan Power-clad body.


Thanks to Lin Dong’s terrifying Mental Energy attack, the Yuan Power defending Song Qing’s body instantaneously crumbled as an intense pain emerged inside his head. Meanwhile, in front of Xuan Su’s, Zhilan’s and the rest’s bewildered gazes, his body instantly flew back, as if he had been struck by a giant sledge-hammer, before he finally slammed heavily against a wall inside the giant hall. As his ragged figure fell to the ground, he immediately spat out a mouth of fresh blood.

Lin Dong’s move was practically as quick as a lightning. In fact, one could argue that he did not even make a move. After all, from start to end, all Lin Dong did was take a step forward!

However, the Mental Energy attack that accompanied that one step, was able to directly finish of Song Qing, who was at Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage!

A clear-cut victory.

As she stared at that young man in the large hall, Xia Zhilan’s beautiful eyes flashed as she softly exclaimed: “This fellow does have some ability.”

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