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Chapter 108: Piercing Helicity

When Lin Dong left the Thousand Gold Auction House, he did not make another more stops. However, for safety reasons, he did not immediately return to the inn where he was resting. Instead, he chose to travel around the city for half a day, before he leisurely returned to the inn.

After returning to the inn, Lin Dong casually filled his belly before he instructed the inn owner not to disturb him and tightly shut his room door.

Once he entered his room, Lin Dong hurriedly retrieved five jade boxes from his Qiankun bag. When he opened them, an alluring fragrance immediately drifted out as a dim light glow coiled around the Elixirs. Based on their appearance alone, Lin Dong knew that these Elixirs were much better than the Grade 4 Elixirs that he bought in Qingyang Town.

Lin Dong was smiling widely as he stared at today’s bountiful harvest. Yan City was truly remarkable compared to Qingyang Town. Back home, he would find it extremely difficult to find such high quality elixirs though the prices of these items were naturally exorbitant.

As Lin Dong slowly extended out his right palm, a mysterious light shot out from his palm and interweaved itself on one of the Elixirs. Soon after, the Elixir began to rapidly transform. Approximately ten minutes later, they had turned into five perfectly round Elixir pills.

“As expected of a Grade 5 Elixir. Even the Stone Talisman requires such a long time to refine them…” As he stared at the rich Elixir pills in his palm, Lin Dong softly exclaimed. Previously, when he was refining Elixirs, it would be complete in an extremely short time. However, this was the first time he needed more than ten minutes to refine them.

After he successfully refined the first Grade 5 Elixir, Lin Dong decided to refine the remaining four Elixirs as well. In the end, these Elixirs were turned into twenty-five Elixir pills.

As he stared at the Elixir pills that had been stored in a jade bottle, Lin Dong nodded his head in satisfaction. After the Stone Talisman had refined them, all the medicinal power in these Elixirs were now perfectly distributed into these pills.

The benefits stemming from consuming one Grade 5 Elixir was equivalent to consuming just two Elixir pills. Since one Elixir could be refined into five pills, this meant that thanks to the Stone Talisman, Lin Dong was able to fully absorb the maximum amount of medicinal power from these Elixirs.

“Lets first test out how effective these pills are!”

Lin Dong licked his lips, before he straight-away sat on his bed with his legs crossed and once again ventured into the Stone Talisman Spiritual Domain!

The enormous Mind Millstones continued their slow rotation. In the spot where these two millstones interacted, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was once again in the cycle of being torn apart and then restored again…

This cycle continued on until the tenth time, before Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes gradually began to open. His face was exceptionally pale and a dizzying sensation continuously  gushed out in his brain. A prickly numbing sensation caused the muscles all over Lin Dong’s body to twitch faintly. It seems like today’s Mind Millstone cultivation session had caused his body to become extremely feeble.

Removing an Elixir pill that he refined previously from the jade bottle, Lin Dong quickly stuffed it into his mouth before slowly shutting his eyes. Allowing the warm medicinal power to begin its rapid spread throughout his body.

A slightly chilly sensation began to slowly flow through the inner channels in his body. Finally, just like how a steam ascends, traces of medicinal effect began to flow into his Niwan Palace.

When the ice-cold Qi flowed into his Niwan Palace, the dizzying sensation in his brain swiftly dissipated. Meanwhile, the feeble sensation in his body also began to fade.

About an hour later, when all the medicinal power had been absorbed into his Niwan Palace, Lin Dong began to open his eyes, now full of energy. Plastered on his face was a hard to conceal delight.

The effect of the Elixir pill had vastly exceed his expectations. The gruelling session at the Mind Millstones and the act of consuming an Elixir pill perfectly complemented each other. Therefore, after merely one cultivation session, the Destiny Symbol in his Niwan Palace sparkled. Compared to before, it also seemed more solid!


With a delighted expression, Lin Dong deeply inhaled. Previously, when he did not have any Grade 5 Elixir pills, in one day, he could at most endure ten cycles at the Mind Millstones before he was forced to rest. Only on the second day could he continue on this process.

However, right now, after he consumed this Grade 5 Elixir pill, Lin Dong could increase the efficiency of this process by several times!

For example, currently, after consuming the Grade 5 Elixir pill to recover, even though he was not at his peak condition, it was sufficient for him to once again return to the Mind Millstones and temper himself!

As such, it was evident that these Grade 5 Elixir pills are indeed extremely potent. After all, you get what you pay for.


Sensing that his condition had greatly improved, Lin Dong’s spirits were once again revived as he deeply shouted with a fervent expression in his eyes and actually re-entered the Stone Talisman Spiritual Domain!

In just half a day, Lin Dong had endured thirty full cycles of being blown apart and then revived again. This kind of torturous training caused even the small marten to be stupefied as the word ‘lunatic’ was constantly mumbled…

These thirty cycles finally caused Lin Dong to feel thoroughly exhausted. After the third repetition, Lin Dong could still feel a numbing sensation from his mind even after he consumed an Elixir pill. He knew that he had reached his limit. If he forcefully continued to train, he would only hurt himself.

Once he reached this stage, Lin Dong was forced to stop with this maniac-like training. Even with the aid of Grade 5 Elixir pills, it seems like based on Lin Dong’s current standards, he could only endure at most thirty cycles a day.

Nonetheless, compared to before, this was three times more efficient. Therefore, the result was pretty satisfactory.

When Lin Dong noted this point, he began to calm down. After all, there is a limit to everything and the same applied to training as well. This principle was something Lin Dong understood.

After concluding his training at the Mind Millstones, Lin Dong proceeded to retrieve a jade disk-like object from his Qiankun Bag. This was the Essence Level Secret Spirit Skill that he had purchased during the auction.

There were some symbols inscribed on the jade disk. After Lin Dong’s gaze swept over them, he understood that contained within this jade was a weak pulse of Mental Energy. Right now, even though he was still somewhat a novice, with a flick of his mind, a thread of Mental Energy floated out from his Niwan Palace and entered the jade disk.

As Lin Dong’s Mental Energy entered, a stream of information swiftly gushed out from within the jade disk and flowed into Lin Dong’s mind.

Piercing Helicity, Essence Level Secret Spirit Skill……

The name of this Secret Spirit Skill was slightly odd. However, after Lin Dong carefully studied it for a while, he gained a better understanding of it. This so-called Piercing Helicity was actually a special Mental Energy shock wave. In particular, this Mental Energy shockwave had a unique frequency and this made it even more deadly.

However, if one wanted to master this special frequency, it was evidently going to be an uphill battle.

Inside his room, Lin Dong was deep in thought. A long while later, a stream of Mental Energy abruptly gushed out from his Niwan Palace. At the instance when it gushed out, with a flick of his mind, that Mental Energy shock wave was swiftly came under his control. Soon after, it changed according to that unique frequency.

As the frequency changed, the formless Mental Energy shock wave also began to change. In the blink of an eye, the formless Mental Energy actually materialized into a cone-like Mental Energy attack that was as thick as one’s thigh.

Compared to before, this Mental Energy shock wave not only possessed a shape but it was also in the form of a sharp-tipped cone. The sharp tip swirled like a spiral. At one glance, one could tell that it was indeed deadly.

However, right now, the one major defect was that its shape seemed too illusionary as it only had form but lacked substance. Of course, since Lin Dong had just learnt this ‘Piercing Helicity’, the fact that he could accomplish this step was already a remarkable achievement. Once he became more proficient, its effect would surely be much better.

Inside the room, Lin Dong was evidently highly interested in this ‘Piercing Helicity’ as he continuously dispersed it before materializing it again in order to quickly master that unique frequency.

As he happily drilled, the form of that “Piercing Helicity” gradually began to materialize…

In the following three days, Lin Dong practically did not leave the room. All of his time was used to temper his Mental Energy and to practise the Essence Level Secret Spirit Skill that he had recently acquired, ‘Piercing Helicity’.

In just three days, thanks to Lin Dong’s insane training, he had used up nearly one-third of his precious twenty-five Grade 5 Elixir pills. Fortunately, the progress at this rate of consumption was rather good.

Currently, the Destiny Symbol in Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace had materialized till the point where it was almost an actual object. Lin Dong could clearly feel a powerful energy rapidly condensing within his Destiny Symbol.

Furthermore, right in the middle of the seemingly material Destiny Symbol, a tiny crack was faintly discernible. This was not a defect but rather an indication that one was approaching the pinnacle of a 1st Seal Symbol Master. When this crack fully splits open, this Destiny Symbol would split itself into two. At that time, one would have advanced to the level of a 2nd Seal Symbol Master!

As for “Piercing Helicity”, Lin Dong had likewise become more proficient with it. Even though he had not tested how powerful it was, he imagined that it would be several times stronger than “Materialized Spirit Needle”. Therefore, this skill would definitely be his hidden signature move.

When the morning of the fourth day arrived, Lin Dong, who was in tip-top shape after a planned rest, slowly opened his eyes as a piercing ray of light flitted across his eyes before disappearing.

“Looks like it’s time…”

Lin Dong leapt off his bed. Today marked the beginning of the ‘Celestial Pool Battle’. Although he was not certain if the Thousand Gold Association could defeat the Blood Wolf Gang, he was extremely drawn to the magical effects of the ‘Celestial Dan Pool’. He knew that if he had the opportunity to soak in it and absorb the pure Yin and Yang Energy within, perhaps he would successfully breakthrough to Yuan Dan stage shortly.

If he could advance to Yuan Dan Stage, with the aid of his Mental Energy, even Wei Tong, whom he previously found exceedingly difficult to deal with, would no longer be a threat. At that time he would be equipped with the power to protect himself even in Yan City!

After experiencing the Blood Cloth Sect crisis, Lin Dong clearly understood in his heart that if he wanted to protect things in this world, what he needed was power!

It was due to this particular reason that he agreed to fulfil the member quota for the Thousand Gold Association and help them contest for the ‘Celestial Dan Pool’!

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